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14th Birthday Wishlist: ASOS, Fluffy Shorts etc…

By May 2, 2014 Wishlist

Hey peeps! It’s officially only 17 days until this gal (uhu, yup, me) turns 14… gah, sounds so weird! I started this blog when I was 11! Anyhoo, as a lot of people do on the interwebs, I’m here with a ’14th birthday wishlist’. Be warned this was written past 10pm at night, whilst listening to Vampire Weekend on full volume… don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

14th birthday wishlist ASOS Dorothy Perkins UNIF Somewhere NowhereCamo Dress//Monster’s Print Fluffy Top//Monster’s Print Fluffy Shorts//Pastel Lilac Midi Skirt//Polka Dot Scuba Peplum Skirt//Floral Crown//Holographic Top//Dreaming of Chanel Book//Pineapple Socks//Divergent Bracelets//Pineapple Watch

 Camo Dress – This was an Instagram find. When my brother says that I spend all my time flicking through endless (and pointless) selfies, I can prove him wrong because I find little gems like Somewhere Nowhere. There stuff is AWESOME! Like, totally, amazingly awesome. Even though summer is around the corner (on this subject, my birthday is meant to be sunny and 24 degrees, FYI), I would totally rock this on the cooler days. I think it would look awesome with my ASOS Soldier Heels and some sunnies. It’s totally awesome (oh, I’ve already said that about a billion times), and the style is so flattering. WANT… well it wouldn’t really be a wishlist if I didn’t want what is in it… would it?

Fluffy Monster Print Top & Shorts – Another couple of pieces from Somewhere Nowhere! How awesome?! I remember writing this post on how Sully from Monsters Inc is a new fashion trend, and here is proof! I flipping love them! I think the fit of the shorts would look amazing, again with my ASOS Soldier Heels. So freakin’ cool! These 2 pieces are probably at the top spot of my wishlist!

Pastel Lilac Midi Skirt – I’ve never thought much of Dorothy Perkins, but this skirt has definitely caught my attention! It’s so beautiful! It’s slightly girly, but because it is so full, I could see myself styling it in so many ways. I also love the stripey mesh detailing, makes it that tad bit more interesting. What do you think of it?

Polka Dot Scuba Mini Peplum Skirt – I am in LOVE with scuba at the minute. It looks so structured and every time you wear it, it just looks like it is brand new. I think this skirt would be so cute for summer, especially when you are down at the beach. I wonder whether these sorts of clothing actually work like wet suits? Haha, you never know! If they do, that would be one cute little wet… skirt? Hahah deary me…

Holographic Top – Yes, I know, I’m still banging on about holographic things. I only own my £5 River Island purse, and my sort of holographic ASOS Soldier Heels (mention #1192423412423141), so this would be amazing! It’s actually slightly pricey, but I think it looks AMAZING and I could look over the price… if somebody bought it for me *insert crying from laughter emoiji*

Dreaming of Chanel – If you haven’t seen this post I did on my Top 5 Fashion Books (read it, it has a give-away *evil cackle*), then you won’t know that I have already read Dreaming of Dior, which was fabulous (read the post… it has a review…). When doing the post (READ IT), I discovered there was another book, but not about Dior… about Chanel! I must own it immediately. In fact, it needs to be delivered to me on a tray with orange juice and a nice warm croissant (with Nutella on the side), wrapped in holographic wrapping paper, with a note saying ‘From [insert your name]’, in 17 days time *flutters eyelashes*

Divergent Bracelets – If you haven’t seen this video (hehehehehe), then you won’t know that I have read the whole Divergent series (my boy was it good), and I now of course, need the bracelets to match! These ones I found on Wanelo, are awesome! I don’t think I could choose which one to get… probably Divergent as that’s the name of the series, but maybe all of them if possible?

ASOS Bits & Bobs – A wishlist by me wouldn’t be a real wishlist without some ASOS… I think I actually have a slight addiction with their site… I also have an addiction to floral headbands and when the 2 mix together, well, I think I know what love is… *sings* Isn’t it gorgeous though!? I have a black one which is perfect (even for summer), but this one is more colourful and just all round awesome… and not too badly priced either!
I’m on a bit of a pineapple high at the moment, so when I found some pineapple socks (£3… I  can’t resist… perhaps a pre-birthday treat?), and a pastel pineapple watch, I knew I had to share them with you! To be fair, the watch isn’t that awesome, but it has pineapples and pastels on it, so I ain’t complaining!

