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Wishlist: Getting Ready For Summer

By April 1, 2014 Wishlist

Hello lovely people! Today I have a Wishlist! If you haven’t seen on Twitter, I have been banging on about doing this post for sooo long, and I’m so excited it is finally here! My blog schedule has finally calmed down and I can just chill, so here you go… …Happy April Fools! No tricks here, so don’t worry! 😉

wishlist: Chelsea Doll, Peacocks, New Look & ASOS
Click on the product you like to buy!

White Caged Chunky Block Heel Sandals –
My love for this style sandal is unreal. I found them first on a blog and since them I have been looking for a cheaper equivalent, and what do we have here?! I’m so excited because I will be getting these and that makes me happy! They are just so versatile, and perfect for summer. I’m not a big fan of flat, thin strappy sandals, so these are just perfect!

Pale Blue Spot Crepe Boxy Shirt –
I love pastels, and I love shirts… so what more could I want?! Again, this will be on the way to me soon, but I would probably have preferred the monochrome one, but my size was out of stock so… *insert unhappy face emoiji* I think it will look really nice with a strappy dress I have (was in my old blog header) in spring time, and even nicer on it’s own in the summer!

Fabulous Flatform Sandals –
Another pair of sandals… and no I am not just calling them fabulous for no reason… that is in fact their name! I saw these on Twitter and I absolutely love them! They’re holographic and all colourful, and the straps are that lovely thickness which makes them look all swish. Definitely wish I hadn’t found these now…

Friendship Bracelet Watch –
Ahhh! This is already in my ASOS basket since it has dropped in price! It’s so gorgeous and very ‘festival’ fashion-y, and I just love it to bits! I’m one of those annoying people who love to stack hundreds of bracelets with frayed ends on top of each other, and this would be amazing amongst my collection! Practical and ridiculously cute! If I was made of money, I would get the pastel version too…

Embellished Transparent Waist Belt –
I love clothing or accessories which you can see through… well obviously not t-shirts or pants because that could get a little awkward, but I think I can make an exception for a belt! This is so pretty, but I’m not sure I could spend as much as it is on a thing which will go around my waist. It is adorable though!

Mini Patent PU Skirt –
Ahhh (again)! My love for pastel patent skirts is insane! I honestly could die for one right now. It’s soooo cute! I actually prefer the one from Missguided (here) which is also much cheaper, but they don’t do good images for blog posts… #bloggerproblems

Aztec Bikini –
This bikini is SO SO SO nice! I am obsessed with it! I have a pink frilly one from M&S but the frills get in the way when wearing it underneath other things, so this would be just perfect! It’s such a nice print, and the top is just adorable and totally the right sort of style for erm… my flat chest aha… it’s also such a bargain too! Definitely such a cute piece from a brand such as Peacocks!

Culotte Shorts –
Ever since Zoella’s trip on holiday last year, and her cute outfits featuring her floaty monochrome shorts, I have been wanting a pair! These are plain, but simple, and perfect for spring and summer as they are pastel! I could totally see me wearing the aztec bikini with a floaty kimono over the top. Perfect summer outfit!

Fat Joe’s Sweatshirt –
The most expensive piece of this wishlist comes from Lazy Oaf. I love the whole ‘foodie fashion’ trend, and this is a perfect way to mix pastel in with it. The perfect trendy combination!

#JunkFood French Fries Necklace & Rings –
Chelsea Doll, oh dear Chelsea Doll. You do have the best statement jewellery for people on a budget. These two pieces are insane. After the whole McDonalds or ‘McSchino’ craze, I am in love with these. I want to wear them all day long and just pretend that they are the real Moschino deal. I would like them please, please, PLEASE. *flutters eye lashes*

Thank you so much for reading, and if you like… leave a comment below!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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2 Years of Blogging | Why Do I Blog?

By March 29, 2014 My Style

Today is a very special day because this space of internet, more commonly known as Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion, is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday (and it’s 520th post!) Yes, 730 days have past since I set up my little blog, so I thought I would answer that 1 important question… Why Do I Blog?

Happy Birthday TDPStripey Top (Saint James), Tie Dye Jumpsuit (Matalan), Necklace (Chelsea Doll)*, Aztec Headband (DIY) & Frame (IKEA)

When I started writing this blog I didn’t really have a set path that I wanted it to lead. I didn’t really want to get into magazines or speak on the radio… to be honest I didn’t even know that was possible just for ‘writing a blog’. I had the domain for my site, but I didn’t necessarily have the vision of what it would become… so why? I was 11 when I started it, and I did actually have previous blog experience, with my old Tumblr account where I would post celebrity get the look posts, and then my attempt on Blogger called ‘Tolly Dolly Posh’s Universe’, oh and don’t forget that Wix site which had a nodding pug in the corner of each page (yes, I really had that)! Anyway, I’ve always wanted to do something in fashion because of my mum, who if you don’t know worked for Mulberry before even my sister was born, which means I have always had the influence of art and fashion in my life. I thought well, why not start a site where I can share my love for it? Seems like a logical idea, non?

