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Meet Mooi en Lief | GIVE-AWAY*

By February 3, 2015 My Style, Shop

Well hello there my friends 🙂 I’m still feeling really rubbish with a stinking cold, but don’t worry, hopefully I’ll be on the mend soon! Anyway, today’s blog post is a little chatty one about Mooi en Lief… you mayyy recognise the name from this post… yeah, pretty exciting huh?! I just wanted to introduce you to them a bit more, and give you the chance to win an awesome prize…

Mooi En Lief Give-Away #MooiEnLiefbyTDP

Mooi En Lief Give-Away #MooiEnLiefbyTDP

Mooi En Lief Give-Away #MooiEnLiefbyTDP

Mooi En Lief Give-Away #MooiEnLiefbyTDP~ MEET MOOI EN LIEF ~

So you are probably first of all wondering, who on earth are Mooi en Lief? Well, they’re a dutch wellington boot brand! They’re main belief is that everybody is different, and that’s what they want to incorporate with their products. It’s one of the main reasons why I’m so happy I get to work with them, they have just the same mindset as me 🙂 Plus, just because wellies are practical, doesn’t mean they have to be boring, right? They’ve also recently introduced ‘Style Kits‘ into their range, which are super cool, but I’ll talk about them a little later.

Mooi en Lief sent me a pair of their Black Buckle wellies and they’re actually pretty cool. I love the laces at the back, they kind of remind me of the Chanel A/W 14′ collection… not sure why, but oh well! I took these pictures on New Year’s Eve when it was absolutely freezing and it’s safe to say that they kept my feet toasty and warm… they also did today when I went outside and sledged! YES! SNOW. We have snow and I am very happy about that, can you tell?!

FOLLOW MOOI EN LIEF: Twitter // Facebook // Instagram

Mooi En Lief Give-Away #MooiEnLiefbyTDP

Mooi En Lief Give-Away #MooiEnLiefbyTDP

Mooi En Lief Give-Away #MooiEnLiefbyTDP~ AN UPDATE… #MooiEnLiefbyTDP ~

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve spoken about my Mooi en Lief collaboration. If you didn’t already know, back in the summer I announced that I will be collaborating with them on a socks and tights collection! How exciting! It is still going on, we’re actually really near to finishing everything up, and hopefully soon I will be able to confirm an actual launch date. I’m so excited! It’s been an awesome project to work on, and at the end of it, I’m going to have some socks with my name on them?! Follow me on BlogLovin’ so you don’t miss my post telling you even more details. Stay tuned…

Mooi En Lief Give-Away #MooiEnLiefbyTDP

Mooi En Lief Give-Away #MooiEnLiefbyTDP~ MOOI EN LIEF GIVE-AWAY ~

And now for the give-away, yay! This isn’t actually a blog give-away, it’s an Instagram give-away! Mooi en Lief have kindly offered to give you guys the chance to win a pair of the Black Buckle boots (the ones I’m wearing), and their Feather Festival style kit! I’m really sorry if you don’t have an Instagram account, but if you do, you’re in for a treat! All the instructions are below, but it’s best just to whizz over to my account and do it from there! Good Luck…

Prize: Mooi en Lief Black Buckle Feather Festival Style Kit
How To Enter: Follow @tdposh and @mooienlief on Instagram, re-post this image with the hashtag, #MooiEnLiefbyTDP and tell us your shoe size (i.e EU 37) – tagging @tdposh and @mooienlief would also be a big help.
End Date: Wednesday 11th February 2015
T&Cs: The prize has been organised by Mooi en Lief and will be shipped by them, directly. This give-away is worldwide. The winner will be picked randomly from the #MooiEnLiefbyTDP hashtag.

WHAT I WORE: Pink Coat (ARK)* // Zebra Top (Jumble Sale) // Blue Pleated Midi Skirt (ASOS) // Tights (Heat Holders)* // Pom Pom Headband (ASOS) // Black Buckle Wellies (Mooi en Lief)*

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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6 Important Blogging FAQs, Answered

By January 18, 2015 General

Every week my inbox is bound to receive a question related to blogging, and it’s hard to answer every single one individually, so I’ve decided today is the day that I shall answer them all, and for good! Obviously some of you might have different questions, but I know that these are frequently asked ones, so it should help the majority of you, whether you have a blog already, or you have only just started. Don’t forget to leave me any questions in the comments too, I will try and answer them all for you!

Blogging FAQs - How To Start A Blog

What is the best blogging platform?

In my opinion this is very personal. I’ve only ever tried WordPress because that is what my family has always used. I’ve tried Blogger when working on other people’s blogs, and it’s just too dated and fiddly for me. WordPress has such a nice interface! Definitely look up what would work best for you, I’ve also heard that Squarespace is really good too.

