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Illustrated My Style: 2017 Outfits

By December 23, 2017 My Style

Some blog posts are too good not to attempt again so as part of my end-of-year content, I’m back with another illustrated round-up of my annual outfits. You can take a gander at my 2016 selection if you’re in need of even more sartorial inspiration…

Ethical & Sustainable Outfit Ideas - Fashion Illustrations


This blouse was most definitely a most-warn item for me during the warmer months; it was perfect with skirts or trousers and made for a great layering piece in the early autumn. However, I wouldn’t have worn it as much if it hadn’t had been for my Yours Again recycled denim chokers which tied it all together.

The lesson from this outfit? Sometimes the clothes we um-and-ah over can become the clothes we most adore. Although, of course, I am an advocate for my considered shopping choices, sometimes it’s nice to take a risk, especially when what you’re buying is secondhand.

Ethical & Sustainable Outfit Ideas - Fashion Illustrations


My pink cashmere jumper may now be a beret but that doesn’t stop me from looking back on this outfit fondly and appreciating the amount of wear I got out of this People Tree jumpsuit.

I do understand that People Tree’s prices aren’t accessible to everyone at all times but wearing it made me realise how much of a luxurious investment their pieces are and I had quite a few compliments on it, too!

I couldn’t look back on this year without highlighting an outfit which included my very own ethical t-shirts, could I? I styled up my Lost Shapes collaborative tees very simply for the lookbook but since wearing them over the course of the past few months, I’ve managed to discover lots of different ways of doing so…

You can also now pick up a Limited Edition “Keep on Asking” sweatshirt – it might not be around for long so I’d take a look at it now before it’s too late!

Ethical & Sustainable Outfit Ideas - Fashion Illustrations


An outfit that you – my readers – seemed to love just as much as me, involved this two-piece from Mayamiko. Sadly, those killer blue lens sunglasses are no more (why did I have to stand on them?) but I’m glad I was able to capture them in all their glory and immortalise them in some way.

Since the hot days have faded, I’ve worn the crop-top underneath my navy satin suit and am now longing to wear it all over again

Which is your favourite? What have you been wearing this year? Let me know in the comments!

Happy holidays… 🎁❄️

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Illustrated My Style: 2016 Outfits

By December 23, 2016 My Style

An idea planted in my mind after my latest post, so I decided to run with it. 2016 has been a year of rekindling my love for digital illustration. I’m quite happy with where I’m at in terms of my signature style, whether that’s in terms of drawing or even the outfits I’ve been wearing this year, so, I thought I’d combine the two and do a small recap of the looks I’ve been gravitating towards, in the form of some fashion outfit illustrations!

fashion outfit illustrations - second-hand ethical fashion blog


One of my first outfits of 2016 was probably the start of defining my aesthetic for the year. I thought perhaps it would dip in and out of this and that but this dress has made quite a few appearances more than this simple two-piece look. Seeing as it wasn’t an ethical or conscious purchase, I’m justifying it by knowing that I most definitely have worn it for 30 wears and I will continue to do so until it’s either in need of repair, a revamp or a trip to a charity shop.

I’m also happy to say that my Dr Martens have had plenty of outings too, and I had them repaired instead of receiving a new pair when the zips were starting to fail me. I would like to try out the vegan Dr Martens, but I’d also like to know more about their production before doing so. Although they might not be produced of leather, plastics and synthetic materials aren’t necessarily any better due to the chemicals used and released in the manufacturing process.

fashion outfit illustrations - second-hand ethical fashion blog


A similar style dress with splits and a detailed print was featured in my blog post about accepting change and curating a personal archive. I also wore my DIY and revamped faux leather jacket in this post too. I’d say for the majority of the second half of 2016, I was wearing at least one or two, second-hand items per outfit, so for this one, I opted for layering a floral blouse underneath the dress. For those with a slimmer figure and for those who don’t usually wear a low neckline, layering blouses is what I recommend for you! I also wore my Dr Martens here too.

