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SS/14 Trends: Paint Strokes & Splatters

By January 30, 2014 General

Hi. Hey. Bonjour. Howdy! – Me trying to decide how to start these blog posts. I currently have chicken pox (yipee!) so this is just a short post as I really don’t have the energy so today I am going to be sharing a short run through of one of the SS/14 Trends with you, and before you ask, no, I did not get this idea from The Carrie Diaries. (Images from Dazed, Pinterest & Relevant stores.)

ss/14 trends paint splatters and strokes asos chanel ss14Chanel SS14 – One of the first places I saw the paint stroke idea for SS/14, was in the Chanel collection. It’s really simple, yet comes across really intriguing. My favourite look is the 2 piece with the collared crop top! I love how the colours are bright, yet they look so minimalistic and not too over powering. I love how they’ve made the looks look like (ooh, alliteration) they are casual, when of course they could be dressed up.

ss/14 trends paint splatters and strokes asos chanel ss14High Street Picks – Long Sleeve Top//Paint Stroke Clutch//Monochrome Washbag//Shoes//Dress//Blouse//Handbag

I think we can all definitely see that the paint stroke and splatter trend is slowly creeping into the shops. One of my favourite things about this trend is the fact that there are so many different ways of doing it. For example, there is the splatter, the stripes, the splodge and the watercolour. They are all so different and are suitable for every body. I think my favourite pieces are the long sleeve top and shoes from ASOS. The top is really simple and chic, and the shoes are bright and funky; a really nice contrast under one roof of a trend! Dah dah! I don’t personally own much paint stroke inspired pieces *cough* except my DIY Carrie handbag *cough* blog post coming soon *cough*, but when I go shopping very soon, I am sure something will crop up with something paint inspired! 

What trend are you looking forward to rocking in SS/14? Let me know in the comments below! 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Pre-Fall Collection 2014 Review

By January 24, 2014 Fashion

Now, I’m not someone who likes to think ahead too much, but when it comes to Fashion… I like to make a bit of room for the future, so I thought, why not do a Pre-Fall Collection 2014 Review? Oh yes, I’m going past summer, and talking about a few of my favourite collections of what I have seen so far, similar to this post! If you don’t know when/what Pre-Fall is, it’s basically that gap between Summer & Autumn/Winter, the time when it’s not too hot, but it’s not too cold…. (All images via

BCBG Max Azria Pre-Fall Collection 2014BCBG Max Azria: As I have said many times before, I love structure, so this collection to me, is honestly, beautiful. I love how the pieces just sit perfectly, and they all have different dynamics. I also adore the A/W florals, which are so gorgeous. I love the palette of blue and grey. I also love the use of faux fur in the same colour, it just looks so perfect and soft. Plus, holographic shoes? Perfection. Rating: 100/10 😉

DKNY Pre-Fall Collection 2014 2DKNY Pre-Fall Collection 2014DKNY: Considering I’m not the most minimalistic person ever, I actually quite like this collection! I love the colour blocking, especially with the white and blue, it just looks so sleek and chic (that rhymes). I also LOVE the ‘Pizza or Caviar’ top and necklace, and the ‘New York’ necklace too. For the tan and blue ‘section’, I’m not as much as a fan, but I do like the pleated skirt and the little bit of pale pink. So yeah, I think the collection is quite nice, and I give this a… Rating: 8/10 

Erdem Pre-Fall Collection 14Erdem: I would probably say this is one of the most ‘A/Winter-y’ collections out of the bunch, but I like it! A lot! I love the use of metallics, it reminds me of puddles on roads… which I think is very clever. I also love the use of lace, I think it looks so sophisticated. I’m a big fan of blouses at the moment, and this one has lots of them! I’m a particular fan of the dark floral dress on the right there, I think it looks stunning and I like how it is quite sheer. I wasn’t that big a fan of the red part of the collection though. Rating: 9/10 

Fendi Pre-Fall Collection 2014Fendi: I. Love. Most. Of. This. Collection. I think the combination of monochrome, pale pink, faux (I believe) fur and deep red, is just perfect! I especially love the stripy jacket with the collar (far left), it just looks so gorgeous and could go with so so so many things! I also love the blue fur and stripy coat, which is just so cool. I have to say Fendi, you’ve done well… except the yellow pieces with the monochrome, which sort of remind me of old office carpet… hmm. Rating: 9/10

