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Kitsch Iron-on Embroidered Patches Wishlist

By November 12, 2015 Wishlist

Howdy folks! How are you? I haven’t done a producty/wishlisty post in a very long time mainly because I’ve tried to steer away from that sort content but today I just wanted to do a relaxed post that you can appreciate with all it’s simplicity. So today I thought I’d look at a bunch of iron-on embroidered patches because I’m a pretty big fan. They can add a really cool touch to a denim jacket (dress, dungarees or shorts) and most of them are pretty inexpensive. Here are my favourites… 🙂

Iron-on Embroidered Patches Wishlist - Etsy Mooi en Lief Strange-Ways Sick Girls Official


My personal favourite style of patches are either bold slogans (like the #MooiEnLiefbyTDP one – FREE with every order of socks!) or the selection from Strange-Ways… they’re simple yet bold and would look totally awesome with different aesthetics (that chill pill would look awesome on a plain sweatshirt). But I also absolutely love the more detailed versions (like the SPACE OUT patch from Etsy) because they’re so intricate and beautiful.

I have a real thing for intricate embroidery as you will probably already know *cough* Valentino *cough* so you can probably tell why I love these patches all so much. Also a lot of these sellers (especially on Etsy) do pin badges on their sites too which is pretty awesome… is it me or do tiny illustrations look way better than big ones sometimes?

Plus, it’s pretty awesome I kind of have my own “Dare to be Different” patch floating around, am I right? Every order peeps, every order!

What did you think of this little round-up? Do you know of any funky patch designers/shops? Definitely let me know in the comments! 

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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