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How to Know If You’ll End up Wearing Something You Buy

By October 27, 2016 Fashion

One of my favourite books is “Women in Clothes“. Truth to be told, I haven’t read it in a while, but I still appreciate every page of it and will definitely have a re-read at some point. It’s somehow such an inspiring read filled with such diverse and wonderful women, and it raises some really thought-provoking questions to ask yourself. If you want to know more about the book, you can read about it here, but for today I wanted to focus on one specific question in the survey…

ethical shopping advice - will you wear what you buy - women in clothes book

Are you generally a good judge of whether what you will buy will end up being worn? Have you figured out how to know in advance?

As someone trying to do their best in creating the most ethical and sustainable wardrobe possible, I think about what I buy a lot before actually purchasing it. I’m not going to lie and say I do this in all aspects of my life, because I don’t know where my bedding is made or how the mugs I drink from were produced, but when it comes to my clothes I can assure you that I try to be as conscious about things as I can be. So when it comes to working out whether I will actually wear something, I believe I have started to nail the process on the head.

Generally these days, I don’t shop on the high street. I don’t even step foot in places like Primark anymore because they just don’t interest me and I know I don’t agree with how their company works, so that does whittle down the decision process a little.

I don’t have to think about where something is made because generally, I’m shopping from places that base their work around exactly that – transparency. I’m hopefully going to be doing a post to re-launch my ethical directory, but if you want to see where I shop from beforehand, I guess you could go take a look at it now anyway…

ethical shopping advice - will you wear what you buy - women in clothes book

That doesn’t, however, get rid of the sustainability factor. A big factor of shopping ‘slow fashion’ is cutting down on your consumption of products so that you don’t have as much waste in the future, and so that we can start lowering the amounts of items made. We’re all guilty of getting rid of clothes and that can be for several reasons; the fit, the style, a fault, or like the point of this post, just realising we should never have bought it in the first place.

Trying to think about what I already have is one of the most important things, which leads me on to part of the advice section below, about trends. I personally believe that trends are one of the biggest reasons we don’t end up wearing what we buy.

In the moment it might seem like a great idea, but a few months later when yet another trend is cropping up, you’ll be wanting to get rid of the old and get back in with the new. So… how do we avoid that and know we’ll actually end up wearing what we’re buying?

ethical shopping advice - will you wear what you buy - women in clothes book

Ask yourself if it’s a trend piece…

As I said above, trends really are a big reason as to why we as consumers waste so much. They’re made so that companies can continue to make profits; if you’re always made to feel like you’re missing out, then you’re always going to want to buy what’s there before it’s gone. Ask yourself if it’s really going to be something you’ll want to wear next season, and the next, or whether it’s something that is only there for the ‘hype’.

Does anything you own already match?

I had this dilemma with a coat recently. It was faux leopard print fur in a bright blue colour, and it looked pretty awesome; granted it was second-hand and that would have been perfectly fine to wear, but if it hadn’t had been, it would have been a bit of an obscure purchase to buy when what I’m wearing currently, hardly matches at all. I like to think about how many outfits I can make with an item. Will this skirt match any of my tops? Could it work mix-matched? Would it work with tights in the winter?

A really great challenge is the ’30 day wear’ challenge, which aims to help you wear an item for as much as it’s worth. If you can wear an item thirty times or more, then it’s probably been a worthwhile investment. So ask yourself before you buy; could you see yourself wearing it for 30 days?

ethical shopping advice - will you wear what you buy - women in clothes book

Can you find an ethical or sustainable alternative?

There are brands out there that cater to trends. One of my favourites is currently ASOS’ Reclaimed Vintage. According to a tweet I received, all of their products are made in the UK from reclaimed vintage fabrics (hence the name). Their pieces are pretty damn affordable for what they are, and they change according to the season.

So when you’re buying something that isn’t necessarily coming from the most trustworthy of sources, ask yourself if you could put it on hold to find an alternative that will not only last you longer but also won’t do any damage when it comes to the earth, environment or the fast fashion industry that we need to start changing.