House of Holland Pre-Fall Collection 2014House of Holland Pre-Fall Collection 2014House of Holland: Dayum Mr Holland, you have done it good! There’s structure, colour, prints, blouses, faux fur, colour blocking, spots, velvet and a new favourite of mine, patent. Oh yes this collection literally has it all for me. Don’t forget a bit of Hattie Stewart too? Utter awesomeness. I don’t know why, but I really love patent at the moment! The combination of that red fur and the shiny skirt… ooh! I love how it is slightly retro too with the sort of striped school cardigan and the high waisted shorts, and  then the buttoned velvet dress. Such a nice collection and I’d be happy to own all of it! Rating: 10/10 

Just Cavalli Pre-Fall Collection 2014Just Cavalli: Oh my, WOW. Yes, please can I have all of it in my wardrobe, please, thank you, oh my, not enough words to describe the beauty, oh wow, okay I will stop now.  *deep breath* I mean, look at those pastel purple hareem trousers, and that yellow, and that dress with the stripes and pom-pom trim, and that black dress, which is like the ultimate LBD *deeper breath than the last deep breath*. But seriously, do you not agree with me how beautiful this collection is? If you don’t well then I am afraid, we are no longer friends (jokes guys, jokes… or am I joking? Hmm…). Rating: 10/10 

Misha Nonoo Pre-Fall Collection 2014Misha Nonoo: Other than the models looking rather stiff and doll like, this again is such a lovely collection. It’s got the structure, and the nice colour combinations (blue and white), and a mix of quite summery and autumnal pieces, which I think is definitely needed in a ‘Pre’ fall collection. I love how the blouses and dresses have the mesh parts, I think it looks so cute and a little bit ‘cheeky’ 😉 Haha! They remind me of Victoria Beckham’s collection she did, with the collars. Simple, sleek, and ultra cool. I’ve seen some similar ones on Missguided which look fabulous! Rating: 9.5/10 

Rag and Bone Pre-Fall Collection 2014Rag & Bone: This is quite a nice collection, not my usual taste, but I do like some of these pieces. Another gorgeous LBD in this one, plus a gorgeous, I mean gorgeous cape jacket. It’s a very simple collection, and I like the use of the lace and crochet style knit, which adds a bit more character and dimension to it. Rating: 7/10 

I’m thinking of doing a menswear version of this as I really want to start doing menswear on ma’ blawg. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Look Wishlist: Blue Blue Blue*

By January 22, 2014 My Style, Wishlist

Hello everyone! (I still have no idea how to introduce these blog posts) Today I have a bit of a wishlist for you from New Look! I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite pieces at the moment, and I hope you like it! I didn’t purposely make it all colour coordinated, but that’s kinda’ how it ended out!

New Look WishlistTeen Tile Print Dress//Teen Space Dye Dress//Cold Shoulder Dress//Teen Alabama Airtex Crop Top//Teen Polka Dot Crop Shirt//Block Heel Sandals//Teardrop Choker

Tile Dress – I have really taken a liking to shift dresses, and this one is super nice! I think it would be perfect for all occasions and all seasons. Wear it in Summer with a pair of sandals, in Autumn with a big snood, Winter with a leather jacket etc etc. It’s just such a versatile and simple dress! Shift dresses are really flattering too, so this would be perfect for me with my mini figure!

Space Dye Dress – I think ‘2 piece look-a-like’ dresses are the perfect of ‘easy wear’ items to own. You can literally just wear it, plus some shoes, and then… you’re done! I’m a big fan of marl, or tie dye, so this is such a gorgeous dress for me. EEEE, I seriously cannot wait until Summer so I can wear nice dresses and loads of friendship bracelets and just be all cool and like ‘Oooh yeah, I’m all snazzy because it’s the Summer’… um, I believe writing past 7 o’clock at night means I go slightly mad and bring out my inner self.

Cold Shoulder Dress – I’ve always liked the idea of these style dresses, and the fact that you could still wear it with things underneath, makes them pretty cool. I also like how this one is really nice and floaty so you could wear it on the beach and it would look love-r-ly.

Alabama Crop Top – Ooh, 2nd item in blue… oops. I’m not usually a big fan of sport luxe, but this is actually quite cool. The texture of it would make it so nice to layer and it would look so cute with a pair of shorts. Ooooh, seriously guys I cannot wait for the sunshine… *sigh*

Polka Dot Crop Top – I’ve been on the look out for a nice button up blouse, and I am a big fan of navy and white, so this one is now on my radar! It’s pretty cute, and would go with quite a lot of my wardrobe. Perfect!

