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Can You Stay on Top of Trends as a Conscious Consumer?

By September 18, 2017 Ethical

Let’s take a breather on the Lost Shapes x TDP content, shall we? For this post, you could say the alternative title would be – How I’ve Lost Touch with Trends and What Goes on at Fashion Week…

ethical and sustainable fashion advice - shopping for trends

WHAT I WORE: Navy Livia Jumpsuit (People Tree)* // Printed Jacket €5.00 (Charity Shop) // Clarabella Handbag £33.00 (What Daisy Did)* // Recycled Denim Choker (Yours Again)* // Sunglasses (Topshop – old) // Pink Flatform Sandals (New Look – old)*

A couple of years ago, perhaps even only last year, you would have seen me live streaming London Fashion Week and scribbling notes down as each dress came down the catwalk; I used to print out the show schedule even though I wasn’t attending and I’d get in touch with PRs just in case I was nearby when September and February rolled around. I was drawn in by the drama and excitement of it all and I couldn’t wait to spot fellow bloggers sat on the ‘FROW’ of Topshop Unique.

Fast-forward to now, if you asked me what the latest trends were, I’d panic and stare at you with wide eyes and hesitantly give a good guess… “The eighties?”, I might say, perhaps I’d even follow it up with a mumbled, “Ruffles?”, but I’d never be quite sure because the last time I really paid attention to the going-on’s of the catwalks and the seasonal trends that trickle down from that, was the last time I shopped with a fast-fashion brand.

I suppose at first I wanted to realise why is this; what made me lose interest? As a designer (2 co-branded collections under my belt, thank you very much), when you research for collections, you often look at what other designers are working on – you look at trends and how past eras and styles are being channelled through into more up-to-date times.

ethical and sustainable fashion advice - shopping for trends

It’s all part of the research and it’s why it wouldn’t have been an absurd guess for me to have said “The eighties” when we went through a whole period of reigniting the decade before that, for a good few years. As someone who can admit that non-ethical or sustainably focused clothes can still be appealing to me (aesthetically, that is), I find it hard to say the reasoning behind my sudden disinterest in these trends is completely and solely a moral one, if I’m still being drawn in by the news that ASHISH are collaborating with River Island.

However, it is true that I’ve unfollowed a handful of my former high-street loves on social media and I’ve probably drowned out a number of luxury designers that I’m influenced by, by connecting with more positive and sustainably focused ones. But, why would that mean I’m now completely out of the loop?

If you’re already a conscious consumer and you’ve researched these sort of things, the answer might be fairly unsurprising – maybe supporting ethical fashion just doesn’t allow for acknowledging trends and the major fashion months every season? It’s commonly said that trends and conscious consumerism don’t play well hand-in-hand; in fact, avoiding them is one of my tips in my list of 10 simple ways to ‘keep on asking’.

ethical and sustainable fashion advice - shopping for trends

If we want to steer the fashion industry into a more positive direction, slowing down trends and how we shop would make a huge difference because the rate at which we produce, consume and throw-away new styles and ideas is simply unsustainable. So, it’s no wonder that trend focused ethical brands aren’t really a ‘thing’ and it’s no wonder my grasp on it all, has slipped. Ethical brands that I admire don’t even tend to talk about trends on social media and collections don’t always get released at seasonal times for the likes of “S/S” and “A/W”.

I opened up this conversation in the #EthicalHour Facebook group and had some brilliant responses, a lot of them reiterating the fact that shopping for fashion consciously is more about long-lasting purchases and shapes and fabrics you know will last years on end.

When I (and others) talk about conscious consumerism, we’re not talking about the idea of not shopping at all (I really don’t expect anyone to wear the same clothes for their whole entire life, even if these Sardinian women have other ideas), we’re simply talking about slowing down – slow fashion, is perhaps a more useful term to use in this scenario, and releasing major collections for every season, doesn’t really add up.

ethical and sustainable fashion advice - shopping for trends

But there are ways around this – if you want to shop a trend ethically, you might find that brands designs overlap with current styles even if it isn’t purposefully. And you can scour your local charity and second-hand shops to find pieces which will match up perfectly, anyway. Trends come in cycles; everything is re-used, just not necessarily in the way we want it to be.

So, it is possible to stay on trend, it might just become less of a priority to you once you start to change your shopping habits and you might find, like me, you’ll lose touch with how fashions and trends change altogether. That might sound a bit alarming but in one way, it makes style a lot more fun to play with – who needs trends when you can dress to look different to everyone else whilst being ethical? Not me!

