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What’s the Difference Between Ethical and Sustainable Fashion?

By January 31, 2018 Ethical

This blog post is extremely overdue. I understand that for those who are new to the concept of ethics and sustainability, understanding the differences between the two terms can be difficult – there’s even the question as to whether there even is a difference. Although this dilemma can be subjective, here’s how I define the two…

Difference Between Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

Difference Between Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

Related Terms: Fairtrade, Fair Fashion, Cruelty-Free

1. relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.
Synonyms: moral

1. moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity.
Synonyms: moral code, morals, morality, moral stand, moral principles, moral values, rights and wrongs, principles, ideals


Ethical fashion is fashion that takes into account the morals of manufacturing. Ethical fashion is generally fashion and clothing produced with the whole production line and supply chain in mind, from cotton pickers to those who seal up, package and deliver. The belief that all workers and those affected by the production of garments should be treated equally and fairly, is the common mindset behind most ethical fashion brands.

The providing of a safe working condition, a living wage and a kind and non-abusive work environment are the usual priorities of those producing ethical alternatives to the likes of fast-fashion.

Ethical fashion avoids the use of forced, slave and child labour throughout the manufacturing process and organisations like Fairtrade International are able to help brands and companies to label and guarantee that safe and ethical practices are being put into place. Often brands don’t just ensure ethical practices but they also support and improve the livelihood of the workers they employ, especially those of which are in developing countries.

Ethical fashion can also be a term to cover cruelty-free and vegan practices, meaning that no animals are harmed or used as part of the production of clothing. An example of a vegan fabric is Peace Silk; Peace Silk is produced from moth cocoons after the moths have emerged and flown away, therefore it does not disturb or kill the moths in order to be woven into fabric.

Difference Between Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

Difference Between Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

Related Terms: Slow Fashion, Eco Fashion, Eco-friendly, Green Fashion, Organic, Recycled, Upcycled, Second-hand, Vintage

1. able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
2. able to be upheld or defended.
Synonyms: viable, unceasing, imperishable, renewable, unending

1. the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
2. avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.


Sustainable fashion is fashion and clothing produced to last and with the environmental costs of production, in mind. Seeing as fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, sustainable fashion aims to cut down on pollution and the negative consequences fashion production has on the earth.

Not only does sustainable fashion recognise things like pollution (whether that be into the water systems, the atmosphere or the ecosystem), it also recognises the dangers of the fast-fashion business model. Sustainable fashion brands often provide less choice, choosing to focus on quality rather than quantity, making the supply chain as eco-friendly as possible. This is also known as ‘slow fashion’.

Sustainable fashion brands often use organic fabrics, avoiding the use of pesticides and synthetic materials which have a damaging effect on the environment (as well as those who live nearby to farms and factories). Organic and natural fabrics (like cotton or bamboo) are biodegradable, which means they won’t cause as much as an issue when it comes to disposing of them.

Second-hand and vintage clothing is also considered to be a part of sustainable fashion as it is a form of recycling, meaning the consumer isn’t supporting the production of new clothing.

Difference Between Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

Often both terms get combined – ethical and sustainable fashion – simply because both go hand and hand. Although certain brands often focus on one or the other more prominently, most of the time you will find that those who believe in ethics also believe in sustainability and vice versa. 

There are certain things to be aware of though, like greenwashing, for example. These terms shouldn’t be thrown around lightly for the sake of it. I wrote all about greenwashing here, so for a more in-depth look at the issue, go and take a read. However, the main takeaway is that with ethical and sustainable brands, for the most part, they will fly the ethical or sustainable flag proudly.

One way I differentiate a brand from being ethically or sustainably focused as to not, is by taking note of how openly they discuss the issues at hand. If for the most part, ethics or sustainability doesn’t seem to be their main priority, you can use that to make your decision as to whether to support them or not.

Clothing featured: Mayamiko (ethical), People Tree (ethical/sustainable), vintage Skirt (sustainable) and upcycled DIY jacket (sustainable).