I hope you liked this wishlist! I shall see you soon my beautiful ones…
Oh and my address to send all these goodies is… Tolly Dolly Posh, I’m Only Kidding, But I Would Really Like These Things-shire *giggles*

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Embellished Dinosaur Sunglasses DIY

By April 29, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle, My Style

Hello! How are you again my friend? Or maybe you are new here… doesn’t really matter because everybody is welcome. Let’s explain this post before I get too into my rambles… You may have read this post recently about a brand I discovered, and that sparked a light bulb above my head *ding* Why not do a DIY? I’m all about supporting brands, but if I can save a few bob here and there, than I would rather put my own spin on things, so me being me, I am bring you along for the ride and sharing how exactly I re-created these embellished dinosaur sunglasses… Quick note! The Company Magazine #StyleBloggerAwards nominations close tomorrow (aka 30th April), so I would love if you could nominate my blog as Best Teen Style Blog! Click here to do so! Thank you!


This is basically a list of things you will need… obviously. I went for a dinosaur toy for mine because I like they way they look, plus when you see a basket full of them at a jumble sale, and you are in need of a toy (for DIY purposes… duhh), you obviously don’t pass it by, do you? My sunglasses were really cheap ones which I previously used for this sunglasses DIY. The acrylic paints you can get from anywhere really, I personally prefer the Pebeo Studio ones as they are surprisingly more opaque than the usual Daler Rowney tubes. Oh and don’t forget to name your animal of choice… I asked my brother and he said ‘Sunny’… how original, heh? You can also get some embellishments, but these are of course optional… I think the dinosaur might be enough in itself for some people!

diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled The first step is to paint 2 smooth and even coats of the white acrylic. This helps the colour you put on top really stand out, and also get rid of the previous colour. I could have kept mine red, but there were a few chips on it, so this covered things up! If you have coloured sunglasses you could even keep it at this! I feel sorry for the lady in my ASOS magazine… her dress was so perfect… naughty Mr Sunny getting it all covered in dinosaur footprints! 😉

diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled Then you want to paint 2 coats of your acrylic of choice. You may notice that I have left a white space on his tummy… this is because I wanted a bit of a gradient for added definition, but again, this is only optional. If you want it a block colour, then paint it all in and ignore the next step…

diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled The third step is to fill in the space we left. If you decide you want it a block colour, then ignore this like I mentioned. I think he looks really cute with the pop of yellow! Make sure you are patient with this bit… I rushed because it was getting dark for pictures (#bloggerproblems), so parts of it ended up being a weird orangey, patchy colour. At first I used a sponge to get a gradient effect, but because Mr Sunny has annoying hands (do dinosaurs have hands?!), I ended up going in with a small brush as it was getting a tad messy. I also painted all the way down underneath his tail for an added effect.

diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled Ergh, ignore the change of light… one day I shall own soft box lights so all my pictures will be perfect! Ha! Step 4 is a little tricky. I recommend waiting until your toy is 100% dry (maybe even wait a day), so the lens of your sunglasses don’t get mucky. For finding the perfect fit, pop on your glasses, then slip your toy friend where you want it to go. I found that Mr Sunny fitted best on the edge… which wasn’t very practical seeing as I can now only close 1 arm/temple of my glasses! You could put yours wherever you like though… just remember that they might not close up! Then whip out that hot glue gun, squeezing some onto the belly of your toy, sticking it in place. Be careful please… I don’t want to be blamed for any burnt fingers!

diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled

The fifth step is totally optional, but I think it balances the whole thing out. I looked into our ‘buttons’ box, and found these sparkly gems which were the perfect size for my sunglasses. Again, just glue them down with your hot glue gun! I love how it looks like Mr Sunny is holding one of them… maybe their Mr Sunny eggs?… hang on… do male dinosaurs keep the eggs?… maybe Mr Sunny got divorced before the babies were born… and Mrs (or not Mrs anymore) Sunny decided to leave him with them all… Yep, okay I am a tad bit weird discussing an inanimate object’s relationship.

diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled diy embellished dinosaur sunglasses spangled CAMO BLOUSE €2.00 (JUMBLE SALE)

Dah-dah! The final step is to… ROCK THOSE SUNNIES! YEAH! Papa Posh said I was brave to think I might wear these out… maybe I’ll save them for my trip to England, where wearing crazy clothes seems to be more acceptable. I love them though, and I love how Mr Sunny turned out. Do you like his colourful make-over? I certainly do! I do have to say, I’m not sure these will become my every day pair of sunglasses for this summer, but I am sure they will get used *fingers crossed*… and I will be sure to report back on how many strange looks, and laughs I get from the locals… Did I have a bit too much fun with editing that one picture above? Yes. Do I regret it? Absolutely not.

If you re-create these sunglasses, do make sure to tweet me (@TollyDollyPosh), or tag me on Instagram (@tdposh) and I will be sure to RT and have a gander!

If you liked this post and you would like to see more, do leave a comment, and maybe even nominate my blog as Best Teen Style blog here! Thanks so much! 😀 Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Brand Appreciation: Spangled Sunglasses

By April 15, 2014 Fashion

Quite recently, via Twitter and the wonderful blogger, Lexi, I discovered the wonderful site which is Wanelo. I swear this isn’t sponsored, but I am OBSESSED with that site. Absolutely obsessed, I think it may even be better than Tumblr because it’s full of clothes *evil cackle* You can follow me on it here if you wanna…. but, on that site, I found the awesome brand which is Spangled. It’s insane… (Images via Spangled)

spangled sunglasses shop spangled sunglasses shop spangled sunglasses shopI told you Spangled was insane. DINOSAURS, SPARKLE AND NEON GEMS. What more do you want?! Before I start a huge great big ramble on how much I NEED their stuff, can we just appreciate that, that male model… O_O MIND BLOWN *fireworks and explosions* …back to the glasses Tolly, back to the glasses… If you have known me and my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I would die to wear these glasses because they are everything I look for in an partner  accessory. The shape, the colours, the gems, the animals, the glitter, the EVERYTHING. Just imagine having pastel dinosaurs on the front of your noggin? Pretty cool, pretty darn cool. Spangled were born from the love of Festival dress up and aims to bejazzle you with limited edition handmade items that will make you stand out from the crowd. From bodysuits, to spangled sunglasses, sparkly spandex, outrageous prints, customised items and much much more. Dayum gurl!

spangled sunglasses shop spangled sunglasses shop spangled sunglasses shop

Not only do Spangled specialise (by specialise I mean… DO THE BEST BLIMMING JOB) at Sunglasses, they also do awesome clothes like the neon two piece above. Totally on my wishlist. All of their stuff is so colourful and bright and just perffffect. Plus, if you wanna’ look good down at the beach, then you need to look at their swimwear range… oh Spangled, you do keep getting better and better. When I tweeted them they said that they actually have a new collection coming soon, which I am TOTES EXCITED (totes… really Tolly?) about. For realz. Anyway, I shall leave you to stare at these pictures in amazement… and the male model one more time, and then you can look at even more pictures hereCheck em’ out people! Enjoy 😉 😀

If you liked this post then you may want to nominate me as Best Teen Style Blog! You can do so, by clicking HERE!  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review

By February 27, 2014 Fashion

As you may know, London Fashion Week recently ended, and now the calm as come, I thought I would do my ‘AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review’. Although I preferred SS14 I did find a lot of collections that I thought were quite nice, so it ends up that I have to do this in 2 parts, which is kinda’ cool because it means you have another one of these posts to look forward to! I hope you like it…

Ashish AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewAshish: Unfortunately, I was quite unimpressed with the Ashish collection. In SS14, I was quite simply, in love, but with this one… something just didn’t click. I like the use of casual wear mixed with formal wear, and I like all the sparkles and pastels, but I just don’t really…. get it. It’s a bit plain compare to the SS14, and although it is still absolutely gorgeous, it’s just not up to my standards (#fussytolly). My favourite piece is probably that amazing prom dress though… LOOK AT IT.  Oh and those shoes are a collaboration with Topshop, so I think they will be on my wishlist as they LIGHT UP! Rating: 9/10

