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Goodness and Gold | Little by Little Jewellery*

By November 13, 2017 Ethical, My Style

With age, my style has evolved over the years, drawing me closer to items and elements that I never used to appreciate when I was younger. Part of this evolution involved discovering the joy of high-quality jewellery and saying goodbye to costume necklaces and rings which turn my fingers green. They’re sustainable investments and certain pieces have now simply become part of me…

Little by Little Ethical Jewellery for Action Against Hunger

Little by Little Ethical Jewellery for Action Against Hunger

Little by Little Ethical Jewellery for Action Against Hunger

WHAT I WORE: Floaty Cover-Up (Jumble Sale) // Geometric Slip Dress £47.00 (Mayamiko)* // Recycled Denim Choker (Yours Again)* // Watch (Timex)* // Silver Rings (Old & Gemporia*) // Gold Wedge Fan Ring £45.00 (Little by Little)*

My love of rings started when my mum sorted through her jewellery collection a couple of years ago, discovering a silver ring which no longer fit her but was in perfect condition. Fortunately, I was handed it down and you can now see it gracing my finger in almost every picture I post. It’s simple and the stone isn’t anything too spectacular but it’s definitely been and will continue to be sustained by an emotional attachment to it.

It took a few weeks of taking it on and off before I realised I could simply wear it all around the clock because it wasn’t going to wear away or turn a different colour like all of the other jewels I owned previously.

Peculiarly, I get a sense of satisfaction from the idea that just anybody I pass in the street will never know how long it’s been there with me and that yes, I carry it with me all day and every day; it isn’t just a decoration to match what I’m wearing.

For someone in their teens who most definitely isn’t nearing marriage anytime soon, it gives me a similar sense of pride as to wearing a wedding ring (okay, maybe not quite in terms of the meaning behind it but I now get a sense of what it can feel like). It’s the one thing which makes me feel complete even if I’m having a bit of drab day, sartorially.

I added my next ring to my right hand not too long after and although it may seem even simpler, the sparkle to it is what’s missing from my first original addition. And now here I am, donning my third; a gold number – because I’m not against mixing metals – which can fit almost all my fingers (I have tiny ones so it was nice not to have to get a ring measurer out) and has a rather special inspiration behind it…

Little by Little Ethical Jewellery for Action Against Hunger

Little by Little Ethical Jewellery for Action Against Hunger

Little by Little was set up in 2015 by Annabel, a jewellery designer, and Georgina, a cookery author. Combining their two passions, not only do the duo create beautifully designed jewellery to last a lifetime but they also put their energy into supporting the charity Action Against Hunger; the global organisation combating world hunger and providing healthy livelihoods for those in need.

It’s the reason as to why my ring might remind you of a fresh slice of lemon, which is rather fitting for me as not only do I love lemons but where I’m staying in Italy, is dotted with lemon trees around the garden.

Our main aim in establishing Little by Little in 2015, was to make a difference in a sustainable manner. That is why we partnered with Action Against Hunger.

Action Against Hunger’s teams work in nearly 50 countries worldwide to carry out innovative, lifesaving programmes in nutrition, food security, water, sanitation and hygiene. The money that we have raised has generated enough funds to build a latrine and feed 100 malnourished children for a day.

I have to be honest and say that there are plenty of brands out there that label themselves as ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ simply for the work they’re doing with what they generate from their revenue. I’m of course in no way against companies which do this but it can make you feel sceptical of what their end goal is all around.

A lot of the time when people ask me how to know if a brand is truly ethical, I tell them to trust their gut instinct and work out whether the brand is truly passionate about spreading awareness for the issues that affect the industry.

Speaking to Annabel about her core values made me understand and appreciate that it isn’t all about donating money once the item is purchased – it’s about being transparent and responsible from stage one. Although I’m able to let myself and others off for purchasing unethical jewellery and watches due to how long they last, it feels refreshing and satisfactory when you know your jewellery has been made with care.

The intricate jewellery is lovingly created by a well-established jewellery producer in Lima, Peru. The factory has been running for 25 years. It now employs 350 people.

