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My Favourite Blog Posts of 2017…

By December 29, 2017 General

2017 was a weird but wonderful and I’m here to send it off. For those of you who have perhaps only recently discovered my blog or just want a quick refresher, I’m here to highlight some of my favourite posts from the past year, as well as get to know what your favourite blog posts were too! As always, thank you so much for sticking with me, following me and leaving thoughtful and considered comments. Here’s to another… 🥂

5 Things to Expect When You Become an Ethical Blogger

One of the biggest changes on my blog this year was starting to publish solely ethically focused fashion posts. This change hasn’t been easy so I compiled a list of things to expect if you decide to make a similar transition. The list covers a change in income, attracting the right audience and realising you can’t do everything!

☼ Why Having Fewer Clothes Doesn’t Mean Your Wardrobe Is Sustainable

This post received an interesting and thought-provoking response. It took a bit of work and research to compile but I’m glad I discussed this way of looking at things. Although of course, I highly recommend taking a proper read of it, in conclusion, I decided your wardrobe can only really be sustainable if you value what you put into it as much as what you take out

★ My Style: Recycled & DIY Denim*

This post has to be one of my best outfit and fashion shoots, yet! There’s not much to say about this one but if you want to know the sorts of styles I was wearing and channelling this year, then this is a great example. I can’t wait to bring this outfit back out in the spring.

▷ My Honest Ethical Wardrobe Priorities

Want to know what I honestly buy ethically? This post explains all, including the reasons as to why shoes and underwear are so low down on my list. I’d love to know what your ethical priorities are, no matter where you are on your ethical journey. Why not leave a comment whilst you’re there?

✤ How Teens Can Grow out of Clothes Sustainably

Parents seemed to enjoy this post as their children are always growing out and in need of new clothes, causing a great dilemma when it comes to ethical and sustainable morals. As someone who has first-hand experience in this, I shared some advice and tips on how to do it all as sustainably as you can, including shopping for your future self and sizing-up.

→ The Answers to Your Many Questions

Published not too long ago, I answered some queries my readers had in my ethical fashion survey. The format of this post and almost agony-aunt style of answering was useful to some of you and if there is a demand for more just like this, then I’ll be sure to provide for you in 2018! Just make sure to get those questions sent in.

What was your favourite blog post this year? What would you like to see more of?

Happy New Year! 🎉 See you in 2018, folks!

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Favourite Blog Posts of 2016…

By December 29, 2016 General

As I have done for the past two years on my blog, I’m going to be sharing with you some of my favourite blog posts of the year to round things off for 2016. This is a chance for you to catch up on what you missed, as well as time for me to reflect on what I’m most proud of myself. You can even go a step further by taking a read about my round-ups for both 2015 and 2014, too!

How to Combat Feeling Judged and Self-Conscious

At the beginning of the year I was asked a question about overcoming the idea of being judged and being self-conscious, and what I had to say seemed to go down positively. I still stick to these ideas and hope that some of you are still using my advice to become a more confident and carefree person! There’s even a to-do list so you can try and change your perspective on things, a little bit at a time.

My Style Editorial: Desert Rebelle

I’ve always been interested in photography but 2016 was definitely a year for figuring out my style. I’m much more carefree with how I shoot things now. I don’t mind using a blurry picture or one which really captures a moment or a laugh, because that’s what makes a moment real. However, I also like more stylised shoots and this was one of the first where I played with both of those elements. Big hats off to Papa Posh (my dad) for kicking things up a notch this year!

Turning Sixteen

I’ve thrown this post into the list mainly for memory’s sake because it’s funny to think that you have no idea how a year is going to pan out, especially from a milestone’s point of view or from something memorable like a birthday. Turning sixteen means different things to different people, and I think reflecting on this post has made me realise it was about becoming stronger as a person, for me. My fifteen-year-old self would laugh at what my sixteen-year-old self has now been through!

When in Florence… 

Although travelling in Italy has had its ups and downs, some of the places I’ve visited have been spectacular and I loved writing up my recap on Florence (Firenze). I’m sure I’ll return one day but for now, I have this summary to look back on and for you to read and take travel inspiration from.

Accepting Change & Curating Your Personal Archive

As well as being a year of growth and building strength, 2016 has also been a year of defining who I am at this point in my life, so I shared with you why I think it’s so important to embrace that and how you’re going to change as you grow. It had a lovely response and some of the photographs are my favourites I’ve ever taken and put together. They were shot in an area badly affected by the earthquakes, so I’ll treasure them dearly.

