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My Style: Dancing With The Clouds

By May 28, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion, My Style

Last weekend, the last day of me being 12 to be precise, me and the family (excluding 3), went out to celebrate my birthday as the next day Papa Posh was off to work! We decided to go to a pretty little village and a have a bite to eat with a ‘brisk’ walk.

my style my stylemy style my style my styleWhat I Wore: Coat (John Lewis), Embellished Lace Top €3.00 (Jumble Sale), Blue Floral Dress €2.00 (Jumble Sale), Stripey Top (St James), White Trousers, Pop Band* – on my wrist (Miss GlossyBox), Mint Green Trainers £7.99 (H&M) & Barry M Greenberry £3.99 (ASOS)
on my nails

As you can probably tell by my blog banner, I LOVE mixing prints. I just think it is so fun and cute! I really like this dress as it’s very floaty, yet the neck line and sleeveless arms make it quite fitted. I also love this ‘Chanel-esque’ embellished top which was an absolute bargain. I knew it had to be mine, and I even got €2.00 off for haggling, oh yes. My coat is probably one of my favourites I own, as it is nice and snug, but also has cute little details like the collar, and the bow on the back. It was a little chilly that day so we had to wrap up a bit more 😉 I don’t usually like wearing trousers with dresses, but somehow this looks okay (I think) as the dress is quite floaty, and doesn’t have a plain hem.

my stylePapa Posh making his first appereance…. well his back…. my style my styleCan we just admire the beauty of these pictures. I am really enjoying my editing at the moment, and I feel like I should stick with this look. It just looks so darn pretty!

As I said we had some lunch (in the place above) which was quite yummy, but the portions were like, HUGE. The french just seem to eat, and eat and eat, but somehow never gain weight. After walking around (below pictures) we then went to a Chateaux where we shown around by the Great Grandson of the owner! He had a rather strange wart on his nose which did make me and my brother laugh though…. hehehe. After that we drove back home, stopping on the way to grab a few things and search down our surname amongst the Coca-Cola’s. Unfortunately only names like Cyril and Celine were left. 🙁

my style my style my styleSuch a pretty village! It’s called Saint-Cirq Lapopie if you’re wondering!

I had quite a nice day but sadly, as I said, we had to say bye bye to Papa Posh for a while, and celebrate my birthday via Skype! It was quite hilarious really, we had two computers set up, one with my sister and one with my dad on it. Sounds simple, but it really isn’t!

On Wednesday 29th (tomorrow – click the link!), I am off to the Style Blogger Awards, and quite literally, it is all because of YOU! The funds in which you donated was exactly £500.00 on the spot! I am really excited to meet most of the bloggers which I chat to daily, and of course see who wins the award I am up for! *fingers crossed* I come back with a win! I am sure you will know by Twitter! Of course I will be blogging all about it! The posts will be in 4 or 5 parts, starting with packing, and ending with the awards! I hope you enjoy it all!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Chin Up Buttercup….

By May 7, 2013 Fashion, My Style

I don’t want this blog to become fully a personal style blog, but I do want to involve my style a bit more. I really enjoy doing these post and I get more feedback on these than any other post, so I guess I better do more! Please tell me in the comments if you want to see more! There will be another OOTD next Tuesday featuring some cute tops!

fashion blogger OOTD chin up butter cup my style dr martens jumble sale denim jacket fashion blogger OOTD chin up butter cup my style dr martens jumble sale denim jacketWhat I Wore: Denim Jacket €0.50 (Jumble Sale), White Dress €2.00 (Jumble Sale), Pink Belt (Oxfam), Yellow Socks £7.50 Now £5.00 (ASOS) & Dr Martens €30.00 (Jumble Sale).