Well, that’s what I did, and you can go back if you like and see how terrible my posts were, with my Instagram outfit posts… looking back I am surprised that Victoria White from Company Magazine even wanted to leave a comment on my mini Nail Rock review… (thank you though 😉 ) That’s not really why I actually do it though, well now anyway. I still really hope my blog gets me closer to my goal, which is to work in fashion, but I feel like I have really found the reason I still spend a good hour editing pictures and waiting for my slow HP notebook to even load one image from my camera, and why I have over 600 emails in my ‘BLOGGING STUFF’ folder (it’s in capitals so I thought I would say the exact truth). The reason is because I love getting feedback. It sounds odd, but it really is a magical feeling when you get something back from what you do.

happy birthday tdp2My sister surprised me and my brother with her iPad as an early b-day prezzie. Wiped clean, just like new! Eee!

I enjoy when people say ‘Those pictures look awesome’ or ‘Great post’. Even a favourite of a tweet on Twitter makes me smile. I don’t get many comments, or thousands of views a day, but just one makes it all seem worthwhile. At the beginning it was mainly my family and a few friends from school acknowledging my blog, then I hit a point where I had followers… I had people enjoying what I posted. The numbers aren’t the reason, do understand that. I absolutely push the idea of blogging being more about the fun of it all! I just love the feeling of the bit by each post changing from ‘Leave A Comment’ to ‘1 comment’.

Something made me question why I blog, which is the whole ‘free stuff’ dilemma. Yes, I do get sent things, and it is a very nice cherry on the top, being recognised by brands etc, but I now know that’s not the reason. You could strip all of that away, and I would be tip top! I am only happy if I have that one view, and that one comment. It’s like on Twitter, if I had 5 followers, I would rather have the most interactive people, or people like Susie Bubble or Zoe from Zoe London (formerly London Lipgloss – thanks to both of them for being awesome!) who I genuinely look up to in the blogging world, than 5 people who couldn’t care less. The other day Susie actually quoted something from my About page on Twitter and I actually couldn’t believe it – the quote is below! Little old me being acknowledged by somebody like her?! I am so lucky to have such nice followers and readers, and there aren’t many of you, so you know that I don’t do it for the numbers. I do it for the feedback, and the interaction. That’s why I blog!

happy birthday tdp3As I said, it’s been 2 full years since I started up this blog! I believe I actually published my first post on the 31st of March, but the site was born 730 days ago… 😉 Since then, I have grown 2 years on me, I have achieved stuff that I literally cannot believe I have done, and I have changed a whole heck of a lot! Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere soon, but I feel like 2014 is going to be the year for even more change *cough* new blog design *cough*, and for really developing my skills. I hope it is as successful as last year, and that you stick with me for another one!

This post was inspired by the gorgeous Plum, so definitely go and check her’s out here! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A-Z Fashion Guide: Agnès B

By March 18, 2014 A-Z Fashion

Howdy folks! Today I have the very last part of letter ‘A’ from my A-Z Fashion Guide. Yes, I have actually done 3 of these posts now! To view them all, scroll up to my header, and click on A-Z Fashion, and voila! All of the posts will all be in a nice place, easy to get to! 😀 It’s just a quick one today, but I hope you enjoy it none the less!

agnes b a-z fashion guide french fashion designers Agnés was actually born Agnés Troublé (she means Trouble… aha) in Paris. At just 17 she joined Elle magazine as a junior editor, but shortly after she gave birth to twins and moved to Dorothee Bis as a designer and then left in 1964 to become a freelancer. Troublé opened her own store in 1975 where she sold clothing to a wide age group. Most of her designs were adapted from French work uniforms, but she also specialised in separates such as cardigans which had a rustic, worn in look. In 1981 she started to design for menswear, and then opened her first international store in New York in 1983. Agnés B is now an internationally renowned designer with maternity, footwear and cosmetic lines.

To me her designs now are very simple and chic, but have that sort of retro vibe running through them. I like the fact that all her collections are very wearable because it means they can match anybody’s fancies and are all very versatile. I chose a few pieces which are currently on the Agnés B site…

agnes b a-z fashion guide french fashion designers 1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8

 As I said the pieces are very simple, but some of them are gorgeous! I am in LOVE with the pastel blue coat, and it’s sophisticated shape. You will probably know that I am on a bit of a blouse ‘high’ so the blouse above definitely caught my eye! I love the print and shape of the dress (3) and how even though it is rather plain, it still looks so interesting. I think the t-shirt is really cool too, sort of illustrative but funky, and nobody can beat a bit of monochrome! The ‘Laura Dress’ (5) is also divine, especially the back of it which is open. Definitely a dress which you could wear to the beach at night time and drink back a few cocktails (my drink of choice would be a non-alcoholic Cinderella. If you have yet to drink it, then you are missing out!) The checked trousers are a really nice addition too. Simple, classy and very versatile, and could be worn with the t-shirt and coat, perfectly! Très jolie 😉

I hope you liked learning about this lovely french designer! The next part of my A-Z Fashion Guide will be beginning with B! If you have any guesses of what it could ‘B’ 😉 leave a comment below!