How do I get more views and readers?

This is probably the most common question from newer and older bloggers. There really is no simple answer, and without going off on a tangent, you must not forget that views don’t mean everything. Social media, SEO and advertising are three basic and amazing ways to get those readers in, so definitely have a Google search on those topics.

Do I need a fancy camera?

No! You definitely don’t. The latest smart phones and basic digital cameras all do the job perfectly. DSLRs are expensive and are not for everyone. I actually did a post all about this topic so definitely check it out. Don’t go splashing the cash without some research! Oh and for all those asking, I use the Nikon D3200 with the 35mm 1:1.8G DX lens!

Blogging FAQs - How To Start A Blog(Recognise this ‘lens’? It’s the mug from my Christmas wishlist. SO COOL! Also, follow me on Instagram, yeah?)

How many times a week should I publish a blog post?

This is really up to you, and when your schedule says you can. Things like school, work and family are much more important so don’t let blogging take over other aspects of your life. Perhaps try and blog at least 2-3 times a week, and see if you want to increase or decrease that amount. You’ll find out what works best sooner or later.

How can I get brands to work with me?

Another answer which involves the words ‘don’t worry’, because you shouldn’t. When I started blogging I had absolutely no clue that bloggers could be sent things to review, or just generally work with them. But I know for some older bloggers, still not working with brands can be annoying if you have lots of ideas in your head.

Although some people may disagree, do you know why brands put Press and PR emails on their sites? So bloggers and members of the media can contact them. So many more brands are opening up to bloggers, so if you really want, send a polite and inviting email to them and introduce your blog and idea. If you’re waiting for brands to contact you, then it may just be that your blog still needs to develop.

Brands use bloggers as a form of advertising, so it’s very rare that they will send you something just as a ‘gift’, so don’t be sad if nothing comes. Wait until those readers are rolling in (this can take 2 months, or 2 years), and you’ll see brands rolling in too.

What on earth is HTML?

Coding! It’s the magical stuff that puts together quite a lot of your blog. There is also CSS which puts together most of the structure and design of your blog. I would probably recommend learning some if you have the time. Even if you just learn the basics like how to center an image through HTML tags, or how to change a HEX number in your CSS. It’s really simple stuff that can be vital to the blogging process. If you need some extra help, check out Quack HTML. I’ve found it super handy!

P.S There is a new video going up (or already up) on my YouTube channel… yeah only took me since last summer!

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Top Tips: Gaining Exposure

By August 22, 2013 Beauty, DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

You lot seem to be absolutely loving this series of blog posts?! I didn’t think that it would be so popular! Following on from the last post, you guys wanted me to do a post all about ‘how to gain exposure’ for your blog, so here it is, Blogging Top Tips: Gaining Exposure! *long post… sorry*

socialmediaSocial Media: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
Social Media is one of the best places to gain exposure because literally everyone and their dog has an account on one place or another. Here is my little guide of why to join what!

Why Use Twitter?: Twitter is the place to be as a blogger. Not only can you promote your blog, you can connect with brands and bloggers in your area, bloggers who are the same age, bloggers who blog about the same things, literally anyone.
What Can I Do On Twitter?: You can promote your blog, talk to people and share your views on topics. For bloggers I would recommend using Twitter for self promotion and connecting with people.
What To Remember?: Add the hashtag chats into your schedule. Times are in GMT.

Monday – #fbloggers at 8pm – Fashion.
Tuesday – #fblchat at 8pm – Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle.
Wednesday – #bbloggers at 8pm – Beauty.
Thursday – #fbloggers at 8pm – Fashion.
Friday – #teenagebloggerchat – Teen Bloggers.
Sunday – #lbloggers at 7pm, and #bbloggers at 8pm – Lifestyle & Beauty.

Why Use Facebook?: Facebook is great for connecting friends, family and friends of friends etc to your blog. Although this seems scary and ’embarrassing’ it’s nice to know what people think if they know you. It’s also nice because it’s a more safe environment in my opinion.
What Can I Do On Facebook?: You can promote your blog, get feedback easily, and get your favourite blogs into your feed! You can also create a Facebook page which you can link up to your BlogLovin’ so your ‘likers’ can get every post you publish, in their feed.
What To Remember?: Join blogging groups. It’s a great way to get exposure for your blogs and also you can find some new friends! The groups I have joined are: FBL BloggersThe makers of the #fblchat on Twitter – & Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Bloggers (Very similar but different bloggers in each).