Bora Aksu AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewBora Aksu: Oh my. There are no words. Bora Aksu has done it again. The collection was divine. It’s got those traditional shapes, and those amazing colours, and that perfect mix of sequin and leather. It’s perfect. My favourite piece is the monochrome dress (far left) and the grey and white sequin dress (middle). I tried doing the hairstyle and dressed in my ARK pinafore* over a white dress, but sadly I didn’t look as fabulous… I LOVE YOU BORA! Rating: 100/10 

David Koma AW14' London Fashion Week Review

David Koma: One of my favourite shows of SS14 was David Koma, and although I like elements of this collection, I just don’t think it is my favourite anymore. I really like the structure though, and the colours used are brilliant. I also love the use of leather. My favourite piece in this collection is probably the beige dress (left), but I also quite like the collared leather dress (right). As I said, it’s not my favourite collection, but it’s still really lovely and he has stuck to his amazingly structured dresses! Rating: 7.5/10

Erdem AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewErdem: Erdem has never been one of the eye catching designers for me, but this year they made it something special. I’m not sure whether it is the metallic or the intricate detailing on the dresses, but it is just stunning. The shapes, and the colours are beautiful. I could definitely see myself wearing the gold dress (far left). It reminds me of an eagle, and it also has a slight Egyptian feel to it, but then when you look at the other pieces they have a quite Oriental feel to them. It’s extremely interesting! Rating: 10/10

Fashion East Ashley Williams AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewFashion East – Ashley Williams: I really enjoy watching the Fashion East show as there is always multiple collections to look at. I didn’t particularly like any of them this season, but I thought Ashley Williams had something a little different. I like her use of print and sequins and bold colour as well as metallics. Her interesting way of using the horse on jackets and skirts made me smile as well because it was like they were alive. Intriguing is how I would describe it. Rating: 7/10

Felder Felder AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewFelder Felder: I like wearable collections when it comes to fashion week because what is the point in selling a collection which isn’t wearable? That is why I like this one. It’s simple, but specific things make it different. Like the prints, and the textures. I also really like the shapes. The two piece (right) is specifically interesting because it looks 3 dimensional in a way but it also looks like snake skin. It’s a very clever collection and I bet lots of high street stores will be looking at it for inspiration! Rating: 8.5/10

Fyodor Golan AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewFyodor Golan: WOW. When I saw this collection I was like, what?! That’s incredible! It’s like this magical ball of colour and texture. It’s like they are all creatures, from the sea and from on land. The metallics are awesome and I love the OMFG sweater because it could mean the rude version but it could also mean Oh My Fyodor Golan which I think is pretty cool. I cannot pick a favourite piece because they are all SO amazing. I honestly think this is one of my favourite collections of AW14. Rating: 1000/10 (not this again ahaha)

Holly Fulton AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewHolly Fulton: This is what I call the ‘Star Wars’ collection. I mean, those appliqué dresses just look so… modern and Star War-sy. But then there are those pastel blue pieces, and the evening gowns. It’s a mish mash and I’m not sure I like it. I’ve never really been a big fan of Holly Fulton, and I just feel this is just a bit odd. Rating: 6/10

House of Holland AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewHouse of Holland: I’m not happy. I’m not happy because the House of Holland collection wasn’t that great. It wasn’t anything special. I only liked the really bold colourful pieces because that is my personal liking, but usually I like it all. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything really ‘WOAH’, it was all ‘Meh, seen it before’. Of course I would be totally happy to have all of it in my wardrobe, but it’s just not fabulous enough. Rating: 7.5/10

Leutton Postle AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewLeutton Postle: I’ve never actually heard of this designer, but I like them a lot. I would wear all of the collection and I think it is a perfect AW range. It’s not too dark and dim, but it’s not overly bright, it’s just right. My favourite is the look with the orange background on the left. It’s just perfect and I am actually in love. It’s no Fyodor Golan, but it is gorgeous. Rating: 100/10 