(Images via Pinterest & Agnès B) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review #2

By March 8, 2014 General

Hello everyone! I am sat here with a stinking cold, looking out to clear blue skies, but today I have Part 2 of my AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review and I hope you like it! Thanks for the comments on the previous one, and if you missed it, you can read from A-the 1st L (haaaa) here.

London College of Fashion MA AW15' London Fashion Week Review

London College of Fashion MA: A ‘multiple’ collections show from the MA students at the London College of Fashion. This was the collection that caught my eye. I don’t know who it is by, but I LOVE it. It’s so interesting and so me. I love the mix of textures and prints as well as structure. I love the faux fur too! My favourite looks are the ones in the middle. I love how the blue tartan is ruffled and I love the sort of mesh style coat. Absolutely gorgeous! Rating: 100/10

Matthew Williamson AW15' London Fashion Week Review

Matthew Williamson: A new discovery is Matthew Williamson. I really liked his collection with the pastel blue, and I adore the trousers (far left), and I wish I owned them! The print is simple, but the colour makes it way more magical. I also quite liked the embellished dress with the faux fur jacket, very snazzy. Not too keen on the sort of lycra stretchy material though…. Rating: 9/10

Meadham Kirchhoff AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewMeadham Kirchhoff: I’ve never been the biggest MK fan, but I enjoyed watching the show for AW14. It is a very big mish mash of different styles, from romantic pieces, to gothic brocade, and the metallic pieces. I feel like it’s what a young girl would put on her dolls in her dolls house, and nothing would really match but everyone would praise what she had done to them. I’m not saying I don’t like the collection, but I’m not saying I do like the collection. I will leave you to make that decision! Rating: 7.5/10

Mulberry Cara Delevingne AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewMulberry & Cara Delevingne: The big reveal for LFW was the Mulberry and Cara Delevingne collaboration. As you will know, Mulberry is close to home for me so I was really interested in seeing what the collection is all about and I am so happy! It’s definitely a ‘Cara D’ collection, as all the bags come as rucksacks which is not only practical but also exactly the kind of thing Cara goes for. My favourites are the monochrome camouflage ones, I’d love to have one of them on my back! Rating: 9/10

Peter Pilotto AW15' London Fashion Week Review

Peter Pilotto: Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. The reason I am ‘hmmm’-ing is because there was no Mary Katrantzou in the ‘M’ section of this post, and that is because I didn’t like the collection, and that upsets me, so I went out on a search for a replacement and found Peter Pilotto. I had heard of his Target collaboration so was intrigued when I was looking through this lot. I do quite like the pieces. They are simple yet the silhouettes and prints make them stand out. Although I don’t think I could say that I have found a new, better version of Mary K, Pilotto has certainly made me happy by filling in the gaping whole of mixing prints. Rating: 8/10

Shao Yen AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewShao Yen: Another new discovery! I really like this collection, and I love the mix of styles. It’s not a jumble like Meadham K, it’s a subtle mix. My favourite pieces are the sculptured round skirt and the grey look with the cape. I do feel it is slightly ruined by the faux fur as it adds that element of ‘tacky’ to it unfortunately. It’s nice though, and I will definitely keep my eye on Yen in September! Rating: 8/10

Sophia Webster AW15' London Fashion Week Review Sophia Webster2 AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewSophia Webster: Oh my word. I loved her in SS14 and I love her in AW14. Mrs Webster, you go girl! I am obsessed with this collection. The colours and the prints are amazing. The backpack and the wedges remind me of Dolly Mixtures and those knee high flats and those pastel clear boots and those shiny robot heels and all the colour and all of it, and oh my gosh I could go on and on. I LOVE IT OKAY. I LOVE IT. It’s just so nice and I am so glad that pastel is going to still be around for AW14. Urgh, now I just have an urge to save up all my pennies and buy it all, but life and bills and taxes and stuff (jokes, I’m 13). Rating: Infinity/10 (that’s a pretty good rating)

Sorapol AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewSorapol: I decided I would feature this collection just because it is so weird but also wonderful. Sorapol’s collections may be extravagant but some of the pieces always make me smile. I could imagine some of these pieces being in Star Wars (there has been a lot of Star Wars mentioned in these posts). My favourite piece is the lace dress in the middle. So beautiful, yet it has that element of sexiness (oh gosh Tolly, #cheese). This collection also reminds me that I need to do that interview with their Creative Director (Daniel Lismore). It’s well overdue! Rating: 8/10

