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The Answers to Your Many Questions | Survey Response

By October 19, 2017 Ethical, Shop

Not too long ago, I popped up a quick survey for you guys to answer and submit your burning questions and queries about ethical fashion. The survey is still open and I would love if you would continue to fill it in, as it’s always good to know what you’re interested in learning more about. In the meantime, I have some answers for those of you have already asked away, inspired by my ‘Many Questions’ t-shirt from the Lost Shapes x Tolly Dolly Posh collection…

Common Ethical Fashion Questions | Lost Shapes x Tolly Dolly Posh

WHAT I WORE: Many Questions T-Shirt £20.00 (Lost Shapes x Tolly Dolly Posh) // Ripped Jeans (New Look – old)* // Vagabond Dioon Platforms (Mastershoe-MyShu – old) // Red Leather Jacket £6.00 (Charity Shop)

Is there such a thing as cheap or high-street ethical fashion?

It’s understandable that this question became a reoccurring theme in my survey responses, especially as most of you reading this are of a student age where funds are limited whilst you still want to enjoy fashion and updating your wardrobe.

I really want to say yes to this question. I don’t want to let people down and leave you all feeling hopeless that shopping ethically just isn’t a viable option, but especially when it comes to the high-street, it’s a real tricky one (and I will be writing about it in more depth in the near future).

I’m quite open with how I stand on high-street and ‘cheap’ brands launching sustainable and more ethically-conscious lines and collections; I’m a bit of a sceptic, honestly. For me, the negatives of how these brands and businesses are run will always out-way the smaller, positive steps they’re taking, until major shifts start to take place. I can’t happily tell you to go and shop with H&M and their Conscious collection when I’m being told they burn unwanted items.

The thing is, there’s always going to be a better option, even when you’re buying from a brand which is Fair Trade certified or is using recycled fibres – there’s always going to be a brand or designer out there who is doing the next best thing (which is great, don’t get me wrong). The better option to buying on the high-street is buying second-hand; the better option to buying second-hand is not buying at all. You see the dilemma?

So – really, no, there’s no such thing as ethical high-street fashion, yet. That’s just because that’s how the industry works and that’s what we’re all on the path to changing. Is there such thing as cheap ethical fashion? Yes. Second-hand and thrift shops are full of it. Your mum’s wardrobe is. XYZ Insert Ethical Brand name’s seasonal sale is. The £30 t-shirt which will last five times longer than an £8 option is also doing the trick.

Common Ethical Fashion Questions | Lost Shapes x Tolly Dolly Posh

How do I get my friends on board?

Luckily for you, I’ve touched on this question several times in the past. Click here, here and here for some of my old blog posts to browse through. I know from my own personal experience that it isn’t easy to suddenly transform your friends and family into conscious consumers.

It won’t click for everyone immediately, especially those who are only receiving information and education through you and you only. Honestly, if you really want to do it – try and get them to sit down and watch the True Cost, which you can easily stream via Netflix. Maybe even do a screening at home! Tell them that it’s important to you and you think it could be interesting and valuable for them to watch.

Where do I find trend-specific pieces?

Once again, you’re in luck. I recently wrote about my experience with trends and ethical fashion and how my priorities have now changed. That’s the blog post to answer your question.

Common Ethical Fashion Questions | Lost Shapes x Tolly Dolly Posh

What books and resources should I use to learn more?

Third times the charm, isn’t it? I’ve got you covered with my 2016 list of books and resources. I’ll be sure to do one for 2017 too, as I’ve definitely learned and discovered since then, including the book A Harvest of Thorns by Corban Addison which looks at the fast-fashion industry from a fictional perspective.

Are there any sustainable technologies helping advance the industry?

This is a really interesting question which I wished I had a blog post to direct you to for my answer but alas, technology is part of the industry I have limited knowledge in (alongside the intricacies of Fair Trade, the ethical beauty world and vegan materials) but will bear in mind to research so that I can share my findings with you.

Any examples that do come to mind, are mainly fabric oriented, like Pinatex, which takes pineapple leaf fibres and creates a leather alternative which you’ll see being used by the likes of Po-Zu (the ethical and sustainable footwear brand now headed up by Safia Minney).