You may have taken a look at this outfit post rather recently, but I’ve definitely worn it more than that one photo shoot. I love the colour blocking element to it and the fact that everything but the shoes I was wearing (another pair of my trusty DMs) were second-hand or vintage. A lot of you liked the look of my pink turtleneck (in fact, I believe one of you even went out and scouted down your own second-hand version), so I’ll definitely make a show of it in 2017 too! And of course, the years after that, and for however long I can manage to squeeze into it.

fashion outfit illustrations - second-hand ethical fashion blog


This outfit went down with a warm reception. As you can tell, dresses and my calf height Dr Martens are definitely a ‘Tolly trend’. This dress was an unexpected jumble sale delight. Unfortunately I now don’t have it on me as it wasn’t really on my mind when leaving the earthquake zones (let me know if you want me to write a piece on living with a temporary capsule wardrobe), but I know once it’s back in my possession I’ll be styling it up once again. In fact I think it would look great with the aforementioned pink turtleneck. Also – sheer clothes are really fun to draw.

What have you been wearing recently? Which is your favourite illustration? Let me know in the comments! 

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Illustrated Fashion Bloggers & Floral Crowns

By April 1, 2015 General

I like to draw. I like to create and I really like to illustrate. I also love floral crowns and I kinda’ like fashion bloggers too, so I guess if you mix all of those things together, you get a pretty cool combination. So today, I’m sharing the outcome of that pretty cool combination in this ‘floral crowns and fashion bloggers’ illustration series… ooh yeah…

Illustrated Fashion Bloggers Carrie CARRIE: WISHWISHWISH.NET ~

This is probably my favourite of the three I completed (well 4, I did actually draw the darling Liv Purvis but unfortunately I wasn’t 100% happy with it) as it’s just so pretty. This is probably one of my favourite pictures of Carrie ever (I mean to be fair most of her pictures are absolutely stunning), so I knew I had to transform it into my very own piece of artwork. I’m pretty fond of the bone structure (never thought I would every say that in a blog post!) I managed to produce and the glossiness of Carrie’s eyes… okay this is getting weird, but I do really love this one… although, it does make me sad that I don’t have the dress she’s wearing, I wanted it for such a long time!

carrieCarrie’s blog is a beautifully glossy fashion and photography blog which you should all follow. She’s recently started to dabble in YouTube and her recent vlogs have been equally as gorgeous as her photographs. Follow her on Bloglovin!

Illustrated Fashion Bloggers Kailey Mermaidens.Blogspot.Com~ KAILEY: MERMAIDENS.BLOGSPOT.COM ~

This is the first illustration I completed so you may have already seen it on my Twitter/Facebook/Instagram! It’s a slightly different style to the other two but it doesn’t matter because I think it portrayed Kailey’s pastel perfect hair and make-up really well! This picture is from a self-portrait Kailey did recently and it really does sums up who she is, which I love. I’ve seen other people’s illustrations of this picture too so it’s super inspiring to see the different techniques that are used.

KaileyIf you like all things pastel and you like photoshoots involving burgers and donuts, then you’re in for a treat over on Mermaidens! Don’t forget to follow Kailey’s Instagram too, it’s a beautiful account which even Instagram themselves have been loving (yeah, they posted her picture). Follow her on BlogLovin! 

Illustrated Fashion Bloggers Emily Jane Blog EMILY: EMILYJANE.TYPEPAD.COM ~

I couldn’t leave out the teen bloggers of the world so I scoured back through my favourites and found this photograph of Emily and started work on it immediately! Although there are a few imperfections here and there, I’m really happy with this one too (that’s about the 1,164,912,301,923th time I’ve said that isn’t it?). I especially like how the floral crown worked out.  I also love Emily’s pose in this… it’s so fun and it makes me so envious of her Instax camera…!

Emily JaneEmily is a teen blogger I’ve admired for a long while now. Her photographs always consistently cute and she has worked with some amazing brands and people. I think it’s really cool to see another teen blogger being so consistent and for sticking at it for so long! She’s 16 now and totally deserves a follow! Follow her on BlogLovin! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini set of floral crowns and fashion bloggers! I’m really happy with these and was actually kinda’ contemplating setting them up for sale (if the lovely ladies allowed me) but for now I’ll pin them up in my room and appreciate their amazing talents which I enjoy reading on a daily basis! 🙂

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Let’s Get To Know Each Other | Survey

By January 4, 2015 General

Let's Get to Know Each Other - Reader Survey 2015

So a while ago, I stumbled across the wonderful blog which is Elle and Company, and saw that Lauren had surveyed her readers in a really nice and simple way… so inspired by her idea, I want you guys to full in a fun little survey about Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion! You are obviously not obliged to fill it in, but if you want to, it would help me a lot! I just want to get to know a bit more about you guys seeing as you know a lot about me. Take it as a nice way to get to know each other. You don’t have to tell me where you live or anything, and I’m not even asking for your email, so there is no risk of spam! Just relax and take a minute or two to fill it in! I will display the results in a fancy little infographic at the end of this month!