Do you think it’s possible to shop with trends and ethics in mind? Let’s discuss it in the comments…

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Kimi & Me Guest Post: Textures

By October 27, 2013 Fashion

Today’s guest post is by the lovely Christina at Kimi & Me, where she’ll be talking about all things Texture, with a small little thing by moi, too! 😉

kimi & me fashion lifestyle blog guest blog fashion textures trend aw 131: Velvet High Neck Top (ASOS)//2: Check Mesh Top (New Look)//3: Fluffy Crop Jumper (Topshop)

Christina: I really love the fluffy jumpers and cardigans in Primark at the moment, they have become a very popular buy. So much so they have sold out in the Primark near me. It is the perfect texture for A/W, so soft and cosy to wear. Topshop also offer plenty of textured knits (I have my eye on a pink fluffy top). I would also love a faux leather skirt, as it would be such a fun staple piece to style. My favourite item (above), is the velvet check top from asos. The velvety fabric, and colours are such a lovely combination, and this top would be ideal for those Christmas parties (not long til it’s that time of year!)

Tolly: My favourite item from above has go to be the mesh top! As you all know, I love me some Tulle and mesh, so this is definitely a nice piece in my opinion! Subtle but eye catching. Really nice for A/W 🙂

kimi & me fashion lifestyle blog guest blog fashion textures trend aw 13

4: Quilted Panel Top//5: Check Embellished Top//6: Faux Leather Panel Top (All Topshop)

Christina: Mixing/layering textures can give an outfit a whole new look, and feel. When it starts to get cold out, I love to layer different prints and fabric together, even if it’s just adding a scarf/stole.

Tolly: I love mixing textures, and Topshop have got it spot on! My favourite has got to be the quilted top! I know there is a similar one in Primark, so I’m keeping my eyes open for it!

Check out Christina here: Blog//Twitter//Instagram

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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DIY Embellished Sunglasses

By May 22, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion, My Style

A massive trend which was first introduced by designers such as Chanel, is Embellished Sunglasses. Whether you want studs poking out of your brows, or want a few daisies bordering your eyes, there is something for everyone! Some of these sunglasses cost a BOMB, so I’ve decided to show you how I made some for less than £3.00!! Enjoy 🙂

DSC07413Wayfarer Sunglasses – 99p (eBay)//Floral Cabochons – £1.04 (eBay)

The Sunglasses in which I bought are just plain white. I went for this style as it suits me best, but I think any style would do for this DIY, as long as it has room to fit the flowers. You must get ‘Cabochons’ and NOT buttons, as they have flat backs which makes it super easy to stick on. I went for one colour as it was a bit cheaper. You could also use different things, like studs or perhaps little stars, or animals. Mix it up! It is best to use a Hot Glue Gun as it means you can take off any mistakes(?!) as the glue can come off quite easily, but still holds things down for a good amount of time.

DSC07415First of all you want to heat up the Hot Glue Gun and get it so it is dripping out the end on it’s own, because it will be easier to use. Whilst you wait, think about how you will put the Cabochons on. Put a book underneath so they don’t slip off. The best designs are either across the whole brow, or just in the corners, but you could also do the sides or ‘arms’ of the Sunglasses too.

Secondly, when the Glue has melted fully, add one small dot the place you want to stick the Cabochon onto. DO NOT put the Glue on the Cabochon itself as you could burn yourself, and it may spread out and make the Glue visible when pressing it down. When pulling the Hot Glue Gun away from the glasses, pull them away from the lenses to avoid any glue going onto them. You could put a sticky note over the lenses too to make sure this doesn’t happen. Repeat this process until you have finished the design, and leave them to cool.

DSC07428 DSC07430The complete design! Pretty cool, huh? 🙂 Make sure to be careful with them!

In total these cost me £2.03, as I already had the Glue, so at the most it will cost you £5.00! It’s super easy, and you can experiment with different designs. I think these will look great for summer, and will be a great statement to add to any outfit. This is a great thing to try out as some cost £15.00, and for £2.00, I think we all know which is the better deal! I hope you enjoyed this ‘DIY Embellished Sunglasses’ tutorial and do make sure to tweet me if you give it a whirl! Or Instagram a picture using #TDPSunnies

Will you be trying this DIY out or will you buy a more expensive pair? Have you already tried this DIY out? Make sure to leave a comment below!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Mini Design Collection #2: Friend or Foe

By May 20, 2013 Designs, Fashion

FYI, I am writing this now as a 13 year old! Yes, the teenage years have hit, and I am no longer a ’12 year old blogger’ 🙁 Never mind! Anyhooo! You may have realised there has been a bit of a lack of my fashion designs recently. I have been very busy with sorting things out so I have finally, just got round to doing some! I decided I would do some with a bit more of a meaning, and something which has been inspired by something, instead of just random ideas coming from my brain!