Best Fashion Blog Posts of 2016

→ Why Using Your Blog Audience to Make Change Is So Important

Over the past year or so, I’ve been making a purposeful change to make my content more impactful and inspiring in certain areas, more specifically in terms of ethical fashion. It’s my aim to change the way things work in an industry I so badly want to break into, but it’s also my dream to continue writing a successful blog, and with that comes some responsibility to try and inspire others too. I wrote about why I think bloggers and online influencers should be using their voices to make a change. If you’re a blogger, I hope you read this and it makes you think about what kind of content you’re publishing.

David Bowie Is in Bologna

Another travel post, but this time focusing on one of the greatest heroes which we sadly lost at the very start of the year. I was able to experience the magic of the David Bowie Is exhibition in Bologna at the start of August and it is still inspiring me now. I’ll never forget what an incredible artist Bowie was and is, and I hope that more and more young people start discovering his true talent for what it really is. Since then I’ve also attended his Lazarus musical in London and that too was mind-blowingly beautiful.

Take Part Big Issues: #16in16

On the same vein as my post about turning sixteen, this year I took part in one of Take Part’s Big Issues. It focused on 16 young women turning sixteen in 2016, and was a truly empowering piece about the struggles and inspiring stories of myself and others of the same age. I still feel honoured that I was a part of such an exciting project!

✤ You Can’t Call Yourself a Feminist If You’re Supporting Fast Fashion

This is what I would call my most ‘intellectual’ piece of the year. Some topics are hard to approach without seeming too in your face, or without pointing out what someone is personally doing wrong, so this was quite a challenge to write but hopefully it has opened some more eyes about what is happening behind the labels of our clothes. I hope to touch on more of these sorts of issues in 2017, and hope you will appreciate them as much as you did this time around.

→ How to Grow up as a Teen Blogger

I was really surprised by the response to this post. It was genuinely lovely to see how a lot of you could relate, no matter what your age. I also loved connecting with readers who have been following me since practically day one. Thank you for supporting me throughout this wild journey, and throughout all of the changes. I appreciate your support no matter how long you’ve been following and for no matter what reason.

Best Fashion Blog Posts of 2016

What was your favourite blog post of the year? Share one of mine or from another blog!

To finish things off, here’s my letter to the past year…

Dear 2016,
You started off my year by making me cry because our world had lost a hero. You made me smile a few months in when I received a message that would turn into friendship which I’ve treasured in some of your harder moments. You made me excited and grateful for the people around me, and you made my family bigger in more ways than one. You gave memories and sunshine and jokes to last for many years more, and you gave me opportunities to inspire myself to push further.

You changed my life in a matter of seconds. You let me see my life flash before my eyes. You made me terrified of my surroundings and the ground I stood on. You made me learn the true meaning of the word emergency and escape; family, home and security. You pushed me and tore me down but you didn’t let me stop. You taught me to never stop. Some things seem too big to handle; some things feel typical and ‘just our luck’, but none of it was ever too much. You made me strong and you made the world strong, even if at times it’s all felt so incredibly weak.

You haven’t been the worst year in history, so perhaps I’ll give you a little more credit. Thank you for letting me see the end of this year and the start of the new one, when I know so many won’t.

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Merry Christmas, Love Tolly… x

By December 24, 2015 General

Merry Christmas - New Look - Claire's Accessories - Polaroid Photoshoot Merry Christmas - New Look - Claire's Accessories - Polaroid Photoshoot


This is just a quick little blog post to wish you all a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it, of course)! I hope that you all have a lovely few days relaxing and chilling out with your family and friends and spoiling them rotten with love and kisses (and presents if you really wanted to go that far… 😉🎁). I thought I’d give a quick mini Polaroid photo shoot a go for today’s post… it’s quite tricky getting the lighting perfect in each one, but I hope you like the idea!

If you’re not with friends or family this Christmas, go out in to your communities and share the love and spirit because that’s what it’s all about… and if you don’t celebrate, I really hope you’re having a lovely holiday nonetheless and are getting excited for the New Year! I’m 16 next year… crazy times, people! Crazy times.