I really hope you liked my review of London Fashion Week AW14. Do make sure to let me know what your favourite collection of this, Part 1, as I’d love to know! Thanks so much guys, tata for now! 😀

(All images are via Vogue) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Neon, Neon And More Neon

By February 20, 2014 General

Hello! Well I hope you are enjoying your week! Today I have another My Style blog post! Papa Posh is still getting the hang of my new lens but it seems to be going well so far! There’s also a sneaky book review in this one, so if you like to read then this is the place to be! Enjoy me’ harties…

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogWhat I Wore: White & Orange Blouse with Drop Waist £11.00 (ASOS), Navy LOVE Jumper £12.00 (Peacocks)*, ‘Mom’ Jeans (Jumble Sale), Nike TR Fit 3.0 (JD Sports)* & Zebra Double Finger Ring £5.00 (Rings & Tings)*

This outfit is quickly becoming one of my favourites at the moment. It’s so comfortable, yet it has that little bit of something that makes it ‘chic’. I picked up the drop waist blouse in the ASOS sale (seriously, I picked up a great bargain), and as soon as I slipped it on, it was true love. It’s that sort of piece that can really do anything, whether it’s in the summer, or in the cold month of February. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and cute with my lovely (I mean lovely) Peacocks jumper over the top. It’s that perfect mix of geek and chic. Seeing as it is still pretty nippy (well, not quite the 8 degrees of the UK… oh sorry did I boast a bit then? 😉 ), I have to pair it with my ‘mom’ jeans, which isn’t a problem really because I simply love them. Don’t forget my Nike trainers of course, one of my favourite pairs of shoes, EVER.

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogmy style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogOMG. I broke the blogger rule of not putting your hands on your hips. I’m just terrible aren’t I? TERRIBLE (Sorry, I love a bit of sarcasm…). On fashion sides of things though, LOOK AT MY RING. ISN’T IT AWESOME?! IT’S A ZEBRA. I have no idea why but I like to think it’s an Australian Zebra. It just sounds good in an Australian accent. Hmm. I will be showing a few other pieces I got from Rings & Tings shortly, so watch out for that! Also on the jewellery front, I have exciting news… my parents have said that next time I go to the UK I can have my ears pierced. FINALLY. They always said that I have to wait until I’m about 14, but to be fair, being home schooled and all, does it really matter when?! YOLO as they say. YO to the LO. Having said that I now have to prepare myself. I’m going to be putting holes into my lobes. HAHAHA, sorry but that just sounds so weird.

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogWhat I Read: The Taming Of The Tights (Louise Rennison)*

I quite recently finished this book by the amazing Louise Rennison (the writer of Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging), and I thought I would tell you about it! It’s the last in the ‘Misadventures of Tallulah Casey’ series, and although I hadn’t read the previous, it is quite funny either way. It’s very relatable to all young teen girls out there, with Tallulah running into all sorts of boy and school troubles. She’s torn between this wild guy, Cain, and the nice chap, Charlie, and she takes us on her adventure. 1 of my favourite things about the book is Matilda (one of the character’s dog), because every time she does something, it made me giggle. I must say that the book gets better towards the end of the book which is annoying, but if you are looking for a chilled out, relaxing book (something you’d take on holiday), then I would definitely recommend this one!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Designs: Appliqué & LFW Inspired

By February 18, 2014 Designs

Howdy! It has been yonks since I last did a design post and I know you guys love them, so sorry! These posts do take a lot longer to create than other posts so that is why there was a delay, but here I am now! This collection is partly inspired by my Appliqué post and also some of the collections from London Fashion Week.

appliqué london fashion week fashion design collection, teen fashion designerPurple Halter Neck Dress with Appliqué & Bead Detailing (left) and Batwing Top and oversized Hareem Trousers with Bead Detailing (right):