Why Use Instagram?: A LOT of people use Instagram on their phones, so imagine taking pictures from your blog posts and reminding people to read them? It’s a good idea. AND you can also connect with brands who have Instagram too!
What Can I Do On Instagram?: Connect with brands, share your new blog posts and find new bloggers to chat with.
What To Remember?: Use hashtags which are relevant. Brands will follow the blogger hashtags so they can find people who would be good to connect with. Plus, you might just get some likes and followers!

advertiseblogAdvertise On Other Blogs: This is a great way to gain exposure! Not only will you connect with your favourite blogs you will also get their followers interested in another blog! A lot of bloggers either do button swaps, or they have very low prices. Obviously paying £25 to advertise on a blog for a month might be a bit too much, look at smaller blogs who have quite a few followers of which are interested in the same things as you. This is also good because brands who connect with the blogs you advertise on, may just want to connect with you as well. It’s also super easy! Pretty much 99.9% of bloggers will allow payment through PayPal, so it’s simples. *meerkat squeal* You can find my advertising prices here! Cheeky plug, I know 😉

guestblogGuest Blog For Other Bloggers: This is a really great way of gaining exposure. Bloggers have lives, which means… if they are going away or are having a little break, then they might need the help of YOU (yes, you) to blog for them! It’s pretty much free advertising. Take the opportunity to show your writing skills to another audience. It’s also a nice way to make your ‘Features’ or ‘Press’ page a little bit more bulky. It shows you can write well for other people, and for what ever type of topic.

 I hope you enjoyed this post! Unfortunately I can’t tell you how to make your views ping up. As I said in the last post, numbers don’t matter! The only thing I would say is to keep blogging. Every day if needs be. It keeps your followers interested and they will keep coming back. It’s taken me over a year to get where I am, and to be honest… I don’t even get a 500 views a day. It takes time and effort so keep going. You’ll ‘get there’ in the end. I promise. 🙂 *cheese on toast*

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Jeans for Genes Day: Fashion Tee Part #1*

By August 15, 2013 Competitions, Fashion

I am quite excited to say this, but I am an official supporter of Jeans for Genes day. Oh yes. The amazing charity mixing fashion with a good deed, asked me if I want to support the charity this year, and there was not even an ‘umm’ in sight. I of course, said yes.

Jeans for Genes Day Jeans for Genes Day Jeans for Genes Day

What I Wore: Limited Edition Fashion Tee £20.00* (Jeans for Genes) & Denim Dungarees €4.00 (Jumble Sale).

When I first saw this top I wasn’t quite sure what it was, then I realised the print was 2 girls with their plaited hair intertwined (to look like a double helix) with metallic flowers. I was going to style it with a jumpsuit to make it a bit more grunge looking, but then remembered that I had my denim dungarees. This top is so comfortable even if it is just for throwing on for casual wear. The top was actually designed by Milly Wood from the Edinburgh College of Art, and although I wasn’t sure on it at first, I do rather like it. At home I like to wear this with my grey ZARA shorts. Make sure to go and buy yourself a top and get styling yourself!

If you don’t know what Jeans for Genes day is all about, carry on reading.
This year, on Friday 20th September, Jeans for Genes is inviting millions of people to leave their work clothes and school uniforms at home and wear their favourite pair of jeans instead, in return for a donation. All money which is raised is sent to help children with genetic disorders, across 23 different charities. 1 in 25 children in the UK have a genetic disorder, that’s around 30,000 babies each year. Celebrity supporters for this year include Melanie C from The Spice Girls, Michelle Keegan, Louise Thompson, Amy Childs, Lauren Goodger and Sophia Sassoon.


I am challenging YOU to wear your favourite pair of jeans on September 20th. Whatever the weather, whatever you are doing, make sure to Instagram a picture using #jeansTDP and I will share around my favourite pictures. Unfortunately there is no prize but you will be supporting a fabulous charity, and that is worth way more. You do have plenty of time so don’t worry. I will be reminding you to get ready in Part 2 of this post! 

To celebrate my new blog banner, and a little thank you to the loyal followers of mine, I am running a give-away HERE which only involves one obligatory step to enter! Good Luck!

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A Fresh New Start & A Give-Away!

By August 13, 2013 General

Well hello there, how are you? It’s been a whole 2 weeks since I sat down and wrote a blog post for you guys, and I have missed it. This post will explain the slight changes you may have noticed, exactly why I was away for ‘so long’ and, of course, a cheeky little give-away thrown in too 😉

PicMonkey CollageDSC_0288 DSC_0004

Most of you probably won’t know, but my now, old, banner has been on this blog since the very day it began. That was when I was 11 years ‘young’, and I am now 13. I may not be completely different, but I definitely feel like I have changed in my style, so I felt it was the right time to change a few things around here. I had to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and I quite like this 2nd chapter so far. It’s still bright and fun, but it’s a bit more laid back and simple than before. Of course I had to keep the TDP headband in there, because that is part of me. The outfit with the headband is actually quite special because it includes 2 things which have been a big part of my blogging story, which are my ASOS jacket and my blue sunglasses. Sounds a bit random, but I wore the jacket to the #stylebloggerawards and it was also my 13th birthday treat, and the sunglasses were from the awards themselves so they have a nice memory with them.

