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Turning Sixteen…

By May 19, 2016 My Style

Hello during this random blog post, the month and day of which coincide numerically with my expulsion from a uterus… yes, it’s my birthday! I’m officially sixteen… throw streamers, shoot out the confetti, pop the champagne (wait – can I drink that yet? 🤔) and get the balloons out because yeah, it’s my “sweet sixteenth”. Crazy, huh? I wonder if any of you have been here from the beginning? Let me know in the comments how long you’ve been reading! 1⃣6⃣ Today’s post is a little update! Hold on tight…

turning sixteen - ootd teen fashion blogger dr martens pull & bear

turning sixteen - ootd teen fashion blogger dr martens pull & bear

WHAT I WORE: Floral Denim Jacket (Jumble Sale) // Good Morning Sweatshirt (Wildfox)* // Blouse (Stradivarius) // Mom Jeans (Pull & Bear) // Mono Pascal Boots (Dr Martens) // Sunglasses (SCOUT)

Recently I’ve been having a bit of self-doubt, especially when it comes to my blog, so even though I know I shouldn’t, I’m going to apologise for the lack of content coming your way. I’m the sort of person who only really likes to put their best foot forward, or in this case, their best posts forward, so when I’m not especially proud of what I’m writing, I end up not publishing anything for a while. Luckily, I’m starting to realise that, that’s okay, but I just needed you to know, in case you’re wondering where I am at.

It always feels as if I have a lot more going on behind the scenes of my blog, rather than actually on it. For example, I just signed off the start of a new documentary style project that I’m going to be a part of (I can’t say much more just in case 1 – I’m not allowed, and 2 – something changes) and I’m still collaborating with different brands on upcoming features… it’s just the bit in between that I get a stuck with.

turning sixteen - ootd teen fashion blogger dr martens pull & bear

I know exactly the type of posts I want to put out, but it’s coming up with the individual ideas every four, or however many days. I also have to take into account that I’ve changed a lot in the past couple of years. My likes and dislikes have changed meaning that how I want to come across has been altered. At the moment I’m big on laid-back, carefree photography (inspired by film and polaroids) so my photoshopped profile pictures and header images don’t quite showcase that, do they?

Honestly, doing a whole overhaul of my blog has been on my mind recently… there are just several things in the way of stopping me, like formatting of old posts etc. I want readers to come to my blog and see who I am now rather than who I was before. I want to get rid of wishlist style posts and solely focus on my own, unique content. That‘s the dream.

But we can’t forget our origins, can we? Having all of my old posts creates an archive of all of the adventures and stories that have turned me into who I am, so stripping them away doesn’t show all of the hard work… it’s a real dilemma. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, right now, I think I need some time to figure everything out. I absolutely, one hundred percent, no doubt about it, want to keep my blog going, but I need to figure out how to keep it going.

So in the words of Tilly from Miranda; bear with, bear with, bear with.

turning sixteen - ootd teen fashion blogger dr martens pull & bear

turning sixteen - ootd teen fashion blogger dr martens pull & bear

OOTD My Style Outfit Seventies Bohemian ASOS Dress 1B99 Dr MartensBIRTHDAY PLAYLIST:
Take It Or Leave It (Cage The Elephant) 🎶
Whistle For The Choir (The Fratellis) 🎶
Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare (Matt and Kim) 🎶
Everyday (The Tragic Thrills) 🎶

I didn’t mean for this post to be quite so dramatic and rather depressing, but it’s actually lifted a weight off my shoulders, writing everything out for you to know. Today I’m going to relax and enjoy the day with my family (this will be my last birthday as an aunt to one – my next niece/nephew is on the way – woo!) and celebrate the fact that I’m still happy and healthy and going strong; because that’s all that matters, right?

Thank you for sticking with me over these past four (well, five birth) years, seeing me change and grow. It’s quite an exciting prospect that one day I’ll be able to look back on it all and see how I evolved into who I’m going to become. The great thing is, that even in these moments of doubt, I know I have you guys to spur me on!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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2 Years of Blogging | Why Do I Blog?