Necklace & Shoes – Another blue-ish item with the necklace. I haven’t got many silver pieces which are nice and chunky, so this one looks so pretty. It would look so nice with a fluffy jumper, dungarees, any of the above dresses, so basically anything! The shoes are also really nice because they don’t look too high. They look like they would be quite comfortable and would again go with quite a lot.

(This is a post in collaboration with New Look. I may have been paid or gifted to publish this post on behalf of New Look as one of their favourite bloggers. You can read my full disclaimer here.) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Sweet Sweet Meringue*

By January 19, 2014 My Style

Hello! I’m back with another ‘My Style’ OOTD for you! I’m obsessed with The Carrie Diaries at the moment, so this outfit is definitely inspired by her style. I love mixing prints anyway, but this combo is awesome… in my opinion 😉

my style ark clothing punkypins asos pink coat ss14 trend

my style ark clothing punkypins asos pink coat ss14 trend

my style ark clothing punkypins asos pink coat ss14 trendWhat I Wore: Pink Coat* (ARK Clothing – No longer available), Zebra Print Turtle Neck (Jumble Sale), Denim Camouflage Skirt £9.00 (ASOS), Floral Necklace £15.00* (Punky Pins) & Metallic Soldier Heels (ASOS – Give-Away Prize)

Do you remember my Christmas Wishlist? Well, one of the items was a gorgeous pair of Soldier heels from ASOS, and look what I have! The ASOS Santa was doing a Give-Away, and I won some! YAY! I also treated myself to this skirt in the sale, and I am so happy I did! It’s so nice, and I’ve never had a denim skirt before so this is a nice all season addition. 2 other additions to my wardrobe, are my pink coat – so trendy 😉 😉 – and my gorgeous necklace. I love them both so much! The coat actually fits so nicely, and it’s a size 8 as well, so well done ARK! Unfortunately I have 1 broken version of this necklace, and 1 good version, which is a shame, but it is very good quality and even has sparkles in it… win win! If my hair was blonde and curly, I could get away as Carrie Bradshaw right? Gahh, I wish my hair wasn’t so bland… I mean, most people would love to have straight soft hair, but I would do anything for a bit of shape and volume. I finished Season 1 of The Carrie Diaries within like, 5 days… and I bought the book… and I kinda’ really want to just be her… *sigh* …although, am I the only one who doesn’t find Sebastian attractive? No? Just me… rightio… *awkward whistle*

my style ark clothing punkypins asos pink coat ss14 trend

my style ark clothing punkypins asos pink coat ss14 trend

my style ark clothing punkypins asos pink coat ss14 trend

I love all of the colours against each other in this outfit, and I can get away with wearing thick tights too! I love, love lovepastel against monochrome as well, it looks so purrrrty. Oh, and if you are interested, that is how high the shoes are! They’re pretty high, and make me taller than my sister, but they are so comfortable because they have a block heel. I’m just getting used to walking in them seeing as I’m more of a flats gal, but other than stairs, I seem to be doing well. Holographic shoes are in my wardrobe guys… mission accomplished 😀 Take a look at that meringue too… oh it was SO good! Definitely picture worthy! So picture worthy, I had to have these funny ones taken…

my style ark clothing punkypins asos pink coat ss14 trend

my style ark clothing punkypins asos pink coat ss14 trend

I honestly cannot wait until the summer when I can whip off those thick tights and coat. Summer here in France is so beautiful and makes me so happy, and I miss it like mad. Plus it means I can get a tan – Oh dear, I just said that in my head like Donna from TCD… oops… probably not the best of people to think it like… – and I can go to the beach and lay by the pool (if the wasps aren’t buzzing around, I have a HUGE phobia) and drink as many glasses of Coca-Cola that I wish…

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Monthly Obsessions: Tumblr, Carrie & Doodles

By January 17, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

I’m back! It’s been so long! I actually feel excited to be writing again! I’m so glad none of you got too upset I was gone 😉 I had a lovely 16 days of chilling with my family and getting lots of baby smiles! I shall not babble on for too long, and tell you how I have been waiting so long to do this post! I’ve been wanting to do a ‘monthly favourites’ sort of post but not things like clothing/products I’ve worn and used, more like things that I have seen and enjoyed looking at… hmm… you’ll get the gist! 😉 (Images from Tumblr/Etsy)

monthly obsessions tumblr carrie diaries outfits freya flavell doodles cryybaby etsymonthly obsessions tumblr carrie diaries outfits freya flavell doodles cryybaby etsyTumblr – My first ever blog, was actually on Tumblr. I don’t really count it as a blog because all I did really was outfits, but after that I sort of left Tumblr, and now I’m back, and oh am I glad. I get so much inspiration from browsing and re-blogging people’s posts. I now know what Pastel Grunge is and I have been left quite confused about what Sea Punk is? I like to post weird and wonderfully coloured things, GIFs of Eddie Redmayne, and gorgeous doodles. If you have Tumblr do let me know because I would love to follow you! You can follow me here or click on the button in the sidebar!