Have any other burning questions? Leave them in the comments or click here to submit to my survey!

Do you feel inspired? If so, perhaps you might be interested in nominating Tolly Dolly Posh for an Observer Ethical Award. If you believe my commitment to ethical fashion is award-winning, click this link and leave my name, link and a few words in the Young Green Leaders category. Nominations now close on October 22nd 2017. 

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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What Do You Want to Know About Being Yourself & Self Expression?

By January 29, 2016 DIY & Lifestyle

Other than fashion, another thing that I am wholly passionate about is… self-expression and just being yourself. I don’t really know where it came from, but it’s just always been there within me. The idea of everyone being themselves and embracing the fact that no one person is the same has just always been such an interesting and exciting concept to me…

being yourself self expression confidence Q&A


…and I want to share that. I know I’ve spoken a couple of times about the topic on here before (like with my “How To Soothe A Sore Thumb” or “Fat vs Thin” posts) but I really want to try and infuse it into Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion this year. It’s great too because being yourself ties into fashion really well. I mean, what’s the main way we all express ourselves? Through our clothes.

It’s one thing you can’t skip out one each day, so what you put on always channels some form of message. Seriously, you’re feeling a bit fed up and lazy? Putting on comfy clothes literally expresses that (we all do it – even though being yourself certainly isn’t all about fashion).

But the question is… how? I’m all about writing lengthy posts about my own experiences but I think this is one of those topics where we have to talk to each other about it. Does anyone remember when I did “The Ultimate Guide To Being A Teenager“? Well, that was a great example of me taking your questions and queries and creating content from them and I’m hoping it helped.

being yourself self expression confidence Q&A

being yourself self expression confidence Q&A


Although I loved that yearly series and I’d be happy to bring it back, I’d also love to move forward and do something more regularly, whether that’s in the form of videos (yes I know, I’ve kind of gone off YouTube again haven’t I?) or Q&As, I don’t know, so that’s why I’m writing this post.

Let’s have a bit of a chat! I’m leaving a little submission form below for those of you don’t necessarily want to leave a full comment. Just let me know what sorts of topics you’d be interested in me talking about to do with self-expression and being comfortable in your own skin. Leave a single question if you like! Here are some ideas (they don’t even have to be obviously questions about being you… simple lifestyle type ones can be a good start)…

“How do you choose what to wear in the morning?”
“Do you wear make-up?”

“Would you class yourself as confident?”
“How do you pick yourself up when you feel insecure?”

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Getting Back Into YouTube | New Videos

By January 23, 2015 YouTube

Scary times people! I’m back on that thing called YouTube… eep! One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to start filming videos again, because for some reason, you guys actually seem to like them?! Yeah, I know… so without further a-do, come and watch me gabble about nothing and answer a few questions that I got asked on Twitter & Instagram. Enjoy!


This video is simply just me telling you that I’m filming videos again… in a faux fur pastel gilet. Yup. No, I should probably take this a bit more seriously… I genuinely want to get back into YouTube. I just find it really hard to actually think up ideas. With blogging, you write and take pictures and you let that do the talking, but with YouTube, you have to sit down and make words come out of your mouth without sounding like any other ‘vlogger’. I don’t really want to do tags, although I have done them in the past… and with blogging as well, I know that artsy type videos take a long time. So, I’m just winging it basically. We’ll see what happens. Yeah?


For my second video of the year, I decided to film a bit of a Q&A session. I don’t know whether it’s very interesting, but I thought it would be an easy way to quick off the year, non? Thank you for the questions by the way! If you really want to know what goes on, I tell you where my dream place to live is, why I have all of those black and white logos in my sidebar (features, innit’) and whether I prefer summer or winter. Enjoy!

