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LFW Ready Shoe Ideas – Trainers, Heels & Flats*

By September 14, 2014 London Fashion Blog Week

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos

Howdy! So we’re now 2 days into LFW, and although not a lot of you will be actually attending (if you are, I’m so jealous!), I thought I would put together a few ideas for what shoes you could wear to the shows… it may just give you some footwear inspiration even if you are not hitting up LFW anytime soon!

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos


You have probably seen these babies on my blog before, but if not, let me introduce you… these are my bright neon leopard print Nike trainers. The reason they are included is because of how bold they are. I totally push the idea of wearing what you would usually wear to LFW, but if you do want at least one chance of getting street style snapped, I would totally recommend going for a bold shoe, and these are most definitely that! Surprisingly enough, these are actually quite versatile… yup! I love them for both style and comfort. Walking around all day probably means you want a comfortable shoe, so definitely look out for an awesome pair of trainers!

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos


Moving on from the more casual option of trainers, we have some awesome metallic flats. These have actually only just recently launched in the New Look 915 range (teens), and I love them! I love all the little details from the scalloped edging to the almost two tone sole. I think they definitely look a lot more expensive than they are and would look awesome with most outfits. I would definitely invest in some cute socks for these too, you can read more about the fast food ones here.

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos


Now we’re talking… or perhaps not if you really don’t want to move away from comfort… these aren’t necessarily uncomfortable seeing as they have a platform, but you would probably want a pair of flats in your handbag! I love them though because they have that sort of ‘off duty model’ vibe going on. I love to wear them with my spotty dungarees (ASOS, surprise surprise), but I’d like to know what you’d wear them with! Let me know in a comment 🙂

LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos LFW Shoe Ideas new look teens nike asos


Finally, we have the most risky, show-stopper’y’ pair of the lot. Real, heels. As you may know I am a huge fan of anything holographic so these also really caught my eye. This is a super big sneak peek though, so lucky you! I’m sure these would definitely catch the attention of some eager bloggers/photographers. They look so pretty! They will for sure be an A/W staple for me.

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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London Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

By September 12, 2014 London Fashion Blog Week

London Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

It’s a good day because London Fashion Week has officially started! I’ve already watched a few shows and I’m loving it 🙂 You should be too if you read my last post… today though, I am showing you 2 outfits which I think I would wear to LFW. I would probably make them a little bit more WOW by layering but due to product images not always being great I have to make do with these. What would you wear to LFW? Let me know in the comments. 

London Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

Cool Kids Club Dress/Top (ASOS)//Blouse (ZARA)//Whistles Rucksack (ASOS)//Lipstick (Topshop)//Nike Trainers (ASOS)

I’ve been loving the sort of preppy chic/simple trend going around and this is why I love this outfit. I’ve had my eye on the Cool Kids Club sweatshirt dress/top from ASOS for ages and this is such a perfect outfit combination for it. It’s still got those elements of something special with the woven trainers which I am pretty much obsessed with, and of course the metallic bag. I’d probably say I’d wear this to the Topshop Unique show because it’s always quite a cool and calm atmosphere. I honestly love this outfit, and I think I am going to treat myself to the sweatshirt dress/top when another ASOS code comes my way.

London Fashion Week Outfit Ideas

Sequin Shirt (ASOS)//Suede Skirt (H&M)//Velcro Sandals (Daisy Street)//Hair Bow #1 & #2 (ASOS)//Sunglasses (ASOS)

Ever since Ashish’s S/S 14 collection, I have been obsessed with fully sequin covered pieces, so this ASOS number is amazing to me. I love the colour *heart eye emoji* This skirt from H&M is also to die for, I love the muted purple colour and the fact that it is suede adds to the whole effect. For shoes I opted for a simple yet chic pair from Daisy Street. I’ve been loving their site for the amazing range of shoes they offer and these are just gorgeous. I really want to add these to my collection! ASOS have a cute range of hair accessories, so I chose these 2 adorable hair bows. I would usually wear a floral crown but I think these would be a great replacement.