monthly obsessions tumblr carrie diaries outfits freya flavell doodles cryybaby etsyFreya Flavell Does Doodles – I actually found Freya on Tumblr, and I’m in love with her doodles! They are so simple, yet so cute and colourful and she should be really proud of her work. I love finding illustrators who are young and obviously love what they are doing. Her drawings also give me inspiration for outfits and my future hair when I can face up to the fact that everybody and their dogs (that is actually true, their was a programme on it) dyes their hair, and that I will probably end up doing a full shabang rather than just dip dye. Talking of dip dye, doesn’t that purple hair on that one illustration look awesome? Make sure you check out Freya here!

monthly obsessions tumblr carrie diaries outfits freya flavell doodles cryybaby etsyThe Carrie Diaries – Seeing as I am a little bit young for Sex In The City, I recently started watching the prequel with my sister whilst she was over, and even though this is still quite rude and eye boggling at times, (only watch it if you are 13 and over, I warned you) but I really do enjoy it. I enjoy it so much that I am now up to date with the current season. I have ordered the book too so I’m excited to see how well they have portrayed Carrie. Anna-Sophia Robb was a good pick though, she is a really good actress and I have always been fond of her work. Plus, if you want some outfit ideas, then watch this show… or you could follow my Carrie Diaries Outfit Tumblr! 😉

monthly obsessions tumblr carrie diaries outfits freya flavell doodles cryybaby etsyCryybaby – I have started to reach out to individual and more handmade stores instead of just going to my comfort shopping store, ASOS. Whilst searching on Tumblr (surprise surprise), I found Mimi’s store, Cryybaby from Etsy. Being a teen myself (oh my dear waffles (umm) I’m 14 this year!) I love supporting fellow teens, and I love Mimi’s stuff! It’s all so simple, but so cute and pretty darn cheap too! I’m actually going to get a custom necklace made which is pretty cool! Make sure you check out her store! It’s pretty cool!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Happy New Year: 2014!

By January 1, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle, My Style

Hello everyone! I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging until mid January, but I decided that I couldn’t just leave without saying Happy New Year could I?! So, Happy New Year! I’m not one for saying ‘New Year, New Me’ because I personally believe that it is just a time to look back and learn from your mistakes, and celebrate your achievements. I’ve already done that in this post, so I thought I would talk about what I want from this year. I feel like 2013 was just the beginning, and that 2014 will be even better… *she hopes* Excuse the messy writing… I scanned it in 😉

new year 2014 blog resolutions goalsI feel like this year will be the year for me to really push myself, so that is why these are my resolutions. I want to really challenge myself, and not just go for the easy options. I know that sounds weird, but I really want to do things for me, and things which will really help in the future. I also want to be more motivated, to do the things which are more challenging, as well as simple things because I always find myself sitting and back and ‘not being bothered’. I guess, I could use the ‘I’m a teenager’ excuse, but to be fair, I think it would be better if I were to just do things as and when, and my whole life would become a bit easier I guess. Then, the hardest one… to not spend as much time on the computer. It will be hard, but I think I can do it! I will be able to do it! That is when I delete my new Tumblr account… ow, I cannot do that… I just like it too much now…

new year 2014 blog resolutions goalsThese are a few of my goals. Last year (woah, seems weird saying that), my goals were to get featured in something or other (accomplished, yay!) but this year, they are more to just, learn. To just get better, and improve. 2013 was amazing, yes I would still love to be in magazines, but to be able to learn how to go through the whole design process, or learn how to print patterns, I really do not care what it is, I want to know how! I also want to stretch my thoughts and start creating new blog content. Maybe starting and finishing series. I’d LOVE to collaborate with a brand in a design way, it would be amazing. I know it’s possible, and I can almost feel it on the end of my finger tips.  I accomplished 827,920 page views in 2013, and to be fair, I feel I have gained a great knowledge that those numbers don’t matter, and that is why my goals are so different. I am so so so grateful for all the views and followers I have, but I am starting to realise that my knowledge is stronger than the numbers. 827,920 is an amazing number for me though, I thank everyone who comes on here each day/week/month/year, SO much!

