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By January 3, 2016 General

First of all, Happy New Year! This is officially my first blog post of 2016… which also means the first blog post for my 4th year of blogging… crazy! I still can’t quite believe 2015 is over, I think it genuinely was the most fast paced year of all time, I mean seriously, where did it go?

Twenty-sixteen 2016 - Happy New Year Outfit - Wildfox - New Look - Nike - Normcore Outfits


2015 was an odd year for me… a lot happened but it’s as if I didn’t really have the right sort of grip on it all. Like it just sort of blurred past me and then I was like, oh wait, that happened, didn’t it? (That probably makes no sense at all, but this is just going to be one of those updatey type posts so bear with people, bear with!) And that’s why I want 2016 to be different… I want to be able to actually grasp onto opportunities and realise exactly what’s happening.

I want to really just go for it, because quite frankly, I need to. Even if I start with small things, I think it might actually work this year. I’ve already taken a pretty big step in telling myself that after April, I will most definitely be dying my hair a washed out navy blue… the April part is rather specific as I’m going to be maid of honour at my sister’s wedding and I’m not quite sure I’m brave enough to walk down the aisle (um… sort of) with my new-do. But it will happen people! I will dye my hair and it will in some way help me to step up to bigger things. I can feel it.

Twenty-sixteen 2016 - Happy New Year Outfit - Wildfox - New Look - Nike - Normcore Outfits

WHAT I WORE: Faux Fur Coat (Jumble Sale) // Maison Scotch Blouse (Jumble Sale) // Good Morning Sweatshirt (Wildfox Kids)* // Ripped Flares (New Look Teens)* // Nike TR Fit 5.0 Trainers (JD Sports)* // Personalisable Necklace (Primark) // Sunglasses (SCOUT)

In terms of real goals… I’m not sure. I used to do real step by step goals but now it’s just sort of a general aim to get things going. I have a few plans for my blog example, including a new interview feature that I’ve been working on for a really long time and just the overall idea of extending my content to more intellectual and in-depth topics.

I started to do this towards the end of last year, but things got hectic with #MooiEnLiefbyTDP (oh yeah, I launched a collection last year, didn’t I?) and I ended up putting too much pressure on myself… hence my drop in blog posts. After running a site like this for so long, I suppose you set yourself up for expectations when really, the only expectations are in your head. I’m doing this for me after all, right? The added bonus is all of the opportunities and amazing readers on top.

Twenty-sixteen 2016 - Happy New Year Outfit - Wildfox - New Look - Nike - Normcore Outfits


  LOCATION: Sirolo, IT  🇮🇹

I’m forever grateful for what blogging has given me and I don’t regret a single bit of it. I hope 2016 brings even more to TDP, in whatever direction it takes. I’m thinking I might refresh things again too, so it might not be just my hair getting a change. If I do change things up, it won’t be anything too drastic… it’s just with my age, I’m always changing and I feel like I’ve already grown out of my 2014 update (two years is a long time for a teen, just sayin’)… so who knows. We’ll see!

As for you, I hope you stick around and that you all have an even better year than the last. You’re all awesome and I absolutely love being able to chat and converse about things we all love and enjoy. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet in person this year? There are endless possibilities waiting for us… I guess it’s just about going out and grabbing them.

Good luck you crafty jack rabbits… 100 brownie points if you can point out that reference. 100 brownie points if you can’t either, because you’re all equally awesome.

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Changing With The Seasons #3 – April, Spring*

By April 19, 2015 Changing With The Seasons

This blog post was featured on i-D Magazine!