This survey is now closed. Report back here soon to find out the results…

Thanks so much for filling it in if you did! It’s a big help, and I can’t wait to see what things we like and dislike… we might be really alike! 🙂 Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A Fresh New Start & A Give-Away!

By August 13, 2013 General

Well hello there, how are you? It’s been a whole 2 weeks since I sat down and wrote a blog post for you guys, and I have missed it. This post will explain the slight changes you may have noticed, exactly why I was away for ‘so long’ and, of course, a cheeky little give-away thrown in too 😉

PicMonkey CollageDSC_0288 DSC_0004

Most of you probably won’t know, but my now, old, banner has been on this blog since the very day it began. That was when I was 11 years ‘young’, and I am now 13. I may not be completely different, but I definitely feel like I have changed in my style, so I felt it was the right time to change a few things around here. I had to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, and I quite like this 2nd chapter so far. It’s still bright and fun, but it’s a bit more laid back and simple than before. Of course I had to keep the TDP headband in there, because that is part of me. The outfit with the headband is actually quite special because it includes 2 things which have been a big part of my blogging story, which are my ASOS jacket and my blue sunglasses. Sounds a bit random, but I wore the jacket to the #stylebloggerawards and it was also my 13th birthday treat, and the sunglasses were from the awards themselves so they have a nice memory with them.

Some of you may not like the new banner, but I do. I feel like it portrays me now more than my last one, and I think it will be a nice fresh way to start the new upcoming season. I definitely couldn’t have kept my old one for much longer, because I’m 13… things will change… #awkward… Also, the content of my blog is going to change slightly, i.e there is going to be way more designs, and fashion trends, more inspo posts, and fashion-y things. I hope you will enjoy it!

Moving on to the reason I was away; If you have seen on my Instagram, you may already know, but for those of you don’t then, here you go… this October, I won’t just be a sister, a daughter, granddaughter or niece, I will become an aunty and a godmother. I am extremely excited about the new addition to the family, and I felt it would be weird to keep such a big thing from you. My family were all over in the south of France these past weeks, soaking up the sun, and enjoying each others company, and I loved it!

Now to the give-away!  I’m sorry this post is so long, I needed to update you all!
So, I haven’t done a give-away in like… ages. The reason is because I was waiting for the right time, and I think it’s probably the perfect time now! This give-away is a thank you to all of my loyal followers who spur me on in reaching my dream. It’s not a fancy prize, unfortunately, but it’s just a few small things which I hope you will enjoy.

DSC_0400 DSC_0394Prizes: 1 x The September Issue DVD (Rating: 12), 1 x Illustrated Portrait by myself, 1 x Black Lace Eye Rock, 1 x Pair of Purple Daisy Earrings, 1 x Ad Space for your blog/site (Non-blogger alternative: Write a blog post for Tolly!)

The winner was … Laura Jarvis

That is it! Good Luck everyone! Thanks for sticking with me these past 2 weeks! I look forward to blogging again! I really do ‘love’ the support you guys give to me, it is so helpful, and you are da’ bestest. *virtual hug* Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Design #2

By January 23, 2013 Designs, Fashion, My Style

FINALDESIGN2Design #2: This design is based on the Monochrome Trend. I wanted to design something which was simple, but also had a slight bit of difference. The design on the left has a pop of neon which I love! The one on the right is so basic, yet it has the dramatic shoulder ‘pom poms’. I love the Oxblood colour as well, and I think it works well with black and white. If I had to choose the fabrics, the neon would be more of a piping material, and the skirt would either be real leather of PU. The clutch on the left would be suede, and again with the neon piping.

I would be very grateful if you did not take my designs for you own use! I draw them my self (100%) and put them through Photoshop. I hope one day that they will be produced an will have my own label on them.

Please tell me what you think by leaving a comment, or tweet me! Please find all my other designs here > DESIGNS.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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