I hoped you liked this short little post and that you enjoyed your New Year. I’m now off for a while! I will be back on the 16th January, back in a full blogging swing! So, I shall see you soon! If you are in need of contacting me, then please click hereThank You!


  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A Look Back on 2013!

By December 28, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion, My Style

WOW. It’s coming to the very last days of 2013. I seriously think that this year has gone soooo fast! Today I’m here to do a bit of a soppy post about what a great year it has been on this little bit of the internet which I can call mine! This is also the last post I will do until the middle of January, because I am having a bit of a break! You can read to the end about where you can contact me etc. I must stop this intro, as this is gonna’ be a long one!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

January: This was the month that started my first full year of blogging off! I was still very new to blogging at this stage, and was really developing some of my content. Exciting things that happened – This was the month when I did my first review for a brand. Obviously PR and things like that are not the most important, but it is a nice feeling when a brand thinks you are good enough to promote them. I also had the very exciting email telling me that The Telegraph want me to feature in their magazine! How cool?! My motivation was boosted then and it was so exciting! Favourite blog posts – Voodoo Girl Review, DIY Sequin Collar & Youth Minds & Magazines Thank You To – Voodoo Girl & Jessica Salter

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

February: This month was exciting because I knew that very soon I was going to be in my first ever magazine article! 😀 Exciting things that happened – I started to work with more brands and started to gain more followers, which was really exciting. I also remember getting a blog post RTed by FleurDeForce which was like… mega cool. Favourite blog posts – Alexa Chung, I’m Bored, The Nespresso Dress & Loretta and Her Adventures Thank you to – All my followers & Francesca Pina Jewellery

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggersTOLLY INT

March: Do I even need to describe this month?! I do not think so! 😀 Exciting things that happened – I was in The Telegraph Magazine! YAY! I was literally amazed. The support I had, and the amazing messages I had was unbelievable, and I will always remember March 16th. I also spoke on BBC Radio 4 to talk about my blog post on Global Kids Fashion Week, which was so nerve racking and crazy! It was also when the Company Magazine Blog Award nominations started! I also became a Wantering Trendsetter and have had so much support from them ever since! Favourite blog posts – Model In The Making, BBC Radio 4 Interview & Global Kids Fashion Week Thank you to – Wantering, BBC Radio 4, Daniel Sandler & The Telegraph Magazine

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

April: After March I was really on a high and I was looking forward to making this month even better! I was really excited for the Company Magazine Blog Awards Short-List to be released, and was generally just loving blogging! Exciting things that happened – I got in to the Company Magazine Blog Awards Short-List! YAY! (That was a mouthful!) It was also when I decided I would like to do my own blog awards, so I started up the Posh Fashion Awards! I got some very nice sponsors, which was amazing and I’m very proud of the success it had! Favourite blog posts – Dr Martens, Posh Fashion Awards & Beside The Seaside Thank you to – My followers & All the brands that sponsored the Posh Fashion Awards

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

May: *drum roll* The month of my birthday! I had to say goodbye to my ’12 year old’ self and say hello to teenage life. Fabulous! But, it was pretty special… I had one heck of a birthday present! (Minus the bad stuff which you might remember) Exciting things that happened – I was featured in Mizz Magazine on May 16th, 2 months exactly after The Telegraph Magazine! It was a DOUBLE PAGE spread, and I was soooo shocked about it! I attended the Company Magazine Blog Awards (sadly didn’t win), but YOU got me there. No joke, you actually got me there, and I seriously cannot thank you enough, and I hope one day we can all meet up and I can give you a real hug, but for now a virtual hug will have to suffice *big hug*! Favourite blog posts – Company Blog Awards Part 1, Part 2 & DIY Embellished Sunglasses Thank you to – Sian To, Lucy Saxton & All my followers!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

June: I believe this month was fairly quiet, but I am still really grateful for all the support I had even in the not so exciting months! I think it’s also nice to have a bit of calm to come back to reality, non? Exciting things that happened – I started to work with bigger brands including Boohoo, which was really fun and nice to see that bigger brands liked my tiny weeny blog! Favourite blog post – Boohoo DIY Thank you to – Boohoo

