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My Style & Inspiration with Phiney Pet*

By September 6, 2014 My Style

Helloooo! Long time no blog. Sorry for the slight delay in posting, I’ve actually been quite busy and some of the posts which I was meant to post just weren’t coming across 100% tip-top, but I have one finally! Another apology for the fact that my recent OOTD/My Style posts have been so close together… I won’t be posting one for a while due to LFW, so I thought I would give you twice as much in one go! Today though, I have an outfit post with a bit twist. I’m doing a little thing with Phiney Pet and I hope you enjoy… (Inspiration images via Tumblr)

my style ootd fashion blog phiney pet my style ootd fashion blog phiney pet my style ootd fashion blog phiney pet my style ootd fashion blog phiney pet

Frida, Denim & Embroidery (Tolly) // Circles, Monochrome & Summer (Phiney Pet)

Just as an introduction for those of you who don’t know of Phiney, she is an upcoming designer who I found through Style Bubble (Susie Lau’s blog). Phiney mainly paints clothing which I think is really cool and unique. One of my favourite things she has done was her SS 14′ jacket. It was so intricate and detailed, I loved it! For the first stage of our little ‘collab’ we put together some ideas for the box clutch via some images from Tumblr. I’ve been loving denim recently and I think badges and embroidery all mix in really well, especially with a summery vibe. I’m all about bright colours also so it’s basically the perfect mix for me. Flowers are a huge inspiration for me too, so of course Frida Khalo had to be mixed in! Phiney said that she accidentally used images which all involved circles, and it came out quite well! I gave Phiney some other ideas like including fruit and palm trees and the result is pretty cute! ^.^

my style ootd fashion blog phiney petmy style ootd fashion blog phiney pet

What I Wore: Denim Jacket (Jumble Sale), Spotty Dungarees (ASOS), Pom Pom Headband (ASOS), Black Shimmer Dr Martens (Jumble Sale), Badges £3.00 each (Phiney Pet)* & Custom Lunch Box Clutch (Phiney Pet)*

I admit it, this outfit is pretty simple, but sometimes comfort is key. Although it is simple, it’s perfect for this kind of year as it isn’t too warm and isn’t too cold. It’s great for the transition between summer and autumn. Due to spots and denim being involved in our inspiration images, I obviously had to wear my jacket and favourite dungarees. They’re too cute! Phiney (Josephine really) also gave me a keyring which I knew immediately would suit my pom pom headband, so the outfit came together quite quickly. I also had on this super cute little crochet crop top but I completely forgot to photograph it. Grrrr!

my style ootd fashion blog phiney pet my style ootd fashion blog phiney pet

To be quite honest the clutch wasn’t quite was I was expecting in terms of size and style, but I actually kind of like it’s quirky charm. Even if I don’t get to wear it out that often, it will always be a reminder of finding new upcoming designers like Phiney. I love the little pineapple and the spots and everything painted basically. It’s just so cute! I think on holiday it would look adorable with all your beach essentials inside… aww, now I really want to go to the beach and sun bathe… *sighs*

my style ootd fashion blog phiney pet my style ootd fashion blog phiney pet

Finally lets talk about the little details. Josephine also really kindly slipped in some of her super cute badges, they’re adorable and I especially love the pastel ones. They give an added girly-ness to my denim jacket, which I also love. It’s a little bit cropped (aka. too small) but I’ve got a lot of wear out of it which is always good. Speaking of wearing, I haven’t worn my Docs in ages, especially this pair. I definitely need to get some more boot socks for these bad boys. I will not have blisters for winter!

Thank you so much to Phiney Pet for joining me in this post, I hope that lots of you (my lovely readers) will have a nose on Phiney’s site… it’s super cute, so I totally recommend that you do. I cannot wait to see your SS 15′ collection PP! Did you like the clutch Phiney painted? Let me know in a comment! Speak soon 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Fashion Blogs To Follow for Inspiration

By August 9, 2013 Fashion

I feel like I am being very nice to you guys recently. The Posh Fashion Awards where you won AMAZING prizes, Advertising on my blog to get exposure, and of course my upcoming give-away which I hope you will like. To be even more nice, I decided to publish a long awaited post about some of my favourite fashion blogs. Enjoy…


Alex from Bambella Blog:
I first came across Alex’s blog on Twitter I believe, and it was when her blog was fairly new. The blog is very simple, yet is has a lot of character, and I think if you can charm your readers without doing much at all, you are on the right track. My favourite posts on Alex’s blog, are her OOTDs, because they are so fun and the photos are amazing. I have met Alex once before (hopefully for a shopping trip soon too!) and she is super duper lovely. Every time I read her blog, it makes me smile because she is so honest. Alex also has YouTube where she posts the cutest videos ever, and I hope she uploads a new one soon!