What shows have you loved so far? I will be doing my round-up very soon! The next post will give you a bit of footwear inspiration… stay tuned!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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How To Enjoy London Fashion Week at Home

By September 10, 2014 London Fashion Blog Week

how to enjoy london fashion week at home

What on earth is this I hear you say? Well my friend, this is London Fashion ‘Blog Week’. Starting today and ending on 21st September (yes, okay that isn’t a week.. but nor is actual LFW so… there you go), I am going to be putting up a post related to LFW every other day! I was so close to being able to go to LFW this year but sadly not, so I thought I would replace it with this! LFW is just 2 days away so here are some ideas on how you can enjoy it at home, just like me!

how to enjoy london fashion week at home

how to enjoy london fashion week at home

1. Stream the LIVE shows…

Obviously one of the best ways to catch up with LFW (NYFW, PFW etc etc) is to watch the shows in real time. In my opinion this is probably even better than being at the shows because you get a clear view of everything… you just can’t see what the detail is exactly like and take pictures of your own, but it’s still awesome to watch. London Fashion Week’s site has a digital schedule as well so it’s all displayed out nicely. Watch the shows here.

2. Follow #hash-tags on Twitter…

This is great for when you are on the move but still want to keep up-to-date with the latest shows. The best hash-tags to follow are #LFW (obviously) and #SS15 (or the relevant season). A lot of magazines, models, journalists and bloggers will be tweeting straight from the event and (hopefully) most of them will use hash-tags. It’s super easy to keep track and Twitter has a handy option to save a hash-tag so you can quickly access it.

3. Follow bloggers/journalists…

I love doing this because you get a proper insight to what is going on, not only at the shows but also around all the venues. Plus if you want a more ‘honest’ (in some cases) view on LFW, then this is your best bet. One of my favourite journalists to follow is Hilary Alexander because she’s always tweeting photos right from the shows.

4. Catch-up via…

Finally, you need to catch-up via VOGUE. They have in-depth photos from the catwalk, to details and even the celebs on the ‘FROW’. The photos are stunning too and they’re always put up ASAP after the shows. They even have a service so you get notifications of when photos go up! It’s super handy 🙂

Will you be watching LFW, or catching up via Twitter? Let me know in the comments. I hope you are looking forward to London Fashion ‘Blog’ Week! 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review #2

By March 8, 2014 General

Hello everyone! I am sat here with a stinking cold, looking out to clear blue skies, but today I have Part 2 of my AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review and I hope you like it! Thanks for the comments on the previous one, and if you missed it, you can read from A-the 1st L (haaaa) here.

London College of Fashion MA AW15' London Fashion Week Review

London College of Fashion MA: A ‘multiple’ collections show from the MA students at the London College of Fashion. This was the collection that caught my eye. I don’t know who it is by, but I LOVE it. It’s so interesting and so me. I love the mix of textures and prints as well as structure. I love the faux fur too! My favourite looks are the ones in the middle. I love how the blue tartan is ruffled and I love the sort of mesh style coat. Absolutely gorgeous! Rating: 100/10

Matthew Williamson AW15' London Fashion Week Review

Matthew Williamson: A new discovery is Matthew Williamson. I really liked his collection with the pastel blue, and I adore the trousers (far left), and I wish I owned them! The print is simple, but the colour makes it way more magical. I also quite liked the embellished dress with the faux fur jacket, very snazzy. Not too keen on the sort of lycra stretchy material though…. Rating: 9/10

Meadham Kirchhoff AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewMeadham Kirchhoff: I’ve never been the biggest MK fan, but I enjoyed watching the show for AW14. It is a very big mish mash of different styles, from romantic pieces, to gothic brocade, and the metallic pieces. I feel like it’s what a young girl would put on her dolls in her dolls house, and nothing would really match but everyone would praise what she had done to them. I’m not saying I don’t like the collection, but I’m not saying I do like the collection. I will leave you to make that decision! Rating: 7.5/10

Mulberry Cara Delevingne AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewMulberry & Cara Delevingne: The big reveal for LFW was the Mulberry and Cara Delevingne collaboration. As you will know, Mulberry is close to home for me so I was really interested in seeing what the collection is all about and I am so happy! It’s definitely a ‘Cara D’ collection, as all the bags come as rucksacks which is not only practical but also exactly the kind of thing Cara goes for. My favourites are the monochrome camouflage ones, I’d love to have one of them on my back! Rating: 9/10