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

July: After a slow and steady June, Tolly Dolly Posh was back with a bang! Yipee! Exciting things that happened – I was featured in Girl Talk Magazine! This was really cool because it was an article about inspiring girls, and never in a million years would I have expected that! July was also the month I got to tell you that I was becoming an Aunty! Woop! Just so you know, my lovely nephew is doing so well! He’s really healthy and so beautiful! 😀 Favourite blog posts – Keep On Swimming Designs & The White Pepper Magazine Thank you to – Eva Caiden & All my followers (again, haha)!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

August: Another pretty exciting month because me and my blog sort of went a bit European… oooh! It was also when I decided it was time to update the TDP banner! Exciting things that happened – I was in Super Trash magazine in Holland! Unfortunately the pictures were the other way round so it looked like I was another blogger but oh well it was still pretty awesome! 😀 As I said I also changed my banner, and I really like it! My sister did the photography again and I am super proud of them 🙂 Thanks big sis! Favourite blog posts – A Fresh New Start, Jeans for Genes & Kathy Allison Interview Thank you to – Boohoo, My big sister & Jeans for Genes

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

September: Just like June, from September onwards really it has been pretty quiet for you guys, and partly me, it’s really hard to explain what I mean but yeah haha! Exciting things that happened – I had a really cool email which I still can’t tell you about, but it was so amazing and it made my month! I also started to work with Peacocks on a long time collaboration, and also with JD Sports on a review which I was honoured to do! Favourite blog posts – Oriental Jungle in The City, Nike Trainers Review & LFW SS14 Review Thank you to – Sophia Holland-Thomas, JD Sports and A few people who I can’t tell you about! Haha 😉 #mysterious

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

October: OMG. I became an Aunty! My beautiful nephew was born this month and I was so happy! I got to see him for a week and I had never held a baby before and it was the most magical thing in the world! Exciting things that happened – I went to London to do something really exciting and I met Ophelia, Ibe & Rachel who were all really nice. Favourite blog posts – Happy Halloween & Holographic Trend Thank you to – A few people who I can’t tell you about (again)!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

November: To be honest I think November was just a really nice chilled, and calm month for me and my blog! Sometimes as a blogger it’s nice to just not have so many things you have to do for people and just do lots of basic blog posts, and that’s what I did! Favourite blog posts – Christmas Wishlist, Lazy Oaf Inspired Designs & A/W Look Book Thank you to – Moooh!, Jerry from Lazy Oaf & Sophia Holland-Thomas!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

December: So I know this month hasn’t officially finished, but I think it’s safe to say the majority has gone! Exciting things that happened – I gave you guys 3 give-away’s! I got some lovely support from ARK Clothing who I love! Favourite blog posts – Christmas OOTD & Punky Pins Give-Away Thank you to – ARK Clothing (especially Rebecca!), Punky Pins & Shuttersong

I have quite a few followers, but there are some which just have supported me through and through, and have just been so lovely, and given me so much more motivation, so… thank you to – Christina, Lisette, Anna, Alex, Georgie, Grace, Mia, Natalie, RoseJojo, Sophie, Nora, Debbie and Krista, Sian Toeveryone else!

So yes! That is basically it for this year?! So crazy! I hope 2014 is as good as this year, and that I get to share so much more with you. It’s weird to think that next year I will be 14?! I started it when I was 11! Crazy crazy crazy. As I said, I am going off on a break (well, staying at home), so this will be the last post until about the 16th January! Here is everything you need to know if you need to contact me…


EMAIL: An auto-responder is set up (between 2nd – 16th January), but I will be checking them for any really important things. If you need to contact me urgently, then please tweet me at the Twitter account below. My email is: tdp [at] tollydollyposhfashion [dot] com or you can use the Contact form here.

TWITTERYou can tweet me or DM me (if I follow you) with any message you like, especially to let me know if you have emailed me! My Twitter name is: @TollyDollyPosh

FACEBOOKPlease do not try to message me via my Facebook page. You can are comment, but my message function on my page doesn’t work, so I will not be able to reply. Commenting is fine!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a Happy New Year! I shall see you very soon! 🙂 En Francais… Bonne Année!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Year Blogging Q&A With Let’s See

By December 26, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

Hello everybody! How are you my chums? Did you have a nice Christmas? Today I have a nice relaxed blog post whilst you all browse the Boxing Day sales, with my lovely advertiser, Bas from Let’s See! (If you want to see your blog here, then look at my packages here!) Images from Let’s See

new year blogging let's see photography blog

Will you be changing anything on your blog for the new year? I’m moving to the Netherlands in January to study, so I guess everything will change. I’ll be broke for one, so less money for film. And I’ll have new things to photograph, I’m beginning to think I’ve sucked Cape Town dry.