Oh and just so you know, I’m once again wearing my beautiful New Look jumper* (I styled it up over here last Christmas), with a few accessories from the awesome Claire’s*. I’ll definitely be taking a few more silly snaps tomorrow… who knows, maybe Father Christmas will pop some more gorgeous items under my tree? 😏🎅 Who knows… *sigh*

Merry Christmas! Let me know what you’re getting up to and how you’re ringing in 2016, in the comments below… 

(This blog post contains PR samples but all opinions are my own! Read my full disclaimer here.)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Year’s Resolutions 2015 | Farewell 2014

By January 1, 2015 General

It is officially 2015… scary! This can only mean one thing! It’s time to do a good ol’ bit of soppy reflection and share with you my New Year’s resolutions. I never really used to do them, but after last year (2014… it went way too quick), I have decided to carry on setting goals, however big or small. So, let’s get on with it…

New Year's Resolutions 2015


2014 was pretty darn good. At the start of the year I had some big dreams and ambitions, and I am so happy to say that I am pretty sure that I achieved every single one… we’ll exclude the personal ones for now… 😛

Firstly I decided to set myself a goal of working with brands on product collaborations and by golly gosh was that a big thing to write down. I was in a recent Twitter chat about New Year’s resolutions, and I think somebody was actually quite shocked that I managed to do it without a plan of action. But here I am now with a professional design contract with a brand (Mooi en Lief). Sometime soon I will have a collection of socks and tights with my name on them. Pretty darn cool. Read more about that here if you are interested!

Next up I really wanted to do some more fashion design work. I’m not going  to say I have done that fully, but I would say it probably ties in with my previous goal. I have learnt quite a lot on what it takes to create a collection, and am pretty proud of that. I have a whole portfolio book full of designs, research and goodness know’s what that I didn’t even know you had to do! Stepping stones can be as big as you want them to be.

Create unique and interesting blog topics was my final goal, and I think this is down to you guys to judge. I would say I have achieved it. I think my posts have generally got better as I have grown. For me, the second half of 2014 was probably full of some of my best ever content, and I am not sorry, at all for saying that. Plus, look at my blog now. All professional with a swanky new design and layout… 🙂 YAY! You can read some of my favourite posts of last year, here!

New Year's Resolutions 2015


I’m still not certain what I want to achieve this year. I feel like it will be a proper crack down year where I’ll just be doing a lot of stuff. Who knows what that stuff maybe, but let’s just hope it’s good. I obviously want my Mooi en Lief by Tolly Dolly Posh collaboration to go down well, and for you guys to love it, but other than that I’m okay with everything now. If my blog carries on growing then that’s brilliant! If I keep learning new things then that’s fantastic!

But to make some of you happy and to write down a proper bloggy goal, I think I’d like to work with brands for a longer time than just the odd post. Because brands, PRs and designers have set campaigns and schedules to work alongside, it’s really hard to work with them on different projects all the time. I’d love to collaborate with some of my favourites in different ways whether it be on my blog or off. I want to really work with people and gain experience. So there, there’s a goal for you! Oh and I also want to get back on that thing called YouTube. Yeah… I’m working on it!

Farewell 2014. You were a good year, but let’s see if 2015 can be even better!
LET’S DO THIS. Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Happy New Year: 2014!

By January 1, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle, My Style

Hello everyone! I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging until mid January, but I decided that I couldn’t just leave without saying Happy New Year could I?! So, Happy New Year! I’m not one for saying ‘New Year, New Me’ because I personally believe that it is just a time to look back and learn from your mistakes, and celebrate your achievements. I’ve already done that in this post, so I thought I would talk about what I want from this year. I feel like 2013 was just the beginning, and that 2014 will be even better… *she hopes* Excuse the messy writing… I scanned it in 😉

new year 2014 blog resolutions goalsI feel like this year will be the year for me to really push myself, so that is why these are my resolutions. I want to really challenge myself, and not just go for the easy options. I know that sounds weird, but I really want to do things for me, and things which will really help in the future. I also want to be more motivated, to do the things which are more challenging, as well as simple things because I always find myself sitting and back and ‘not being bothered’. I guess, I could use the ‘I’m a teenager’ excuse, but to be fair, I think it would be better if I were to just do things as and when, and my whole life would become a bit easier I guess. Then, the hardest one… to not spend as much time on the computer. It will be hard, but I think I can do it! I will be able to do it! That is when I delete my new Tumblr account… ow, I cannot do that… I just like it too much now…

new year 2014 blog resolutions goalsThese are a few of my goals. Last year (woah, seems weird saying that), my goals were to get featured in something or other (accomplished, yay!) but this year, they are more to just, learn. To just get better, and improve. 2013 was amazing, yes I would still love to be in magazines, but to be able to learn how to go through the whole design process, or learn how to print patterns, I really do not care what it is, I want to know how! I also want to stretch my thoughts and start creating new blog content. Maybe starting and finishing series. I’d LOVE to collaborate with a brand in a design way, it would be amazing. I know it’s possible, and I can almost feel it on the end of my finger tips.  I accomplished 827,920 page views in 2013, and to be fair, I feel I have gained a great knowledge that those numbers don’t matter, and that is why my goals are so different. I am so so so grateful for all the views and followers I have, but I am starting to realise that my knowledge is stronger than the numbers. 827,920 is an amazing number for me though, I thank everyone who comes on here each day/week/month/year, SO much!