Has cleared things up for you? Do you have any more questions? Leave them in the comments below…

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Starting an Ethical Wardrobe | Secondhand Autumn Shopping

By October 14, 2016 Ethical, My Style

I know I’m not really supposed to apologise for what goes on, on this blog, but I would just like to say a quick sorry for my lack of blog posts since LFW finished. I did actually give a quick warning to say I’d be on a break, but then I was struck by a dreaded cold and the break stretched further than I’d anticipated. However, I’m hopefully back for good now! I thought I’d start things back up again with a simple, good ol’ fashion-y post about what I’ve been shopping for recently, all in the form of secondhand pieces of course! Much more satisfying and a great way to gain inspiration for your own ethical wardrobe…

how to start an ethical wardrobe - secondhand shopping for autumn fashion

how to start an ethical wardrobe - secondhand shopping for autumn fashion

~ WHAT I BOUGHT: £80 ~

☞ Vintage yellow leather jacket (€35 – jumble sale)
☞ Black jeans (£5 – charity shop)
☞ Floral oversized shirt (£8 – charity shop)
☞ Sheer white ruffle cover-up (€3 – jumble sale)
☞ Vintage gold sunglasses (€2 – jumble sale)

☞ Navy satin suit trousers (€5 – jumble sale)
☞ Navy satin suit jacket (€5 – jumble sale)
☞ Pink cashmere roll neck (£5 – charity shop)
☞ Lurex black sparkly slip dress (£7 – charity shop)
☞ Purple satin ruffle blouse (€5 – jumble sale)

As I was saying; satisfying, isn’t it? All of that for the price you might pay for two or three high street items which aren’t necessarily (well, almost definitely) ethically or sustainably produced. What’s even more satisfying is how everything blends and matches so well! It wasn’t really intentional, but when you’re shopping in all in one, I suppose it’s a subconscious thing, to buy items that all match up perfectly. Technically, though, I didn’t buy all of this is in one as you can see from the labels above. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep my receipts to tell you which charity shops I shopped in, but I can tell you from memory that RSPCA & Longfield Hospice are two of my favourites for well-sorted stock.

For these recent purchases, the only items I had in mind beforehand was some sort of evening dress (I’m off on a cruise at the start of November and let me tell you, they dress fancy) and possibly, a suit. A while ago whilst in the car, my dad spotted a men’s suit in the window of a shop and um… it turns out that apparently, it was a better fit for me (it was polka dot, mind you), so ever since then I’ve been on the hunt for a matching two piece! I’ve actually become really interested in suits in general over the past few months, just because of their fit and the androgynous vibe that comes with them.

how to start an ethical wardrobe - secondhand shopping for autumn fashion

how to start an ethical wardrobe - secondhand shopping for autumn fashion

It turns out that running giddily around a jumble sale looking for every single stand of clothes pays off because I found it! I found the suit I was looking for! I hadn’t really decided on my ideal suit, but I knew a navy one wouldn’t turn me away. You can’t really see it in these pictures, but I promise once I’ve adjusted the shoulders, I’ll be shooting it ASAP! It’s actually a satin number with the most gorgeous fitted trousers, and it cost me €10 in total. And the even greater thing? At the same jumble sale, I picked up two options for blouses.

I don’t feel so guilty indulging in trends when I’m buying them secondhand (trends = mass consumption/mass production), so when I, my mum spotted a sheer ruffled cover-up, almost lingerie style blouse at the same seller’s stall, I knew it would make a great textural contrast against the satin. Plus, white and navy is a really crisp and sharp colour combination and will work really well for an evening event (did I say something about a cruise?). The second blouse is another satin piece but in a light purple. Although contrasts are nice, I thought it would blend in nicely as a more fitted and ‘proper’ shirt with the suit.

how to start an ethical wardrobe - secondhand shopping for autumn fashion

how to start an ethical wardrobe - secondhand shopping for autumn fashion

how to start an ethical wardrobe - secondhand shopping for autumn fashion

how to start an ethical wardrobe - secondhand shopping for autumn fashion

Rings: Middle Finger (Unknown) // Index Finger (Arezzo D’oro Diamond Cut Stacker Ring – Gemporia)*

Speaking of that ruffled blouse, it looks great with the evening dress I managed to pick up! I know not many people are fans of lurex fabric, but I think if worn in the right way, it can look just as elegant as any other sparkly material. As you would have seen in my last outfit post, I love layering slip dresses, and it looks great with any kind of texture or colour. The black shade means I’ll be able to wear it to dinner, but also be able to go for a slightly grungier look in the day. Versatile, non?

Oh and yes, yes that is a cashmere ‘granny jumper’. It was one of those purchases which I was unsure about at first, so I left the charity shop empty handed before going back again and trying it on because it just seemed too tempting. It will work with jeans, it will work with a dress and who knows, maybe it will even work with the suit? I love muted pink, as you will already know if you’ve read my whole post basically dedicated to it.

