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By January 3, 2016 General

First of all, Happy New Year! This is officially my first blog post of 2016… which also means the first blog post for my 4th year of blogging… crazy! I still can’t quite believe 2015 is over, I think it genuinely was the most fast paced year of all time, I mean seriously, where did it go?

Twenty-sixteen 2016 - Happy New Year Outfit - Wildfox - New Look - Nike - Normcore Outfits


2015 was an odd year for me… a lot happened but it’s as if I didn’t really have the right sort of grip on it all. Like it just sort of blurred past me and then I was like, oh wait, that happened, didn’t it? (That probably makes no sense at all, but this is just going to be one of those updatey type posts so bear with people, bear with!) And that’s why I want 2016 to be different… I want to be able to actually grasp onto opportunities and realise exactly what’s happening.

I want to really just go for it, because quite frankly, I need to. Even if I start with small things, I think it might actually work this year. I’ve already taken a pretty big step in telling myself that after April, I will most definitely be dying my hair a washed out navy blue… the April part is rather specific as I’m going to be maid of honour at my sister’s wedding and I’m not quite sure I’m brave enough to walk down the aisle (um… sort of) with my new-do. But it will happen people! I will dye my hair and it will in some way help me to step up to bigger things. I can feel it.

Twenty-sixteen 2016 - Happy New Year Outfit - Wildfox - New Look - Nike - Normcore Outfits

WHAT I WORE: Faux Fur Coat (Jumble Sale) // Maison Scotch Blouse (Jumble Sale) // Good Morning Sweatshirt (Wildfox Kids)* // Ripped Flares (New Look Teens)* // Nike TR Fit 5.0 Trainers (JD Sports)* // Personalisable Necklace (Primark) // Sunglasses (SCOUT)

In terms of real goals… I’m not sure. I used to do real step by step goals but now it’s just sort of a general aim to get things going. I have a few plans for my blog example, including a new interview feature that I’ve been working on for a really long time and just the overall idea of extending my content to more intellectual and in-depth topics.

I started to do this towards the end of last year, but things got hectic with #MooiEnLiefbyTDP (oh yeah, I launched a collection last year, didn’t I?) and I ended up putting too much pressure on myself… hence my drop in blog posts. After running a site like this for so long, I suppose you set yourself up for expectations when really, the only expectations are in your head. I’m doing this for me after all, right? The added bonus is all of the opportunities and amazing readers on top.

Twenty-sixteen 2016 - Happy New Year Outfit - Wildfox - New Look - Nike - Normcore Outfits


  LOCATION: Sirolo, IT  🇮🇹

I’m forever grateful for what blogging has given me and I don’t regret a single bit of it. I hope 2016 brings even more to TDP, in whatever direction it takes. I’m thinking I might refresh things again too, so it might not be just my hair getting a change. If I do change things up, it won’t be anything too drastic… it’s just with my age, I’m always changing and I feel like I’ve already grown out of my 2014 update (two years is a long time for a teen, just sayin’)… so who knows. We’ll see!

As for you, I hope you stick around and that you all have an even better year than the last. You’re all awesome and I absolutely love being able to chat and converse about things we all love and enjoy. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet in person this year? There are endless possibilities waiting for us… I guess it’s just about going out and grabbing them.

Good luck you crafty jack rabbits… 100 brownie points if you can point out that reference. 100 brownie points if you can’t either, because you’re all equally awesome.

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Changing With The Seasons 2015 Round-Up

By December 29, 2015 Changing With The Seasons

So here we have it, the Changing With The Seasons 2015 round-up! If you’re a bit confused as to what this series is, then head over to this post which explains it all. I was initially going to be doing outfits but unfortunately due to my schedule etc, I was only able to get 6 of them up, which in terms of all the photos and editing and time, is still pretty darn good. But basically in short, the idea was to style one piece of clothing over an 8 month period, doing 2 outfits per season. So here’s what 2015 look liked for my old H&M pleated skirt…

How To Dress For The Seasons - How To Dress All Year Round - Outfit Inspiration - Changing With The Seasons


“The skirt really complements the jumper, especially when you nicely tuck it in. I added my super crazy Dalmatian coat on top for an added layer… I really am a rebel! Mixing black and navy… who knew it could look okay? Monochrome really is a fail safe option for any outfit.” Read the full post here.

How To Dress For The Seasons - How To Dress All Year Round - Outfit Inspiration - Changing With The Seasons


“I made this outfit a little bit more snazzy with texture too. I’ve been dying to try out the whole ‘scuba’ trend and I’m loving it. The structure to it makes everything look a bit more sleek and perhaps even a bit more expensive.” Read the full post here.

