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Blogging: Time, Effort & Energy

By June 29, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle

This post was going to be about a random piece of banana fibre I found (see here), but I changed my mind and it’s now about blogging. I’ve seen a lot of these posts lately, and I just want to get my words out there. I’m not sure how this will go, but I guess we’ll see!

blogging time effort energy(Thinking of selling personalised downloads of this? Comment if you like the idea!)

I sometimes say that blogging really isn’t anything special, and I don’t really understand when people say ‘You’re an inspiration’, but when my parents said to me ‘You don’t really know how much work you put into it [my blog]’, it kind of clicked. On top of doing home work, spending time with my family, and trying to just have me time; I’m on my Twitter, emails, Facebook and Instagram promoting myself, brands and anything random to please you, the readers. I feel like other bloggers try and hide the fact by saying ‘I only do it because I love it’, and some of us do, but at the same time, we’re writing and tweeting because people enjoy it. I know it might sound like that isn’t much to you ‘non-bloggers’, but actually when you add it all up, it really is.

Lily Melrose, or LLYMLRS, wrote a really short and sweet blog post about why you shouldn’t give up blogging, and her thoughts were exactly the same as mine are now. Basically, if you don’t put cake mixture in the oven, you won’t get a cake in the end… or if you don’t put the effort, time and energy in, you won’t get all the fun stuff… I prefer the cake version.. yummm cake! I’m not saying that if you’re not doing ‘well’ (well = your own definition of course), that you’re not putting enough effort in, but it might mean that you haven’t been doing it for that long, or maybe you’re setting your standards too high, or putting too many eggs over flour in your mixture (eggs/flour = different content).

These ingredients can mean whatever you want them to mean personally, so I can’t tell you the perfect quantities (#ImSoGoodAtTheseCakePuns), but when you look at these so-say ‘big bloggers’, you have to understand that they whisked and mixed, and put their cake mixture into the oven to get where they are today. Just because their cake is golden and gooey (…just give me my medal now…), doesn’t mean they didn’t think of giving up.

Your goals are your own. Whether you want blogging to take you to a full time job, or you just want to reach 100 followers within 6 months, it will take time and effort. Set mini goals along the way, and slowly (or quickly, depending on how much time you put in), you will reach them. Hey, one of my goals this year was to do a product collab, and I have done it (see here)!, which means it is possible. A cake takes patience, and so does a blog…

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Teen Blogging in Blogosphere Magazine Issue 4

By June 18, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle, My Style

Howdy! I’m back again, with a pretty exciting post! You may or may not know that I recently wrote an article on teen blogging for the blogging magazine (that’s a whole lot of blogging), Blogosphere Magazine in their latest Issue #4! I thought I would give you the low down because if I do say so myself, it’s a pretty cool issue 🙂 Just so you know, the Company Blog Awards results are in and unfortunately there was nothing for me! 3rd time lucky for 2015? I hope so! Thanks so much if you voted/nominated though, it means a lot! 

blogosphere magazine issue 4 louis cole teen blogging blogosphere magazine issue 4 louis cole teen bloggingBLOGOSPHERE ISSUE 4* – E-VERSION £3 – PRINTED VERSION £4 // DINOSAUR NOTEBOOK*

Blogosphere is a magazine written for bloggers and by bloggers. From photography to *cough* teen blogging, each issue covers everything you might want to know whether you are a reader or a writer. Don’t forget every issue has an awesome cover star and interview, Issue 4 is with Louis Cole, with past issues being covered by Essie Button and Fleur De Force‘s faces, so you could say it’s a pretty high profile publication. They allow bloggers to submit pitches, and mine was one of the few to be accepted! Woop!

Cover Interview (p23) – I never used to really ‘get’ Louis Cole, but after reading this interview and watching a few more of his vlogs, I finally do. He’s so down to earth and generally lovely and doesn’t come across as ‘fake’ as some other vloggers. If you want to know more about how he lives his adventure, I would definitely recommend reading this!

Photography (p63) – I don’t follow enough photography bloggers seeing as I love snapping away, and it is so nicely put together! A short piece, but is lovely to flick through!

blogosphere magazine issue 4 louis cole teen bloggingRise of the Teen Blogger (p55) – Da-dah! The article which was written by yours truly! Pretty snazzy, huh? I decided people need to know the ins and outs of what us young bloggers get up to, and I thought well, why not share it in a magazine? It’s a 3 page article (cray cray), where I discuss what I’ve achieved so far, the pros and the cons, as well as 4 of my favourite fellow teen bloggers. It’s accompanied by some of Blogosphere’s very own illustrations also! Want a bit of a cheeky snippet?

”Blogging, like anything, doesn’t really bring much for a while, unless you know somebody who can get your name under somebody’s nose. It wasn’t until I was about seven months in that I decided to pluck up the courage to send an email to a brand. I got a reply, and, within the following two weeks, an outfit post on my father’s iPhone was published.’

It was really fun to write and finally see it all on high quality paper, with my picture on the contents page. Essie Button (previous cover star like I mentioned) said in one of her vlogs that she was reading the issue… I squealed inside of the thought that she may have read my thoughts… wahhh! Make sure you pick up your own copy here and tweet me your thoughts @TollyDollyPosh 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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