It’s that time again! Spring has sprung so I’m here with another Changing With The Seasons outfit post! If you’re new here then you won’t know that you guys voted for a piece of clothing for me to style across 8 months of the year. You chose a navy skater skirt this time around! I’m gonna’ show you how to dress for spring in this post, and I have a feeling you’re going to ‘heart eye emoji like this’.

how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop uk

how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop uk

how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop uk

WHAT I WORE: Emoji Print Top (Primark) // Cherry Playsuit (Primark) // Skater Skirt (H&M) // Leopard Converse (Footlocker) // Emoji Pins (Emoji Shop UK)*

how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop uk
how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop uk

OK, so I know this outfit isn’t extraordinary and is pretty darn casual but I basically just threw it on. Surprisingly enough I’m finding this whole “Changing With The Seasons” thing quite challenging which I quite like, so I guess there will be those outfits which are just a bit… ‘hmmmm?’…if you get what I mean! It’s still fun though right, even if it isn’t anything too special?

Instead of just going for the normal skirt and top combo, I added my Primark cherry print playsuit for an added layer and a print clash. I think the neckline of the playsuit compliments the shape of the top and even the prints seem to work hand in hand! I mean, who wouldn’t buy an emoji top? Who wouldn’t!

how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop uk

how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop uk

how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop ukI think this outfit is missing something to really pull it together. Perhaps a jacket or a bag…? What do you think? I think perhaps if the skirt were a little longer it would have worked a bit better, but I’m okay with that! It’s definitely not missing emojis though! What is your favourite emoji? I’d say mine is the dancing lady; so sassy! 

Speaking of emojis, I discovered the awesome Emoji Shop UK the other day and they were awesome and sent me a few pins to trial out. They’re awesome. I can now officially express my ’emoji mood’ with everyone at any time.

how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop uk

how to dress of spring ootd fashion blog emoji shop ukWhat a perfect time to make use of the shoe emoji! I really thought I’d grown out of my Converse but when I slipped them on for this blog post, they fit?! My feet are weird, but they look pretty cool in yellow leopard print. These are super comfy (as are all Converse) and add that splash of colour and touch of skater style to what I’m wearing. I like them a lot and I must start wearing them more!


Here’s the video for you! I know this is weird to say but I actually kinda’ pushed myself to put this post up. I was in a bit of a rush so I basically threw the outfit on, didn’t realise that my hair was in a frizzy mess and that one of my sleeves wasn’t rolled up properly. My sister said to me “Be the change you want to see” (I want to see people being themselves, because what else is more perfect?!) and she’s right.

This is a little message from me to you, to just be yourself. I didn’t feel great in putting this post up but, this is me. This is me on the day when I’m a bit rushed for time because a thunder storm is coming, so I just threw on something that looked kinda’ colourful. So don’t hold back even if you don’t think you’re perfect. Be you 🙂 😛 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Wearing Pink On A Wednesday*

By July 2, 2014 My Style

Sorry for the very un-original title of this My Style post, but it’s Wednesday and I’m wearing pink so, it was kind of obligatory… duh. I like this outfit and I hope you do too 🙂 Sorry about the weird blue glow… darn you white balance!  Make sure to leave a comment telling me how you would wear pink on a Wednesday!

pink 12my style pink on wednesday mean girls outfit lush t-shirtspink 1my style pink on wednesday mean girls outfit lush t-shirtsWhat I Wore: No Photos Please T-Shirt £14.99 (Lush T-Shirts)*, Pink Dress (Marks & Spencer), Denim Shorts (Jumble Sale), Barbie Socks £2.50 (Primark), Jelly Shoes (Supermarket) & Floral Ear Headband £3.50 (River Island at ASOS)

I never knew I was a pink kinda’ person, but turns out, I really am. I had to wear my pink taffeta dress because I own no pink skirts… very tempted to make it into a skirt actually, seeing as it’s about 7 years old – no. joke. I love the contrast of the pastel and bright pink though, and the slogan top makes such an awesome statement. Plus, it’s kinda’ ironic, seeing as I’m a fashion blogger and all… lol.  What d’ya think? Too much pink, or just right? I’m thinking the latter, but not sure the French around here would agree.. I changed the dress for some trousers when I went out *hides behind curtains*