Dfashion blogger OOTD chin up butter cup my style dr martens jumble sale denim jacket fashion blogger OOTD chin up butter cup my style dr martens jumble sale denim jacket fashion blogger OOTD chin up butter cup my style dr martens jumble sale denim jacketfashion blogger OOTD chin up butter cup my style dr martens jumble sale denim jacket I have been waiting quite a long time to wear this outfit! Okay, well maybe a week isn’t too long, but to me IT IS! Papa Posh said that this dress wasn’t really me, but for €2.00 I couldn’t really say no! He was right, as I am not really a girly-girl, pretty dress kinda gal, but I think the way I have styled this makes it a totally different piece. The denim and my Dr Martens make it a lot more edgier and tougher, but the length of the dress still shows the flirty side of it. I really love the two pops of colour through the belt and the socks too! I think if this dress was any longer I wouldn’t have bought it as this length is perfect! Also don’t my Dr Martens look AWESOME?! (I think so anyway…) They look a bit green in the pictures, but hey ho! I am going to wear this outift a lot as the weather warms up!
I will have some pictures of some cupcakes we made the same day soon! I didn’t want to put them in with this post, otherwise it would have been ridiculously long!

fashion blogger OOTD chin up butter cup my style dr martens jumble sale denim jacketUmm… yeah….. #awkwardfashion blogger OOTD chin up butter cup my style dr martens jumble sale denim jacket

 If you’re feeling down just remember that things can only get better! (Well most things) So make the most of the sunshine and chin up, buttercup!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Venetian Masque Parade

By March 19, 2013 Fashion, My Style

A couple of days ago we went out to a town near us called ‘Castres‘ (Click the link to see what I got up to there, last time!) and we went to see a Venetian ‘Masque’ Parade, which at first looked terrible, it just looked like a few men dressed up on stage singing old Venetian songs, so we were pretty annoyed as I had bought my real Venetian ‘Masque’ to wear, and my snazzy-ma-gee camera to take pictures of the whole event. We decided to go round the corner to the well known ‘Musee Goya’ or ‘Goya Museum’ which is dedicated to the artist ‘Goya’. A few Police men passed our way whilst walking to it, and then we saw police cars, and people sitting on the side of the road… we then looked through the gates of the museum, and saw the most amazing looking costumes ever. Get in, I did have a blog post to write! Anyway, as you can imagine it was pretty exciting to find it all, so I took some pictures, and did an OOTD for you. Sono così brillante! (I’m so brilliant! – Sarcasm, okay?!)

OOTD OOTD2 OOTD3What I Wore:Aztec Blazer £1.50 (eBay – Copper Garden), Jumpsuit (Matalan), Leather Belt (Charity Shop), Stripey Top (Saint James), Converse Style Trainers £7.99 (H&M) & Real Venetian ‘Masque’ (VENICE!!)Please excuse the messy hair, it was raining, and I was wearing a mask okay?

colour colourarms colourclosephoto 1This dude, okay I officially love you man (Haha, that’s a film if you exclude the officially and okay), I love the prints and the necklace 🙂 This design actually reminded me of Daniel Lismore (Hi, if you’re reading this!), because of the amazing fabrics etc, maybe you could get some inspiration for the next collection?

cakes cakescloseWOW! I love cupcakes, and I love colour, again, I now officially love you. The colour of the dress was incredible, seriously incredible. You can see how much time and effort has gone into these costumes (They are all handmade by the person wearing them). I wish I could’ve eaten one of those cakes… yum! (I know they’re fake, a girl can dream)

photo 3 photo 4Now this lady, she was special. She played music through her head, you see that massive hat with all those amazing feathers in? Yeah, well that had a speaker in it! Heavy! Ouch! I really like the top, and actually I do like the skirt, I perhaps wouldn’t wear them at the same time, but I sure would love them both! #WANT.

photo 4 photo 5Stop right there (Thank you very much, I need somebody with the human touch)! I need those trousers. Need! I don’t want, I need them. They are so cool! I don’t even care that they have been worn by a man, I wish I could be him in that picture. Seriously, if anyone knows where I can find a pair similar, message me!

There are LOADS more pictures, here they are below in a gallery if you fancy a browse. They really are extravagant and I just love them all! You really should take a look:

If you’d like to use any of the images above for any particular reason, please Contact me by using the Contact Form here, please use the Subject: ‘Parade Pictures’. This is so I know where they will be used, even if the images have got my watermark on them.

Aren’t they all just fabulous?! Except from the rain, it was such a cool event, and one day, I will design a collection inspired by it all! Just you wait! *Optimistic Fairy*

If you believe I am worthy of it, please nominate my blog as ‘Best Teen Blog‘ in the Company Style Blogger Awards. Please use the URL: Thank You.

