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Guest Scrap Social: Jacky Auerbach

By May 7, 2015 Scrap Social

It’s been a long while since I got someone else to share their scrapbook with you, so today’s the day where I do that again for you 🙂 I’ve got another blogger, this time a fellow teen, who goes by the name of Jacky Auerbach from Do It For The Irony. Let’s take a peep in this Scrap Social post…

Guest Scrap Social - How To Make A Scrapbook - Do It For The Irony

Guest Scrap Social - How To Make A Scrapbook - Do It For The Irony

Why do you use a scrapbook? I started journalling when I was in high school.  It was a required art assignment from my art teacher but you didn’t have to go above and beyond with it.  Hers was SO amazing and it really pushed me to be creative every day.  I’d have days where I would just skip my schoolwork and journal after school.  It worked out!  So I continue it to always be creative.

What are your favourite methods? Anything messy.  My art mentor advised me that I needed to let go.  I was always so scared to make art on canvas because I felt like I would mess up and it’d be a waste of money.  So she’s just like let go.  Go crazy.  So I did.  Finger painting, layers, glue, fabrics, sketches and text everywhere.

You use quite a lot of paint and texture in your pages, why is this? I don’t like subject matter.  I don’t like to paint or make “things”.  Along with letting go of my art fears, I gained my love for messy things.  So I found beauty in texture and more importantly color.  Thus my love for color + color theory.  If you see my comments on fashion blogs, I almost always comment on color.  I’m not trying to be repetitive I really just care about color the most!  It shows emotion, which I care about a lot.

Has your scrapbook inspired you for any ideas/projects (or are you going to start one because of it)? I’m going to start a new altered book soon!  Basically journalling in a book.  Some say it’s a waste but it’s very beautiful.  I’m very excited because it will be my first art book without a mentor.  Scary, but hey letting go is always good in art.  I don’t like people telling me to up my technique or to get better at painting realistic faces.  I want to do my thing.

Guest Scrap Social - How To Make A Scrapbook - Do It For The Irony

Guest Scrap Social - How To Make A Scrapbook - Do It For The Irony

This is my favourite page (the one with CUTE on), which is your favourite out of this selection? Definitely the green spread with a tie dyed silk on the other.  The text says, “I’m pressured by time Maybe I would have noticed it pass if the seasons had changed for once.”  I speak in metaphors and it irritates people.  But I was obsessed with time during this journal.  I love the aging person I quick painted on the other side.  I remember being so happy because I made it out of three messy globs of paint on the paper.

Do you think each page represents a period in your life, or the mood you are in? Both.  I was in a time of huge change and so many things about myself were rapidly different, I didn’t know how to deal with it!  Thus my expression of time.  And as for my mood, I always consider my subject matter to be emotion.  If it shows my emotion the way I want, then it’s a success.  I believe that’s my niche.

When and where do you create your wonderful collages? At home, in my room with any material I can find.  Even makeup.  Wherever I can find a ton of glue I’m there.

Do you think your scrapbook is a representation of your personality? For sure.  Emotional and metaphoric on the inside.  Mysterious and speaks weirdly.  But despite all the deep and enigmatic stuff, I’m super loud and bold and messy and colorful.

Guest Scrap Social - How To Make A Scrapbook - Do It For The Irony

Guest Scrap Social - How To Make A Scrapbook - Do It For The Irony

Pen or Pencil? Pen.  I can make mistakes and I can’t erase them.

Glitter or Puffy Paint? GLITTER.  Anytime I get my hands on cheap craft glitter, it’s a total mess.

Neat or Messy? Messy messy messy.  No planning.  Go for it.

You’ve bought a new magazine which would be perfect for scrapbooking… do you chop it up straight away after reading, or wait a little while until it’s considered ‘old’? Wait a little for sure.  I am weird about resources.  I hate shopping for art supplies and I hate using them up.  I hate spending money and the fear of wasting it.  I rarely buy magazines but when I do, they sit for a while.  I most of the time pick up the hidden free catalogs at H&M and use those!  Saves money and they’re great quality.



Do It For The Irony is a blog written by Jacky Auerbach.  She likes to focus on creativity in life & style but ends up being a little bit funny about it all.  She questions the world a lot and hopes to help you see from a new, accepting perspective. Having fun with casual fashion is something that Jacky holds dear and she just wants to be heard for a little bit!


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Happy New Year: 2014!

By January 1, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle, My Style

Hello everyone! I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging until mid January, but I decided that I couldn’t just leave without saying Happy New Year could I?! So, Happy New Year! I’m not one for saying ‘New Year, New Me’ because I personally believe that it is just a time to look back and learn from your mistakes, and celebrate your achievements. I’ve already done that in this post, so I thought I would talk about what I want from this year. I feel like 2013 was just the beginning, and that 2014 will be even better… *she hopes* Excuse the messy writing… I scanned it in 😉

new year 2014 blog resolutions goalsI feel like this year will be the year for me to really push myself, so that is why these are my resolutions. I want to really challenge myself, and not just go for the easy options. I know that sounds weird, but I really want to do things for me, and things which will really help in the future. I also want to be more motivated, to do the things which are more challenging, as well as simple things because I always find myself sitting and back and ‘not being bothered’. I guess, I could use the ‘I’m a teenager’ excuse, but to be fair, I think it would be better if I were to just do things as and when, and my whole life would become a bit easier I guess. Then, the hardest one… to not spend as much time on the computer. It will be hard, but I think I can do it! I will be able to do it! That is when I delete my new Tumblr account… ow, I cannot do that… I just like it too much now…