How To Dress For The Seasons - How To Dress All Year Round - Outfit Inspiration - Changing With The Seasons

~ SPRING – APRIL – #3 ~

“Surprisingly enough I’m finding this whole “Changing With The Seasons” thing quite challenging which I quite like, so I guess there will be those outfits which are just a bit… ‘hmmmm?’…if you get what I mean! It’s still fun though right, even if it isn’t anything too special?” Read the full post here – As featured on i_D Magazine

How To Dress For The Seasons - How To Dress All Year Round - Outfit Inspiration - Changing With The Seasons

~ SPRING – MAY – #4 ~

“I also realised that the colours on the bag matched the rest of the outfit perfectly. The wording is dark blue just like the Changing With The Seasons, H&M skirt (you guys voted for it!) and the tiny little leaf detailing matches the mint from the top. The little details people, it’s all about the little details…” Read the full post here.

How To Dress For The Seasons - How To Dress All Year Round - Outfit Inspiration - Changing With The Seasons

~ SUMMER – JULY – #5 ~

“Okay, let’s just jump to it… THIS. TWO. PIECE. I don’t even care if 99% of this post is just all about the jacket and skirt, because looook. at. it. You won’t believe this when I say it, but I picked this up for £5.00 at a jumble sale.” Read the full post here.

How To Dress For The Seasons - How To Dress All Year Round - Outfit Inspiration - Changing With The Seasons


“I actually picked up this dress from ASOS for my Mooi en Lief by Tolly Dolly Posh lookbook (FREE with every order plus a FREE iron-on badge… heh) and now I’ve worn it like this, I’m obsessed. I even wore it the same day with some cosy stockings in the evening because it just look so bad ass.” Read the full post here.

How To Dress For The Seasons - How To Dress All Year Round - Outfit Inspiration - Changing With The Seasons

So that’s the round-up… it’s actually been a really interesting series to do… I may do it again in 2016 (please do let me know if you’d like this in the comments), but it was actually quite tricky… it was definitely harder than I thought!

You might think it’s easy to style up an item in your wardrobe multiple ways, but you often find yourself opting back to certain items because they just work so well. Also I think as it was a skirt… it’s quite a prominent piece within an outfit so you sort of have to style things around it rather than with it – if that makes sense? If I were to choose a favourite, I think I’d choose July… what about you? Make a vote below or leave a comment!

What did you think of this series? Would you like to see it back in 2016? Which was your favourite outfit? Leave comment below!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A Blogger’s Guide To Photography When Your Dad’s The Photographer

By December 7, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle

Yes, you read that right… today I am not going to be writing this post, in fact, my dad/father/père, also known as, Papa Posh, is taking control! If you didn’t know already, from day 1 (I’m talking iPhone photography days), my dad has taken my outfit photos (no idea why, it’s just stuck), so I thought it might be helpful to get him to write about what he’s learnt, in the form of a ‘Blogger’s Guide to Photography’! Hopefully this will help any of you fellow bloggers and your (family members) photographers! Take it away Papa Posh… (Please note that I don’t have internet at the moment and am using McDonalds as a second home! Ha! I will reply to comments and emails as soon as I can, don’t fear!)

how to take outfit pictures guide to photography

Get the lighting right…

The most important thing is light. I’ve seen the difference the light can make between a duff shot and one that leaps off the page. Try and capture the light and beautiful photos will follow I guarantee it. For your outfit posts or pictures of people, the best time of day to photograph is the ‘Golden Hour,’ which is the last hour or two of sunlight in the day. You can pose with the sun slightly behind or to one side of you to make you glow, which flatters every skin tone.

I’ve noticed a hugh difference doing this when sometimes we set out to shoot at the wrong time of day knowing from the first few images that it’s not going to work and that we need to come back to it later.

Compose your shot…

Much of the editing out of an image can be done with image editors but you’ll never be able to change the angle of the shot once it’s taken so getting the composition right in the first place makes a huge difference. Be very aware of what to leave in and out of the frame… One mistake I made early on was where to stand in relation to Tolly; I’m 6′ 4” tall so I had a habit of not bending my knees to take the shot of Tolly’s outfit shots, which made her head look too large (whoops!).

So, have your photographer bend their knees a bit so that the camera lens focuses on the centre of the body. On the other hand if they bend down too far, your feet will look huge and your head tiny so be careful unless that’s the effect you crave!

Get a decent camera and a nice lens…

Now I know we can all use a smart phone to take photos but you can’t beat the ease of using a DSLR. These cameras give you so much more freedom and precision to snap away in an instant. That’s not to say an iPhone (other brands available) will not deliver the great shot, but your trusty DSLR will be much more practical – it is after all a camera not a phone.

