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Why Zoella Has Changed My Mind on YouTube…

By November 7, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle

Yes, I was that person who thought YouTubers couldn’t be role models. I was indeed that person who wrote a rant all about it for a piece of homework… but from just one simple video, Zoe (aka Zoella), has changed my mind. I don’t really know how to describe it… (like literally, I am struggling to put words together for this post). I’m not the sort of 14 year old who would go to a book signing just to get a photograph with a YouTuber and I don’t comment and tweet on everything that they say or do, yet I am the sort of person who gets seriously inspired and happy at their achievements…

As you’ll probably know, Zoe is soon to release her debut novel, Girl Online, and in her latest video on her ‘vlog channel’ (MoreZoella), she filmed her trip to the printing house. She filmed most of the journey, from paper roll to hardback book, and I have no idea why or how, but I was overcome with pride and inspiration. Bloggers to me have never really inspired me that much… they have in terms of content, but not necessarily achievements, so I’m shocked to find myself grinning from ear to ear.

I think the major factor to this wave of inspiration, is the fact that she does everything with such gratitude. Zoe shows us that she truly means what she means (…okay, this may not be true, I have never met her, but it sure does look and feel like it…). In this video especially, she showed that she wasn’t just happy and proud, she was truly interested in what she does, and she doesn’t take it for granted. Oh goodness, I literally have no idea what I’m doing in this post… ha! I kind of just want to put it out there that Zoe is a role model. She’s inspiring in this new and different way which I think people need to get used to. Seeing as I kinda’ am part of it (not hugely, but partly), #TeamInternet is doing it right… don’t you agree? 

All I’m saying is that if Zoe can simply film a video of her very own book being printed (surely that’s enough in itself?!), and inspire me, then that makes her inspirational. I hope that Zoe will see this (although I highly doubt it), because she can see that what she is doing is powerful enough to change my mind in one simple video. I want to say thank you to Zoe for not only giving me this new found motivation to carry on doing what I love, but also for showing the world how amazing and powerful the blogging community really is, and for empowering young women everywhere.

(Featured Image via MoreZoella)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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