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Illustrated Fashion Bloggers & Floral Crowns

By April 1, 2015 General

I like to draw. I like to create and I really like to illustrate. I also love floral crowns and I kinda’ like fashion bloggers too, so I guess if you mix all of those things together, you get a pretty cool combination. So today, I’m sharing the outcome of that pretty cool combination in this ‘floral crowns and fashion bloggers’ illustration series… ooh yeah…

Illustrated Fashion Bloggers Carrie CARRIE: WISHWISHWISH.NET ~

This is probably my favourite of the three I completed (well 4, I did actually draw the darling Liv Purvis but unfortunately I wasn’t 100% happy with it) as it’s just so pretty. This is probably one of my favourite pictures of Carrie ever (I mean to be fair most of her pictures are absolutely stunning), so I knew I had to transform it into my very own piece of artwork. I’m pretty fond of the bone structure (never thought I would every say that in a blog post!) I managed to produce and the glossiness of Carrie’s eyes… okay this is getting weird, but I do really love this one… although, it does make me sad that I don’t have the dress she’s wearing, I wanted it for such a long time!

carrieCarrie’s blog is a beautifully glossy fashion and photography blog which you should all follow. She’s recently started to dabble in YouTube and her recent vlogs have been equally as gorgeous as her photographs. Follow her on Bloglovin!

Illustrated Fashion Bloggers Kailey Mermaidens.Blogspot.Com~ KAILEY: MERMAIDENS.BLOGSPOT.COM ~

This is the first illustration I completed so you may have already seen it on my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram! It’s a slightly different style to the other two but it doesn’t matter because I think it portrayed Kailey’s pastel perfect hair and make-up really well! This picture is from a self-portrait Kailey did recently and it really does sums up who she is, which I love. I’ve seen other people’s illustrations of this picture too so it’s super inspiring to see the different techniques that are used.

KaileyIf you like all things pastel and you like photoshoots involving burgers and donuts, then you’re in for a treat over on Mermaidens! Don’t forget to follow Kailey’s Instagram too, it’s a beautiful account which even Instagram themselves have been loving (yeah, they posted her picture). Follow her on BlogLovin! 

Illustrated Fashion Bloggers Emily Jane Blog EMILY: EMILYJANE.TYPEPAD.COM ~

I couldn’t leave out the teen bloggers of the world so I scoured back through my favourites and found this photograph of Emily and started work on it immediately! Although there are a few imperfections here and there, I’m really happy with this one too (that’s about the 1,164,912,301,923th time I’ve said that isn’t it?). I especially like how the floral crown worked out.  I also love Emily’s pose in this… it’s so fun and it makes me so envious of her Instax camera…!

Emily JaneEmily is a teen blogger I’ve admired for a long while now. Her photographs always consistently cute and she has worked with some amazing brands and people. I think it’s really cool to see another teen blogger being so consistent and for sticking at it for so long! She’s 16 now and totally deserves a follow! Follow her on BlogLovin! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini set of floral crowns and fashion bloggers! I’m really happy with these and was actually kinda’ contemplating setting them up for sale (if the lovely ladies allowed me) but for now I’ll pin them up in my room and appreciate their amazing talents which I enjoy reading on a daily basis! 🙂

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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