my style pink on wednesday mean girls outfit lush t-shirts my style pink on wednesday mean girls outfit lush t-shirts my style pink on wednesday mean girls outfit lush t-shirtsWhen I was in the UK recently, I tried on this super cute headband in River Island, knowing that it was also on ASOS, so when I saw it for half the price in the ASOS sale, I bought it immediately. It’s adorable! I thought I would prefer the multi-coloured one, but I’m so glad I picked the pink! I also love the gold band… it makes it look a lot more expensive than it was! It’s also a great headband which can be worn with a topknot as it’s just small enough, which is very handy in these warmer months! Oh and FYI, the pool is up and running, and most days I take a dip! Fun, fun, fun!

my style pink on wednesday mean girls outfit lush t-shirts my style pink on wednesday mean girls outfit lush t-shirtsAs I mentioned earlier, this dress is kinda’ on the small side which means my denim shorts have to be worn underneath! I’m a big fan of denim at the moment, and these are again… adorable! I love the little trim and how it pokes out underneath the skirt… cute-ness! Speaking of denim… I really want a denim/acid-wash style drop arm vest with a high neck… anyone know of where to get one? Thanks if you do suggest anywhere!

my style pink on wednesday mean girls outfit lush t-shirtsAnd finally… shoes! I wore my new Barbie socks (featured in my new haul, watch it here!with my jelly shoes, and I quite like the combo! Due to Primark’s bad packaging, when I pulled the label off the socks, it pulled a thread with it meaning there is now a hole on the bottom. Not very nice! I like them nonetheless though, and it just adds that little bit more pink to the outfit!

I shall speak to you soon! I have some exciting things in the pipeline, which I should be able to tell you about soon! The only hint I can give is that it will be the 2nd time in which one of my goals for 2014 will be coming true! Eeep! 🙂 Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Getting Ready for The New Look Prom*

By June 7, 2014 My Style

Hello! Yes, I am still very much alive. I’ve been super busy this week and am having to cram taking blog pictures into one (extremely beautiful, hot and sunny) day before I’m back off home to the UK again! I got asked a while back by New Look if I wanted to style some pieces from their new New Look Prom range as part of their new campaign, so obviously… I said yes! By the way… I did an article on teen blogging for Issue 4 of Blogosphere Magazine if you want to take a look… 😉 

new look prom teen outfits

new look prom teen outfits

new look prom teen outfits

new look prom teen outfits

Beauty // What I Wore: Telescopic Mascara (L’Oreal), Silver Eyeliner (Rimmel Scandal-Eyes), Lipgloss in Rosy Dawn (Burt’s Bees)*, Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Blossom (Burt’s Bees)*, Perfume (Britney Spears), Lemon Cuticle Butter (Burt’s Bees)*, Snow Me White Nail Polish (Sinful Colours) & A Roll In The Hague Nail Polish (OPI)

I don’t wear a lot of make-up… I skip any sort of foundation or BB cream, I just go with a tiny bit of mascara and something on my lips… I received some lovely bits from Burt’s Bees, and have been testing out their new lip colour range. The tinted lip balm is like melted butter on your lips… it’s so silky and soft! The lip gloss is pretty darn good too! The packaging is lovely and it isn’t sticky! A win win really 🙂 The colour of both products are so nude, but give off a really girly and simple look! Love, love, love!

For my nails I went with a white Sinful Colours polish and it only cost me £1.99! It stays for ages and doesn’t chip that much like other polishes. The colour is very opaque and for the price, I definitely recommend it! I went for orange on my toes and I think it looks very summery!

new look prom teen outfits

new look prom teen outfits

new look prom teen outfits

new look prom teen outfits

Fashion // What I Wore: Printed Dress (Primark), Pastel Petticoat Tutu (M&S), Embellished Mesh Shell Top (Jumble Sale), Clear Orange Clutch £9.99 (New Look)* &  White Strap Peeptoe Heels £19.99 (New Look)*

When I received my gorgeous accessories from New Look I felt like Olivia Purvis (she’s gorgeous). I have never owned such a grown-up pair of heels and these are gorgeous! They’re actually surprisingly comfortable (…until I attempt wearing them for a long period of time…), and look so sophisticated. Let’s not get started on the clutch… it’s soooo funk-ay! I love how it’s clear yet it still has the section to hide things away… super practical if you ask me! I knew straight away what I had to pair them with and of course my classic Primark dress made an appearance!