Topshop UNIQUE AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewTopshop UNIQUE: This collection is always interesting because it is just so… ODD. It’s like Topshop are trying to be a high end designer brand but it never really works out that well… in my opinion. I have to say though, it didn’t disappoint me too much this time around. I like elements of it like the sheer embellished tops and the ‘LBDs’, but I still don’t really get it. I can see the Topshop vibes running through but to be honest… it’s nothing special. Sorry peeps, but that is purely my opinion! I made a joke (well…  it’s kind of true) where if I was behind Anna Wintour at the show I would poke her on the shoulder and point at the other person if she turned around… just for the LOL factor. Rating: 7/10 

Vivienne Westwood AW15' London Fashion Week ReviewVivienne Westwood: The last, but certainly not least of all the collections, is… *fan fair* Vivienne Westwood. Oh dear lord of all things fashion, I LOVE IT. It’s not particularly ‘me’, but I still adore it. The models have such charisma and sass (sass to the sass, roll over, roll over – random thing I made up whilst talking to Anna, don’t ask!), and the clothes just add to it. My favourite looks are the monochrome stripe dress and the regal style dress with the red sash. It’s all very Westwood style, but something just makes this collection 100 times better than last AW14. I praise Vivienne, because it really is a beautiful collection. *All hail Dame Westwood* Rating: 100/10 

I hope you liked this final instalment of the AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections. There were a few others which I skipped off the list just because I found them very odd indeed. How on earth is Hunter now got a slot at the shows?! The show was interesting because there was a water catwalk and Dynamo ended the show, but the clothes were not worth speaking about. So there we have it until September! Lets all cross our fingers and toes that I will actually be there at the shows for the SS15 collections… I have a feeling it could be my first LFW! 😀 😀 😀

(All images are via Vogue) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Monthly Obsessions: HONY, Love Hearts & Shrimps

By March 3, 2014 General

No don’t worry I’m not already doing my March Monthly Obsessions! I’m showing you my February ones because my blog schedule was so busy this past month so I have to do it now, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t really a problem! I hope you enjoy!

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

HONY – Humans of New York: Recently I discovered the amazing Facebook page which is HONY. There is something quite magical about seeing a person’s face in your Timeline and learning about their story. Sometimes the stories are sad, and sometimes they are inspiring but whatever the story is, each one puts a smile on my face. It’s amazing how many stories we do pass each day and not knowing whether they might be in the same boat as you are, or a completely separate one. Another thing I love about HONY is the ‘Today in Micro-fashion’ section, which features pictures of small toddlers in their amazing clothes just like the ones above. Honestly the best decision of following or liking someone, you will make! Check out HONY here.

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

Tumblr Inspirations: I thought I would make this a permanent feature of my Monthly Obsession posts and just show you what I have been re-blogging recently! I love inspirational quotes or sarcastic images of Harry Styles (I’m NOT a 1D fan or a fan of him, just to clear that up…), and I have a new found love for Dan Smith’s face. I also love pastel blue hair as well dreaming of making a Polly Pocket necklace sometime in the hopefully near future. I had a bit of a non-Tumblring gap after the New Year but I think I have rekindled my obsession for it again. Check out my Tumblr here or click the link in the sidebar. 

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

Love ‘Conversation’ Heart Sweets: Before Valentine’s Day (which I do not give a poop about – no that is not my ‘I have no boyfriend’ whimperalthough that fact is 100% true… blimey, give a 13 year old a break) I had a bit of a Eureka moment, of the DIY kind, which involved the amazingly delicious fizzy sweets called Love Hearts or ‘Conversation’ Hearts for you American people. I won’t tell you what it is because I am still waiting for ‘part’ of it to be delivered, but you will soon find out. Keep your eyes peeled… actually don’t do that because then sadly you would be blind and since I was recently reading a book with a blind person in it, I’m sure that wouldn’t be too nice… ‘OMG. Tolly you were not reading The Fault In Our Stars were you?!’… ‘Yes, and I didn’t actually find it that great!’