So erm… yeah! I should actually have a new video really soon (aka, in my next blog post) so if you want to see that before anyone else, then make sure you subscribe… oh and click the like button, leave a comment and share it with all of your friends (I jest)… 🙂 I apologise for the sarcasm in this post but as you can probably tell I’m slightly nervous about this whole video thing… 

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Q&A with For The Love Of Lucie

By December 3, 2013 Beauty, Fashion

Woah woah woah, it’s December 3rd already?! This year has gone too quickly! Anyhow, today we have a Q&A with November’s advertiser, Lucie from For The Love of LucieIf you would like to Advertise next month (January) make sure you check out the packages here

for the love of lucie fashion blog teen blog style bloggers

What inspired you to start your Blog?: I have always loved reading blogs and YouTube videos such as: FleurDeForce and MissBudgetBeauty. So one day I decided to create my little piece of the internet! I also would love to be a make-up artist so another reason was to share my love of beauty and fashion.

Why did you choose Fashion?: I love keeping on top of designer fashion trends, and recreating outfits from high street stores. I really enjoy sharing my outfit ideas and makeup reviews online. It really satisfies me if people find what I write about useful.

What are you top tips on starting a Blog?: Stay organised! Buy notebooks or planners, just anything to stay on top of your posts! Also don’t write posts for views, write what you want to write about (I cant stress this enough!)

What have been your Blogging Targets for this year?: I wanted to balance blogging and school and do regular posting again! I also wanted to reach 50 followers on BlogLovin’ but I am so happy with the amount I have at the moment.

Who are your favourite fellow Bloggers?: I love to read you Tolly! I also love MissBudgetBeauty, A Model Recommends and Madame Gourmand Lifestyle

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: I love Primark, they have just about everything for amazing prices. Whenever I need something usually the first place I will go is Primark to see if they have what I want in (guilty).

What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: I wear what I like and I feel confident in it. My style would probably be girly/edgy. I love love love dresses but I also love throwing an oversized jumper over some comfy skinny jeans.


**Make sure to check out Let’s See, an amazing photography blog!** (This is a sponsored link)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Tips & Q&A With Anything Bas

By October 1, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

One of, now last month’s, advertisers, Bas from Anything Bas is here to talk about her photography and lifestyle blog, and her top tips for blogging… (Images courtesy of Bas)


What inspired you to start your Blog?: I wanted a place to share my photography, really. I knew I was going to be travelling a lot this year, and I loved the idea of capturing different cities and cultures on film, in a sort of personal way.

Why did you choose Photography as a topic?: I would say it’s more a “lifestyle based photography blog”. I use my photos to show my experiences, although there are some photo shoots mixed in there that are purely for creative’s sake, let’s call it ”art”.

What are you top tips on starting a Blog?: Post about what you’re into, what makes you happy. It seems like an obvious thing to say but so many bloggers are on this mission to please their readers, always asking what they want to see. Sometimes it gets boring. I mean, I’m reading your blog already. (Half of my attraction to a blog is tied in with the blogger’s personality, definitely). Also, work on your writing skillzzz, it makes such a difference to read correctly structured sentences devoid of typos and grammar problems. If you don’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your”, I’m outta there.


What are your Blogging Targets for this year?: I don’t have any set targets. Getting new readers is cool because I like to meet people and get my blog out there (it feels good to know that other people like what I’m doing) but it’s not something I’m going to worry too much over.

Who are your favourite fellow bloggers?: Tori West for her style and photography, Robyn Lynch for her outfits, Lily Melrose for her hair and London lifestyle posts, Ellie for her all-round coolness, Ella Masters for her art. (God, are they all British? whoops. I follow loads of Swedish chicks on Instagram, they all seem to wear Docs with tiny shorts and eat McDonalds a lot.)

What trend are you most looking forward to working, this A/W 13?: I’m really not into fashion. I’m definitely into style and clothes though (I’m sure we all know the difference) but I don’t like to think too much about it.


Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: Vintage/thrift markets. There are a few very cool ones in Cape Town that I frequent, I’ll also be exploring the markets in Amsterdam for the first time this month. Yesssss. So excited.