Have you thought of your blogging resolutions for 2014 yet? Well to continue from the previous answer, my plan is to try and take only one roll of film a month, because of my student budget. I usually just shoot until my finger is raw, sometimes whole rolls in a day. (Developing film is super cheap in South Africa, compared to Europe. Asia was cheap too.) Also I’ve been working a lot these past few years so I’ve never really had to worry too much about expenses. This new resolution means I’ll have to limit myself to only a handful of photos at a time, which will be hard. I think some of the spontaneity will be lost, but also it will be interesting because every click of the shutter will be so much more important…

What’s your favourite thing about the new year? Christmas being over. I hate Christmas. Can someone find a way to successfully incorporate anything “Christmassy” into a summer Christmas? We just use the same traditions, but everything is half hearted because it’s too hot for fake snow and hot chocolate and candy canes and romantic walks in gloved hands and family bonding and general good will at all. Everyone’s too busy sweating and lying by the pool in a bikini to do anything Christmassy. Also, imagine a mall packed with frantic people, sweating. Add tinny Christmas carols. Done.

new year blogging let's see photography blog

Do you stay up late for the big countdown, or just sleep through it all? I’m usually working. This year I’m playing in the band for the Rocky Horror show, we’re doing a late show on New Year’s Eve and then there’s a party.

What would you wear to a New Year celebration? I think people are dressing up, I’m not sure as what. Theatre people go all out when they dress up, so it should be crazy. Although on the last dress-up occasion, the drummer wore eyeliner and thought that was his costume… I haven’t decided what I’ll wear yet.

Will you be taking any festive pictures, and with what camera? My film camera, it’s a lomography LC-wide.

new year blogging let's see photography blog

Where do you like to photograph in the Winter? It’s the middle of summer for me in Cape Town right now, so the beach I suppose. Although, I prefer shooting on the beach in Winter. White sand and grey sky and nobody around, that’s when the fun starts. My favourite film photos happened in the mist on an empty beach in winter. 

What’s your favourite piece of Winter clothing? Jerseys. Big patterned thrifted jerseys, layered on top of each other.


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

By December 22, 2013 Fashion

Hidehidehidehi! (Brownie points to anyone who knows which song that’s from) I have been really bad on the whole ‘real blogging’ kind of thing, with outfit ideas, celebrity style etc, because you guys loved it when I did them, so I’m back with a post for you! I’ve put together a few New Years Eve outfit ideas just in case you need some inspiration! Hope you like it… Just to point out that this will be the last blog post before Christmas Day! I will be back though, but just enjoy this one for now! Don’t forget though, I have a GIVE-AWAY going on to WIN a gorgeous necklace from Punky Pins! Enter it now!

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas cocktail dresses asos clutch new look topshop barely there heels

Crocus Dress £68.00 (Topshop), Orange Barely There Heels £45.00 (River Island), Distressed Metallic Clutch £28.00 (ASOS), Lucky Coin Earrings £9.00 (ASOS Sale), Teal Strappy Dress £14.99 (New Look), Teal Ankle Strap Heels £19.99 (New Look), Chained Layer Cuff £9.26 (Nasty Gal) & Flower Chain Headband £8.00 (ASOS)

Cocktail ‘Part-ay’ – This is probably my favourite selection out of the three because they are all so simple, yet they all dip into the ‘elegant’ and ‘statement’ sides of the pool (ooh, nice phrase there 😉 ). I love the Topshop dress because it looks like you are wearing a two piece but…. you’re not (surprise!)! I also love how the ASOS clutch is distressed, I think it makes it look a little bit more expensive, and a bit more ‘edgy’ (I have really gone off that word… eugh). The other dress is a slightly more simple and cheaper option, but it is still as nice as the other in my opinion, the style is also really flattering and ‘great’ for all seasons. Plus, matching heels in the exact same colour? #winnerwinnerchickendinner (#longesthashtagever #ishouldprobablystopnow #yah)

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas casual outfit boohoo happy new year jumper tartan crown and gloryHappy New Year Jumper £15.00 (Boohoo), Tartan Trousers £20.00 (Boohoo), Gunmetal Headband £35.00 (Crown & Glory), iPhone Case/Purse £15.00 (ASOS), Gem Fingerless Gloves £9.00 (ASOS), Black Cami £9.99 (New Look) & Silver Gemstone Necklace £7.99 (New Look)

Casual & Cosy – This is the sort of thing I will be wearing on New Year’s Eve. A little bit of sparkle, but casual and cosy (but, I’ll probably end up in my PJs…)! I love the jumper from Boohoo! They do a classic Home Alone one for Christmas, but this is so cool as it is perfect for New Year! I also really like the trousers, they look really comfy and simple and of course would be really good for any A/W occasion. After seeing one of my favourite bloggers (a.k.a Megan) wearing the gold version of the Crown & Glory headband, I now love it! It’s so sparkly and just… amazing! The necklace goes perfectly, and I must say, for under £10.00, that is pretty good? Although I love the cocktail dresses (previous image), this is what I would wear if I was going out on ‘NYE’.