I hoped you liked this short little post and that you enjoyed your New Year. I’m now off for a while! I will be back on the 16th January, back in a full blogging swing! So, I shall see you soon! If you are in need of contacting me, then please click hereThank You!


  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A Look Back on 2013!

By December 28, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion, My Style

WOW. It’s coming to the very last days of 2013. I seriously think that this year has gone soooo fast! Today I’m here to do a bit of a soppy post about what a great year it has been on this little bit of the internet which I can call mine! This is also the last post I will do until the middle of January, because I am having a bit of a break! You can read to the end about where you can contact me etc. I must stop this intro, as this is gonna’ be a long one!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

January: This was the month that started my first full year of blogging off! I was still very new to blogging at this stage, and was really developing some of my content. Exciting things that happened – This was the month when I did my first review for a brand. Obviously PR and things like that are not the most important, but it is a nice feeling when a brand thinks you are good enough to promote them. I also had the very exciting email telling me that The Telegraph want me to feature in their magazine! How cool?! My motivation was boosted then and it was so exciting! Favourite blog posts – Voodoo Girl Review, DIY Sequin Collar & Youth Minds & Magazines Thank You To – Voodoo Girl & Jessica Salter

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

February: This month was exciting because I knew that very soon I was going to be in my first ever magazine article! 😀 Exciting things that happened – I started to work with more brands and started to gain more followers, which was really exciting. I also remember getting a blog post RTed by FleurDeForce which was like… mega cool. Favourite blog posts – Alexa Chung, I’m Bored, The Nespresso Dress & Loretta and Her Adventures Thank you to – All my followers & Francesca Pina Jewellery

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggersTOLLY INT

March: Do I even need to describe this month?! I do not think so! 😀 Exciting things that happened – I was in The Telegraph Magazine! YAY! I was literally amazed. The support I had, and the amazing messages I had was unbelievable, and I will always remember March 16th. I also spoke on BBC Radio 4 to talk about my blog post on Global Kids Fashion Week, which was so nerve racking and crazy! It was also when the Company Magazine Blog Award nominations started! I also became a Wantering Trendsetter and have had so much support from them ever since! Favourite blog posts – Model In The Making, BBC Radio 4 Interview & Global Kids Fashion Week Thank you to – Wantering, BBC Radio 4, Daniel Sandler & The Telegraph Magazine

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

April: After March I was really on a high and I was looking forward to making this month even better! I was really excited for the Company Magazine Blog Awards Short-List to be released, and was generally just loving blogging! Exciting things that happened – I got in to the Company Magazine Blog Awards Short-List! YAY! (That was a mouthful!) It was also when I decided I would like to do my own blog awards, so I started up the Posh Fashion Awards! I got some very nice sponsors, which was amazing and I’m very proud of the success it had! Favourite blog posts – Dr Martens, Posh Fashion Awards & Beside The Seaside Thank you to – My followers & All the brands that sponsored the Posh Fashion Awards

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

May: *drum roll* The month of my birthday! I had to say goodbye to my ’12 year old’ self and say hello to teenage life. Fabulous! But, it was pretty special… I had one heck of a birthday present! (Minus the bad stuff which you might remember) Exciting things that happened – I was featured in Mizz Magazine on May 16th, 2 months exactly after The Telegraph Magazine! It was a DOUBLE PAGE spread, and I was soooo shocked about it! I attended the Company Magazine Blog Awards (sadly didn’t win), but YOU got me there. No joke, you actually got me there, and I seriously cannot thank you enough, and I hope one day we can all meet up and I can give you a real hug, but for now a virtual hug will have to suffice *big hug*! Favourite blog posts – Company Blog Awards Part 1, Part 2 & DIY Embellished Sunglasses Thank you to – Sian To, Lucy Saxton & All my followers!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