I also recommend investing in a nice lens… for outfit photos and close up shots, I’d now recommend a 50mm or 35mm f/1.8 lenses to give the depth of focus that makes everything look that much better (bare in mind that a 50mm is less practical for full length shots, but it does the job well for the price). Tolly’s deleted more images than I’d like, due to my focus not being as crisp as she needs… so take note of that too. Fussy or what!?

how to take outfit pictures guide to photography

Choose an interesting location or backdrop…

Try and find some interesting walls for your backdrop so that you can quickly and easily pop to the location and take some shots. Use a garage or barn door or make use of natural surroundings. Use everyday props in your shots to add some interest and intrigue! I’ve taken shots of Tolly at markets, on the beach, abandoned tennis courts, antique stalls, next to vintage cars, alongside graffiti… in fact anywhere where she thinks the background will add to the message she’s trying to deliver. So pay attention to what’s around you, and with a little care, your images will add interest for your readers every time!

Avoid using flash…

This is a common mistake to make when you have an all singing all dancing camera that wants to get it right for you, and then doesn’t. Just turn off your automatic flash. Auto flash makes the photo look flat and washed out, don’t let this happen to your photos. Natural light is perfect, so take advantage of it even if this take several attempts. I know it can be frustrating but be patient and you will be rewarded with an image to be proud of.

Hopefully this has helped you and your photographer, and will make your photography sessions a whole lot easier and quicker to get through. Let us know how you get on in the comments! Who knows, you might just see Mama Posh writing a post sometime soon…

OUTFITS FEATURED: A La Plage // Chanel A/W Inspired // Fat vs Thin Debate // Tennis Court

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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2 Outfits for £50.00

By March 7, 2013 Fashion

I saw on ‘Super Scrimpers’ on Channel 4 – a show about saving money – a bit where they were trying to create 3 looks for £50.00. Annoyingly, in the end they meant 3 outfits, each costing £50.00 which is quite easy, but why is it so hard to create 3 with just £50.00? Well, I suppose it’s hard, so I’ve done just 2 Outfits this time. Unfortunately, we don’t have Primark online 🙁 But, I think 2 Outfits is pretty good? Yeah?

Pink Single Pocket Shirt £16.99, 34in Denim Blue Skinny Jeans £7.00 & Wide Fit Black Stud Tab Slipper Shoes £7.00 (All from New Look).

50outfit1Misumi Black Open Stitch Sequin Knitted Jumper £7.00 & Green Triangle Stud Earrings £2.99 (Both from New Look).

This look is so on trend! Mix a simple and basic jumper with a pop of colour like these cute neon studs! Perfect with the shoes! Also, the pale pink in the shirt add a subtle girly feel to the outfit.

50outfit2Black Carpet Print T-Shirt £4.00 & Gold and Black Enamel Smudge Cross Earrings £2.99 (Both from New Look).

This look is also on trend. Add simple ‘rock chic’ with a pair of crosses, and you will look awesome! The studded detailing on the shoes will also pull the outfit together, and all you’ll need then will be some red lippy!

50totDah dah! Amazing! 2 Outfits for UNDER £50.00! I know it’s all from New Look, but surely it’s a bargain no matter what? You could even mix and match both looks, like adding the jumper to the t-shirt, and swapping around the earrings. Anything you like will work! Also before I go, perhaps you might want to do something for me? Yeah?companynomieesCLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR ME! Use the URL:

Would you buy these outfits? Have you ever bought 2 Outfits for under £50? Have you voted for me yet? Make sure to tell me in the comments!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Pop Of Colour

By January 9, 2013 My Style

PopColour7 PopColour1Yesterday we went to a place called Mazamet which is near Castres in the Midi-Pyrenees. Along the way we visited other little towns and villages, which was the perfect spot to start of my 2013 Style Series. It was extremely cold, and there was a slight drizzle where we were because there was a man made spring near the river. There were some French school pupils on a trip, and I think one of them said ‘Why aren’t they speaking French’, or something along those lines. The reason I call this Outfit ‘Pop Of Colour’ is because it was quite a cold and grey day, and there was so much fog you couldn’t see anything. My trousers where the ‘Pop Of Colour’ in the day, and so was the sky when we were actually above the clouds and fog at one point. (Where we live is very hilly, and high up).

PopColour6 PopColour3You can see my Ombre is starting to grow out 🙁 I don’t think I’ll have it done again either… See my How To Care For Ombre Hair: The Products Video here.

PopColour5 PopColour2PopColour4

What I Wore:WOW River Island Jumper, New Look Checkered Blouse (Re-Vamped), New Look Orange Skinny Trousers, Primark Boots, Matalan Beret, Les Halles Gloves & John Lewis Coat.