Even shopping second hand can cater to trends too. I picked up a pink roll neck sweater from the RSPCA charity shop (featured in these pictures, and styled in this post), and ever since, I’ve been seeing them everywhere. It might take a little longer to find, but it is possible. Scroll through eBay! Check out Depop on your phone or even the Oxfam website (yes, they ship outside the UK).

Sleep on it…

That’s a phrase that brands producing 52 micro-collections a year probably don’t like to hear, but it’s something you should really start doing more often. If you walk away from something you catch your eye on, you’ll know for definite if it’s really worth buying if you sleep on it and wake up still thinking about it.

That’s actually what happened with that pink roll neck sweater (other than literally sleeping). I walked out of the shop unsure, and ten minutes later I was walking back in and trying it on before handing over the (new, plastic) £5 note to buy it.

ethical shopping advice - will you wear what you buy - women in clothes book

Snap decisions and impulse purchases are all well and good if you know that you’ll actually end up enjoying what you buy more than the excitement of actually buying it. It’s exciting, right? Going shopping and seeing something that you know will leave you with a buzz when it’s wrapped up in a bag in your hand?

But what if that purchase costs less than the cup of coffee you’re about to drink to give yourself a breather from all that walking around? What if the delivery costs more for that dress you’re about to buy in the sale? What is that really saying about it?

You’ll know you’ll end up wearing something you buy if you think about it first. Be conscious – that’s pretty much my main motto at the moment.

What are your tips on knowing whether you’ll wear something you buy? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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S/S 13 Trend Guide: Part 1

By February 26, 2013 Fashion

Bonjour! I haven’t blogged too much about the latest fashion-y things lately, which means I have a LOT of stuff to cover. Included in this are the S/S Trends. I thought I would get it all sorted with and do a ‘Trend Guide’. I need to do it in 2 parts due to the fact that there is so much to talk about! This ‘Guide’ is not going to include pictures from the catwalk, because we can’t buy that stuff! Well, I am sure most of us can’t afford it! So, I have created my own High-Street one, for you to lust and get inspiration from! I have also thrown in a Trend which I think is going to become BIG this year!

trendguide1 White Scuba Sleeveless Prom Dress £60.00 (River Island), Organza Insert Calf Skirt £48.00 (Topshop), White Asymetric Jumper £39.00 (Miss Selfridge), White Denim Boyfriend Shorts £14.99 (Newlook), SONIC Pointed Heels £32.00 (ASOS), Peace Sign Skinny Waist Belt £8.00 (ASOS) & Premium Jewelled Bib Necklace £40.00 (ASOS).

This might be quite an obvious trend to everyone, but I knew I had to include it because it is quite hard to get right. You can either make it too boring or too OTT. Here are 3 tips for making it work…. 1 – Add Neon Accessories for a Modern Look, 2 – Add Gold & Black Accessories for a Chic Look & 3 – Add Stripes & Bold Prints to spice the white up!

trendguide2Knitted Spot Stripe Crop Jumper £32.00 (Topshop), Stripe Ponte T-Shirt £28.00 (Oasis), Red and Blue Stripe Square Rucksack £55.00 (Lazy Oaf), Jacket £29.00 (H&M) & House of Holland for Pretty Polly Pink Stripe Socks £5.50 (ASOS).

I love stripes! You can probably see my stripey top in my banner, and I seriously, over wear it. Stripes go with so many things, and just adds a nice preppy feel to any look. Add this blazer over a floral dress, and these cute socks to a skater skirt.

trendguide3Nude Beaded Body Maxi Dress £89.00, Nude Extreme Sleeve Kaftan Top £39.00, Nude Stud Skater Skirt £39.00, Nude Stud Hardcase £22.00 & Splash Nude Peep Court £39.00 (All from Miss Selfridge).