From its inception, its aim was always to bring opportunity and employment. It does this by giving jobs to people with no prior technical experience, training them in the art of jewellery. Having visited I can verify that it is a well equipped, safe and spacious place to work.

Whereabouts are Little by Little items manufactured?

Little by Little Ethical Jewellery for Action Against Hunger

Little by Little Ethical Jewellery for Action Against Hunger

Little by Little Ethical Jewellery for Action Against Hunger
whomademyclothes~ WHO MADE MY RING? ~
There are a number of different individuals that put together the different elements of Little by Little jewellery. Everything is made from scratch. The team are well-skilled jewellers who make and manufacture the jewellery. This is led by Sandra Romero and Piero Reinoso.

Fashion with a cause is often easier to get behind morally within the realm of ethical fashion because we know for certain that our money will be reinvested into something we support and believe in. Although this is the case the whole year round and I don’t need to sell anybody on it, I think as we near gifting season, it’s something to pay attention to. Little by Little combine charity and ethics; a double whammy!

Not only can you gift somebody with a piece to treasure for years and years to come, you can also gift them with a story and a positive message that they’ll be reminded of whenever they wear their new jewels or when, like me, they look down at their new ring every day.

Do you see jewellery as a sustainable investment? How would you style up my ring? Let me know in the comments!

(This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Little by Little. Read my full disclaimer here.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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3 Italian Fashion Brands That I’ve Recently Discovered*

By April 3, 2016 Fashion

I thought it would be nice to do a little round-up of brands that I’ve discovered whilst travelling around Italy. Not only can you take note for your next holiday, but you can get a taste of the sorts of things I’ve been loving recently. The price ranges vary and I’ve included a brand that you may have heard of already, so hopefully all of you can discover something new that suits you!

Italian Fashion Brands - Pull & Bear - Stradivarius - Gilmar Lab

Low-end, high street bugdet 💰🇮🇹

If you read my post on combating feeling judged and self-conscious, then you would have seen me wearing a Stradivarius piece already. Mama Posh kindly bought me a little number from them and I soon fell in love. Although I’m trying to shop more ethically, I absolutely love their aesthetic and the prices are pretty damn good for what you get. It’s nice finding a brand that is fresh and sticks to a clean theme, especially when it’s on the lower end of the price range, so I’m in awe of everything really.

My two favourite pieces currently are this satin rucksack and this ruffled blouse. I’m huge on blouses so any chance I can get at adding another to my collection, I’ll take!

Italian Fashion Brands - Pull & Bear - Stradivarius - Gilmar Lab

High-end, designer labels 💰💰🇮🇹

On the higher end of the scale, I was recently introduced to Gilmar Lab which has a collection of lovely Italian designers, including ICEBERG who’s pieces I have featured above. Another brand which is simple and sleek, with a clear vision and aesthetic.

I’ve chosen yet another blouse because I adore the embellished panel detailing… the colours are really satisfying together. On top of blouses, I’m also loving sweatshirts (usually with slogans), and this embroidered one is such a stunning piece.

Italian Fashion Brands - Pull & Bear - Stradivarius - Gilmar Lab

European, high street budget 💰🌍

Lastly, but not least, is a brand which we have back in the UK too – Pull and Bear. It’s actually a Spanish brand but seeing as I only started browsing their shops in Italy, I thought they were worthy of a mention.

I’ve already picked up a sweater from here which is a mustard yellow 70s style piece, and it was Made in Portugal which made me extra happy. Not all of their pieces are made in Europe, but going in store to look at the labels is definitely something I’d recommend. I’m very tempted by that Forget The Rules top because it is totally me. One for the birthday wishlist, perhaps?