Peter Pilotto AW15' London Fashion Week Review

Peter Pilotto: Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. The reason I am ‘hmmm’-ing is because there was no Mary Katrantzou in the ‘M’ section of this post, and that is because I didn’t like the collection, and that upsets me, so I went out on a search for a replacement and found Peter Pilotto. I had heard of his Target collaboration so was intrigued when I was looking through this lot. I do quite like the pieces. They are simple yet the silhouettes and prints make them stand out. Although I don’t think I could say that I have found a new, better version of Mary K, Pilotto has certainly made me happy by filling in the gaping whole of mixing prints. Rating: 8/10

Shao Yen AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewShao Yen: Another new discovery! I really like this collection, and I love the mix of styles. It’s not a jumble like Meadham K, it’s a subtle mix. My favourite pieces are the sculptured round skirt and the grey look with the cape. I do feel it is slightly ruined by the faux fur as it adds that element of ‘tacky’ to it unfortunately. It’s nice though, and I will definitely keep my eye on Yen in September! Rating: 8/10

Sophia Webster AW15' London Fashion Week Review Sophia Webster2 AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewSophia Webster: Oh my word. I loved her in SS14 and I love her in AW14. Mrs Webster, you go girl! I am obsessed with this collection. The colours and the prints are amazing. The backpack and the wedges remind me of Dolly Mixtures and those knee high flats and those pastel clear boots and those shiny robot heels and all the colour and all of it, and oh my gosh I could go on and on. I LOVE IT OKAY. I LOVE IT. It’s just so nice and I am so glad that pastel is going to still be around for AW14. Urgh, now I just have an urge to save up all my pennies and buy it all, but life and bills and taxes and stuff (jokes, I’m 13). Rating: Infinity/10 (that’s a pretty good rating)

Sorapol AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewSorapol: I decided I would feature this collection just because it is so weird but also wonderful. Sorapol’s collections may be extravagant but some of the pieces always make me smile. I could imagine some of these pieces being in Star Wars (there has been a lot of Star Wars mentioned in these posts). My favourite piece is the lace dress in the middle. So beautiful, yet it has that element of sexiness (oh gosh Tolly, #cheese). This collection also reminds me that I need to do that interview with their Creative Director (Daniel Lismore). It’s well overdue! Rating: 8/10

Topshop UNIQUE AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewTopshop UNIQUE: This collection is always interesting because it is just so… ODD. It’s like Topshop are trying to be a high end designer brand but it never really works out that well… in my opinion. I have to say though, it didn’t disappoint me too much this time around. I like elements of it like the sheer embellished tops and the ‘LBDs’, but I still don’t really get it. I can see the Topshop vibes running through but to be honest… it’s nothing special. Sorry peeps, but that is purely my opinion! I made a joke (well…  it’s kind of true) where if I was behind Anna Wintour at the show I would poke her on the shoulder and point at the other person if she turned around… just for the LOL factor. Rating: 7/10 

Vivienne Westwood AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewVivienne Westwood: The last, but certainly not least of all the collections, is… *fan fair* Vivienne Westwood. Oh dear lord of all things fashion, I LOVE IT. It’s not particularly ‘me’, but I still adore it. The models have such charisma and sass (sass to the sass, roll over, roll over – random thing I made up whilst talking to Anna, don’t ask!), and the clothes just add to it. My favourite looks are the monochrome stripe dress and the regal style dress with the red sash. It’s all very Westwood style, but something just makes this collection 100 times better than last AW14. I praise Vivienne, because it really is a beautiful collection. *All hail Dame Westwood* Rating: 100/10 

I hope you liked this final instalment of the AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections. There were a few others which I skipped off the list just because I found them very odd indeed. How on earth is Hunter now got a slot at the shows?! The show was interesting because there was a water catwalk and Dynamo ended the show, but the clothes were not worth speaking about. So there we have it until September! Lets all cross our fingers and toes that I will actually be there at the shows for the SS15 collections… I have a feeling it could be my first LFW! 😀 😀 😀

(All images are via Vogue) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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London Fashion Week SS14 Collections

By September 17, 2013 Fashion

I’m not going to start with the usual ‘If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not know…’ intro, I’m just going to say it. We all know that it is London Fashion Week SS14′. I’ve rounded up my favourite collections from this fabulous week, and just so you know, I did not attend… 🙁 (Images via Vogue UK) *VERY long post warning* < it’s worth it though!