Too make the dress a little bit more ‘prom like’, I added on top my bargain mesh shell top and my M&S pastel tutu for va-va-voom underneath the skirt of the dress. The colours all match really nicely and makes the outfit more laid-back and fun for such an occasion. I was also sent a lovely embellished belt which is sooo pretty, it just didn’t fit in with this outfit perfectly. You can have a look at here if you like!

new look prom teen outfits

new look prom teen outfits

What do you think when you think of a Prom outfit? I just think my style! I love colour and embellishments just make it even more fun. This outfit is also very practical as you can move and swish all you like. Get on that dance floor baby! Ooh, we must mention my hair! I decided to curl it, but last night I plaited it and it just made it a ton easier to do! I love messy beachy waves, it suits me the best! I haven’t curled my hair in ages… it takes forever and I’m never usually happy with it, but this result was quite satisfactory! Hooray! Also… do you like the way I have edited these pictures? I found a tutorial about using gradients with curves and I like it! Oui or non?

new look prom teen outfits

new look prom teen outfits

I am very self-conscious about my feet… without the wonder’s of Photoshop they would look horrid… trust me… but some how this nail polish and shoe combo cheers them up a bit! They look more lady like and not so ‘ew’ from winter, which is a win. The strap on the toes distracts them and my feet actually look presentable… sort of.. just take away the fact they look wonky… yup okay my feet are weird and I can’t hide the fact.

So that’s what I would wear to prom if I were going! What would you wear? Make sure you let me know in the comments! As I mentioned at the beginning, I’m away this coming week so please don’t expect a post for a while… sorry! I will be back, I promise 🙂 See you soon girls and guys!

(I was not paid to write this post. New Look offered me a few pieces as one of their favourite bloggers. Read my full PR disclaimer here!)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Fashion Revolution Day – #InsideOut

By April 11, 2014 Fashion

Today I have a special post, which I really really hope you get involved with. If you don’t know, April 24th is Fashion Revolution Day which is exactly 1 year after the Rana Plaza disaster. I’m here to tell you more about the special day, and how you can get involved to raise awareness in the fashion industry…

inside out fash rev9 inside out fash rev1 inside out fash rev3What I Wore #InsideOut: Neon Embroidered Blouse with Drop Hem (ASOS), Printed Dress (Primark), H.Morgan Denim Jacket (Jumble Sale), Pastel Chain Necklaces (Rings & Tings)* & Blue Jelly Sandals (Sun Jellies)*

Last year on April 24th in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1133 people were killed when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed, many more were injured. The textile industry is widely regarded as a major contributor to global pollution but, according to research by Deloitte, 2 in 3 fashion companies are not focused on engaging consumers with regard to sustainability. According to the Australian Fashion Report in 2013 61% of companies surveyed didn’t know where their garments were made. Fashion Revolution, says enough is enough, and I totally agree. It’s time we do know where our wardrobe came from! I know I don’t feel comfortable in buying clothes made by children my age, and by people in crumbling buildings, and YOU can help. YOU can do something. YES, YOU!

inside out fash rev5inside out fash rev2

This is what Fashion Revolution want YOU to do….

Wear a piece of clothing (or an outfit!) ‘#InsideOut‘ and share it around with the hashtag #InsideOut including @Fash_Rev and @TollyDollyPosh (I want to see it too!)