Oh and that jacket? Another item which I had to go back for. In fact there was shopping drama with this one! I asked the seller if he’d give me a deal because I wasn’t that willing to buy it for his original price of €40 (even though it is vintage leather), so he said he’d drop it to €35, final price. I mulled it over, he put it back out on a rail, and somebody else tried it on… and luckily, they didn’t want it, so I bought it, but only just before another lady asked to try it on. It was a faff, but I have it on my shoulders (and of course, on my arms when I’m actually wearing it out and about). A good point to remember though – jumble or carboot sale shopping allows for bargaining. 

So there we have it! All secondhand. I hope you liked reading about my recent shopping experiences. The reason I do these ‘ethical wardrobe‘ posts, is to try and share with you how easy it is to create a collection you enjoy wearing without having to effect the world and environment around us. Buying secondhand means recycling, giving back to charity and supporting your local communities. Give it a go! See what you can find for £80…

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Driving Around Town*

By October 14, 2013 My Style

An new OOTD! Woop! I know you guys like ‘My Style’ posts, seeing as I did about… 4 recently, but I had a bit of break from them so here you go! Enjoy ^.^

my style beauxoxo fashion blog zara primark teen blogger my style beauxoxo fashion blog zara primark teen blogger What I Wore: Monochrome Tweed Dress (ZARA – Old), Green Stripe Detail Dress Top (Primark ASOS – Underneath), Shapeless Socks (House of Holland ASOS), Black Jelly Shoes (Supermarket), American Car Print Oversized Bow* £12.00 (Beauxoxo)

I feel like these pictures don’t do this outfit justice. I swear it looks nicer in person! Oh well, I still like it! Also please ignore my weird arm/shoulder situation… I know it went a bit funny… I feel like this is a good summer to autumn transitional outfit because it mixes pops of pastels with darker colours, and also includes layering! Plus… how cute is my hair bow?! Georgie from Beauxoxo is literally, so lovely and makes some super cute stuff!

my style beauxoxo fashion blog zara primark teen blogger my style beauxoxo fashion blog zara primark teen blogger

I also paired this outfit with my pink tweed jacket – Chanel-esque – and I think it just makes it all complete. I do have to say it though, but if you are a french parent, please can you teach your children that everyone is different? I got laughed at twice this week (not for just this outfit) and it really doesn’t make one, feel too good. I dress completely different to the girls around ‘ere, so please… STOP. *composes herself* Anyway, with this green Primark dress top, I almost feel like a vintage Barbie doll which has been dressed in clothes which are too big, in a good way of course. I also feel like Pippi Long-stockings, except my stockings don’t stay up – House of Holland, do improve your ‘One Size’ sizing, I do like to actually ‘wear’ my socks.

my style beauxoxo fashion blog zara primark teen blogger my style beauxoxo fashion blog zara primark teen blogger

I am a true supporter to Georgie at Beauxoxo! I feel like other hair accessory brands, or handmade brands have a sort of ‘factory’ feel, and more of a ‘churned out by the dozen’ feel, but with Beauxoxo I feel the lurrrve. I know that a lot of hard work has gone into each individual piece, and now I have my own hair band, I know for sure. The fabric is really nice and soft, it’s well made and sits nicely on my head(?!). I love the prints that are available, and next on my wishlist are the sparkly bow headbands! They look perfect for A/W! I really do think you should go check out Beauxoxo, I do really support her work and some of it is sooooo gorgeous! GO GO GO!

Watch out for another OOTD featuring this gorgeous headband! I’m not sure this outfit gave it justice, but I still love it! I hope you do too! Please leave a comment if you like!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Beside the Seaside!

By April 25, 2013 Fashion, My Style

”Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! Oh I do like to stroll along the prom, prom, prom! Where the brass band plays, ‘Tiddly-Om-Pom-Pom!”

I recently went to the seaside! We (The family) went to Arcachon near Bordeaux. It was about a 3 hour drive, but totally worth it – she says as her forehead stings from sun burn – as it was gloriously sunny and I got to wear a few of my recent purchases and I get to show you ‘my style’ for the day!

my style beside the sea my style beside the sea my style beside the seaWhat I Wore:Blue and White Floral Blouse €0.50 (Jumble Sale), Pleated Midi Skirt £6.00 (ASOS – Sale), Floral Grey Leggings (F&F), White Bead Necklace, Sunglasses (Claire’s) & Vintage White Lace Up Flats €11.00 (Jumble Sale).

my style beside the sea my style beside the seamy style beside the seamy style beside the seaPapa Posh in the reflection!