London Fashion Week Ashish SS14Ashish: I cannot actually believe that I have never heard of Ashish, but it is now one of my all time favourite designers. Uh huh, yup. The collection is full of sequins, and shopper bags. Ashish have said that the collection was inspired by those times when you go down to the shops still wearing the necklace from the night before. It’s seriously, such a me collection. My favourite piece has got to be the ‘ragged’ sequin denim style jumpsuit. I love how this collection is full of different layers and textures. Rating: 1000/10 (hehe)

London Fashion Week Bora Asku SS14Bora Asku: I am so annoyed I missed the live stream of this. I was a sleep… -_- It’s utterly gorgeous! Layers and sections of lace and netting, ruffles, plus silk sleeves. I feel like this collection is almost 4 dimensional. It has so much character to it. It sort of reminds me of the Sound of Music, because of ‘the maid’ style skirts of the dresses. I love the ‘pointillism’ detailed print which is featured. Stunning. Rating: 10/10 

London Fashion Week David Koma SS14David Koma: This might not be the most outrageous collection ever, but, it is sooooooooo beautiful. You might not see it, but in my eyes this is such a thought out collection. It’s so fluid line and structured, and the colour combinations are perfect. I actually smile so hard when I see these pieces, it’s actually quite odd. I also love the sort of ‘guitar string’ detailing which was featured quite a lot. I am just so in love with David Koma’s SS14 Collection. Well done! Rating: 1000/10 (…again)

London Fashion Week House of Holland SS14House of Holland: Gahhh, another amazing collection by Mr Holland. I love the tattoo style prints featured, the brightly coloured checks, and just generally all of it. I love how some of the pieces, are actually 1 pieces, but look like 2 so it makes it look like you have put more effort into your outfit than you have. Clever. I also LOVE the white and orange version of the classic trench coat. Just like Ashish, this is such a me collection. Also, look at that catwalk. LOOK AT IT. So dreamy. Rating: 10/10 

London Fashion Week John Rocha SS14John Rocha: When the first dress set down the catwalk, I was already sold. I love the poppy petal inspired dresses, and the big puffy tulle, oh and the squiggly hats… how cool?! I love how Rocha has really sculptured the silhouette, by outlining it with either petal appliqué or lines on sheer netting (…sorry if you can’t handle the boobies…). I love how glamorous and sleek every dress is. I can definitely see some of these dresses going down the red carpet. Imagine Jessica Alba in the far right dress?! Rating: 9.5/10

London Fashion Week Mary Katrantzou SS14Mary Katrantzou: When Mary K launched in Topshop, and everyone went mad for ‘that’ dress, it was like a firework went off. A firework of colour. And, she’s done it again. HOW AMAZING. I want all of these dresses, especially the blue and yellow, and orange, and navy an-. Yeah you get the gist. I love how she has incorporated, ruffles and layers, with silks and patterns. It’s hard to mix so many things which would usually clash together, but if someone is going to do it, Mary is. Rating: 1000/10 (Yeah, you can probably see a theme here)

London Fashion Week Orla Kiely Red Label SS14Orla Kiely: Not a catwalk show, but a presentation. I’m not the biggest fan of the collection, yet alone Orla Kiely, but I like how this has been executed. I definitely think the sales of Moonrise Kingdom will be rocketing when these pieces go on sale, well actually they probably already have. My favourite piece, or ‘pieces’ have got to be the orange 2 piece. I love how it looks, and a panda purse?! CUTE ^-^ I also love the layered polka dot dress and skirt, it’s such a lovely way doing the dotty trend. Rating: 9/10 

