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Jeans for Genes Day: Classic Tee Part #2*

By September 10, 2013 My Style

Bonjour! Before you start reading, make sure to head over to Part 1 of this post in case you missed it! For those of you who read that part, you can now enjoy the last instalment! If you remember, I am an official Jeans for Genes Day supporter! Woop!

jeans for genes day 2013 jeans for genes day 2013 jeans for genes day 2013

What I Wore: Classic White T-Shirt £7.50* (Jeans for Genes), ‘Mom’ Jeans (Jumble Sale), Pink Statement Necklace (eBay),  Black Jelly Shoes €4.00 (Supermarket) & one heck of a moody face (Don’t Know Why).

I actually quite like this top. It’s simple, yet the ‘slogan’ makes the outfit more complete. Just like the fashion tee in the last post, it has a nice fit and is nice to just throw on for casual wear. It’s a stylish and simple way to show your support for the amazing charity, and for only £7.50, you can’t really go wrong. I paired it with my favourite jeans which are  so comfortable, and the only pair of jeans which I actually enjoy wearing. Of course my outfit would not be completed without my gorgeous necklace from eBay and my bargain jelly shoes.

It’s getting a lot closer to September 20th now, which only means one thing. You need to get your jeans out! I’m challenging YOU to wear your favourite pair of jeans on September 20th to show your support. Just simply Instagram a picture of you wearing them using #jeansTDP and I will share my favourites! Even if you don’t like jeans, or it’s too hot, go out and wear them. I don’t want any excuses guys!

jeans for genes day 2013You guys know I love a little project, so I’m starting another (hopefully)! Take a look at my ideas for the GIANT blogger sleep over!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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BijouxBoxes eBay Jewellery Store

By July 25, 2013 Fashion

Until a week or so ago, I was statement necklace -less. I had none. Zero. Naught. NONE. It was catastrophe. I kept seeing instagrams and blog posts with gorgeous neon necklaces, and I was extremely jealous. I would go into shops and be like ‘I ain’t paying €15 on dat’.’ (Okay, maybe not like that…) But then, I found BijouxBoxes eBay store and my life was complete. Seriously, the whole in my heart was filled!

bijouxboxes ebay bijouxboxes ebayChelsea Doll Name Necklace* (Give-Away win)

White Geometric Dangle Necklace £2.15, Neon Acrylic Bib Necklace in Pink £3.14, Shining Silver Bib Necklace £1.29 & Huge Floral Gold Tone Bib Necklace £1.16 (All from Bijoux Boxes).

As you can see they are all very very pretty, AND they all cost under £3.50?! BARGAIN ALERT! Bijoux Boxes is a cheap and cheerful eBay store which is based in China (the reason it is so cheap). 99.9% of the things they sell have free P&P and there are Buy It Now or Auctions on most pieces. The necklaces I bought were all on auction which meant they went for pennies. I am pretty sure there is automatic bidding on most of them so that you don’t get them for 3 pence, but the most you will pay is around £6 which is cheaper than buying elsewhere. The links I have put above are either similar ones, or Buy It Now ones, so they may be more than I payed for them.

The quality is really really good and they aren’t too plasticy which is what I was expecting. The only problem I had was one gem coming off on the pink one, which was an easy glue gun job. They are all really nice styles too, which means if you are fussy like moi, then you will find something perfect. I would warn you that if you do go on the auction ones, you may get slightly addicted… oops! The postage was quicker than expected (they were due to come on the 26th July, but came on the 12th) and there was only that one gem falling off.

If you are wondering where the name necklace is from, sadly, it isn’t from Bijoux Boxes, but it is from Chelsea Doll! I won it in a give-away and thought I’d mention it! It’s AMAZING! I think I may where it everywhere now. They were so kind and gave me more than the allowed amount of letters and put it all on three lines. I loooooooove it! The colour, the writing. Eeeep! Everything!

As you can tell I am pretty darn happy with all my statement necklaces now! I’m going to try and do a mini ‘how I wear’ look book for you with all of them! Enjoy browsing both Bijoux Boxes and Chelsea Doll! They both have some awesome stuff! If you’re wondering if these pictures were taken on the new camera, they weren’t. The picture quality will be improving shortly!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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