On the catwalk this LFW, I saw a lot of halter necks, so this dress is definitely inspired by some of the collections. I also saw a lot of symmetrical detailing, so the appliqué on this dress is also inspired by LFW. I think the symmetrical detailing is actually quite flattering to the figure too! Another thing I picked up from the shows were the ‘Chanel-esque’ bead detailing on neck line and hems, so I added that to the neck of this dress. The top and bottom on the right are inspired by the bagginess of some collections I saw. The slouchy fit and pyjama type style is something I wanted to come across, but also with a bit of detailing and appliqué. The fabric would be a jersey fabric so comfort would be key. appliqué london fashion week fashion design collection, teen fashion designerKnitted Turtle Neck Dress with Appliqué Detail & Blue Leather Bomber Jacket (left) and Blue Vest with Mixed Blue Panel Skirt & Sheer Cape with Appliqué Detail (right):

 I really liked the use of pastels for A/W 15′ so I thought I would interoperate that into these designs. The knitted dress would be a soft knit, with a pink appliqué ‘sport’ detailing like a number. The bomber jacket would be quite vintage looking in a nice blue but with darker blue detailing on pockets and zips. Retro, but with a modern twist. The other design is inspired by a lot of panelling I noticed. This skirt is very flattering and the mix of blue colour makes the movement of the skirt look awesome! The cape would be sheer with 3D flowers as again, they were all of the catwalks.

I hope you liked this short but sweet blog post! I’m going to start to learn a lot more fashion-y things soon so hopefully these posts should start to improve! But for now, enjoy!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A-Z Fashion Guide: Appliqué

By February 15, 2014 A-Z Fashion, Fashion

Hello everyone, today I am starting a new series. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all know that I am bad when it comes to blog series’ because I never seem to complete them, but I promise that I will. I hope that I can write a blog post every week or fortnight for this series, which is an A-Z Fashion Guide. It’s going to be to do with terms, designers and anything really, from A-Z. The first instalment is Appliqué. I hope you enjoy it…

A-Z Fashion Guide: Appliqué LFW A/W 14/15 Holly Fulton John RochaAppliqué is a French word, for ‘applied’. It basically means, ‘application’. Anything you add to a piece of fabric or garment, is ‘applied’ which means it is a form of Appliqué.  The actual way of adding a piece of fabric or detailing to another piece of fabric, has been around since 980 BC, and one of the first pieces of Appliqué which we know of, came from Egypt, so although the word is derived from the French vocabulary, the actual ‘art form’ comes from Egypt. At first Appliqué was to cover up patches of worn or frayed garment, or to decorate house hold things like curtains.

In the 1800s coloured fabric became more and more popular and Appliqué was used to create historical murals to remember great battles and ceremonies. It was mainly used for quilting, until more recently when designers and artists have used it in clothing. There are different techniques of appliqué, but mainly it just consists of stitching one piece of fabric, to another! There is also reverse appliqué which is where the main piece of fabric is cut and you apply layers of different fabric from behind.

A-Z Fashion Guide: Appliqué LFW A/W 14/15 Holly Fulton John RochaTo fit in with London Fashion Week, I have chosen 2 designers which have showed some form of Appliqué. John Rocha & Holly Fulton have both applied 3D floral detailing to their designs, as well as basic Appliqué on Fulton’s beige dress. I will go into these collections more in depth when I come to do my London Fashion Week Review for A/W 14. My favourite way of doing Appliqué is actually the 3D flower, so I do really like the way they have done this, especially Rocha’s metallic detailing onto mesh. The way Holly Fulton’s Appliqué has been done on the beige dress though, almost looks seamless and like a print, but up close is actually slightly lifted off the fabric and looks really nice in different light.

A-Z Fashion Guide: Appliqué LFW A/W 14/15 Holly Fulton John RochaI thought in this series I would show you a piece of clothing from my wardrobe which shows the ‘terminology’ being used. This is my mesh top I got from a jumble sale after seeing Susie Lau – *takes a moment to appreciate the fact that she follows me on Twitter* – wearing a coloured mesh dress on her blog. It’s really pretty and looks so nice over floaty dresses and printed things. You can see me wearing it in this not-so-brilliant OOTD. It was a bargain though and I am very happy with my purchase. *Laughs because she cannot believe she scanned in a top because her parents were out using the camera* *Mentally uses the hashtag: #LifeOfAFashionBlogger*

So, I hope you liked this post! I will try and link it somewhere on my blog so the series is easily accessible, but for now, good bye! Enjoy the rest of LFW!