Caroline from Burkatron:
I found Caroline’s blog through Instagram, and instantly fell in love. Her blog has a great mixture of content, from nail art to OOTDs to weekly favourites. The pictures are extremely clear and her fashion sense is so crisp and ‘swishy'(?!). I love the fact that even though Caroline does get sent things for review, you don’t feel like it is heavily based on reviews etc, which now-a-days is a very common thing. Caroline also does great DIYs so if you want a new crafty blog to read, this is the one for you.

wish wish wish

Carrie from Wish Wish Wish:
I’m not quite sure how I found Carrie’s blog… I think maybe my sister recommended it, anyway, it doesn’t matter because I love it. The thing I really love is the pure mix of photography. They may not seem different, but I feel like each picture has a different character to them. I love Carrie’s simple tutorials, her travel guides, and just generally the whole feel of the blog. Every time she wears something, I feel like throwing it into my Christmas wish list. She’s bad for people like me with 0 pennies at the moment, but I seriously cannot resist peaking onto her blog everyday to see the new content. Also, she works at ASOS. Well-jell! (Oh dear… I never use that word…)

what olivia did

Olivia from What Olivia Did:
I think every blogger and their pets are inspired by Olivia’s graceful fashion sense. It’s so whimsical and retro, but she makes it look like anyone could work what she wears. Not only does Olivia do amazing OOTDs, she also does lifestyle posts, including a guide to the best burgers, oh yes, and her trip to Glastonbury this year, which I loved. Just like Carrie, I wish I had Olivia’s wardrobe. She is just so lovely, and I am proud to say that she follows me on Twitter. #fangirl

the girl in the lens

Natasha from Girl in The Lens:
Natasha’s blog is a recent find for me, but oh my, it’s a gooden. Her style is effortless and chic, yet simple and cute (wow, a lot of descriptive words there). The photography on Natasha’s blog is amazing, and I hope one day I am as skilled as her at editing etc. Her blog has a mix of posts including trend posts, posts on models, and of course the obligatory OOTD. I really do love her blog.

lisette loves

Lisette from Lisette Loves:
Where do I start. Hm. Let’s just start with the fact that I LOVE LISETTE. I probably sound like a creep, in fact I do, but I don’t care. I remember first stumbling across her blog and thinking it was sort of average, and leaving it to the back of my mind, then one day when I asked for links to face masks recipes, and her’s popped up, I did re-think, and decide that actually I truly love Lisette’s blog. Again, like Alex’s blog, it is very simple yet it has so much character to it. I talk to Lisette quite a lot on Twitter and she seems like the most loveliest person ever. And to put the cherry on top (of the milkshake she is drinking), Lisette also has YouTube which makes me love her even more. Lisette recently guest blogged for me, make sure to check it out on my main blog page.

wedding dreams

Stephanie & Sam from A Wedding Dream:
As you can probably tell, Stephanie & Sam are getting married! Steph from Stephanie Dreams started the blog to collect all the ideas and memories in one place to share with the world and people like me who love gorgeous photography. On ‘A Wedding Dream’ you can find inspiration for weddings and also Steph & Sam’s engagement party pictures which are utterly adorable. If any of you can remember, I actually interviewed Stephanie absolutely yonks ago, here, so if you want to know more about her then head back to that old post!

Here are a few other blogs I absolutely adore: The Briar Rose Blog//The Life of A Fashion Nerd//Sarah Loves//Love Taza

I definitely think you should all go out and check out these amazing blogs. You may just find a gem which picks your fancy! Make sure to tell me your favourite blogs in the comments below!

(All images above are from the blogs. I have edited them for the use of this post, and I have permission from all the bloggers above.)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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