AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review

As you may know, London Fashion Week recently ended, and now the calm as come, I thought I would do my ‘AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review’. Although I preferred SS14 I did find a lot of collections that I thought were quite nice, so it ends up that I have to do this in 2 parts, which is kinda’ cool because it means you have another one of these posts to look forward to! I hope you like it…

Ashish AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewAshish: Unfortunately, I was quite unimpressed with the Ashish collection. In SS14, I was quite simply, in love, but with this one… something just didn’t click. I like the use of casual wear mixed with formal wear, and I like all the sparkles and pastels, but I just don’t really…. get it. It’s a bit plain compare to the SS14, and although it is still absolutely gorgeous, it’s just not up to my standards (#fussytolly). My favourite piece is probably that amazing prom dress though… LOOK AT IT.  Oh and those shoes are a collaboration with Topshop, so I think they will be on my wishlist as they LIGHT UP! Rating: 9/10

Bora Aksu AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewBora Aksu: Oh my. There are no words. Bora Aksu has done it again. The collection was divine. It’s got those traditional shapes, and those amazing colours, and that perfect mix of sequin and leather. It’s perfect. My favourite piece is the monochrome dress (far left) and the grey and white sequin dress (middle). I tried doing the hairstyle and dressed in my ARK pinafore* over a white dress, but sadly I didn’t look as fabulous… I LOVE YOU BORA! Rating: 100/10 

David Koma AW14' London Fashion Week Review

David Koma: One of my favourite shows of SS14 was David Koma, and although I like elements of this collection, I just don’t think it is my favourite anymore. I really like the structure though, and the colours used are brilliant. I also love the use of leather. My favourite piece in this collection is probably the beige dress (left), but I also quite like the collared leather dress (right). As I said, it’s not my favourite collection, but it’s still really lovely and he has stuck to his amazingly structured dresses! Rating: 7.5/10

Erdem AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewErdem: Erdem has never been one of the eye catching designers for me, but this year they made it something special. I’m not sure whether it is the metallic or the intricate detailing on the dresses, but it is just stunning. The shapes, and the colours are beautiful. I could definitely see myself wearing the gold dress (far left). It reminds me of an eagle, and it also has a slight Egyptian feel to it, but then when you look at the other pieces they have a quite Oriental feel to them. It’s extremely interesting! Rating: 10/10

Fashion East Ashley Williams AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewFashion East – Ashley Williams: I really enjoy watching the Fashion East show as there is always multiple collections to look at. I didn’t particularly like any of them this season, but I thought Ashley Williams had something a little different. I like her use of print and sequins and bold colour as well as metallics. Her interesting way of using the horse on jackets and skirts made me smile as well because it was like they were alive. Intriguing is how I would describe it. Rating: 7/10

Felder Felder AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewFelder Felder: I like wearable collections when it comes to fashion week because what is the point in selling a collection which isn’t wearable? That is why I like this one. It’s simple, but specific things make it different. Like the prints, and the textures. I also really like the shapes. The two piece (right) is specifically interesting because it looks 3 dimensional in a way but it also looks like snake skin. It’s a very clever collection and I bet lots of high street stores will be looking at it for inspiration! Rating: 8.5/10

Fyodor Golan AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewFyodor Golan: WOW. When I saw this collection I was like, what?! That’s incredible! It’s like this magical ball of colour and texture. It’s like they are all creatures, from the sea and from on land. The metallics are awesome and I love the OMFG sweater because it could mean the rude version but it could also mean Oh My Fyodor Golan which I think is pretty cool. I cannot pick a favourite piece because they are all SO amazing. I honestly think this is one of my favourite collections of AW14. Rating: 1000/10 (not this again ahaha)

Holly Fulton AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewHolly Fulton: This is what I call the ‘Star Wars’ collection. I mean, those appliqué dresses just look so… modern and Star War-sy. But then there are those pastel blue pieces, and the evening gowns. It’s a mish mash and I’m not sure I like it. I’ve never really been a big fan of Holly Fulton, and I just feel this is just a bit odd. Rating: 6/10

House of Holland AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewHouse of Holland: I’m not happy. I’m not happy because the House of Holland collection wasn’t that great. It wasn’t anything special. I only liked the really bold colourful pieces because that is my personal liking, but usually I like it all. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything really ‘WOAH’, it was all ‘Meh, seen it before’. Of course I would be totally happy to have all of it in my wardrobe, but it’s just not fabulous enough. Rating: 7.5/10

Leutton Postle AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewLeutton Postle: I’ve never actually heard of this designer, but I like them a lot. I would wear all of the collection and I think it is a perfect AW range. It’s not too dark and dim, but it’s not overly bright, it’s just right. My favourite is the look with the orange background on the left. It’s just perfect and I am actually in love. It’s no Fyodor Golan, but it is gorgeous. Rating: 100/10 

I really hope you liked my review of London Fashion Week AW14. Do make sure to let me know what your favourite collection of this, Part 1, as I’d love to know! Thanks so much guys, tata for now! :D

(All images are via Vogue) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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