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My Style: Going On An Adventure*

By March 27, 2014 My Style

Hello everyone! Just a little fact before you starting reading this blog post… that title is actually from the Snowy Adventure episode of Tots TV… oh yes, how cool? Hahaha! Ah… the things my family think of when we go on a nice woodland walk… also, look at my bland straight hair for a good while longer… this maybe the last ever OOTD where it is pretty boring! I got some subtle layers in my hair, and it’s a bit shorter (picture here)! 😉 Also also! Look, look, look… I was interviewed by Company Magazine :O about my new site, Bundle! You can read it here! Snazzy!

my style joules ark clothing chelsea doll my style joules ark clothing chelsea dollWhat I Wore: French Navy Bouquet Shirt (Joules)*, H&M Monochrome Trousers (Jumble Sale), Faux Leather Biker Jacket £46.99 (ARK Clothing)*, Girls Red Seafarer Wellies £29.95 (Joules)*, Welly Socks £12.95 (Joules)* & ‘Scissor Sisters’ Necklace £15.00 (Chelsea Doll)*

Woahhh! Way too over exposed face… do excuse! There is this really lovely path near us which takes you through the woods and into this great big valley, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show off ma’ new red girls wellies! I think it makes a nice change to the usual outfit, because you can see what I really wear. I’m not saying what I wear isn’t what I wear (aha), I just mean that this is more casual and relaxed and perhaps a more day to day outfit! These wellies though *perfection hand sign* are so comfortable! I’ve worn them out and about and they are just so warm and snug! Paired with the Joules welly socks, they are the ultimate pair, and in my opinion, a bargain! They are in the kids section, but they go up to an adult size 7! And of course you cannot forget my blouse and faux leather jacket combo once again (see previous outfit here), my brother says it’s a James May shirt (-____-) but I say it is utterly gorgeous… and it is, for sure!

my style joules ark clothing chelsea doll my style joules ark clothing chelsea dollAhah! My face is so funny in that top picture… the path is very downhill so the walk back up made me all red faced! You can see my wellies in some underwater action too! No leakages so far, and it meant I could splash around and show off to my family who were all in normal shoes 😉 #WellyAdvantages 😉 Ooh ooh and you can see more of my AWESOME scissor necklace from Chelsea Doll! I love how it just peeps under the collar of my blouse and looks like it is almost embellished onto it! You can see a clearer picture below, FYI! I do have to say though, country walks are so nice, especially when you have a can of coke at the end 😉

my style joules ark clothing chelsea doll my style joules ark clothing chelsea dollGetting all jazzy with my editing again 😉 There’s not point wasting a good picture is there? May as well stick it as a border! I feel sad that I have walked in my wellies as much as I have… they’ve lost the shine they had *sob*… ah well, I guess I have my scissor necklace to make feel better! Honestly Chelsea Doll, you have some dayum good statement necklaces! 😀 I have a wishlist coming up soon which will feature 2 pieces which I would love to add to my collection! …for now though, I shall leave you with this funny GIF… I failed at doing the whole ‘whimsical blowing leaf GIF’… damn you wind for not helping it look even more awesome! 😉

my style joules ark clothing chelsea doll

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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