London Fashion Week Otswald Helgason SS14Otswald Helgason: WOW WOW WOW WOW WOWeeee. Guys, I think Otswald Helgason may have cracked it. I cannot contain myself. Silk + Prints + Maxi Dresses + Biker Jackets + Turquoise + Pink = ME. It’s such a nice collection! My favourites have got to be the biker jacket and shorts and the blue maxi dress. I don’t really like sheer maxi skirts, because of the fear of flashing somebody when the wind picks up, but the way they have done it, makes it exceptable. Well done lovely ladies at Helgason! Rating: 1000/10 (yeah…)

London Fashion Week Ryan Lo SS14

Ryan Lo: So dreamyyyyy. By far one of the cutest collections. I love how Ryan has mixed both the cute with the chic. I love each and every look, but my favourite has got to be the 2nd one. It makes me feel like I would be the queen of the daisy fields (if that is such a thing) and I could prance round like dah-dah-dah-lah-lah and with bunny ears and all. I lovesssss it. Rating: 1000/10 (Hehehehe)

London Fashion Week Sophia Webster SS14Sophia Webster: Again, not a catwalk show but a presentation. I found this one via Instagram, and I am a little in awe. It’s sooooo cute! The whole collection is based on ‘Bug life’, that’s why the models are sitting in flowers and greenery. But, guys… the hair. WHAT. I love the pop art style purses! Gahh, it makes me sad for not buying a similar one on ASOS when I had the coinage, but oh well. I think polka dots are definitely going to be a thing in SS14. Rating: 8/10 

London Fashion Week Tata Naka SS14Tata Naka: I’d never heard of Tata Naka before LFW, and I now love them. I also, now want to eat candy floss and be at a circus (but not the kind where you get pulled on stage and have to balance on this thing with a sweaty smelly old man holding on to you – this happened to me.). I just love the retro feel of it, but also the nice structured shapes. I definitely think the lovely, Susie Bubble (she follows me on Twitter now, uh huh, fan girling), could rock this collection very very well. Rating 9/10 

London Fashion Week Tom Ford SS14Tom Ford: I’ve never really liked Tom Ford as a brand. It just has this feeling of money all over it, which to be honest that’s what it is. But, I did actually really like the look of these pieces. SPARKLE. The one in the middle reminds me of David Bowie in this costume. I love how they are almost walking mosaics. You could almost imagine the models, ripping up the ground and escaping from the cement. I’ve seen a few other collections featuring the reflective sort of style, so maybe it will catch on? Who knows… Rating 8/10 

London Fashion Week Vivienne Westwood Red Label SS14Vivienne Westwood: Oh wow. You can’t help but laugh.. hahaha! I thought that the other models looked like zombies, but her’s are like, REAL zombies. It’s classic Viv though. She has to make a statement, and she has to make the clothes talk. I love the florals, and the baroque dress (in the middle). British tartan, low cut and gothic looks. Totally Westwood, and totally ‘good’. I like it, especially the models… hehehe! Rating: 9/10

I hope you enjoyed this round up! I’m sorry it was so long but I don’t want it in 2 parts! I will also be doing a little ‘trend expectations’ post, which will be up soon! Let me know your favourite collections in the comments below! WOWOWOWOOWOW I should stop now.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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The Fashion Week Tag

By September 12, 2013 Fashion

Hi hi! (I seriously don’t know how to introduce these posts anymore)… Today I am doing a tag. Oh yes, ‘Tolly-The-No-Tag-Blogger’ is going against all she has said, and making her own?! *gasp* I know. I thought there was one missing, so I decided to YOLO it and create the ultimate, Fashion Week tag. *DUN DUN DUN – dramatic intro*

fashion week tag

Have you ever been to a Fashion Week before?: Unfortunately, no. I’ve been to The Clothes Show Live, but that’s the closest, and I’ve been invited to a LFW Party but, had to decline due to living in France. But um, yeah. Nope. *sob sob*

If you could go to a Fashion Week, which one would you go to and which season?: Ummm… I think probably London just because I am English, but I wouldn’t mind really. For the season, probably Spring & Summer because I’m more of a fan of colourful clothing than dark grung-y stuff, so S/S is my pick!

