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How To Style Jeans And A Top | Outfit Grids

By February 15, 2015 General

So the weather deceived me. It was all sunny and “You can just wear a jacket today Tolly”, and now it’s gloomy and rainy, which means I couldn’t take any outfit pictures, boo! Knowing my luck it will get sunny again just as I pop this up, but oh well! Instead, I’ve decided to do a few outfits in a slightly different way. You may have seen these ‘outfit grid’ Instagram snaps, or those ‘flat lay outfits’ before, so today I’m gonna’ give that a go! This is a few ideas on how to style jeans and a top! Sorry if these are a bit too summery for your liking, I’m just feeling colourful so I needed to express it! Roll on the sunshine!

How To Style Jeans And A Top - Outfit Grid

How To Style Jeans And A Top - Outfit GridOUTFIT #1

Mom Jeans (Jumble Sale) // Whatever Top (Adolescent Clothing)* // Faux Fur Backpack (George at ASDA) // Vagabond Dioon (Mastershoe)* // Blue Floral Sunglasses (ASOS)

The first outfit is one I made up just before falling asleep… just like most of my ideas (darn it!). I love the whole preppy kinda’ thing, so this is the perfect casual jean + top combo’ for me. Soft grays, whites and pastel blues compliment each other so nicely, and inject that hint of colour. I’d say this is the perfect way to experiment with your wardrobe if you like a comfy and minimal look. Statement tops are also a perfect way to inject a bit of fun!

How To Style Jeans And A Top - Outfit Grid

How To Style Jeans And A Top - Outfit GridOUTFIT #2

Mom Jeans (Jumble Sale) // Whatever Top (Adolescent Clothing)* // Pink Tweed Jacket (Jumble Sale) // Metallic Lace Up Flats (New Look)* // Novelty Donut Clutch (New Look) // Blue Floral Sunglasses (ASOS)

I think a jacket can really pull together and outfit and my pink tweed jacket is the one for me! I love how the colours all merge together and add to the casual combo, but the metallic of the shoes add that something special. I can also announce that I am indeed the proud owner of that donut clutch from New Look. How cool is it though? SO. COOL.

How To Style Jeans And A Top - Outfit Grid

How To Style Jeans And A Top - Outfit GridOUTFIT #3

 Mom Jeans (Jumble Sale) // Whatever Top (Adolescent Clothing)* // Pastel Purple Faux Fur Gilet (Choies) // Johnny Loves Rosie Floral Headband (ASOS) // Vagabond Dioon (Mastershoe)* // Clear Sunglasses (Topshop)

Last but certainly not least, this purple and pastel number. I love this! I definitely need to wear this as the weather gets better. The faux fur adds a twist of texture, and the floral headband is super cute! I’ve had my eye on it for ages, so when it went down to less than £5, I couldn’t resist! My favourite pair of sunglasses make an appearance too; they’re perfect with any outfit because they’re clear, meaning they don’t not match anything!

So there we have it! What did you think? Let me know if you want me to do anymore posts like this, as it was quite fun to put together! I’d be happy to 🙂 Just to let you know that my next post will be the start of my 2nd ever London Fashion Blog Week as I’m super busy next week, so they’ll be going up every other day for you! Speak soon 🙂

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Style Inspiration with ASOS – Scandimania*

By December 9, 2014 Fashion

Today, I have a very exciting post indeed. There are two reasons why it is an exciting one… firstly, it’s a fashion/trend/inspiration/outfit idea post, which I miss writing, and secondly, I’ve teamed up with ASOS *fan girls* You guys know how much I love them, so I am truly excited to be sharing with you a little bit of style inspiration. Not any kind of style though, I’ll be talking all about ‘Scandimania’ and those hip girls in Scandinavia…

ASOS Scandimania Scandinavian Fashion MONKI

Jumper BagLeather SkirtJeansCropped ShirtBlue BroguesFlatsWrap SkirtOversized Blouse

For me, Scandinavian style has always made me think of folk prints, but after a quick Pinterest session, I came to the conclusion that I was simply wrong. ‘Scandi style’ is all about simplicity, and masculinity… sorry to stereotype if you are actually Scandinavian… it’s all about getting that balance between chic and casual. Another bonus is the fact it’s the perfect style for travel, and holidaying. It has that comfort factor with the baggy oversized shapes, but you won’t look too under dressed when you pair a slouchy shirt with some patent brogues. It’s all about the finishing touches! I personally quite like the whole look and feel of the sorts of outfits that they can think up… I’m just not sure how well it would work on a small 14 year old like me!

I made the little grid above into a sort of mix and match board for some inspiration. It works vertically and horizontally so if you are in need of some ‘Scandimania’ outfit inspiration, ASOS and I have you sorted! My favourite combination is probably the ripped jeans and cropped shirt. It’s simple and sophisticated but has that slight masculine toughness the whole way through. What’s your favourite combo? Let me know in the comments 🙂 

(This is a sponsored post. I may have been paid/gifted by ASOS to write and publish this post, but opinions are 100% honest – you know they are, I am a crazy ASOS lady. Read my full disclaimer here.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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