By March 29, 2014 My Style

Today is a very special day because this space of internet, more commonly known as Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion, is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday (and it’s 520th post!) Yes, 730 days have past since I set up my little blog, so I thought I would answer that 1 important question… Why Do I Blog?

Happy Birthday TDPStripey Top (Saint James), Tie Dye Jumpsuit (Matalan), Necklace (Chelsea Doll)*, Aztec Headband (DIY) & Frame (IKEA)

When I started writing this blog I didn’t really have a set path that I wanted it to lead. I didn’t really want to get into magazines or speak on the radio… to be honest I didn’t even know that was possible just for ‘writing a blog’. I had the domain for my site, but I didn’t necessarily have the vision of what it would become… so why? I was 11 when I started it, and I did actually have previous blog experience, with my old Tumblr account where I would post celebrity get the look posts, and then my attempt on Blogger called ‘Tolly Dolly Posh’s Universe’, oh and don’t forget that Wix site which had a nodding pug in the corner of each page (yes, I really had that)! Anyway, I’ve always wanted to do something in fashion because of my mum, who if you don’t know worked for Mulberry before even my sister was born, which means I have always had the influence of art and fashion in my life. I thought well, why not start a site where I can share my love for it? Seems like a logical idea, non?

Well, that’s what I did, and you can go back if you like and see how terrible my posts were, with my Instagram outfit posts… looking back I am surprised that Victoria White from Company Magazine even wanted to leave a comment on my mini Nail Rock review… (thank you though 😉 ) That’s not really why I actually do it though, well now anyway. I still really hope my blog gets me closer to my goal, which is to work in fashion, but I feel like I have really found the reason I still spend a good hour editing pictures and waiting for my slow HP notebook to even load one image from my camera, and why I have over 600 emails in my ‘BLOGGING STUFF’ folder (it’s in capitals so I thought I would say the exact truth). The reason is because I love getting feedback. It sounds odd, but it really is a magical feeling when you get something back from what you do.

happy birthday tdp2My sister surprised me and my brother with her iPad as an early b-day prezzie. Wiped clean, just like new! Eee!

I enjoy when people say ‘Those pictures look awesome’ or ‘Great post’. Even a favourite of a tweet on Twitter makes me smile. I don’t get many comments, or thousands of views a day, but just one makes it all seem worthwhile. At the beginning it was mainly my family and a few friends from school acknowledging my blog, then I hit a point where I had followers… I had people enjoying what I posted. The numbers aren’t the reason, do understand that. I absolutely push the idea of blogging being more about the fun of it all! I just love the feeling of the bit by each post changing from ‘Leave A Comment’ to ‘1 comment’.

Something made me question why I blog, which is the whole ‘free stuff’ dilemma. Yes, I do get sent things, and it is a very nice cherry on the top, being recognised by brands etc, but I now know that’s not the reason. You could strip all of that away, and I would be tip top! I am only happy if I have that one view, and that one comment. It’s like on Twitter, if I had 5 followers, I would rather have the most interactive people, or people like Susie Bubble or Zoe from Zoe London (formerly London Lipgloss – thanks to both of them for being awesome!) who I genuinely look up to in the blogging world, than 5 people who couldn’t care less. The other day Susie actually quoted something from my About page on Twitter and I actually couldn’t believe it – the quote is below! Little old me being acknowledged by somebody like her?! I am so lucky to have such nice followers and readers, and there aren’t many of you, so you know that I don’t do it for the numbers. I do it for the feedback, and the interaction. That’s why I blog!

happy birthday tdp3As I said, it’s been 2 full years since I started up this blog! I believe I actually published my first post on the 31st of March, but the site was born 730 days ago… 😉 Since then, I have grown 2 years on me, I have achieved stuff that I literally cannot believe I have done, and I have changed a whole heck of a lot! Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere soon, but I feel like 2014 is going to be the year for even more change *cough* new blog design *cough*, and for really developing my skills. I hope it is as successful as last year, and that you stick with me for another one!

This post was inspired by the gorgeous Plum, so definitely go and check her’s out here! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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