What designer’s show would you most like to go to?: Although I absolutely love Vivienne Westwood, and it’s one of my dreams to be able to attend her show, I would be really interested in Valentino’s show because after seeing the catwalk pictures, it looks like such an interesting show to attend!

fashion week london

Would you rather be ‘FROW’ (Front Row) or would you rather take the back seat?: Personally, I’d rather go FROW. I know that some people would like to be back seat because of not being intimidated by ‘bigger’ stars (maybe…?), but for me FROW is where I would like to be seated, oh and if possible, can Anna Wintour sit next to me?

If you were able to work at LFW, who would you rather be – A designer, a model, the press, a VIP, or someone backstage?: Well, I think we all know the answer to this one for me 😉 Of course, I would love to be the designer. Just being able to see my designs go down the catwalk sounds so cool!

Sometimes you can get invites to the after ‘part-ays’, but you are only allowed to meet one model, one designer and one VIP/celebrity, in person. Who would you like to meet?: For a model, I know it is very typical, but Cara Delevingne. Apparently Cara is really laid back and just like any other ‘gal’ – sorry, I’m being rather typical and boring today aren’t I? -, so it would be interesting to see exactly what she is like. For a designer, it would of course be the queen herself, Vivienne Westwood. I am ever so jealous of Olivia (from What Olivia Did) for meeting Vivienne whilst she was eating pie, so I am now aiming to meet her in the next few years (…optimistic!). For a VIP, it would probably be… um… I don’t actually know! I guess meeting anyone inspiring would be amazing, so I guess I’d just see who was there, haha!

fashion week cara viv

For your Fashion Week trip, you can take 5 items, for example a camera etc. What would be your essentials?: Like the example, of course my camera for snapping those catwalk pictures and when I meet Cara & Vivienne. A note pad for jotting down information and thoughts on the shows. Lucozade to keep me going, because it is literally a life saver for people who don’t like coffee! A pair of pumps or super comfortable shoes to slip on if my snazzier pair get painful! Plus, some business cards to just remind people of when they meet me 😉

And finally, of course the obvious question. What will you wear?: I definitely think comfort is key. I think perhaps a jumpsuit and then jazz it up with a funky jacket and accessories, and a striking pair of shoes! I definitely don’t think that making yourself stand out is what it’s all about, but maybe something eye catching which suits your personality and is something you would normally wear.

Anna from The Life of A Fashion Nerd//Joni from Berry Crumble//Nicole from Cole of The Ball//Flora from Pretty Little Things To Do//Harriet from Harriet Does Make-Up//MyDogBlog//Megan from Floral of Beauty

I hope you enjoyed this very rare occasion. If you are interested in doing this tag, you can find all the questions here: TAG QUESTIONSJust simply copy and paste! If you did enjoy this, let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Global Kids Fashion Week: Is it just too much?

By March 21, 2013 Beauty, Fashion

As a young child myself and possibly one of the youngest fashion bloggers, I thought that this post would be a brilliant thing to write about. As Fashion Weeks end for another season, we begin to forget about what has just happened, we begin to think about booking holidays (well, I am obviously not, I am only 12, remember?), swimming in the warm seas, and covering up with all the sun ‘screen’ that you look like an albino, but there is one thing which is definitely not on our minds! Kids Fashion Week. This week, the very first ‘Global’ Fashion Week dedicated to Childrenswear happened in London. But, is this just a bit too much? Or, are we are embracing the younger generation?
(Images from Pinterest)

lfwkidsKids Fashion Week is here to show off that kids can have style! They don’t have to wear a hoody that has been worn a billion times, and they don’t have to wear a mini pair of jeans, they can rock their stuff, how they like! Oh yeah! And I love that! That’s why I’m here, right? The thing which I find hard to believe though is that, some of these kids, don’t want to be modelling? They want to be sat at home playing with their Barbie dolls (okay, maybe now it’s more like playing Nintendo Dogs). Some of these kids, my age and younger are being forced by parents to be walking down the catwalk. I think it’s terrible. Yes, they may still have time to play and do what they want, but why should they be forced? I’m not forced to blog, I just love blogging! Fashion Week should be for children who want to be modelling, and I know that sounds strange, but I feel it’s how young models should be judged. If they want to model they model. If you’ve ever watched ‘Toddlers & Tiaras‘, you’ll know where I’m coming from. The screaming, ratty children being forced into having spray tans and having to shave their legs at an absolute ridiculous age, could be not just coming from pageants, but from Fashion Shows.