What’s your favourite type of camera to use?: At the moment I’m very into my Lomo LC-wide camera, it’s a film camera with a wide angle lens. I’d love to get a proper vintage film camera and one day learn more about digital photography (when I have money to burn). I am completely self-taught, my skills are purely aesthetic, based on what I see and what I like. I get inspired by pictures and landscapes and images rather than manuals and paragraphs and diagrams. (I don’t necessarily think that this is a good thing, but as an educated jazz musician, it’s a nice change to create art without any of the theoretical thinking behind it.)


Who is your favourite fashion brand and why?: Hmmm, I’ve just spent a few days in Dubai visiting my cousin and I have to say, I’m so disappointed with everything in the shops. Brands in Cape Town are bringing me down too, and I don’t do much online shopping purely because of all the ridiculously customs laws in SA. Maybe I’ll have a favourite brand after this next month that I’m spending in Europe.

What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: Vintage grunge. Thrifted, big jerseys, Doc Martens, ripped skinny jeans, messy, natural hair. I’m all about being comfortable, seriously.

Check out Bas here: BLOG//Twitter//Instagram//BlogLovin’

**Advertising is now open for November. If you would like to book a space, fill out the form on THIS page. 50% off for all teen bloggers. Enjoy!** Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Tips & Q&A With Flora Pick

By July 9, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

One of last month’s advertisers, Flora from Pretty Little Things To Do, to be precise is here to talk to you about her blog, fashion and all things lifestyle! Take it away Flora!
(Images courtesy of Flora Pick)

What inspired you to start your blog?: Probably reading successful blogs like ‘A Beautiful Mess’ by Elsie Larson. I saw how big something relatively easy to make could become, I think I just thought: ‘if she can do it why can’t I?’. I guess that another aspect of my inspiration was my ambition to become a journalist. It’s been my dream job for quite some time and as I’m still too young to work I wanted to come up with a way of sharing my views easily. 

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 11.20.52

Why did you choose fashion and lifestyle?: I chose my blog to mainly focus on fashion and lifestyle because those are the kind of things that interest me and they’re already big parts of my life. Fashion is just so fun to write about because there are so many different looks, styles and opinions and it’s constantly changing. 

What are your top tips for starting a blog?: I know that this is what every blogger says, but it’s important: Blog about what you love. There’s no point in forcing yourself to write about something that doesn’t interest you, you want something you can stick with. But always think: people visit their blog for a reason, what’s the reason they want to visit my blog? Their are so many blogs on the internet that it’s hard to get noticed but if you are unique people will listen. Also, have a design you love because it will draw your readers in. My final tip: Network! Make friends with other bloggers on Twitter, Facebook, Email- whatever! Most bloggers are friendly, just like you Tolly!

What are you’re blogging targets for this year?: To write posts more often- currently I’m too lazy, include more of my own photography- again, the reason I’m not doing that is my own laziness. Pay to get my blog professionally designed- I’ve found someone but just need to decide what I want and save up and learn html coding- I think it will really help me to develop my blog.


Who are your favourite fellow bloggers?: You (Tolly) obviously! You were one of the first bloggers I made proper contact with. Kat – I know Kat (distantly) in real life. She’s friends with my mum and her blog is probably one of my favourites ever. Florence – I haven’t actually made contact with Florence yet but I recently discovered her blog and I love it! Blossom – Blossom is a wonderful new blogger who is just starting out!

What trend are you most looking forward to working, this S/S 13?: Definitely belted vintage dresses, they are something that I would love to wear anyway so I’m pleased designers have put this style on the catwalks. 

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: New Look because it’s not just good for on-trend styles but also for simple wardrobe bases. It may seem weird but I can never go into a shop without picking out a nice vest top (yeah, kind of odd) and new look just have loads of cute things like that. As I’m 12 and pretty much broke all the time I find It’s the best place to get fashions that fit my budget. 

What’s your favourite piece of clothing you have ever bought?: Even though I didn’t strictly buy them myself (they were an amazing present from my mum) I’d have to say either my jack wills playsuit or leggings. I honestly don’t have many expensive clothes but the ones I do have I wear all the time. The playsuit is white and lacy and just a really cute thing to throw on on rare sunny English days. And the leggings work in loads of different ways whether it’s casual or dressy.