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

Shrimps: I believe that recently there has been a boom in the coloured faux fur section of the world and I’m happy. I’m especially happy because I discovered Shrimps and I am in love. Their designs are so simple, yet I would absolutely LOVE to have every single piece that they have because they are all so colourful and soft and furry and *Ooooh*. I love their Look Book too. It’s very retro and vintage and I like that kinda’ thing. *Puts all of their pieces onto mental wishlist* Check out Shrimps here.

monthly obsessions humans of new york love heart sweets shrimps faux fur

Tie Dye Eyes Photoshoot: Wasn’t quite sure what to call this but I settled with a simple caption. Allie (from Tie Dye Eyes) modelled for a photoshoot by Rachel, and I absolutely love the pictures! The feathers are just a beautiful border, and they look really professional. There’s another picture where you can see Allie’s eyes so clearly and they are incredible! One is green and one is blue… pretty cool. Check out Allie’s blog here and Rachel’s portfolio here

I hope you liked this blog post! If you did make sure to leave a comment down below telling me some of your monthly obsessions! 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review

By February 27, 2014 Fashion

As you may know, London Fashion Week recently ended, and now the calm as come, I thought I would do my ‘AW14′ London Fashion Week Collections Review’. Although I preferred SS14 I did find a lot of collections that I thought were quite nice, so it ends up that I have to do this in 2 parts, which is kinda’ cool because it means you have another one of these posts to look forward to! I hope you like it…

Ashish AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewAshish: Unfortunately, I was quite unimpressed with the Ashish collection. In SS14, I was quite simply, in love, but with this one… something just didn’t click. I like the use of casual wear mixed with formal wear, and I like all the sparkles and pastels, but I just don’t really…. get it. It’s a bit plain compare to the SS14, and although it is still absolutely gorgeous, it’s just not up to my standards (#fussytolly). My favourite piece is probably that amazing prom dress though… LOOK AT IT.  Oh and those shoes are a collaboration with Topshop, so I think they will be on my wishlist as they LIGHT UP! Rating: 9/10

Bora Aksu AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewBora Aksu: Oh my. There are no words. Bora Aksu has done it again. The collection was divine. It’s got those traditional shapes, and those amazing colours, and that perfect mix of sequin and leather. It’s perfect. My favourite piece is the monochrome dress (far left) and the grey and white sequin dress (middle). I tried doing the hairstyle and dressed in my ARK pinafore* over a white dress, but sadly I didn’t look as fabulous… I LOVE YOU BORA! Rating: 100/10 

David Koma AW14' London Fashion Week Review

David Koma: One of my favourite shows of SS14 was David Koma, and although I like elements of this collection, I just don’t think it is my favourite anymore. I really like the structure though, and the colours used are brilliant. I also love the use of leather. My favourite piece in this collection is probably the beige dress (left), but I also quite like the collared leather dress (right). As I said, it’s not my favourite collection, but it’s still really lovely and he has stuck to his amazingly structured dresses! Rating: 7.5/10

Erdem AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewErdem: Erdem has never been one of the eye catching designers for me, but this year they made it something special. I’m not sure whether it is the metallic or the intricate detailing on the dresses, but it is just stunning. The shapes, and the colours are beautiful. I could definitely see myself wearing the gold dress (far left). It reminds me of an eagle, and it also has a slight Egyptian feel to it, but then when you look at the other pieces they have a quite Oriental feel to them. It’s extremely interesting! Rating: 10/10

Fashion East Ashley Williams AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewFashion East – Ashley Williams: I really enjoy watching the Fashion East show as there is always multiple collections to look at. I didn’t particularly like any of them this season, but I thought Ashley Williams had something a little different. I like her use of print and sequins and bold colour as well as metallics. Her interesting way of using the horse on jackets and skirts made me smile as well because it was like they were alive. Intriguing is how I would describe it. Rating: 7/10

Felder Felder AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewFelder Felder: I like wearable collections when it comes to fashion week because what is the point in selling a collection which isn’t wearable? That is why I like this one. It’s simple, but specific things make it different. Like the prints, and the textures. I also really like the shapes. The two piece (right) is specifically interesting because it looks 3 dimensional in a way but it also looks like snake skin. It’s a very clever collection and I bet lots of high street stores will be looking at it for inspiration! Rating: 8.5/10

Fyodor Golan AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewFyodor Golan: WOW. When I saw this collection I was like, what?! That’s incredible! It’s like this magical ball of colour and texture. It’s like they are all creatures, from the sea and from on land. The metallics are awesome and I love the OMFG sweater because it could mean the rude version but it could also mean Oh My Fyodor Golan which I think is pretty cool. I cannot pick a favourite piece because they are all SO amazing. I honestly think this is one of my favourite collections of AW14. Rating: 1000/10 (not this again ahaha)

Holly Fulton AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewHolly Fulton: This is what I call the ‘Star Wars’ collection. I mean, those appliqué dresses just look so… modern and Star War-sy. But then there are those pastel blue pieces, and the evening gowns. It’s a mish mash and I’m not sure I like it. I’ve never really been a big fan of Holly Fulton, and I just feel this is just a bit odd. Rating: 6/10

House of Holland AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewHouse of Holland: I’m not happy. I’m not happy because the House of Holland collection wasn’t that great. It wasn’t anything special. I only liked the really bold colourful pieces because that is my personal liking, but usually I like it all. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything really ‘WOAH’, it was all ‘Meh, seen it before’. Of course I would be totally happy to have all of it in my wardrobe, but it’s just not fabulous enough. Rating: 7.5/10