June: I believe this month was fairly quiet, but I am still really grateful for all the support I had even in the not so exciting months! I think it’s also nice to have a bit of calm to come back to reality, non? Exciting things that happened – I started to work with bigger brands including Boohoo, which was really fun and nice to see that bigger brands liked my tiny weeny blog! Favourite blog post – Boohoo DIY Thank you to – Boohoo

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

July: After a slow and steady June, Tolly Dolly Posh was back with a bang! Yipee! Exciting things that happened – I was featured in Girl Talk Magazine! This was really cool because it was an article about inspiring girls, and never in a million years would I have expected that! July was also the month I got to tell you that I was becoming an Aunty! Woop! Just so you know, my lovely nephew is doing so well! He’s really healthy and so beautiful! 😀 Favourite blog posts – Keep On Swimming Designs & The White Pepper Magazine Thank you to – Eva Caiden & All my followers (again, haha)!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

August: Another pretty exciting month because me and my blog sort of went a bit European… oooh! It was also when I decided it was time to update the TDP banner! Exciting things that happened – I was in Super Trash magazine in Holland! Unfortunately the pictures were the other way round so it looked like I was another blogger but oh well it was still pretty awesome! 😀 As I said I also changed my banner, and I really like it! My sister did the photography again and I am super proud of them 🙂 Thanks big sis! Favourite blog posts – A Fresh New Start, Jeans for Genes & Kathy Allison Interview Thank you to – Boohoo, My big sister & Jeans for Genes

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

September: Just like June, from September onwards really it has been pretty quiet for you guys, and partly me, it’s really hard to explain what I mean but yeah haha! Exciting things that happened – I had a really cool email which I still can’t tell you about, but it was so amazing and it made my month! I also started to work with Peacocks on a long time collaboration, and also with JD Sports on a review which I was honoured to do! Favourite blog posts – Oriental Jungle in The City, Nike Trainers Review & LFW SS14 Review Thank you to – Sophia Holland-Thomas, JD Sports and A few people who I can’t tell you about! Haha 😉 #mysterious

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

October: OMG. I became an Aunty! My beautiful nephew was born this month and I was so happy! I got to see him for a week and I had never held a baby before and it was the most magical thing in the world! Exciting things that happened – I went to London to do something really exciting and I met Ophelia, Ibe & Rachel who were all really nice. Favourite blog posts – Happy Halloween & Holographic Trend Thank you to – A few people who I can’t tell you about (again)!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

November: To be honest I think November was just a really nice chilled, and calm month for me and my blog! Sometimes as a blogger it’s nice to just not have so many things you have to do for people and just do lots of basic blog posts, and that’s what I did! Favourite blog posts – Christmas Wishlist, Lazy Oaf Inspired Designs & A/W Look Book Thank you to – Moooh!, Jerry from Lazy Oaf & Sophia Holland-Thomas!

2013 the telegraph mizz magazine girl talk magazine fashion blogger teen fashion bloggers

December: So I know this month hasn’t officially finished, but I think it’s safe to say the majority has gone! Exciting things that happened – I gave you guys 3 give-away’s! I got some lovely support from ARK Clothing who I love! Favourite blog posts – Christmas OOTD & Punky Pins Give-Away Thank you to – ARK Clothing (especially Rebecca!), Punky Pins & Shuttersong

I have quite a few followers, but there are some which just have supported me through and through, and have just been so lovely, and given me so much more motivation, so… thank you to – Christina, Lisette, Anna, Alex, Georgie, Grace, Mia, Natalie, RoseJojo, Sophie, Nora, Debbie and Krista, Sian Toeveryone else!

So yes! That is basically it for this year?! So crazy! I hope 2014 is as good as this year, and that I get to share so much more with you. It’s weird to think that next year I will be 14?! I started it when I was 11! Crazy crazy crazy. As I said, I am going off on a break (well, staying at home), so this will be the last post until about the 16th January! Here is everything you need to know if you need to contact me…


EMAIL: An auto-responder is set up (between 2nd – 16th January), but I will be checking them for any really important things. If you need to contact me urgently, then please tweet me at the Twitter account below. My email is: tdp [at] tollydollyposhfashion [dot] com or you can use the Contact form here.

TWITTERYou can tweet me or DM me (if I follow you) with any message you like, especially to let me know if you have emailed me! My Twitter name is: @TollyDollyPosh

FACEBOOKPlease do not try to message me via my Facebook page. You can are comment, but my message function on my page doesn’t work, so I will not be able to reply. Commenting is fine!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a Happy New Year! I shall see you very soon! 🙂 En Francais… Bonne Année!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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