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ASOS Saved Items Wishlist #2

By July 8, 2014 Wishlist

Hello there young chum! Today I have my second ASOS Saved Items wishlist! Sorry there was a delay with this post but I was very busy, so I’ve thrown in another 2 items for you! You lucky duckies! (What was in my list last time? See here.)

What’s in your ASOS Saved Items wishlist currently? Let me know in the comments!

asos saved items wishlist PINEAPPLE BAG // NIKE BAG

Pineapple Bag: I’m having a bit of a fruit ‘thing’ at the moment. I have a lemon clutch, some fruity false nails, and I now really want this bag! It’s so darn cute! I’m stopping myself from buyin  – SOLD OUT! Booo! I waited and then… it’s gone! That’s the trouble with pre-writing posts….

Nike Bag: Not sure why I like this, but I do! I think it’s just the colour and the ditsy print. I think drawstring bags are a bit of a love it or hate it piece, but it’s in my Saved Items so it has to be shared! What do you think? Yay or nay?

asos saved items wishlist NAIL DECALS // NIKE TRAINERS

Nail Decals: I’m also having a bit of a fast food ‘thing’, seeing as I have fast food socks and a french fries necklace… so obviously I need these too! They’re adorable though, right? Again, if these go to like £3.00, they will be mine. They will totally complete the awesome outfit I have in my head… think nautical stripes, denim and fast food… yum burgerrrr… speaking of burgers, have you seen Carrie from WishWishWish’s engagement ring box?! SO. CUTE. Congrats Carrie! 

Nike Trainers: Okay, I basically now need £100 to get these in my life. They are AMAZING. My House of Holland snapback would be absolutely perfect with these. The colours are 100% identical and just ooooh, purrrrty. Let’s just all hope these also go down in price by like… 70%…?!

asos saved items wishlist PINEAPPLE SKIRT // SWEET SOCKS

Pineapple Skirt: I told you I was having a fruit ‘thing’! Look at this skirt though, it’s awesome 😀 I love the pink too, and the length and the style… I am so tempted…. maybe… maybe I shall purchase. I’m thinking it would look nice with a little crop top and a nice baggy cover up, or perhaps a kimono… oh yeah, I’m still on the hunt for a kimono! I can’t find any for under £15… 🙁 Booo!

Sweet Socks: These are cute, heh? Sweets all in pastel colours, on socks! The only problem is I have no shoes which would match that well as my black jelly sandals are getting too small! Darn you feet for deciding to grow even bigger… soon I’ll be size 7 and even some of Mama Posh’s shoes won’t fit me! Gahhh!

asos saved items wishlist NECKLACE // SEQUIN BAG

Necklace: I love dainty necklaces, and this one is even more awesome than most because 1. It’s super duper dirt cheap and 2. It’s LONG. How I have wanted a long necklace for so long (haaa…. haaaa), and finally I have found one! I just think wearing it with nice dresses would add a sort of bohemian, summery vibe. I won’t be buying it though because I just spent a little bit (more than usual) on the Candy Glitter Dreams Necklace from ILoveCrafty… oops!

Sequin Bag: Another drawstring… oops! The only reason this is here is because it’s similar to the Ashish bags… sort of. I feel like this somehow looks more sporty than the Nike one, so I don’t think I will actually be buying it… I just thought the sparkles were cool.

asos saved items wishlist MESH COVER-UP // FRUIT PRINT WATCH

Cover-Up: The first post had a cover-up, and so does the 2nd! I prefer this one though as I could probably work it as a normal dress (obviously with stuff underneath). I like the pastel colour too, and I’m a big fan of texture so it’s a win win… other than the £22 price tag which I don’t think I could stretch too just for this… would you?

Fruit Print Watch: Another fruit related item, Tolly, stop! I don’t really wear watches so again, this will probably sit in my Saved Items for no reason, but I love the colours and the sort of digital fruit print. It’s been in the sale twice now… it’s teasing me. Maybe I’ll treat myself to it when it’s really discounted… like most of these items really *empties pockets and nothing falls out*

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Tulle Dresses & Neon Trainers

By August 17, 2013 Fashion

I’m writing this, or ‘was writing’ this late at night before bed, because I realised I had nothing to post today. I don’t really know where this post is going, but something is better than nothing I guess. This is the first spontaneous post I have done in a while. It feels normal again. I have nothing ‘I have to publish’ at the moment. I like it. Thank goodness!

tulle dressesThe White Pepper Tulle Skirt £28.00 (ASOS), The White Pepper Chiffon Midi Dress with Sheer Top £28.50 (ASOS), GEL-Noosa Tri 8 (Asics), Nike Air Vortex Hyper Blue Trainers £65.00 (ASOS) & Nike Free Run 2 Ext Trainers £80.00 (ASOS).

My obsession with Tulle Dresses & Neon Trainers together started when I saw Susie Bubble instagram a picture of her at her £1 Yard Sale (It started at 11am, it ended at 11.10am. Yup, everything sold in the space of 10 minutes!!!), and I literally fell in love. 2 things which should be so wrong together, look some how… absolutely stunning? I’m not the hugest of Susie Bubble fans (sorry…), but I do like her style, especially the outfit she wore on that day.

Not only is tulle such an interesting fabric to look at and feel, the trainers add a touch of ‘hipster’ (ergh, what an awful word), and an awful lot of comfort for your feet. I’ve had quite a few Nikes (Is it Nike-ys or Nikes? So controversial… I told you I had know idea where this post was going!) over the years at school, and not only did think they made my legs look quite ‘athletic’, they were super duper snug. I still have my size 4 pair in the shoe basket which don’t fit at all, yet I still hope that one day my feet will shrink… um, nat’ gonna’ happen. I give you permission to call me Tolly Big Feet.

tulle dresses asics noosa igs

To make my love for neon trainers even bigger, and my long for the perfect pair at a reasonable price even harder to bare, the owner of a restaurant we had a drink in the other day, was wearing the beauties above (similar are linked with the other trainers). I don’t know why but french men seem to have good taste in footwear… aren’t they amazing?! I loved them so much I wrote down the brand and googled them when I got home, to my dismay, they are men’s only (I could so rock them though couldn’t I?), and were £100+, or should I say dollars. *Curse you American brands for only stocking things in America, even thought that makes perfect sense* I am now on the hunt for a cheap pair of neon trainers which are super duper comfy and will last me forever and ever, AND a tulle dress in a pretty bright colour. Thanks Susie.

To celebrate my new blog banner, I’m holding a give-away! To be in a chance with winning, make sure to click HERE and answer the 1 obligatory question! Good Luck!

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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