Leutton Postle AW14' London Fashion Week ReviewLeutton Postle: I’ve never actually heard of this designer, but I like them a lot. I would wear all of the collection and I think it is a perfect AW range. It’s not too dark and dim, but it’s not overly bright, it’s just right. My favourite is the look with the orange background on the left. It’s just perfect and I am actually in love. It’s no Fyodor Golan, but it is gorgeous. Rating: 100/10 

I really hope you liked my review of London Fashion Week AW14. Do make sure to let me know what your favourite collection of this, Part 1, as I’d love to know! Thanks so much guys, tata for now! 😀

(All images are via Vogue) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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DIY: Girl Scout Sash Rookie Mag Inspired*

By February 23, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle, My Style

Howdy! So, quite a while ago now, I had an idea. How about I do DIY each month (or every other), not only for myself to learn things, but for some ideas for you guys?! So, I’m here, and I’m doing it for you! This is the first ‘major’ DIY I have done, so please excuse any mistakes, but I hope it is a fun one! Enjoy…

diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabrics

I originally saw this idea in the Rookie Yearbook One, wear they did like a ‘Girl Scout’ inspired shoot, called ‘Camp Rookie’. I thought it was a really cute idea and that a sash could become an awesome fashion accessory. I put a few bits and bobs in my scrap book and started making it up! I also thought it would be cool as Orla Kiely’s SS14 collection was sort of ‘Girl Scout-esque’. So here is my DIY Rookie Mag Sash…

diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabricsdiy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabricsThings You Will Need: Monochrome Check Cotton £6.45/m (My Fabrics)*, Appliqués  (My Fabrics)*, Interfacing, Scissors, Pins, Sewing Machine, Pattern Paper/Baking Paper, Poppers, Un-picker & an Iron.

The first thing you need to do is create a pattern. I’ve made a small rough guide for you above, which is the shape you need to go for. I went for 14.5cm wide and 76.3cm long, with the end point being 14.5cm by 14.5cm. You will use this as a guide to cut along. You can either use baking paper, or thick long paper (what I used). Cut that out, and then your pattern is done! You also need some pins out, and of course some scissors to get snipping! On the pattern guide, you will notice I have put ‘STRAIGHT’. This means you need to put the pattern down on the straight grainnot the bias (the stretchy way).

diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabricsYou want to cut of the sash shapes on the fabric of choice (make sure you pin the pattern down nice and tight before cutting). I chose this awesome check from MyFabrics who are helping me put together this whole post! The selection on their site is amazing! They have so much and you are bound to find something you like! After you have cut the 4 pieces of fabric, you will want to cut of your interfacing. You don’t have to use interfacing, but it makes the sash more sturdy. Don’t worry about being too neat when cutting as you will be trimming off all the ends later on!

diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabricsYou then want to go to your iron. If you are using iron-on interfacing, then at this point you will need to iron the bobbly side onto of the fabric pieces. If your fabric has a pale side, then make sure you are ironing them onto that, but mine was the same on both so there was no need to worry! If you have iron on patches for your sash, then you will need to place and iron, these onto one of the now ‘interfaced’ fabric pieces, obviously, onto the front. You need to make sure to leave 2cm of space on each side, as we will be cutting this off later. I would recommend sewing any non iron-on badges on at this stage. Learn more about Appliqué badges here!

When you have done this, take your 2 ‘interfaced’ fabric pieces, and lay them down interface upwards. Lay them out so that the tops meet (in one long line), and make sure that at least 2cm are overlapping at each ‘top’ end. Do the same to the other two pieces of fabric. Then sew the 2 overlapping pieces together with your sewing machine, just straight down the overlapping part. The below picture is of the 2 ‘interfaced’ pieces and what they should look like…

diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabricsAfter you have done that, go back to your iron, and flatten the sticking up pieces, down. This is also a good chance to iron them all over again to remove any creases (this makes it easier in the sewing machine). Then you will need to lay the 2 pieces you now have, over the top of each other, making sure they are perfectly in-line, but read this very clearly: You need to have the piece with your iron-on badges on the bottom, facing with the badges, upwards. Then put the other piece with the interfacing facing, upwards. Then you want to pin these, but making sure that the pins are perfectly straight and the heads are not on the outside edge, otherwise you might break your sewing machine needle! Then sew this all up but make sure to leave a big enough gap so you can turn it the right way out. I would recommend leaving this gap near the middle stitch you made earlier. 

diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabricsOnce you have sewn them up, you can now cut off your rough edges, leaving a bit of space around the line you just stitched. Then you will need to pull the fabric through the gap and put it all the right way. After this, it might be a bit puffy. You will need to wet your fingers a bit and sort of roll the edges to get it all straight, making sure you do it all the way round. The points on the end of your sash might be a bit funny and might be still inside the sash, so get an un-picker and slightly pull it out. This will loosen the thread making it a perfect point again. Go back to your iron, and iron it all round very neatly. You then want pop it back into the sewing machine, and go all the way round the sash again, leaving only about 3mm space between the edge, to not only to make the sash a bit neater, but also to close up the gap that is still there.