By this, I mean, Nude. Yes, if you’re wearing something which makes you look ‘nearly naked’, you’re in trend! I love Miss Selfridge for things like this! They have such cute, flirty stuff, which I love! I especially like the ‘Extreme Sleeve Kaftan’ which would look great with floaty white canvas trousers.trendguide4Small Glitter Hair Bow £3.00 (Crown & Glory), Pastel Glitter Bow Waist Belt £8.00 (ASOS), Moschino Cheap & Chic Sequin Heart Gloves £38.00 (ASOS), Ciate Sequined Limited Edition Manicure in Super Duper £14.00 (ASOS), Foldover Sequin Clutch Bag £19.50 (ASOS) & ALL THAT JAZZ Glitter Ankle Boots £24.50 (ASOS).

I want everything from Crown & Glory. I mean, I know I could DIY some myself, but when you’re busy, and want it done quickly, they are the people to go to! I love the things they have, they’re all so fun, and bright! With this trend it is so easy to get right! Mix it with prints and flirty colours to rock it! I am not a fan of ‘buying it for it’s label’, but for a Moschino pair of something, £38 is pretty good! I really do see this trend becoming big!

I will probably be back next week with the final Part 2, so ‘stay tuned’!

ADVERTISE: Only £1 for a 200px by 200px button, for your blog or brand. Only 3 spaces available, find out more here.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 42 & 43: The Blogger

By November 18, 2012 Fashion

In my recent post (New Trend: The Big Frizz), I mentioned The Blogger Trend! Yes, it is exactly what you thought it is! It is based on Blogger’s weird and wacky fashion finds. The fact that us (the guys on the computers) have influenced fashion! Yay! So, here are three looks which you can get your hands on, or just get inspired by! There are two sides of this trend, so one is overloaded with jewellery, and the other is plane old, vintage, awesomeness 🙂

Green Shirt Dress £48.00, MAMA Leopard T Bar Shoes £30.00, Space Dye Headband £8.00, Pirate Bolo Necklace £8.50Premium Zip Side Satchel £85.00 (All at Topshop).

I love mixing vintage classics with modern twists, like these Leopard Print flats, and sunnies. You’ll look great if you mix it with stunning make-up (incl. Red lipstick), plus a nice up-do!

Light Denim Double Pocket Shirt £30.00, Black Tapestry Floral Print Skater Skirt £18.00, Gold Tone Lion Head And Stone Necklace £20.00   , Black Lace Insert Platform Ankle Boots £65.00 , Cream Retro Sunglasses £10.00 & Cream Chelsea Girl Faux Fur Jacket £60.00 (All at River Island).

This is more my style. Blogger style! Just mix up the jewellery, the prints, and you’ll look great!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: The Big Frizz

By November 17, 2012 Fashion

I love this trend! It’s all about Frizz, but not in your hair! Frizzy coats! I have one, and so does my sister, and they are so cool! They just give your outfit that edge, and uniqueness, so here it is! (BTW, I’m trying a new layout for this post, so tell me if you like it or not!) Also, apparently this trend is under the ‘whole trend’ of ‘The Blogger’ which is cool, I’ll do a post on that soon as well 🙂

Going Clockwise…
1. Purple Chelsea Girl Mixed Faux Fur Coat £70.00 (River Island)
2. Pink Faux Fur Coat £98.00 (Topshop – In Store)
3. Sophia Cover-Up £24.99 (
4. Lendy Coat £24.99 (
5. Racoon Faux Fur Gilet £40.00 (Miss Selfridge)
6. Petrol Blue Coat £98.00 (Topshop – In Store)

Personally out of those, my favourite is the Topshop, Petrol Blue one, but for price, it has to be the Sophia Cover-Up by Miss Guided. Also, how do you like the new ‘trend’ layout? Pretty cool I think?

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for ‘The Blogger’ post 😉

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A/W 12/13 Capsule Wardrobe: Part 2

By September 6, 2012 Fashion

This is the 2nd part of my A/W 12/13 Capsule Wardrobe (7 pieces). You can see the 1st part here. I will be doing the final 5 pieces, as soon as I can!

Red Check Treggings £25.00 (Topshop), Co-ord Embellished Crop Jacket £95.00 (Topshop), Sheer Lace Dippy Top £39.00 (Miss Selfridge), Blue Geo Print Knicker £32.00 (Miss Selfridge), Mustard Satchel Crossbody Bag £25.00 (AWear), Charm Tassle Necklace £10.00 (AWear) & Mini Leather Shopper £39.99 (ZARA).