(Images from Pinterest & Vogue)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Floral, Dots & A Give-Away*

By February 13, 2014 Competitions, My Style

Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. Okay, I need to stop with the ‘Oh my’ thing, but… I am SO excited for this post for 3 reasons. 1 – My chicken pox are gone off ma’ face, 2 – I have my NEW lens and 3 – it includes a give-away! WOW WOW WOW *insert mind blown GIF* But seriously… eee! I’m very very happy! 😀 Anyway, I should stop my really over excited introduction, and get on with this post! Oh wait, one more thing… I have made the images bigger because I think it will make them look even more awesome and snazzy, so yah.

my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-away

my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-awayWhat I Wore: Polka Dot Dungarees £8.00 (ASOS), Winter Floral Sweater £10.00 (Peacocks)*, Silver & White Chunky Heels (ASOS) & Black Leather Watch (Shuttersong)*

I’m sorry, but please admire that bokeh and those whisps of hair that actually look alright in front of my face. It’s amazing what a different piece of glass can do… Honestly though I feel like I could become a professional… jokes jokes. The clothes Tolly, talk about the clothes… well… I LOVE this outfit, honestly it’s super comfortable and is perfect for this time of the year. I picked up this amazing dungarees in the ASOS sale and it’s super slouchy and adjustable which means I can wear it like jumbo, or nice and snug. I also adore this sweater I got sent from Peacocks. I think it looks gorgeous with the polka dots, and it’s  the perfect piece you could take through from summer to winter. It’s not a piece I would usually think of as from Peacocks, but as I have said before, they’re really stepping up their game!

my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-away

my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-away

Papa Posh thought it would be hilarious for me to include that picture above… I guess it does show how slouchy the dungarees are though… hmm 😉 Ooh and look who made an appearance again! My super awesome silver heels that I won. They’re the perfect accessory for an outfit like this because they just add that little bit of ‘formal’ to it. I’m also really liking having my hair up half down. When I was younger at school I used to always do it but I then had it cut shorter and it didn’t look as good, but now it’s grown back and I think it looks just right! You’ll be shocked in the next pictures… I have no nail polish on. A blogger with no nice manicure?! My word! (Jokes… but seriously, I can never be bothered) Oh and you know I mentioned a give-away? Well, I’m re-opening my Shuttersong watch give-away. Unfortunately their weren’t many entries on Facebook, so I thought I’d give you lovely blog readers a chance to win! Scroll down to find out more…

my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-away

my style ss14 trends peacocks asos ootd teen fashion shuttersong app give-away

What You Will Win: A Shuttersong Branded Leather Watch
Who Can Enter:
Anyone at an address in: UK & IRE, France, Spain, Germany or Italy
Enter with the widget below. You must have parental permission if you are under 16 years of age. No ‘Give-Away’ social media accounts will be accepted

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! Will you be entering? What do you think of this outfit? Make sure to leave a comment below! 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Model Under Cover Treasure Hunt

By February 11, 2014 Competitions, Fashion

Quite recently I got contacted by Usborne Books telling me about the treasure hunt they are running where their readers can win a Nikon DSLR camera and a copy of the new book by Carina Axelsson, and asked me whether I would like to take part and hold part of the treasure hunt on my blog! I thought it would be a nice idea, so here it is! Read on to find out how you might be able to win!

Model Under Cover Carina AxelssonThe rules are simple! Each day there will be a clue on Carina’s Facebook page, as well as on the Usborne Facebook and Twitter pages’. There is already a couple up, so make sure you have a look! The clue will lead you to a website and you have to find a button, similar to one in the image above (the ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ one), click on it and enter the details! The more you find, the more chance you will have of winning! Anyone can enter, as long as you have parents permission if you are under 16! On Wednesday & Thursday I will be hosting the very ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ badge you see above, somewhere on my blog! *Simples* It’s super easy and if you like you can just enter once!

Then, when this whole treasure hunt is over, not only will you find out if you were the lucky winner, you will be able to enter a give-away on my blog, to WIN a signed copy of Model Under Cover! I will be giving away 5 copies, which is pretty cool! But, if I were you… I’d get searching on this treasure hunt! You could win a D90 from Nikon… AWESOME!