You can now try on your sash, and find a place down by both points that meet nicely. This will be where you put your poppers. You can put an embroidery stitch if you wish, but I think a popper is a lot more practical. Just sew both pieces on, and voila!

diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabrics diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabrics diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabrics diy rookie mag sash camp rookie my fabrics

Ta-Da! Job done! I’m really happy with the way it came out as it is quite stiff but you can still move around in it perfectly! I love how bright the badges are and I think making it personal with things like ‘Air France’, makes it properly unique to me! It looks pretty cool around my new faux leather jacket*, non? I think because the checks are monochrome, it will be really versatile and I am sure I will get quite a lot of wear out of it especially in the summer! I really enjoyed doing this little DIY, and if you are interested in making it, but not sure what for, then maybe it would be cool for some kind of photo shoot, or as a gift! There will be an OOTD featuring my awesome sash very soon, so watch out for that! 😀

If you try out this DIY, make sure to take a picture and tag me on Twitter or Instagram! Good Luck! 

(Although MyFabrics provided me with fabric and applique badges, the idea and everything was done by me, absolutely 100%. You can read my full disclaimer here.) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Neon, Neon And More Neon

By February 20, 2014 General

Hello! Well I hope you are enjoying your week! Today I have another My Style blog post! Papa Posh is still getting the hang of my new lens but it seems to be going well so far! There’s also a sneaky book review in this one, so if you like to read then this is the place to be! Enjoy me’ harties…

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogWhat I Wore: White & Orange Blouse with Drop Waist £11.00 (ASOS), Navy LOVE Jumper £12.00 (Peacocks)*, ‘Mom’ Jeans (Jumble Sale), Nike TR Fit 3.0 (JD Sports)* & Zebra Double Finger Ring £5.00 (Rings & Tings)*

This outfit is quickly becoming one of my favourites at the moment. It’s so comfortable, yet it has that little bit of something that makes it ‘chic’. I picked up the drop waist blouse in the ASOS sale (seriously, I picked up a great bargain), and as soon as I slipped it on, it was true love. It’s that sort of piece that can really do anything, whether it’s in the summer, or in the cold month of February. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and cute with my lovely (I mean lovely) Peacocks jumper over the top. It’s that perfect mix of geek and chic. Seeing as it is still pretty nippy (well, not quite the 8 degrees of the UK… oh sorry did I boast a bit then? 😉 ), I have to pair it with my ‘mom’ jeans, which isn’t a problem really because I simply love them. Don’t forget my Nike trainers of course, one of my favourite pairs of shoes, EVER.

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogmy style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogOMG. I broke the blogger rule of not putting your hands on your hips. I’m just terrible aren’t I? TERRIBLE (Sorry, I love a bit of sarcasm…). On fashion sides of things though, LOOK AT MY RING. ISN’T IT AWESOME?! IT’S A ZEBRA. I have no idea why but I like to think it’s an Australian Zebra. It just sounds good in an Australian accent. Hmm. I will be showing a few other pieces I got from Rings & Tings shortly, so watch out for that! Also on the jewellery front, I have exciting news… my parents have said that next time I go to the UK I can have my ears pierced. FINALLY. They always said that I have to wait until I’m about 14, but to be fair, being home schooled and all, does it really matter when?! YOLO as they say. YO to the LO. Having said that I now have to prepare myself. I’m going to be putting holes into my lobes. HAHAHA, sorry but that just sounds so weird.

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogWhat I Read: The Taming Of The Tights (Louise Rennison)*

I quite recently finished this book by the amazing Louise Rennison (the writer of Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging), and I thought I would tell you about it! It’s the last in the ‘Misadventures of Tallulah Casey’ series, and although I hadn’t read the previous, it is quite funny either way. It’s very relatable to all young teen girls out there, with Tallulah running into all sorts of boy and school troubles. She’s torn between this wild guy, Cain, and the nice chap, Charlie, and she takes us on her adventure. 1 of my favourite things about the book is Matilda (one of the character’s dog), because every time she does something, it made me giggle. I must say that the book gets better towards the end of the book which is annoying, but if you are looking for a chilled out, relaxing book (something you’d take on holiday), then I would definitely recommend this one!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Designs: Appliqué & LFW Inspired

By February 18, 2014 Designs

Howdy! It has been yonks since I last did a design post and I know you guys love them, so sorry! These posts do take a lot longer to create than other posts so that is why there was a delay, but here I am now! This collection is partly inspired by my Appliqué post and also some of the collections from London Fashion Week.