new year 2014 blog resolutions goalsThese are a few of my goals. Last year (woah, seems weird saying that), my goals were to get featured in something or other (accomplished, yay!) but this year, they are more to just, learn. To just get better, and improve. 2013 was amazing, yes I would still love to be in magazines, but to be able to learn how to go through the whole design process, or learn how to print patterns, I really do not care what it is, I want to know how! I also want to stretch my thoughts and start creating new blog content. Maybe starting and finishing series. I’d LOVE to collaborate with a brand in a design way, it would be amazing. I know it’s possible, and I can almost feel it on the end of my finger tips.  I accomplished 827,920 page views in 2013, and to be fair, I feel I have gained a great knowledge that those numbers don’t matter, and that is why my goals are so different. I am so so so grateful for all the views and followers I have, but I am starting to realise that my knowledge is stronger than the numbers. 827,920 is an amazing number for me though, I thank everyone who comes on here each day/week/month/year, SO much!

I hoped you liked this short little post and that you enjoyed your New Year. I’m now off for a while! I will be back on the 16th January, back in a full blogging swing! So, I shall see you soon! If you are in need of contacting me, then please click hereThank You!


  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Q&A with For The Love Of Lucie

By December 3, 2013 Beauty, Fashion

Woah woah woah, it’s December 3rd already?! This year has gone too quickly! Anyhow, today we have a Q&A with November’s advertiser, Lucie from For The Love of LucieIf you would like to Advertise next month (January) make sure you check out the packages here

for the love of lucie fashion blog teen blog style bloggers

What inspired you to start your Blog?: I have always loved reading blogs and YouTube videos such as: FleurDeForce and MissBudgetBeauty. So one day I decided to create my little piece of the internet! I also would love to be a make-up artist so another reason was to share my love of beauty and fashion.

Why did you choose Fashion?: I love keeping on top of designer fashion trends, and recreating outfits from high street stores. I really enjoy sharing my outfit ideas and makeup reviews online. It really satisfies me if people find what I write about useful.

What are you top tips on starting a Blog?: Stay organised! Buy notebooks or planners, just anything to stay on top of your posts! Also don’t write posts for views, write what you want to write about (I cant stress this enough!)

What have been your Blogging Targets for this year?: I wanted to balance blogging and school and do regular posting again! I also wanted to reach 50 followers on BlogLovin’ but I am so happy with the amount I have at the moment.

Who are your favourite fellow Bloggers?: I love to read you Tolly! I also love MissBudgetBeauty, A Model Recommends and Madame Gourmand Lifestyle

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: I love Primark, they have just about everything for amazing prices. Whenever I need something usually the first place I will go is Primark to see if they have what I want in (guilty).

What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: I wear what I like and I feel confident in it. My style would probably be girly/edgy. I love love love dresses but I also love throwing an oversized jumper over some comfy skinny jeans.


**Make sure to check out Let’s See, an amazing photography blog!** (This is a sponsored link)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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I’ll Be Back Soon!

By October 23, 2013 My Style

Howdy everyone! Just a quick-y, update-y, short-y post for ya’ today! I just wanted to update you before you all think I have disappeared off the face of the planet *prays that, that would never happen, amen*

DSC07901(Throwback to my last visit to the UK! The night of the Style Blogger Awards!)

So, basically, I am on another short little break! I am flying a very very very long way, across the channel, to… England – note: it’s only like, 2 hours away really… -. I am rather excited because… *dramatic dun dun dun* I get to meet my little nephew! 😀 He’s still pretty much newborn, so YAY! I’m a tad scared that I will crush him, in my first-ever-time-holding-a-baby cuddle, but… YAY! I also get to go shopping – PRIMARK *hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah* -, drink milkshake, go to the cinema, and just have an awesome time avec ma famille. PLUS. I have a SUPER DUPER EXCITING, OMG IS THIS REAL LIFE, thing happening, which sadly I cannot tell you about just yet, but hopefully *fingers crossed*, I will be able to tell you some good news 🙂 So yeah, overall I am verrry excited about this little break! I also have 2 guest blog posts heading your way…. (read on)…

kimi and me guest blogThe wonderful Christina from Kimi & Me will be doing a guest blog post this week! I love her blog for a source of inspiration. Her blog isn’t personal style, beauty, etc etc, but a nice mix of everything. My favourite posts are her wishlists and inspiration ones, and you have one coming your way! Check out her blog here!

lisette guest blogThe amazing Lisette from Lisette Loves (she guest blogged for me once before) is back again! You guys know how much love I have for this lovely lady, so I am happy to have her back! She’ll be bringing you a mini look book, and I am sure you will be inspired! Check out her blog here! (Image from her wonderful blog!)

There will be an advertiser’s Q&A also this week! I will be checking my comments, but please don’t expect me to reply to every single email/message I receive this week! If you do have anything urgent etc etc, please email me: My super parcel receiver assistant/cat looker-after-er (big bro), will be on hand letting me know if any parcels have arrived of which you may have sent, so I will try and let you know ASAP!

Goodbye France, Hellooooo ENGLAND!

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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