My style is rapidly changing, but in a good way. I decided to go for a more vintage style, and I think it worked okay (if I do say so myself!) All in all this was a pretty cheap outfit, and I am very proud of it. My brother decided to call me a ‘granny’, which in a way I agree with (….) but, I would say it’s ‘granny chic’ more than anything. I really like this skirt and I think I will wear it a lot this spring and summer. I also love this blouse! 50 CENTS?! It’s quite loose, but I think it’s a good thing as it makes it more comfortable and light for warmer climates. I also like wearing it with a pair of canvas trousers, and some flip flops. These shoes are also gems! They were from a stall at a jumble sale run by an Australian woman, who offered me them for €11.00 instead of €15.00 which was reasonable. They are real leather and really really well made, and I also love how they have a small heel which makes me feel all ‘clippity cloppity’ and special. Haha. 🙂 Oh, and that ice cream. THAT was delicious! We had a walk down the beach after that and it was sooooo nice! We then chased the waves (SO FUN!) and went back home. I shall leave you with these pictures. The last one is my fave! Awww!

my style beside the sea my style beside the sea my style beside the sea my style beside the seaMe and my brother! Cannot believe he is turning 18 TOMORROW!! Love this picture so much! What a great day it was!

If you think I deserve it, I’d love if you could vote for my blog to WIN Best Teen Blog in the Company Style Blogger Awards! It won’t take you long, all you have to do is click here, then either choose your favourite blogs, or click next until the 8th Page (Best Teen Blog), where you’ll see ‘‘! Fill in your details and you could grab yourself some New Look vouchers! So you’ll have a chance in winning something too!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Guest Post on Lovely’s Vintage Emporium

By January 12, 2013 My Style

YAY! I have done another Guest Post! This time it’s on Lovely’s Vintage Emporium, and it’s all about how to look simple and chic whilst wearing Vintage! I hope you like it….

Picture 1

Guest Post on Lovely’s Vintage Emporium by Tolly Dolly Posh

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Vintage Fashion: 40s & 50s

By January 4, 2013 Fashion

PART 1 – At the moment I have a major obsession with Vintage Fashion. It’s partly because I watched Restless on BBC and I loved the whole look of the film. (You can see the post I did on that here.) But, it’s also because I watched Dark Shadows once again, last night, and found that I enjoyed the look of that too. I also really want to become obsessed with a TV Series because I feel I need to have something to look forward too in this time of boredom. (Yes, I still haven’t found a school, but we will do soon!) So, here’s a few pictures and things that I think are cool, and perhaps you will find inspiration from them too…


I think this picture kind of sums up the 40s style, because it shows the elegance that the women still had during the war, it also shows the simplicity during the time, because of lack of materials, and also the cost. I also love the Faux Fur hem, which is also quite in trend at the moment 😉

Obviously this picture is in style of the era, but I think it shows the people of this modern society that you can work the look in a nice classy way, without looking to Vintage. So, I decided to create an outfit, in style of this picture… but with a modern twist!


Longsleeve White Shirt £22.00 (Topshop), Cotton Rich Knee Length Pencil Skirt £25.00 (M&S), Yellow Neon Strap High Heel Sandals £70.00 (River Island), Front Row Society ‘Keep Flowing’ Cotton & Silk Scarf £24.91 (Nord Storm), Miso T Bar Leather Gloves £8.00 (Republic) & Red and Black Colour Block Envelope Clutch £15.99 (New Look)

Like I wrote on the image, adding touches of neon adds that modern feel to the outfit. Also, add tones of light blues for a more vintage look as well. This skirt may not be the exact same feel, but it has the right colour to match.

Be sure to watch out for Part 2, where I will be doing some outfits on the 50s & 60s… including, Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe! *Oooh*

(Pictures from Pineterest)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A Perfect Picnic: What To Wear & What To Bring

By July 22, 2012 Fashion

With this amazing Summer Weather, I decided to do a post on What to Wear on a day out and What to Bring on a day out. Take a look…

 Pink Palm Tree Playsuit £38.00 (Topshop), Riot Lace Cut Out Sandals £80.00 (Topshop), Exaggerated Catseye Sunglasses £16.00 (Topshop), Union Jack Picnic Blanket £12.00 (John Lewis), Willow Picnic Hamper, Playnation 2 Person £55.00 (John Lewis) & Playnation Tiffin Boxes Set of 4 £20.00 (John Lewis). Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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