What brands have you recently discovered? Do you know of any other Italian fashion brands? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to discover more 🙂

(This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Gilmar Lab. All opinions are 100% honest. You can read my full disclaimer here.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Wishlist: Patchwork Denim, Red, White & Blue*

By March 10, 2016 Wishlist

I haven’t put up a wishlist style post in a while, so seeing as a new season is about to set in, I thought I’d put one up. I’ve been seeing a lot of patchwork denim around the place as well as the still ever growing trend of embroidered badges so that’s basically what this consists of. You can see which are my favorites below…

SS16 Trends Wishlist Patchwork Denim - ASOS Dr Martens River Island SPRINGTIME

Heels (River Island @ ASOS) // Surrender Badge (Rosie Wonders @ ASOS) // Purse (Springtime)* // Clutch (SPRINGTIME)* // Skirt (ASOS) // Rose Badge (Rosie Wonders @ ASOS) // Dr Martens (Dr Martens) // Wallet (SPRINGTIME)* // Pinafore (ASOS)

I’m ever so slowly becoming a shoe person, and I’m also ever so slowly starting to fall in love with heels (eek!) and this combination of a shoe, heel, denim and patchwork has me with heart shaped eyes. I’m not sure the boot style would actually fit my very slim figure though… which is a shame because they really are quite delightful.

To match those, this dress and and this skirt would work perfectly. I’ve actually had my eye on that patchwork denim pinafore for a while now and I’m thinking it would look pretty great this summer with a crisp white blouse (which I’m now an owner of – it’s a Stradivarius number) underneath and then quite possibly a cool pair of Dr Martens on my feet… these Valentine’s pair are pretty funky, right?

In terms of the accessories, like I mentioned, it seems that embroidered patches aren’t going anywhere soon and I’m pretty happy about that… did I mention that my socks come with a free embroidered badge, yet? 

I’ve included a few SPRINGTIME pieces there too because I love what they’re brand is all about. You may have noticed the new addition to my sidebar, which has a handy link straight to their site. When the lovely team got in touch with me, I knew I had to work with them because they have such an awesome message about achieving your dreams and spreading that passion to everyone around you. I’m all for it and the fact that they’re pieces are all very denim orientated… well it makes them that much better.

What have you been wishing for recently? Let me know in the comments!

(This is a sponsored post in collaboration with SPRINGTIME. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest. You can read my full disclaimer here.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Finding The Perfect Pair of Denim Mom Jeans*

By June 3, 2015 Fashion

Growing up means growing up in size, which also means growing out of clothes you love. Sadly this means having to pass on my favourite ever pair of denim mom jeans to the charity shop. They cost me under £5 and were the most perfect fit and colour you could ever imagine. I loved them *sob sob*… and I am currently lost without them. I’ve looked in the shops but I think the online world might just be the answer. Here are 9 pairs of my fave mom jeans on the market!

Highstreet Budget Denim Mom Jeans - House of Fraser, Levi's, The Ragged Priest

1-3 : Washed and ripped…

As you can probably tell by all of the above (minus 1 pair) I’m on the hunt for a washed out, pale blue pair of mom jeans. I have come to realise though, that mom jeans usually have rips in them?! I’m unsure on how the two go together, especially in a pale blue shade. I found the Levi’s on House of Fraser… they have an awesome selection of women’s jeans!


4-6 : Plain and simple…

The next set of three are all very plain and simple. I’m unsure of the colour of these, but I would be interested in the fit. Another thing with mom jeans seems to be that the better the fit, the erm worse the price (#TeenLife)… do share any cheaper versions though, I’d love to know! 


7-9 : Something special…

The final 3 pairs are all a little bit different. There’s a slightly dark pair which I actually kinda’ love, and 2 pairs with a little bit of something special. Of course they couldn’t come from anywhere else but The Ragged Priest! I love the mix of sequins and frayed egdes. It’s a girly and edgy combo… what do you think?


