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Bye Bra ‘Discusses’ My Breasts

By May 21, 2014 General

Dear Bye Bra,

The reason I have yet to reply to your first email about sampling the Bye Bra breast lift tape, is because…

1 – I am in no way interested in reviewing a breast lift tape.
2 – I am never ever going to show my ‘breasticles’ on this blog… EVER.
3 – I wouldn’t buy breast lift tape anyway, so why would I want to review it on my blog?

Oh wait, hang on! Silly me, almost forgot… I’m 14, and I have nothing going on in the breast department… FLAT. AS. A. WALL.

I’m glad you like my blog, but next time, I would recommend that you check the bloggers you are emailing instead of putting ‘Dear owner of [insert URL]’ and wasting my time (…I hope ‘the board meeting which you discussed my blog in’ went well…), and embarrassing yourself.

Thanks, but definitely NO THANKS,
Bye Bye Bra…

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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