I love my coat! It’s really warm, and cosy, and also looks really nice with boots and trousers. I also love my beret, if I add my geek glasses it really works the Geek Chic look.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Vintage Fashion: 40s & 50s

By January 4, 2013 Fashion

PART 1 – At the moment I have a major obsession with Vintage Fashion. It’s partly because I watched Restless on BBC and I loved the whole look of the film. (You can see the post I did on that here.) But, it’s also because I watched Dark Shadows once again, last night, and found that I enjoyed the look of that too. I also really want to become obsessed with a TV Series because I feel I need to have something to look forward too in this time of boredom. (Yes, I still haven’t found a school, but we will do soon!) So, here’s a few pictures and things that I think are cool, and perhaps you will find inspiration from them too…


I think this picture kind of sums up the 40s style, because it shows the elegance that the women still had during the war, it also shows the simplicity during the time, because of lack of materials, and also the cost. I also love the Faux Fur hem, which is also quite in trend at the moment 😉

Obviously this picture is in style of the era, but I think it shows the people of this modern society that you can work the look in a nice classy way, without looking to Vintage. So, I decided to create an outfit, in style of this picture… but with a modern twist!


Longsleeve White Shirt £22.00 (Topshop), Cotton Rich Knee Length Pencil Skirt £25.00 (M&S), Yellow Neon Strap High Heel Sandals £70.00 (River Island), Front Row Society ‘Keep Flowing’ Cotton & Silk Scarf £24.91 (Nord Storm), Miso T Bar Leather Gloves £8.00 (Republic) & Red and Black Colour Block Envelope Clutch £15.99 (New Look)

Like I wrote on the image, adding touches of neon adds that modern feel to the outfit. Also, add tones of light blues for a more vintage look as well. This skirt may not be the exact same feel, but it has the right colour to match.

Be sure to watch out for Part 2, where I will be doing some outfits on the 50s & 60s… including, Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe! *Oooh*

(Pictures from Pineterest)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 41: Four Seasons

By November 17, 2012 General

I thought this post would be a good idea, since here in France it is pretty much all four seasons at the moment. Some days we have rain, some days it’s hot, some day’s it breezy, and some days it’s plain old cloudy. So, if you’re in need of an outfit which will fit all four seasons, this is the one for you!

Jakarta Jumpsuit £59.00 (Oasis), Light Pink Pocket Blazer £40.00 (River Island), STATUS Pointed Wedges with Metal Toe Cap £28.00 (ASOS), River Island Chunky Spike Friendship Bracelet Pack £15.00 (ASOS) & Metal Frame Clutch Bag £12.50 (ASOS) = £154.50!

This outfit is perfect because, you can wear it for different occasions and for different seasons. I think it’s one which should stay in your closet all year round!

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 25: Sale

By July 11, 2012 General

There are plenty of Sales out there this Summer, and here’s an outfit completely from the Sales! Take a look…

White Caged Sandals £15.00 (River Island), Navy Pointelle Skater Dress £10.00 (River Island), Floral Jacket £30.00 (Warehouse), Pilgrim Tribal Gem Drop Necklace £6.00 (ASOS), & Spike Tasel Bead Eclectic Wristwear £7.50 (ASOS).

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 23 & 24: Holiday for Men & Women

By July 10, 2012 General

Going on Holiday? Just the both of you? Take a look here…

MEN: River Island Teal Shirt £25.00, Bellfield Chino Shorts £25.00, Lace Up Desert Boots £26.00, AJ Morgan Flat Brow Sunglasses £15.00 & Eagle Leather Wrap Around Cuff £8.00 (All at ASOS). WOMEN: A Wear Half Hem Maxi £45.00, Dune Glimmer Gladiator Wedge Sandals £85.00, Metal Collar Necklace £12.00 & Clear Plastic Shopper with Bright Lining £35.00 (All at ASOS).

You’ll both look great, and I hope you have a great time 😉 Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 21 & 22

By July 10, 2012 General

Here’s another 2 outfits for you!

Mint Velvet Storm Lace Border Dress £119.00 (House of Fraser), Limited White Bead Embellished Necklace £14.99 (Newlook), EST. 1969 Black & Silver Platform Strap Heels £44.99 (Newlook) & Diamante Hand Stud Earrings £2.99 (Newlook)

These Golds & Creams look great with the Grey Lace Dress, plus this pricey buy, will last you a life time!

BIBA Feather Cape £65.00 (House of Fraser), Oasis Lace Trim Dress £60.00 (ASOS), Magic Carpet Embroidered Flat Shoes £35.00 (ASOS) & Jewelled Pearl Doorknocker Earrings £10.00 (ASOS).

Your probably thinking, ‘Those shoes with that Cape?’, well actually I think it works quite well, just change the shoes to heels for an evening look, and keep the Oriental Flats for a funky, cute day look. This Cape is so unusual, and could go with so many other looks. Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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