Some of you may not like the new banner, but I do. I feel like it portrays me now more than my last one, and I think it will be a nice fresh way to start the new upcoming season. I definitely couldn’t have kept my old one for much longer, because I’m 13… things will change… #awkward… Also, the content of my blog is going to change slightly, i.e there is going to be way more designs, and fashion trends, more inspo posts, and fashion-y things. I hope you will enjoy it!

Moving on to the reason I was away; If you have seen on my Instagram, you may already know, but for those of you don’t then, here you go… this October, I won’t just be a sister, a daughter, granddaughter or niece, I will become an aunty and a godmother. I am extremely excited about the new addition to the family, and I felt it would be weird to keep such a big thing from you. My family were all over in the south of France these past weeks, soaking up the sun, and enjoying each others company, and I loved it!

Now to the give-away!  I’m sorry this post is so long, I needed to update you all!
So, I haven’t done a give-away in like… ages. The reason is because I was waiting for the right time, and I think it’s probably the perfect time now! This give-away is a thank you to all of my loyal followers who spur me on in reaching my dream. It’s not a fancy prize, unfortunately, but it’s just a few small things which I hope you will enjoy.

DSC_0400 DSC_0394Prizes: 1 x The September Issue DVD (Rating: 12), 1 x Illustrated Portrait by myself, 1 x Black Lace Eye Rock, 1 x Pair of Purple Daisy Earrings, 1 x Ad Space for your blog/site (Non-blogger alternative: Write a blog post for Tolly!)

The winner was … Laura Jarvis

That is it! Good Luck everyone! Thanks for sticking with me these past 2 weeks! I look forward to blogging again! I really do ‘love’ the support you guys give to me, it is so helpful, and you are da’ bestest. *virtual hug* Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Support Opengram!

By December 19, 2012 General

Since the recent discovery of the new Instagram Terms & Conditions, there is an uproar. You guys, who don’t want their pictures to be sold, should go to Facebook, and support Opengram. They are a group of people trying to stop this. LIKE THEM NOW!

I will be doing a few reviews on other apps because I don’t like this! Support Opengram!

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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How To Get Inspired: The Blogger Way

By November 24, 2012 Beauty, DIY & Lifestyle, My Style

Now, as you know The Blogger Trend is big this season, so I decided to take you down a trip of getting inspired. So, I am welcoming you to my workspace and bedroom…

Pin Board & Instagram Wall

Pin Boards & Instagram Walls are so easy to create. I bought my Pin Board back in the UK, for under £4 at Staples, and just got a bunch of pins. I stick on To Do lists, things I would love to own, places I would love to go, magazine clippings, labels, and other cool stuff, including a piece of candy rock, and a mini shoe keyring! To create in Instagram Wall, all you have to do is create an account, take some snaps, and print them out, and then, obviously, stick them up!

Everything! Oh, and my Dr Marten poster!

Yep! I have a Dr Marten poster! It is to keep me dreaming of owning a pair! I also have my Access All Areas pass from the Clothes Show London 2011, and a dollar note up there. Interesting… but, it looks cool, and it keeps me cool – by that, I mean thinking & dreaming cool stuff!

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! I love this birthday ‘cat’ that I got this year, it’s so cute! Also, I love the clipping I cut out of the ‘Fashion’s Most Wanted’.

I love my Dr Marten’s poster! I also love, cute cartoon things, like this Make-Up case! It’s great for holding stuff that you don’t use all the time, and also a cute decoration! Also, here’s another picture of my Instagram Wall, just so you can see the sorts of things I like to show off! Ha!

To make your room extra colourful, and quirky, just add some cute flirty decorations! I love it! Also, things I do like to put on my Instagram Wall, are pictures of cool items, my cat, my sister – as I miss her so much 😉 – and anything generally well Instagramed.

So, there you have it! An insight into how I get inspired, and I like to show off my style. Oh, and when my room is painted, I will do a tour of my room 😉 Also, if you want to know some of my favourite online Pinboards, here they are…

Pinterest – I love the ease of it, but it is mostly public, and public sharing.

Springpad – I prefer this for private sharing, and private notebooks. I like making up notebooks to help friends think of ideas for their bedrooms etc.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Tolly Dolly Posh: Instagram

By April 21, 2012 My Style

As, I have been doing a few Photography posts, I thought I would share the fact, that you can follow me on Instagram! I haven’t got many followers, so it would be great if you guys could get me more! Follow me at, TollyDollyPosh.

My Instagram works of ART. Follow @TollyDollyPosh

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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