Tweet and share your picture with the brand that it comes from, and ask them ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ again with the #InsideOut hashtag

There are going to be events at Somerset House, as well as a mass catwalk in Barcelona, a fashion show in Bangladesh and in Nepal. This isn’t just a local thing, Fashion Revolution is a global project, and I hope you get stuck in!

inside out fash rev7 inside out fash rev6 I’m going to be tweeting throughout the day to as many brands as possible that I have worked with in the past, or whoever! I want to try my best to help this cause because I am very passionate about it. If you are a blogger, you can also check out the course I have made on Bundle where you can learn more about the cause, and gain points on your Bundle account. More modules will be added, but for now go check it out! It will only take you 30 minutes at the most.

Please please please check out Fashion Revolution because everyone wears clothes, so it is something we should all be getting involved with. I hope to see lots of you tweeting on April 24thIf you liked this post, you can nominate me as Best Teen Style Blog here! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Branding & Logos in the Fashion Industry

By December 10, 2013 Fashion

Last night I sat down and watched a programme on discount stores, like TKMaxx or the Bicester Village, and it came across an interesting point. I’ve discussed it before I believe, but I thought I would just go a step further in voicing my opinions.

branding logos fashion industry opinion post fashion

Another reason I am interested in discussing this, is after I saw a tweet from a blogger saying they ‘couldn’t compete with other bloggers because they only wear Primark compared to expensive clothing’. And also after the point on the programme which came up when they let people in the public feel a jumper with the label covered by a sticky note (the people had to give a price for how much they would pay, and when the sticky note was taken off, they had to re-price it. The jumper was a Ralph Lauren one, but without the label showing, the people priced it at about £10, and when the label was shown, they tripled the price and said it was worth £30, all because they saw that one label). I find it quite bizarre that people pay more, just because of the make! I have never bought anything because of it’s label, as they say, never judge a book by it’s cover.

I want to talk about the importance of branding and logos in the fashion industry, but the fact that it shouldn’t determine the price of a piece of clothing. Okay, so Ralph Lauren of course wouldn’t be Ralph Lauren without that little-man-riding-a-horse-playing-polo logo (that rhymes), and Chanel wouldn’t be Chanel without the double C’s, but how does a logo make something ‘more valuable’? Branding and logos now mean more than anything, it’s almost a sign of status. If you wear Ralph Lauren, you show that you have a bit more money than someone else, or if you have a Chanel handbag in your arm, then you can afford to splash out on a few bits of leather worth £1000. To be honest with you, I don’t even like the range of Chanel handbags (ooh, controversial I know!), but I think it’s more about status than anything else as I said. Apparently, if I wear H&M and New Look I am not as ‘cool’ and ‘fashionable’ as a luxury buyer, which of course is totally wrong.

I’m not talking about ‘logo t-shirts’ like the Kenzo tiger, I’m talking about the actual label inside tops (you know the ones you have to cut off anyway because they irritate the back of your neck?). Obviously brands have to market their clothes, they want people to know what somebody else is wearing, easily, which is of course what logos do. My question is though, why are they so important to us? Why are we so bothered about the logo that is on my new skirt? Do I look ‘bovvered’ mate, do I? Look at my face… is my face ‘bovvered’? Face? Bovvered? (Catherine Tate references in a rant… #genius)

branding logos fashion industry opinion post fashion nike jd sports

There are three arguments in my opinion; 1 – Status (no, not the ones that you post on your ‘wall’, but as in £££ status.), 2 – Quality (fabrics etc.), and 3 – ‘Fashion’.
Status – If you are seen with a Mulberry handbag (fake or real), people might think more highly of you (or try and rob you… maybe), and might think that you have a nice job etc etc (of course, you could have got it as a gift or whatever, but this is just for an example).
Quality – A lot of buyers believe that just because it is expensive, means it’s better quality, which of course is true in some cases, but if you watched the programme you  would have seen the fact that outlet stores sometimes only sell ‘outlet only’ pieces, which are cheaper versions, of the actual designer product.
‘Fashion’ – Some people generally think that if a product has one of these logos on it, then it is fashionable, on trend and stylish, and of course the fact that if you’re favourite celebrity is seen wearing that specific designer, you must have it because it’s ‘fashionable’ to them.

