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New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

By December 22, 2013 Fashion

Hidehidehidehi! (Brownie points to anyone who knows which song that’s from) I have been really bad on the whole ‘real blogging’ kind of thing, with outfit ideas, celebrity style etc, because you guys loved it when I did them, so I’m back with a post for you! I’ve put together a few New Years Eve outfit ideas just in case you need some inspiration! Hope you like it… Just to point out that this will be the last blog post before Christmas Day! I will be back though, but just enjoy this one for now! Don’t forget though, I have a GIVE-AWAY going on to WIN a gorgeous necklace from Punky Pins! Enter it now!

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas cocktail dresses asos clutch new look topshop barely there heels

Crocus Dress £68.00 (Topshop), Orange Barely There Heels £45.00 (River Island), Distressed Metallic Clutch £28.00 (ASOS), Lucky Coin Earrings £9.00 (ASOS Sale), Teal Strappy Dress £14.99 (New Look), Teal Ankle Strap Heels £19.99 (New Look), Chained Layer Cuff £9.26 (Nasty Gal) & Flower Chain Headband £8.00 (ASOS)

Cocktail ‘Part-ay’ – This is probably my favourite selection out of the three because they are all so simple, yet they all dip into the ‘elegant’ and ‘statement’ sides of the pool (ooh, nice phrase there 😉 ). I love the Topshop dress because it looks like you are wearing a two piece but…. you’re not (surprise!)! I also love how the ASOS clutch is distressed, I think it makes it look a little bit more expensive, and a bit more ‘edgy’ (I have really gone off that word… eugh). The other dress is a slightly more simple and cheaper option, but it is still as nice as the other in my opinion, the style is also really flattering and ‘great’ for all seasons. Plus, matching heels in the exact same colour? #winnerwinnerchickendinner (#longesthashtagever #ishouldprobablystopnow #yah)

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas casual outfit boohoo happy new year jumper tartan crown and gloryHappy New Year Jumper £15.00 (Boohoo), Tartan Trousers £20.00 (Boohoo), Gunmetal Headband £35.00 (Crown & Glory), iPhone Case/Purse £15.00 (ASOS), Gem Fingerless Gloves £9.00 (ASOS), Black Cami £9.99 (New Look) & Silver Gemstone Necklace £7.99 (New Look)

Casual & Cosy – This is the sort of thing I will be wearing on New Year’s Eve. A little bit of sparkle, but casual and cosy (but, I’ll probably end up in my PJs…)! I love the jumper from Boohoo! They do a classic Home Alone one for Christmas, but this is so cool as it is perfect for New Year! I also really like the trousers, they look really comfy and simple and of course would be really good for any A/W occasion. After seeing one of my favourite bloggers (a.k.a Megan) wearing the gold version of the Crown & Glory headband, I now love it! It’s so sparkly and just… amazing! The necklace goes perfectly, and I must say, for under £10.00, that is pretty good? Although I love the cocktail dresses (previous image), this is what I would wear if I was going out on ‘NYE’.

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas sequin skirt fluffy jumper sequin jumpsuit party outfits asos Sequin & Mesh Skirt £125.00 (Topshop), Pink Fluffy Jumper £34.00 (Topshop), Buckle Boots £38.00 (ASOS), Triangle Necklace £6.00 (ASOS), Sequin Jumpsuit £59.99 (New Look), Felt Boater Hat £18.00 (ASOS), Snowflake Socks £4.00 (ASOS) & Snow Scene Socks £4.00 (ASOS)

Sequins & Sparkle – Ohhh. Myyyy. Just look at that skirt… take a moment to appreciate it… and then sob in sadness at the price… it’s so nice! I’m a big fan of fluffy jumpers over sequins because it looks so nice and the textures look perfect against each other. Paired with some buckled boots to make it more casual, and a dainty little necklace… ohhhh. Then, New Look have a blimming amazing jumpsuit, covered in sequins… for under £60.00, which quite frankly is amazing if that is the closest I can get to an Ashish one! I would wear it all day, every day and nobody would be able to stop me! I’ve always wanted a boater hat, and I think this ‘look’ would make it the cutest accessory. Oh, and don’t forget the novelty socks! 😉

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Kimi & Me Guest Post: Textures

By October 27, 2013 Fashion

Today’s guest post is by the lovely Christina at Kimi & Me, where she’ll be talking about all things Texture, with a small little thing by moi, too! 😉

kimi & me fashion lifestyle blog guest blog fashion textures trend aw 131: Velvet High Neck Top (ASOS)//2: Check Mesh Top (New Look)//3: Fluffy Crop Jumper (Topshop)

Christina: I really love the fluffy jumpers and cardigans in Primark at the moment, they have become a very popular buy. So much so they have sold out in the Primark near me. It is the perfect texture for A/W, so soft and cosy to wear. Topshop also offer plenty of textured knits (I have my eye on a pink fluffy top). I would also love a faux leather skirt, as it would be such a fun staple piece to style. My favourite item (above), is the velvet check top from asos. The velvety fabric, and colours are such a lovely combination, and this top would be ideal for those Christmas parties (not long til it’s that time of year!)

Tolly: My favourite item from above has go to be the mesh top! As you all know, I love me some Tulle and mesh, so this is definitely a nice piece in my opinion! Subtle but eye catching. Really nice for A/W 🙂

kimi & me fashion lifestyle blog guest blog fashion textures trend aw 13

4: Quilted Panel Top//5: Check Embellished Top//6: Faux Leather Panel Top (All Topshop)

Christina: Mixing/layering textures can give an outfit a whole new look, and feel. When it starts to get cold out, I love to layer different prints and fabric together, even if it’s just adding a scarf/stole.

Tolly: I love mixing textures, and Topshop have got it spot on! My favourite has got to be the quilted top! I know there is a similar one in Primark, so I’m keeping my eyes open for it!

Check out Christina here: Blog//Twitter//Instagram

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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What To Wear… When Going Abroad

By July 12, 2012 General

When you go on Holiday, first you have to go on a flight, well usually anyway! Quite a few times, I’ve thought, what am I going to wear! I want something comfy, but I want something stylish, and it’s raining here in the UK, but it’s going to be boiling where we’re going! It’s quite hard sometimes, so here’s the perfect thing to wear. For you & anyone my age! Take a look…

WOMEN: Pleat Bust Jumpsuit £50.00 Bright Pink (ASOS), Multi Weave Foldover Bag £40.00 (ASOS), White Broderie Blazer £35.00 (River Island), Biege Print Bow Ballerina Pumps £25.00 (River Island) & Gold Tone Multi Pack of Rings £5.00 (River Island). GIRLS: Pink Love Print Burnout Tank Top £8.00 (River Island), Black Stripe Skinny Jeans £20.00 (River Island), Teens Gold Pumps £15.99 (Newlook) & Pink Cosy Hoodie £14.00 (River Island).

These outfits, are both super stylish and super comfy! I would try it out! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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