Who is your favourite lifestyle brand and why?: My favourite lifestyle brand is definitely Hambledon. They are a relatively small business run from a shop in Winchester very close to where I live and sell all sorts of cute stationary, make-up and (admittedly expensive, but gorgeous) fashion. I could pretty much make up my whole wish list out of stuff found in this shop. If you are down south make sure you visit it!

What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: I’d probably say that my personal style is a bit quirky, eclectic but a bit preppy. I love chunky knitted jumpers, shorts, and brightly coloured tights/ weird leggings. I also like to accessorise- I own a ridiculous amount of hats, and hair stuff. I love my massive- and I mean massive- red bow hairband because it goes with anything in a sort of weird way!

Follow on Twitter too!

P.S Tomorrow (July 10th) is my (TDP’s) feature in Girl Talk Magazine! I’d love if you could pick up a copy! Make sure to tweet me a picture too! Thanks guys!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Q&A & Blogging Tips with Sarah Orr

By April 27, 2013 Beauty, Fashion

My gorgeous advertiser Sarah Orr from Nars Obsessor, is going to answer some questions for you! If you’re a blogger and just want to see what Sarah has to say, or you want to start your own blog, this post will have everything you need to know! She’s going to share with you some blogging tips, a few of her favourite brands, and more! Take it away Sarah!

What inspired you to start your Blog?: I was inspired to start a blog because of school. Sounds weird, right? But english lessons seem to be full of analysing texts and seeing why things are done that way, that I wanted somewhere to just write.

Why did you choose Beauty & Fashion? I chose fashion and beauty because they are things that I am constantly exposed to, and feel a lot of other people are too. I also have a genuine love and interest in them, so it just came naturally.

What are you top tips on starting a Blog?:  My top tips are to get organised. Before I posted anything or told anyone or even made my Blogger account, I planned out exactly what I wanted to call it, write about, how it would look and make it mine. I would also advise getting involved with the blogger chats on twitter like #fbloggers #bbloggers and #fblchat.

What are your Blogging Targets for this year?: My blogging targets this year are to try and post something every other day, but still put time and effort into each post, and keep them relatable to people like me.

Who are your favourite fellow bloggers?: My favourite fellow bloggers would have to be you Tolly, (Well thank you very much!) and Zoe from That’s Zoe because you are both so friendly, genuine and a rarity in that they are bloggers similar in age to me! My top 5 ‘Bigger’ bloggers are Zoella, Sofia’s Journal, Wish Wish Wish, What Olivia Did and Jazzabelle’s Diary.

What trend are you most looking forward to working, this S/S 13? I am so looking forward to florals and pastels, as I do every year, and I’m especially loving monochrome looks!

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: I’m going to go wish TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in America) because even though I used to hate my mum dragging me through there, I’ve picked up some lovely pieces at massive discounts.

What’s your favourite piece of Make-Up you’ve ever bought and why?: My Nars eyeliner is something I go to everyday. I’m terrible at eyeliner, but I find that it’s so easy to apply whether you want a thick or thin line, and the pen shape makes it super easy and comfortable to hold.

What’s your favourite ever item of clothing/accessory you’ve ever bought and why?: My Prada blazer because I got it at the London Fashion Week jumble sale for £55, which is a complete bargain for a great piece like that. Some people that think blazers are only for special occasions and evenings, but I’m definitely going to have to disagree with them- I wear it loads!

Who is your favourite designer and why?: I’d say my favourite designer would be BCBG because both it’s adult and teen brand (BCBGeneration) stock such amazing clothes and accessories that are in trend and suit their target market down to a T. They’re also not as expensive as other higher-end brands, which is always a plus side.


What is your favourite Make-Up Brand?: My favourite make up brands are Topshop and Rimmel for cheaper deals, Laura Mercier and Nars (hence the blog name!) for relatively high end and Burberry and Tom Ford for that luxury, out-of-my league price range.

What’s your personal style?: My personal style changes all the time, but I think it’s generally comfortable but sophisticated.