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: Jumpers

By August 30, 2012 Fashion

Another big trend this upcoming A/W 12/13 is the knitted Jumper. The great thing about this trend is that it goes so well with all the other trends, like Camouflage, Purples, Embellishment and more! So I have found 8 Jumpers which are brilliant, some are simple and some are more adventurous, and you need to have at least one of them in your wardrobe this Autumn…

1 - Jumper £29.99 (H&M) 2 - Jumper £34.99 (H&M) 3 - Ostrich Effect Sweater £32.00 (Next) 4 - Khaki Metallic Ribbed Pu Patch Jumper £38.00 (River Island) 5 - Mary Portas Dolman Sleeve Knit Jumper Indigo £26.50 (House of Fraser)

1 - Knitted Geo-Festival Cardigan £46.00 (Topshop) 2 - Knitted Stud Camoflage Jumper £45.00 (Topshop)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: Leather

By August 29, 2012 Fashion

This upcoming A/W 12/13 Leather is a big hit! So I have found a few items which I love, they are quite pricey, but if you really want to look stunning and chic this A/W, then have a look into your purse!

Urban Code Leather Skirt £85.00 (ASOS)

Leather Shorts £50.00 (ASOS)

Leather Peplum Jacket with Zip Front £150.00 (ASOS)

Black Leather Fit & Flare Dress £120.00 (River Island)

Leather Strappy Corset Belt £40.00 (Topshop)

All these pieces are dead on trend, especially the shorts! Oxblood + Leather = 2 Trends in 1! The belt is great because it works so well with a Peplum, as it draws your eyes even closer to the waist!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Celebrity Style Captured: Jessica Alba

By August 26, 2012 General

Jessica Alba is a well known actress and she has great style, so here is how you can get her ‘Summer Casual’ look…

River Island Jade Coloured Jean £21.00 (ASOS), White Rolled Sleeve Shirt £25.00 (Topshop), Flourescent Pink Palmetto Women’s Classics £40.00 (TOMS), Cream Postal Print Long Scarf £16.00 (River Island), River Island Tassel Front Satchel £35.00 (ASOS) & Round Sunglasses with Metal Bridge Detail £12.00 (ASOS).

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 36: The Jumpsuit

By August 21, 2012 General

I love Jumpsuits! I have one from Matalan, and it is amazing! They are very comfortable, and if you want to cover up then they are great! Not very practical at times though…

Two-tone Long Jumpsuit £39.99 (MANGO), HOLLYWOOD Heeled Sandals £40.00 (ASOS), Metal Frame Clutch Bag £18.00 (ASOS), Crop Back Collarless Blazer £65.00 (Topshop), Constellation Eye Palette £12.00 (Topshop) & Blush in Head Over Heels £6.00 (Topshop).

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: Plaits

By August 18, 2012 Beauty, Fashion

Another huge hair trend is the Plait. Again, quite a few celebrities are rocking this trend, just like the Undercut. So here are a few pictures…. (Pictures found via Marie Claire)


I think this look is quite nice on Rihanna, but in another way it looks very fake, and cheap, so I would probably say that her Undercut looks was better.

Blake Lively

This look is again, quite nice, but I don’t think I like the way the hair is scraped back, and to be honest the plait isn’t the best, so sorry Blake, I don’t really like this!

Scarlet Johanssen

Scarlet rocks this look! It is very girly, and the fact that she has it all up in plaits is really nice, and it suits her face shape really well. Thumbs up to you, Mrs Johanssen.

Sienna Miller

Again, a braided up-do. I like how she works it imperfect, it makes it look very cute, and girly, and fun. If you want a look for the festival, this is it!

Jessica Lowndes

I think Jessica works this type of plait best. It is very simple, and chic, and it looks great! Another big thumbs up!

Whitney Port

This is my favourite celebrity plait! I love the half up half down style. It is very cute, and id you want a bridal look, this is perfect!

Please leave any comments on what you think about any of these styles!

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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