Scrap Social #1: The First Few Pages

I had an old notebook lying around, a spare few moments and an idea. I took several Company magazine’s, some scissors and a glue stick, and started a little scrapbook. I think I mainly decided to do this as a source of inspiration, but also because I wanted something creative to do instead of reaching to the iPad/internet when I became remotely bored. I decided to call it ‘Scrap Social’.. aka, scrapping social media… whilst scrap booking. Dah-dah! #ScrapSocial ✌ (Cuttings etc are mostly from Company/Vogue etc etc…)

scrap social how to make a scrap book scrap social how to make a scrap bookThe first few pages are fairly random, but somehow I managed to make the first two look fairly Tumblr-esque which I am quite proud of! I think the fun in scrap-booking is how random it is allowed to be. Let your mind run free! I feel like the more random it looks the better… you can see with my third page it isn’t quite perfect as I attempted to make it look like some kind of story or whatever, in the end it ended up in a mess, but that’s the joy of this idea. You can see how your inspiration becomes even more artistic as the pages go on!

scrap social how to make a scrap book scrap social how to make a scrap bookThe fourth page is probably my most favourite. It’s super cute, yet the flowers and doodles add a spontaneous twist. I added some nail art pieces to this page to make it more three dimensional and more textured, but if you don’t have anything to use, try different papers… more about that towards the end!  I love how the next page really fits in with the whole feel of the previous one… it’s sort of geometric with a girly edge. I think the best way to make a scrapbook feel more individual is to do spontaneous scribbles. It makes it come to life! I also want to try sewing to make it look like the paper has been stitched… we shall see!

scrap social how to make a scrap bookscrap social how to make a scrap bookI believe colour and text is another way to really make your scrapbook more fun. I experimented with it in these four pages.. I think I prefer it when it’s already there for you… my doodle-y handwriting is not the best! I also tried felt tips and stickers. I’m all for the stickers, but I’m still deciding on felt tips… what do you think?

scrap social how to make a scrap book scrap social how to make a scrap bookOkay I lied about that other page being my favourite. These ones are! As I got more into doing these pages, I feel like I have found my feet. Flower sketches, matching colours and biro pen doodles are my favourite techniques! I just love the way it looks. I even stuck a false flower on the last page… rebel! Even if I am saying it myself… this just looks so pretty!

scrap social how to make a scrap bookSo we come to the end of the first #ScrapSocial round up! I’ve listed a few tips and tricks below just in case you are interested! I’d love to see some of you lovely people getting involved. Let’s scrap social media (well, not completely), start getting creative and share how we get a long!

  • Don’t pay out on a fancy book! Most notebooks will do the job nicely… I actually love the effect it gives.
  • Use magazines with matte paper! I think it gives the best effect… but of course you can experiment with different textures.
  • Biros are your best friend! Pencils are cool, but pens are better.
  • Don’t stick to one theme, let your mind go wild.

Leave a comment letting me know if you have started a scrap book recently and if you will be getting involved with #ScrapSocial! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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  • Saskia

    Amazing, love it. xx

    • tollydollyposh

      Hehe thanks ;) xx

  • Maddy Clark

    Omigod I love this! It’s so creative and awesome.

    Maddy from Strawberry Loves Vintage
    (P.S I actually have something similar on the wall behind my bed, loads of magazine pics, drawings, photos etc.)

    • tollydollyposh

      Thanks Maddy! Aw cool :) Get involved and if you do tweet #ScrapSocial x

  • Nataya A

    Your scrapbooks are awesome. The diamond face, coke, flower skirt, you have a great artistic sense. I haven’t done scrapbook since ages, it makes me want to try again. Thanks, Tolly.

    • tollydollyposh

      Thanks so much! Go for it x

  • Emily

    These look so cool! I’m going to have to give it a try but I am no un-creative..

    • tollydollyposh

      Aw I’m sure you’re not :) x

  • Katie Louise

    Ooh looks awesome! Scrapping is a great way to pass time :3

    • tollydollyposh

      It sure is! :)

  • missniamhi

    this is really cool! I actually have been working on a scrapbook and I find that fineliners are amazing to work with….will definately be using that hashtag! Niamh x

    • tollydollyposh

      Ah cool! Will watch out for a tweet x

  • Nyah Marie

    These look great, I can’t wait to get home from vacation so I can get to my magazines! Definitely going to try this out, thanks for the inspiration.

    • tollydollyposh

      Thanks so much, aww cool! x

  • Mimioboots

    These look so great! I really want to try this now! I might just start this in my scrapbook for my holiday… adding photos from travel magazines? What do you think!

    PS: Will be using that hashtag if I post any pics! #scrapsocial XD

    • tollydollyposh

      Ah great! Go for it :) I shall watch out! x