Thank You so much Sarah for answering some questions! I hope everyone got something out of it! If you want to ask Sarah anymore questions, contact her through…

@narsobsessor – Twitter//Nars Obsessor – YouTube//Nars Obsessor – Blog

Are their any bloggers you’d like to see answering these questions? Or are you one? You can do so by buying the All Grown Up Advertising Package for just £3! Including a 200px by 200px Button, #FF Tweets every Friday and this post! For more info, click here!

If you believe I deserve it, please vote for me and my blog to WIN Best Teen Blog in the Company Style Blogger Awards! Simply click here, then click ‘NEXT‘ 7 times, until you come to the 8TH TAB (You can of course vote for your other favourites!), where you will find ‘‘. Fill in your details on the final page, and VOILA! You even have a chance of winning New Look vouchers! So, good luck, and thank you! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Q&A with Ring O’ Rosie!

By December 27, 2012 General

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing on YouTube and found a channel which was done by, ‘just your normal girl’, and it made me realise that you don’t have to have the fancy cameras etc, you can just sit at home, and put your point across. So I got in contact with Rosie from Ring O’ Rosie & JustYourNormalGirl, and asked whether she could do some questions for anyone who was thinking of starting a blog, or YouTube channel. Now, I could’ve done this myself, but I wanted to get fellow bloggers involved so here goes…

1. What inspired you to start a YouTube Channel & Blog?: I had watched comedy videos on YouTube for a long time and then moved onto hair tutorials. I remember watching a fishtail braid video continuously until I had it perfected, from there I knew I wanted to create my own channel. When I looked at other videos I felt that I wanted to show my point of view and wanted to be part of the same community.

2. Why did you choose Fashion?: Fashion has always been a love of mine even though I’ve had some fashion disasters in my past! For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to combine a bright green velour tracksuit with a red top and not forgetting a cherry red body warmer!

3. What are your top tips on starting a YouTube Channel?: YouTube is all about fun, it shouldn’t be taken seriously, the minute you feel pressurised to make a video then it’s not enjoyable. Communicating with your subscribers is key and you can make some great friends through it. You don’t need an amazing camera to start, most people start with a webcam or bad quality (I still use a webcam). Please do not go out and buy an expensive camera before you start, its better to know you love it first before making that commitment. You may get hate comments but you will stop caring when you realise how lovely 99% of YouTube is.

4. What are you top tips on starting a Blog?:Blogging in my eyes is much harder than making videos, you have to be dedicated and put in a lot of time, something that I struggle with. Try to include photographs that you have taken yourself and take them in the morning to make the best of natural lighting.

5. What are your 2013 Blogging Targets?: For 2013 I would love to be blogging regularly, its more my challenge for over summer when I’ve finished studying though. I have followers on my blog and I feel I’m currently letting them down for being so inactive, so I’d love to surprise them with a great relaunch.

6. What’s been your favourite trend this year?: 6. Tartan is a love of mine, I’m joint at the hip with my green tartan scarf and yes I had to buy it in red aswell. Leather sleeves is also something I love, I recently brought this jacket from River Island and its my staple for this winter.

7. Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: I love looking around charity shops and car boot sales however they require a lot of patience, in terms of high street shops New Look has alot to offer but is sometimes overlooked.

8. What’s your favourite piece of clothing, accessory etc that you have ever bought?: My disco pants from American Apparel, they are incredibly comfy and so flattering. I also love my Leigh jeans from Topshop, a massive turn around for someone who last year was against any form of trousers.

9. Who is your favourite designer and why?: From a designer point of view I would say Victor and Rolf, as they have incorporated typography into their work which is an artistic love of mine. However in terms of ready to wear fashion I take more inspiration from the way people mesh different items together, the combination of brands creating one whole look.

10. What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?:
My style has changed a lot recently as I have grown up, I tend to go for pretty blouses instead of the egdy grunger feel I used to go for.

Thanks to Rosie for those great answers, and I hope they have answered anything you guys wanted to know! Here’s a few pictures of what she gets up to on YouTube & on her blog…

Youtube Channel: JustYourNormalGirl

Blog: Ring O’ Rosie

Watch out for more posts in 2013 which involve fellow bloggers!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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