tolly dolly posh fashion designs‘Coat of Arms’ Jacket & ‘In The Camo’ Top & Skirt:I decided to mix 2 military style designs together to create a sophisticated, yet edgy and sport luxe look. I want the jacket to be a sort of felt fabric with a nice silk lining. The red would resemble the classic army colours, along with the blue. The gold detailing on the back and on the cuffs would be like bullets, and the cross over at the back would almost be like how soldiers carry the bullets. The Camo skirt and Khaki top would both be cotton, and could be worn in may different ways. I would probably price the pieces like this: Jacket – £80.00, Top – £15.00, Skirt – £25.00 and Boots – £65.00.

tolly dolly posh fashion designs(Left) Feather Cape, Burnt Out Dress & Fire Tights. (Right) ‘Civilian’ Dress:I believe these two designs are very relevant for the things that are happening at the moment. With the wars abroad, I thought mixing the two together would be a current and unique idea. Like my ‘Sunflower‘ Cape, this is very similar, but it has ombre feathers and resembles the flames. The dress is simple and would be great for summer. The black dip dye at the hem resembles the ashes after the flames. With the tights being flames also. The second design is meant to be inspired by the ‘civilians’ of the wars. They are surrounded by violence, yet this dress would be beautiful on anybody, as it I think it would compliment most skin tones. If I could have a model for the dress on the right, it would have to be Cara Delvigne, as I think she would look stunning in it.

tolly dolly posh fashion designs(Left) ‘Splashing Waters’ Dress (Right) ‘Green as Grass’ Swimsuit:You maybe thinking how these two have anything to do with the ones above, but they do! The water is something which is so important when it comes to tough times, as it maybe hard to supply etc and the people may not be able to get the water as a risk of going outside. I would want this dress to be a chiffon/taffeta dress, with big puffy shoulders, just like water when it splashes. This swimsuit is meant to be the grass and food, and how once again it may be hard to find in difficult situations like war. I would like it to be quite retro and be quite snug fitting, so it could suit most shapes and sizes. It may look simple, but I think a lot more could be added to make this much more interesting.

I would be very grateful if you did NOT use my designs for your own purpose. These have been created by myself in my own time. If you would like to use them for ANY reason, please

If you could have one of these fashion designs, which one would you wear? Which is your favourite? Make sure to tell me in the comments!
Check out my other fashion designs here!

TollyTimeP.S If you didn’t already know, I was featured on Page 22 of Mizz Magazine!!! LOOK AT THAT!! A double page spread!! You can still pick the issue up if you have the time! Better pictures will be up soon!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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S/S 13 Trend Guide: Part 1

By February 26, 2013 Fashion

Bonjour! I haven’t blogged too much about the latest fashion-y things lately, which means I have a LOT of stuff to cover. Included in this are the S/S Trends. I thought I would get it all sorted with and do a ‘Trend Guide’. I need to do it in 2 parts due to the fact that there is so much to talk about! This ‘Guide’ is not going to include pictures from the catwalk, because we can’t buy that stuff! Well, I am sure most of us can’t afford it! So, I have created my own High-Street one, for you to lust and get inspiration from! I have also thrown in a Trend which I think is going to become BIG this year!

trendguide1 White Scuba Sleeveless Prom Dress £60.00 (River Island), Organza Insert Calf Skirt £48.00 (Topshop), White Asymetric Jumper £39.00 (Miss Selfridge), White Denim Boyfriend Shorts £14.99 (Newlook), SONIC Pointed Heels £32.00 (ASOS), Peace Sign Skinny Waist Belt £8.00 (ASOS) & Premium Jewelled Bib Necklace £40.00 (ASOS).

This might be quite an obvious trend to everyone, but I knew I had to include it because it is quite hard to get right. You can either make it too boring or too OTT. Here are 3 tips for making it work…. 1 – Add Neon Accessories for a Modern Look, 2 – Add Gold & Black Accessories for a Chic Look & 3 – Add Stripes & Bold Prints to spice the white up!

trendguide2Knitted Spot Stripe Crop Jumper £32.00 (Topshop), Stripe Ponte T-Shirt £28.00 (Oasis), Red and Blue Stripe Square Rucksack £55.00 (Lazy Oaf), Jacket £29.00 (H&M) & House of Holland for Pretty Polly Pink Stripe Socks £5.50 (ASOS).

I love stripes! You can probably see my stripey top in my banner, and I seriously, over wear it. Stripes go with so many things, and just adds a nice preppy feel to any look. Add this blazer over a floral dress, and these cute socks to a skater skirt.

trendguide3Nude Beaded Body Maxi Dress £89.00, Nude Extreme Sleeve Kaftan Top £39.00, Nude Stud Skater Skirt £39.00, Nude Stud Hardcase £22.00 & Splash Nude Peep Court £39.00 (All from Miss Selfridge).