(This post features sponsored content in collaboration with House of Fraser. All opinions are 100% honest. Read my full disclaimer here.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Style Inspiration with ASOS – Scandimania*

By December 9, 2014 Fashion

Today, I have a very exciting post indeed. There are two reasons why it is an exciting one… firstly, it’s a fashion/trend/inspiration/outfit idea post, which I miss writing, and secondly, I’ve teamed up with ASOS *fan girls* You guys know how much I love them, so I am truly excited to be sharing with you a little bit of style inspiration. Not any kind of style though, I’ll be talking all about ‘Scandimania’ and those hip girls in Scandinavia…

ASOS Scandimania Scandinavian Fashion MONKI

Jumper BagLeather SkirtJeansCropped ShirtBlue BroguesFlatsWrap SkirtOversized Blouse

For me, Scandinavian style has always made me think of folk prints, but after a quick Pinterest session, I came to the conclusion that I was simply wrong. ‘Scandi style’ is all about simplicity, and masculinity… sorry to stereotype if you are actually Scandinavian… it’s all about getting that balance between chic and casual. Another bonus is the fact it’s the perfect style for travel, and holidaying. It has that comfort factor with the baggy oversized shapes, but you won’t look too under dressed when you pair a slouchy shirt with some patent brogues. It’s all about the finishing touches! I personally quite like the whole look and feel of the sorts of outfits that they can think up… I’m just not sure how well it would work on a small 14 year old like me!

I made the little grid above into a sort of mix and match board for some inspiration. It works vertically and horizontally so if you are in need of some ‘Scandimania’ outfit inspiration, ASOS and I have you sorted! My favourite combination is probably the ripped jeans and cropped shirt. It’s simple and sophisticated but has that slight masculine toughness the whole way through. What’s your favourite combo? Let me know in the comments 🙂 

(This is a sponsored post. I may have been paid/gifted by ASOS to write and publish this post, but opinions are 100% honest – you know they are, I am a crazy ASOS lady. Read my full disclaimer here.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Look Wishlist: Blue Blue Blue*

By January 22, 2014 My Style, Wishlist

Hello everyone! (I still have no idea how to introduce these blog posts) Today I have a bit of a wishlist for you from New Look! I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite pieces at the moment, and I hope you like it! I didn’t purposely make it all colour coordinated, but that’s kinda’ how it ended out!

New Look WishlistTeen Tile Print Dress//Teen Space Dye Dress//Cold Shoulder Dress//Teen Alabama Airtex Crop Top//Teen Polka Dot Crop Shirt//Block Heel Sandals//Teardrop Choker

Tile Dress – I have really taken a liking to shift dresses, and this one is super nice! I think it would be perfect for all occasions and all seasons. Wear it in Summer with a pair of sandals, in Autumn with a big snood, Winter with a leather jacket etc etc. It’s just such a versatile and simple dress! Shift dresses are really flattering too, so this would be perfect for me with my mini figure!

Space Dye Dress – I think ‘2 piece look-a-like’ dresses are the perfect of ‘easy wear’ items to own. You can literally just wear it, plus some shoes, and then… you’re done! I’m a big fan of marl, or tie dye, so this is such a gorgeous dress for me. EEEE, I seriously cannot wait until Summer so I can wear nice dresses and loads of friendship bracelets and just be all cool and like ‘Oooh yeah, I’m all snazzy because it’s the Summer’… um, I believe writing past 7 o’clock at night means I go slightly mad and bring out my inner self.

Cold Shoulder Dress – I’ve always liked the idea of these style dresses, and the fact that you could still wear it with things underneath, makes them pretty cool. I also like how this one is really nice and floaty so you could wear it on the beach and it would look love-r-ly.

Alabama Crop Top – Ooh, 2nd item in blue… oops. I’m not usually a big fan of sport luxe, but this is actually quite cool. The texture of it would make it so nice to layer and it would look so cute with a pair of shorts. Ooooh, seriously guys I cannot wait for the sunshine… *sigh*

Polka Dot Crop Top – I’ve been on the look out for a nice button up blouse, and I am a big fan of navy and white, so this one is now on my radar! It’s pretty cute, and would go with quite a lot of my wardrobe. Perfect!

Necklace & Shoes – Another blue-ish item with the necklace. I haven’t got many silver pieces which are nice and chunky, so this one looks so pretty. It would look so nice with a fluffy jumper, dungarees, any of the above dresses, so basically anything! The shoes are also really nice because they don’t look too high. They look like they would be quite comfortable and would again go with quite a lot.