When I saw this picture (above), I actually said out loud ‘How disgusting’. This girl, I would say is near my age, and she may have a happy face, but do you think it’s exceptable for her to be on a catwalk with a bikini on? I know it’s the only way they can showcase what it will look like on, but I think that should be left for online. It’s not just the fact that she is wearing next to nothing, it’s the fact that she might think, that’s how she has to look. They grow up thinking ‘I have to have nice clothes, I have to wear my hair like this, I need make-up!’. It shouldn’t be like this.
I think the need for Kids Fashion Weeks are there. To be able to showcase clothes and to boost the market, but I think there should be a point where it is just too much. I believe that children in the modelling world should not wear make-up and should know what is right and wrong. They should know that the people in the magazines are airbrushed but it isn’t how everyone should look. Talking about airbrushing, I did a post on the petition about airbrushing, and the news is in! They won! How fantastic! Read the post here.

What do you think about young models? What do you think about Kids Fashion Weeks? Make sure to leave a comment below!

Please nominate for me as Best Teen Blog, if you believe I am worthy of the award. You can nominate here: Company Magazine Blog Awards. Please nominate the URL: Thank You.

ADVERTISE FOR COMIC RELIEF: Advertise your Blog/Brand for £10, and 100% of the money will go to Comic Relief. Please email: tdp(at) and use the Subject: RND.

GET 20% OFF AT CASE-APP: Use the code ‘TOLLY‘ at the checkout!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Gorgeous GIFs

By February 15, 2013 Fashion

I am a sucker for cool, geeky stuff, especially things like awesome GIFs, they are just so cool, and I love making cheesy ones on my webcam, so I thought I would share some in which I saw them on Poppy Disney’s blog, and I am sure you’re going to enjoy them!… (All GIFs found via Cinemagraphs)

So, there are my favourites! I think the Anna Wintour one is brilliant! Well, they all are!  Also the last three fit in with what has just started! LONDON FASHION WEEK! Hopefully, I will get to go to a show soon, but I have to wait and see… or possibly, be even doing my own! 😉

Tell me your favourite or have you seen any other fabulous ones? Leave a comment below!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Are Fashion Weeks Fading?

By January 23, 2013 Fashion

If you have read or are reading the latest Company Magazine, you would have probably read the article by Kerry Porter about Fashion Weeks and how they’re VIP tickets are getting less and less exclusive, and the fact that we are getting all this free footage of the shows instead of actually living in it all. So, I thought I’d write a post about it!

I actually totally agree, the Fashion Week is losing it’s exclusiveness! We are able to sit in our onesies with a nice hot chocolate watching it now, rather than going out and feeling the bass of the music beat through our bodies. We’re able to even embed the footage into our blogs and get people viewing them through our own sites. Instead of being specially selected or paying for the tickets, we can stay in the luxury of our homes. Surely, us fashionistas want to see the fabrics and colours up close and personal? Surely, we want our own snaps of what we like, and our own real life footage? Don’t we want the special feeling of knowing you’ve been to the real shows? *I hear you say yes* So, why don’t we? (Picture from Pinterest)

The simple answer, is the Internet. As a blogger, it is a big part of my life now, and I couldn’t live without it. Designers and Fashion Week holders want everyone to experience it, but by doing that we’re ruining the fun of getting a surprise. It’s like getting told everything about what you’re getting for your next birthday, until waiting until it actually happens right? We’re able to see it all before the next season starts, instead of the actual people who will be making it into stuff, and people who need to see it. Tom Ford even made his shows exclusive, so not even the press could know it was happening! Wouldn’t that be better? A surprise? Yes, okay, I like doing Trend blog posts, but I could wait!

If I had it my way, I would make it so you always have to apply, and no footage is allowed out of Fashion Week, just pictures and sneak peeks. What do you think? Should Fashion Week be more exclusive? Tell me in a comment, or Tweet me 😉

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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