That is all from me for now, so I will see you in 2 days with ANOTHER give-away opportunity… with pictures from my new lens… oh yeah. It makes everything look so pretty though… n’awww.

Let me know if you will be entering by leaving a comment below! Good Luck! 😀

(This is not a Sponsored Post. I was not paid to write or publish this, I just thought it was a nice opportunity for you guys to win something! All opinions are mine as usual.) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Fashion Photography: JUCO

By February 6, 2014 Fashion

When wondering through the world of Tumblr, I came across the wonderful people of, JUCO, also known as Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. I instantly fell in love. Unfortunately ‘JUCO’ are very busy at the moment so couldn’t answer any questions for me, but I thought I would share their wonderful work with you anyway in this ‘fashion photography’ post. PLUS, you can get a discount for the Photography Show at the Birmingham NEC for just simply reading this post… so read on down if you want in! (Images via JUCO)

fashion photography JUCO photographers photography show birmingham 2014 discount code fashion photography JUCO photographers photography show birmingham 2014 discount codeAs a lover of colour and prints, I am so glad I found JUCO. Julia & Cody use colour in such a beautiful way and it just gives me a buzz when I see their shots. It actually makes me want to be the man on the Skittles advert where everything he touches turns into sweeties. It makes me feel so happy and just want to live in the sunshine all day everyday. JUCO have worked with people like Apple, Nike, Nylon, Teen Vogue and many more awesome people, and it makes me so motivated to try and find that one special thing in my fashion design that people will like and enjoy, just like people have with the talent that is JUCO.

fashion photography JUCO photographers photography show birmingham 2014 discount codeThe way they bring out the character in literally everything is so beautiful. They can do so so many styles and I love how you can see they experiment with their personal things (nudity warning if you take a look!) and really dive into places they feel passionate about. Ahhh, how cool would it be to like make everything just look so utterly perfect with the click of a button? That is why I think things like the Photography Show in Birmingham next month are such great opportunities. You can go and not only learn new tips and tricks, but just being inspired by the little things. Photography is such a great way of capturing life in a more artistic way, and their is never a bad picture because whatever you take will say something. With this code: FUTHND142014 you can get your tickets for £10 instead of £13! Just simply pop in the code when you’re paying and voila! So go treat the fam-a-lam to a day out and save yourself a few pennies! …don’t forget to take your camera!

fashion photography JUCO photographers photography show birmingham 2014 discount code fashion photography JUCO photographers photography show birmingham 2014 discount codeAs I said Julia & Cody have worked with some pretty awesome people as you can see. I just love looking through all of their work, it’s all so darn pretty! Like on Despicable Me… ‘IT’S SO PRETTY!’ Hahah, aww. They really do know to capture the spirit of the shot though don’t they? Yup! That Factory magazine cover has given me my new favourite quote, ‘Dressed to Express’. Too much nice-ness I cannot handle it. TOO MUCH GUYS. IT’S TOO MUCH.

fashion photography JUCO photographers photography show birmingham 2014 discount code fashion photography JUCO photographers photography show birmingham 2014 discount codefashion photography JUCO photographers photography show birmingham 2014 discount codeOne of my favourite pieces they have done is their personal shoot of ‘painted backgrounds’. They are honestly just so pleasing to the eye. I really want to do something like this for my blog one day, it would be just so fun to create! Julia & Cody hand painted it all themselves which makes it 100 x cooler on the cool scale. I would totally ask JUCO to shoot all my fashion campaigns, hands down, because they are just the kinda’ thing I like. (I would say period now but I’m not American and it kinda’ makes me think of… well you know… so yah’. #AwkwardTurtle)

Don’t forget the code FUTHND142014 because you will save your self quite a few pennies especially if you are wanting to go in a group! GO GO GO! Go for me because I can’t and Rankin is there and that’s the SECOND time I have missed being able to see him. WHY. NOT FAIR. BOOO!(BIES)

(This post is not sponsored by The Photography Show or JUCO. I had the opportunity to get free tickets for a small feature which I had to give away as I will not be able to attend. I was happy to give you guys a discount though!) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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