(This is a post in collaboration with New Look. I may have been paid or gifted to publish this post on behalf of New Look as one of their favourite bloggers. You can read my full disclaimer here.) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Keeping Warm with ARK Clothing*

By December 5, 2013 Fashion

Brrr! It’s a bit cold isn’t it? I have to wear thick tights underneath jeans at the moment! As it is so cold, I thought it would be fitting to do this post about Winter fashion with one of my favourite online shops, ARK Clothing!

Ark Clothing Criminal Damage AX Paris Cheap Monday Winter Warmers Sponsored Blog PostCriminal Damage//AX Paris//Cheap Monday (Brands at ARK Clothing – accessories from other brands on the site!)

When I think about dressing for winter, I think comfortable clothes, layers and pieces which are nice and thick, so that is why I selected the three main items in the image above! The Criminal Damage sweater is really warm and snug, and wearing thick sweatshirts in Winter is one of my favourite things to do! I’m not the biggest fan of slogan tops, but this one is in a versatile colour so could go with lots of different things, and would be perfect for casual wear! The AX Paris dress is my favourite piece! I absolutely love swing dresses at the moment because I think they are so flattering and comfortable, and this one is just perfect for the season! I love how it is quite Burberry-esque with the heart print. I also love how it could be dressed up or down, so to be honest, it is quite a good investment! When it comes down to jeans though, this Cheap Monday pair are my cup of tea! They have that slight worn out look, and look super duper comfy! As styled in the picture, they would look great with boots or perhaps a pair of flats and thick socks (or tights underneath!). With any of these pieces, you could layer them with a big fluffy snood, a pair of boots and a nice dainty necklace – oh, and don’t forget those gloves! Everything looks so cosy and warm!

I really like everything at ARK Clothing at the moment, and some of the brands they have are really nice and have some great bargains! I hope you liked this post and if you did, make sure to leave a comment!

(This is a Sponsored Post. I may have been paid or gifted by ARK Clothing but all opinions are 100% honest. Read my full disclaimer here.) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Jewellery & Accessories for A/W 13*

By September 3, 2013 Fashion

Unfortunately, the leaves are turning. Autumn is upon us, and it’s time to change up our wardrobe. I’ve rounded up the best picks for your Jewellery & Accessories for A/W 13. At very cheap prices, anyone can afford these pieces…

seasons online jewellery Turquoise Bracelet//Ring//Pearl Collar//Tartan Scrunchy//Tartan Scarf

Turquoise Stone: I’ve seen a lot of this type of stone on jewellery recently, and I think it’s going to be even bigger this upcoming season. It looks great with anything monochrome, and it looks more expensive than it is. I love this bracelet and it looks great with the leather straps. The ring is also really nice! I love how it is such a statement piece, and it’s definitely a key piece for anyone’s jewellery collection!

Pearls: As I said in this post, I think pearls are definitely on the rise. Although this collar does not feature real ones, it’s still effortlessly gorgeous, and would go with any simple dress. After the film, The Great Gatsby, the rise of this type of costume jewellery has shown!

Scrunchy: I love the old school vibe of scrunchies. Although some people think these are just a little too retro, I think they can complete any outfit, especially when they are brightly coloured like this one from Season’s Online. It’s a cute and bright addition to your collection, and would look amazing with a simple smock or skater dress.

Tartan: The scarf and scrunchy are perfect examples of tartan. The print is quite hard to get right, but when you add a touch of it to an outfit, you will most likely get it spot on. Mix the scarf with a leather jacket and you’ll be ready to rock! Plus, it’s Buy One Get One Free so… it’s a bargain really!

I hope you liked this round up of Jewellery & Accessories for the new season! My favourite has got to be the scrunchy! It’s so cute!

(This is a sponsored post on behalf of Season’s Online. I may have been gifted or paid to write and publish this post, but all opinions are 100% honest and are in no way biased. All content was written by myself. You can read my full disclaimer here.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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