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas sequin skirt fluffy jumper sequin jumpsuit party outfits asos Sequin & Mesh Skirt £125.00 (Topshop), Pink Fluffy Jumper £34.00 (Topshop), Buckle Boots £38.00 (ASOS), Triangle Necklace £6.00 (ASOS), Sequin Jumpsuit £59.99 (New Look), Felt Boater Hat £18.00 (ASOS), Snowflake Socks £4.00 (ASOS) & Snow Scene Socks £4.00 (ASOS)

Sequins & Sparkle – Ohhh. Myyyy. Just look at that skirt… take a moment to appreciate it… and then sob in sadness at the price… it’s so nice! I’m a big fan of fluffy jumpers over sequins because it looks so nice and the textures look perfect against each other. Paired with some buckled boots to make it more casual, and a dainty little necklace… ohhhh. Then, New Look have a blimming amazing jumpsuit, covered in sequins… for under £60.00, which quite frankly is amazing if that is the closest I can get to an Ashish one! I would wear it all day, every day and nobody would be able to stop me! I’ve always wanted a boater hat, and I think this ‘look’ would make it the cutest accessory. Oh, and don’t forget the novelty socks! 😉

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Punky Pins & GIVE-AWAY!*

By December 20, 2013 My Style

Hello! I’m sorry that my latest posts have both been My Style OOTDs, but this one I am sure you will like, because… *drum roll* it has a GIVE-AWAY in it! 😀 Woop woop! Read on to see what you can win, and how you can win!

Punky Pins give-away necklace scrabble necklace i love you rafflecopter give-away Punky Pins give-away necklace scrabble necklace i love you rafflecopter give-awayPunky Pins give-away necklace scrabble necklace i love you rafflecopter give-awayWhat I Wore: Wolf Hood (Spirithood Kids – Give-Away Prize), Purple Owl Appliqué Top £20.00 (Not For Ponies)*, Striped Maxi Dress (Matalan) & Personalised Scrabble Necklace £14.00 (Punky Pins)*

Other than my head looking HUMONGOUS  in my Spirithood, I love this outfit! It’s so comfortable and cosy and definitely perfect for A/W. If you didn’t know, I am a massive fan of Not For Ponies (you can see here and here), and this t-shirt is another of my favourites. Their t-shirts and jumpers are all SO soft and well made, and the appliqués always make me smile. I also love this dress from Matalan, I’ve had it for ages, and it’s so nice to wear underneath things and is such a good lazy option. Then of course I have my Spirithood which I won and unless you didn’t watch this video, you won’t know how much fun I have when I wear it. Now, the necklace! I finally have a necklace with my real name on it! Woop! I’ve always loved the idea of a scrabble necklace, and this one is so nice! It’s really well made, and I love how it’s so jingly when I move (odd, I know)! My name would be the worst in a game of scrabble though… I mean 9 points… I guess you’d need to keep an eye out for a triple square! Do you like it? Well read on and you will be able to find out how to WIN your very own…

Punky Pins give-away necklace scrabble necklace i love you rafflecopter give-away Punky Pins give-away necklace scrabble necklace i love you rafflecopter give-away Punky Pins give-away necklace scrabble necklace i love you rafflecopter give-away Punky Pins give-away necklace scrabble necklace i love you rafflecopter give-awayWHAT YOU WILL WIN: 1 x ‘I Love You’ Scrabble Necklace*
HOW TO WIN: Simply enter the Rafflecopter Widget below!
WHO CAN WIN: Anyone who lives in the UK, Ireland, France and bordering countries!
WHEN WILL THE GIVE-AWAY END: It will end on 1st January 2014!
PLEASE NOTE: ALL entries will be checked, and any Twitter accounts which are purely for Give-Away’s, will be discounted.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! I think it is an awesome prize, and I love Punky Pins! There is also another give-away coming up shortly so watch out for that! Enjoy and I hope to see lots of entries!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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