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Blogger Inspired Fashion Design Collection

By September 8, 2013 Designs, Fashion

Oh. My. WOW. I haven’t done a design collection in yonks. I know I said I would, and I’m sawwwry, okay?! But, I thought this idea would make it a good way to start a fresh? Non? Welcome in my blogger inspired fashion design collection, oh yes!

blogger inspired fashion designAll these designs have been based on the blogger’s style. I’ve looked at what they’ve worn and slightly tweaked them. I’m sorry if they are not totally extravagant, but I wanted to really make them wearable for the bloggers.

What Olivia Did:
As you may already know, I love Olivia’s style, and I wanted to sort of, change up a few of the classic pieces that she likes to wear. I’ve made a sailor style collar, but changed it up to a pink colour. I would also make it embellished but it was hard to show on the image above. The skirt is a skater style one in polka dots, I would make it a nice thick jersey style so it has a lot of shape to it.

Briar Rose: 
Again, one of my favourite style inspirations, Megan. I decided to sort of change up the style, by going all out pink, and also using a smock style dress. Megan has the perfect figure for any type of dress style! The neckline has laser cut detail with also a few embellishments around. The skirt is a low waist, and has a nice puffy underskirt. I definitely think Megan could rock this!

blogger inspired fashion design

Lisette Loves:
You might know, that um, I have a slight obsession with this one 😉 in, a *hopefully* non creepy way. Lisette has a gorgeous fashion sense! I decided to take her away from her favourite style of the smock dress, and pop her in a shift dress. A shapeless dress is always flattering, plus denim is too? I know Lisette could accessorise this really well! I would make the dress a nice perfect blue with a slight acid wash effect.

Hey D*ck Face: 
A more recent style obsession, is the lovely lady from Hey D*ck face. Her style is quite quirky but simple, so anyone can try and take a few ideas from her outfits. I decided to do a twist on one of her most recent OOTDs. I’ve made the sweater a purple and pastel blue dip dye colour, with the Hey D*ck face logo.  I also changed up the skirt so it is a metallic texture – so cool. I love the metallic look, and I definitely think she could work it 😉

blogger inspired fashion design

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Make sure to check out all these lovely ladies, their blogs are amazing! I think I might do another one of these collections? What do you think? Let me know in the comments?

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Recent Purchases: Jumble Sales, IKEA & ASOS

By April 8, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion, My Style

Bonjourno! I hope you are well young soul! (Read this phrase again, in an Irish accent) It is that time again where I have want to show you what I have bought recently. Most of it is from Jumble Sales (Vide Greniers) but there are 1 or 2 other things in their too! All of the things I have bought recently have either been fashion related or just super cute, so here goes! A few other things I have bought recently will be in a post like this next week too!

recent1 recent2Scarf – €0.50: Since watching Ingrid (missglamorazzi on YouTube) and Fleur (FleurDeForce on YouTube), I have fallen in love with summer scarves! This one is super soft, and has really cute colours on which match my new Keds, and it was only 50 cents, which is like… 45p?
Keds – £37.50: My new pair are b.eaut.i.ful. I have grown out of my navy blue pair, and ASOS saved me by selling me these blue floral ones for half the price than Schuh, or the Keds site.
Clear Bowl – €1.99: I use this little gem to hold my hair clips and ties. It’s from IKEA and is really simple, and has cute doily detailing on it, I blame Lisette Henry for blogging about a similar one, I seriously have fallen in love with cute bowls and plates!
China Models – €1.00 and FREE!: Ever since I bought a similar rabbit head (NOT a real one), I have kept my eyes open. I use the blue man to hold any dainty necklaces around it’s neck, and then the rabbit, I keep on my desk, which was free! 🙂 They are super cute, and add character to my room! Aw…
Floppy Hat – €2.00: I am blaming another blogger *cough cough* Megan McInn, as she simply looks gorgeous when wearing one, so I decided to try one out myself. There are plenty on eBay, but this one was there and then, and only cost me 2 euros. BARGAIN!
Style Feed: My mum got me this as an early birthday present. It’s similar to my book ‘The Style Diaries’ as it features loads of bloggers which are well established, but some you may not of heard of. In this book, the blogs are picked out by Susie Bubble, and I found out some interesting stuff. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I do prefer ‘The Style Diaries’ as it has more blogs, and more unique ones, but either are good!
Daisy Purse – €0.20: OMG. I am so glad I got this. It cost me 20 CENTS?! There were a few others, but this one caught my eye the most, as daisies are really big this season. It is also sort of ‘Marc Jacob-esque’, I think and it will look great for summer. It’s a sort of plastic material, but that means it is waterproof, and will be good for keeping my sunglasses in.

recent3 recent4Kenzo Jungle Trousers: I bought these in this massive sports hall in a small village, where there were rows and rows of clothes. A lady selling these, asked what size I was and I didn’t really like the pattern, but I was asked to try them on. They fitted like a dream, and were comfortable. They looked nice and were Kenzo, so they were in my bag, with in a matter of seconds. €3.00 and they will look great with a t-shirt I bought at the same place (Sorry, it was still drying so I couldn’t take a picture, but it’s got an elephant on it!)
Yellow Floral Skirt: My mum picked me up this. I think it’s really cute, and will look great with a frilly blouse, and my new House of Holland socks (Darn, forgot to photograph them!). I have a pink one similar, but I love the colour yellow, so this is even better!
H Morgan Demin Jacket – €0.50: I haven’t owned a Denim Jacket for ages. The last one I had was when I was about 6 (The one here.) and I finally found one! It’s a little bit too short, but will be a nice ‘cropped’ size for summer. I will be wearing this A LOT. Plus, it was under a euro.. soo… I’m a happy chicken 🙂
Black and White Trainers – €5.00: Oops. I may have bought another pair of shoes… These are quite unusual actually, as they are converse style, but have a pointed toe, and are also shiny. I thought I’d get them for a bit of a change up, you know, try a new style and all!
Dr Martens 1460s Black Shimmer Boots – €30.00: YUP! If you don’t know already (Somebody obviously didn’t read my last post…) I now own a pair of Dr Martens! Yes, these babies slipped onto my feet yesterday and I love them! My dream was to get a black pair, but I couldn’t really say no, as these are my size and very cheap. They are sort of grey-ish, green-ish black metallic colour which I have decided, I LOVE! Seriously cannot wait to wear these. Don’t think I will be in a hurry though, it’s chucking it down 🙁

What have you bought recently? Have you bought anything similar? What are you thinking of buying soon? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

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Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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