I am now offering Blog Button Designs as a service! Prices range from £2 to £4.50, you can find full information here.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Loretta & Her Adventures*

By February 16, 2013 Fashion, My Style

FP4 fp3Yes, cats hold each other’s hands in France. The French like to remind people of that… Oh & ‘Le Pech’ doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a name for a certain place 🙂FP2

Loretta is a beautiful lady. She shines brighter than anyone else, and she keeps herself all tightly put together, and is friendly with everyone. She believes in finding new places to explore, just like you do when you wear clothes. Loretta is the most gorgeous bracelet, and she’s here to share her adventures.FP6photo (10)photo (11)WHAT I WORE: Loretta Bracelet by Francesca Pina, Turquoise Cardigan with Sparkle Shoulders, Zara Monochrome Dress, White M&S School Shirt, White Jeans & Charity Shop Boots.

I love this bracelet. It’s so pretty, yet it can be worked in many different ways. When I first saw this bracelet though, I knew that Loretta, had to be worn with this outfit. The different tones in the dress, needed to be evened out with a bright sparkle of something, and it fit it’s space perfectly. The beads are very light, but feel very high quality, and a perfectly smooth. The small charms add a little bit more of a character to the bracelet, and I just love them! It comes in a small bag which showcases it’s beauty, without you even having to open it until it’s first use. I know I will wear this a lot. I love how the sun catches it so well, and it is just the perfect shade of blue. I have recently purchased a midi skirt, which I know is going to match with this, just right! Francesca Pina is a lovely brand and has been featured in things like Vogue & Tatler. Francesca is easy to deal with, and she will answer any questions you may have. She even altered the bracelet to a smaller size for me, which I thought was so sweet. So, if you have any questions, I am sure she’ll be more than happy to answer them. There are plenty more bracelets as beautiful as this on the site, and I am sure that once you start browsing, you will be adding them all to your baskets!

(This is a * marked product. I am very grateful that I received this bracelet, and I wish Francesca a great year! All the opinions above are 100% true, I wouldn’t lie to you, would I? If you want to see your product reviewed by me, please use the Contact Form here.)

Extra Note: Do you like my editing? I think it’s better than before. I think you can see the colours better, but it still makes it look crisp and tidy as well 🙂

Have you ordered from Francesca Pina before? Are you thinking about doing so, now? Do you like my new editing? Please feel free to leave a comment (and your links of course)!

Photography by Papa Posh

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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2 Outfits & A Voodoo Girl*

By January 24, 2013 Fashion, My Style

photo 1Voodoo Girl is a new clothing brand in which sells unique and fun clothing. Their prices are mid-range, but are really worth it for the quality. All their products are made in Europe and feel amazing! They also, come with a small little gift! They have an online store, but are also on ASOS too…. They do sizes from XS (4/6) to L (14/16).

‘VooDoo Girl’ created and inspired through years of travelling the globe. Katia brought life to her old rags by dying them whilst living on a yacht travelling from port to port all over the world.

photo 5 photo 4Purple Dip Dye Crop Top £47.00

photo 3 photo 1photo 2How I Wear It (1): Voodoo Girl Crop Top, River Island Skater Skirt, Saint James Striped Top, Black Tights, Matalan Beret & Primark Boots.

photo 5 photo 4 photoHow I Wear It (2): Voodoo Girl Crop Top, John Lewis Coat, Zara Dress, M&S Jeans, Matalan Beret & Primark Boots.

The feel of my crop top is amazing! It’s really lightweight, but also very strong and durable material at the same time. The colour is brilliant! It is very bright, but also has that slight acidic wear sort of look. In the summer I will definitely be wearing this, as it is perfect! I think it looks great with the pastel colours too though, and you can layer it in so many ways! Crop tops are sometimes quite hard to work, but I find these too colours make it really simple! Voodoo Girl have some awesome pieces on sale, and I think you guys should check it out! If I could have one thing right now, it would have to be their waistcoat! It looks so nice, and I expect it is very good quality just like this top! Although for some the prices may seem quite high, for the quality they are worth it! I think for a really nice gift (or even treat yourself!) The products are really worth it!











(This is a * marked product, so I would like to say thank you ever so much to Voodoo Girl and I wish them good luck on the beginning of their amazing journey! The review above is 100% true, and I mean every single word. If I didn’t like a product, I wouldn’t lie, would I?)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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