Even if you are wearing a false version of a brand’s product, the only reason you bought it to be fair, is because it has the ‘logo‘ on it… right? If you genuinely liked the product, surely you would actually splash the cash for the real deal? The other fact is… just plain and simply… why? What is so super special about a designer piece? I understand if you genuinely love the product, the fabric, the way it looks on you, but if you simply just like it because it has the name on it, and you think it is worth more… why? I really do not understand ‘your’ logic. Just because it says ‘Dior’ on it, doesn’t mean it’s nice… the name might be, but do you actually look at the product? You could probably find something a little bit cheaper which is just as nice, just simply without that label. It’s nice to treat yourself of course, but it’s just a name!

Let me take a celebrity for example… I was shopping in the same shop as Dame Helen Mirren (Insta-pap shot for you here), and she was so miserable, she didn’t even have to say anything and she just didn’t come across nice, and the only reason she is ‘special’ is because she has been in films. She’s like everyone else, we’re all human, like t-shirts are all t-shirts, but with different names on the annoying-neck-irritating labels. When (yes, I just said when, one has to be optimistic these days) I become a fashion designer, I don’t really want to be a ‘designer’. I’d love to be on the catwalks at LFW, but not for being a person who sells £1000 bags just because of the name on them, I want my designs to be available to everyone, and to sell because they are nice. Do you get what I’m saying now? If not I just wasted 1000 words on this post. Great. Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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The Best Look Books of A/W 13′

By August 25, 2013 Fashion

It’s getting to that time again where brand’s are releasing their look books and official collection ‘promo shots’, it’s one of my favourite times of the year, because it means sitting down with a cup of tea flicking through the gorgeous pictures which feature clothes that I wish could fill up my wardrobe.

the best look books of a/w 13' alice and olivia

Alice & Olivia: Up until recently, I’d never heard of Alice and Olivia, but when I did find them, I fell in love. I think I’m going through a sort of ‘basics’ phase because I love how simple and effortless both the collection and look book are. I think they have captured the ‘essence’ and ‘vibe’ of Autumn, because there is nothing too ‘vampy’ or ‘gothic’ in there, which I think a lot of brands do when it gets to A/W. One of my predictions for the new season is the ‘flapper’ style, which I strongly believe is because of The Great Gatsby film (is the DVD out yet?), and I love it! I never really wear lace or pearl necklaces, so I hope it will suit me when I give it a try!

the best look books of a/w 13' asos

ASOS: I love ASOS. I think probably everyone who knows me, knows that I have a love affair with them. You can’t really go wrong with £10 dresses can you? No, exactly. When my eyes set onto the new look book, I fell in love all over again. ASOS have really caught onto the 90’s vibe which I am sure is going to be big, and have put their own chic twist on it. I love the jumpsuit above, if it’s in the Petite range, I believe I may just have to put it on my Christmas wishlist. I have to give it to them, I think ASOS are by far my all time favourite brand out there. Thanks big sis for the recommendation!

the best look books of a/w 13' primark

Primark: It’s been a year since I step foot into the beast. It’s getting a little too much to bare. My jelly shoes are calling for the frilly socks in pastel colours, but now this? *wipes away the tears* Pastel pinks in Autumn? How can this work so well? Furry crop tops with oversized jackets, how will I live without them in my life? Primark have got it so right, and it’s so wrong that I live hundreds of miles away from a Primark shop. Another of my predictions is ‘structure’, and oh boy are there a lot of beautifully structured pieces in the new collection. I believe I will be asking my sister to order some things off of ASOS for me. (How mean is that? Putting ‘Primarni’ on my favourite online shop, and not allowing European shipping?) I can’t wait to go back to the UK soon. I have so much I want to buy! Ahhh!

(This is a scheduled post. Images used in this post are found here: Alice & Olivia//ASOS//Primark) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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