appliqué london fashion week fashion design collection, teen fashion designerPurple Halter Neck Dress with Appliqué & Bead Detailing (left) and Batwing Top and oversized Hareem Trousers with Bead Detailing (right):

On the catwalk this LFW, I saw a lot of halter necks, so this dress is definitely inspired by some of the collections. I also saw a lot of symmetrical detailing, so the appliqué on this dress is also inspired by LFW. I think the symmetrical detailing is actually quite flattering to the figure too! Another thing I picked up from the shows were the ‘Chanel-esque’ bead detailing on neck line and hems, so I added that to the neck of this dress. The top and bottom on the right are inspired by the bagginess of some collections I saw. The slouchy fit and pyjama type style is something I wanted to come across, but also with a bit of detailing and appliqué. The fabric would be a jersey fabric so comfort would be key. appliqué london fashion week fashion design collection, teen fashion designerKnitted Turtle Neck Dress with Appliqué Detail & Blue Leather Bomber Jacket (left) and Blue Vest with Mixed Blue Panel Skirt & Sheer Cape with Appliqué Detail (right):

 I really liked the use of pastels for A/W 15′ so I thought I would interoperate that into these designs. The knitted dress would be a soft knit, with a pink appliqué ‘sport’ detailing like a number. The bomber jacket would be quite vintage looking in a nice blue but with darker blue detailing on pockets and zips. Retro, but with a modern twist. The other design is inspired by a lot of panelling I noticed. This skirt is very flattering and the mix of blue colour makes the movement of the skirt look awesome! The cape would be sheer with 3D flowers as again, they were all of the catwalks.

I hope you liked this short but sweet blog post! I’m going to start to learn a lot more fashion-y things soon so hopefully these posts should start to improve! But for now, enjoy!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A-Z Fashion Guide: Appliqué

By February 15, 2014 A-Z Fashion, Fashion

Hello everyone, today I am starting a new series. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all know that I am bad when it comes to blog series’ because I never seem to complete them, but I promise that I will. I hope that I can write a blog post every week or fortnight for this series, which is an A-Z Fashion Guide. It’s going to be to do with terms, designers and anything really, from A-Z. The first instalment is Appliqué. I hope you enjoy it…

A-Z Fashion Guide: Appliqué LFW A/W 14/15 Holly Fulton John RochaAppliqué is a French word, for ‘applied’. It basically means, ‘application’. Anything you add to a piece of fabric or garment, is ‘applied’ which means it is a form of Appliqué.  The actual way of adding a piece of fabric or detailing to another piece of fabric, has been around since 980 BC, and one of the first pieces of Appliqué which we know of, came from Egypt, so although the word is derived from the French vocabulary, the actual ‘art form’ comes from Egypt. At first Appliqué was to cover up patches of worn or frayed garment, or to decorate house hold things like curtains.

In the 1800s coloured fabric became more and more popular and Appliqué was used to create historical murals to remember great battles and ceremonies. It was mainly used for quilting, until more recently when designers and artists have used it in clothing. There are different techniques of appliqué, but mainly it just consists of stitching one piece of fabric, to another! There is also reverse appliqué which is where the main piece of fabric is cut and you apply layers of different fabric from behind.

A-Z Fashion Guide: Appliqué LFW A/W 14/15 Holly Fulton John RochaTo fit in with London Fashion Week, I have chosen 2 designers which have showed some form of Appliqué. John Rocha & Holly Fulton have both applied 3D floral detailing to their designs, as well as basic Appliqué on Fulton’s beige dress. I will go into these collections more in depth when I come to do my London Fashion Week Review for A/W 14. My favourite way of doing Appliqué is actually the 3D flower, so I do really like the way they have done this, especially Rocha’s metallic detailing onto mesh. The way Holly Fulton’s Appliqué has been done on the beige dress though, almost looks seamless and like a print, but up close is actually slightly lifted off the fabric and looks really nice in different light.

A-Z Fashion Guide: Appliqué LFW A/W 14/15 Holly Fulton John RochaI thought in this series I would show you a piece of clothing from my wardrobe which shows the ‘terminology’ being used. This is my mesh top I got from a jumble sale after seeing Susie Lau – *takes a moment to appreciate the fact that she follows me on Twitter* – wearing a coloured mesh dress on her blog. It’s really pretty and looks so nice over floaty dresses and printed things. You can see me wearing it in this not-so-brilliant OOTD. It was a bargain though and I am very happy with my purchase. *Laughs because she cannot believe she scanned in a top because her parents were out using the camera* *Mentally uses the hashtag: #LifeOfAFashionBlogger*

So, I hope you liked this post! I will try and link it somewhere on my blog so the series is easily accessible, but for now, good bye! Enjoy the rest of LFW!

(Images from Pinterest & Vogue)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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