By this, I mean, Nude. Yes, if you’re wearing something which makes you look ‘nearly naked’, you’re in trend! I love Miss Selfridge for things like this! They have such cute, flirty stuff, which I love! I especially like the ‘Extreme Sleeve Kaftan’ which would look great with floaty white canvas trousers.trendguide4Small Glitter Hair Bow £3.00 (Crown & Glory), Pastel Glitter Bow Waist Belt £8.00 (ASOS), Moschino Cheap & Chic Sequin Heart Gloves £38.00 (ASOS), Ciate Sequined Limited Edition Manicure in Super Duper £14.00 (ASOS), Foldover Sequin Clutch Bag £19.50 (ASOS) & ALL THAT JAZZ Glitter Ankle Boots £24.50 (ASOS).

I want everything from Crown & Glory. I mean, I know I could DIY some myself, but when you’re busy, and want it done quickly, they are the people to go to! I love the things they have, they’re all so fun, and bright! With this trend it is so easy to get right! Mix it with prints and flirty colours to rock it! I am not a fan of ‘buying it for it’s label’, but for a Moschino pair of something, £38 is pretty good! I really do see this trend becoming big!

I will probably be back next week with the final Part 2, so ‘stay tuned’!

ADVERTISE: Only £1 for a 200px by 200px button, for your blog or brand. Only 3 spaces available, find out more here.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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S/S 2013 Trends: Daisies

By December 31, 2012 Fashion

This upcoming year brings some trends which we may have not seen before, so I am here to keep you up to date! So here’s the first one: Daisies.

This trend is really easy to work, either go big with it with your accessories, or go big with a nice flirty dress 🙂 The above Prada look is really modern, but I guess you could play it the Vintage way, with a cute playsuit 🙂


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 42 & 43: The Blogger

By November 18, 2012 Fashion

In my recent post (New Trend: The Big Frizz), I mentioned The Blogger Trend! Yes, it is exactly what you thought it is! It is based on Blogger’s weird and wacky fashion finds. The fact that us (the guys on the computers) have influenced fashion! Yay! So, here are three looks which you can get your hands on, or just get inspired by! There are two sides of this trend, so one is overloaded with jewellery, and the other is plane old, vintage, awesomeness 🙂

Green Shirt Dress £48.00, MAMA Leopard T Bar Shoes £30.00, Space Dye Headband £8.00, Pirate Bolo Necklace £8.50Premium Zip Side Satchel £85.00 (All at Topshop).

I love mixing vintage classics with modern twists, like these Leopard Print flats, and sunnies. You’ll look great if you mix it with stunning make-up (incl. Red lipstick), plus a nice up-do!

Light Denim Double Pocket Shirt £30.00, Black Tapestry Floral Print Skater Skirt £18.00, Gold Tone Lion Head And Stone Necklace £20.00   , Black Lace Insert Platform Ankle Boots £65.00 , Cream Retro Sunglasses £10.00 & Cream Chelsea Girl Faux Fur Jacket £60.00 (All at River Island).

This is more my style. Blogger style! Just mix up the jewellery, the prints, and you’ll look great!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: Jumpers

By August 30, 2012 Fashion

Another big trend this upcoming A/W 12/13 is the knitted Jumper. The great thing about this trend is that it goes so well with all the other trends, like Camouflage, Purples, Embellishment and more! So I have found 8 Jumpers which are brilliant, some are simple and some are more adventurous, and you need to have at least one of them in your wardrobe this Autumn…

1 - Jumper £29.99 (H&M) 2 - Jumper £34.99 (H&M) 3 - Ostrich Effect Sweater £32.00 (Next) 4 - Khaki Metallic Ribbed Pu Patch Jumper £38.00 (River Island) 5 - Mary Portas Dolman Sleeve Knit Jumper Indigo £26.50 (House of Fraser)

1 - Knitted Geo-Festival Cardigan £46.00 (Topshop) 2 - Knitted Stud Camoflage Jumper £45.00 (Topshop)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: Leather

By August 29, 2012 Fashion

This upcoming A/W 12/13 Leather is a big hit! So I have found a few items which I love, they are quite pricey, but if you really want to look stunning and chic this A/W, then have a look into your purse!

Urban Code Leather Skirt £85.00 (ASOS)

Leather Shorts £50.00 (ASOS)

Leather Peplum Jacket with Zip Front £150.00 (ASOS)

Black Leather Fit & Flare Dress £120.00 (River Island)

Leather Strappy Corset Belt £40.00 (Topshop)

All these pieces are dead on trend, especially the shorts! Oxblood + Leather = 2 Trends in 1! The belt is great because it works so well with a Peplum, as it draws your eyes even closer to the waist!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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3 Things in your Wardrobe to Update

By July 20, 2012 Fashion

Here are 3 Things which need to be updated from your Wardrobe before the new season!

Blazer: From Basic to Bold.

Skirts: From Maxi to A-Line.

Jewellery: From Colour to Regal.


  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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