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Scrap Social #8: The Research Edition

By March 25, 2016 Scrap Social

For today’s Scrap Social, I wanted to do something a little different… if you are into fashion design, or you are interested in starting on that path, one of the important stages in bringing a collection together is research. I researched a whole heck of a lot for my sock collection and I’m researching a whole heck of a lot for my current ART & Design project which is a collection based around the great Italian renaissance painters, Giotto and Pietro Lorenzetti, and more specifically, their work in the Basilica S. Francesco in Assisi. But what is fashion design research all about? Well, let’s dive in…

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

If you don’t know much about Assisi then this might not be of much interest, but the Basilica of San Francesco is one of the main places to go for renaissance art. It’s split into two sections; the Upper Church and the Lower Church. The Upper Church is home to some of Giotto di Bondone’s most well known works, as well as some of his earliest, with the Lower Church being home to some of Pietro Lorenzetti’s greatest pieces.

Before I visited, I did a little bit of research, mainly using one of the most detailed books I own (A New History of Italian Renaissance Art) to gain some knowledge. It really is quite incredible when you look at pictures in a book and then go and see the real thing, especially when it’s something so vast. An important thing to take note with research is that it doesn’t need to be perfect… it’s basically just a more specific, in depth version of a scrapbook, so having rough notes and scribbles actually adds to the whole effect.

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

Another important note about research is that people love to see your own pictures and art work. It’s fine to use pictures that you’ve found online, but honestly, your work will improve one hundred times over if you start to use your own work. Go out and experience what you’re learning about. I know not everyone can travel to Italy, but if you live near museums and galleries; go to them and use your own mind. This is your research after all.

On the flip side of that, you can totally use postcards and photographs from a gift shop… because that’s still something you went out and personally purchased. As you can (hopefully) see above (and in the next few images), I collected a few postcards and prints to bulk up my scrapbook… adding notes and captions when necessary.

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

For both the Upper and Lower church, I decided I wanted to focus on shape and colour because they both have beautiful examples of this. Giotto’s colour palette is one of my favourite things about the whole church – it’s a fairly simple collection of colours in rather pastel shades, but they bring just the right amount of depth and can still work in the darker scenes.

Lorenzetti is a better example of shape, especially when it comes to how he used the actual architecture of the Lower church. Every surface and curve is covered with the most beautiful, intricate shapes and patterns, which I was in awe of. Taking elements from both and thinking up how I could incorporate them into designs is always quite fun.

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

Scrap Social - How To Make A Fashion Design Research Scrapbook - Assisi Renaissance Art

White POSCA PC-1MR Pen ✏
Pilot Super Color Extra Fine Gold Pen 
Winsor & Newtown Watercolour Paints 🎨

I thought I’d give you a quick glimpse to some patterns from a quick rough idea to a final piece. I’m still learning on making my repeat patterns perfect (digitally that is), but I’m pretty happy with the ones I did come up with. The pink horse is inspired by a piece by Giotto which involves a fire cart. I loved how it looked and how striking it could be, even in a pastel, “typically girly” shade.

I also added a quick list there for you, so you can see what pens and paints I used through out the whole book. I’m honestly obsessed with outlining things in white, and I love a bit of gold.

I hope you liked this little insight to my research! Let me know what you thought…

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Designs: Appliqué & LFW Inspired

By February 18, 2014 Designs

Howdy! It has been yonks since I last did a design post and I know you guys love them, so sorry! These posts do take a lot longer to create than other posts so that is why there was a delay, but here I am now! This collection is partly inspired by my Appliqué post and also some of the collections from London Fashion Week.

appliqué london fashion week fashion design collection, teen fashion designerPurple Halter Neck Dress with Appliqué & Bead Detailing (left) and Batwing Top and oversized Hareem Trousers with Bead Detailing (right):

On the catwalk this LFW, I saw a lot of halter necks, so this dress is definitely inspired by some of the collections. I also saw a lot of symmetrical detailing, so the appliqué on this dress is also inspired by LFW. I think the symmetrical detailing is actually quite flattering to the figure too! Another thing I picked up from the shows were the ‘Chanel-esque’ bead detailing on neck line and hems, so I added that to the neck of this dress. The top and bottom on the right are inspired by the bagginess of some collections I saw. The slouchy fit and pyjama type style is something I wanted to come across, but also with a bit of detailing and appliqué. The fabric would be a jersey fabric so comfort would be key. appliqué london fashion week fashion design collection, teen fashion designerKnitted Turtle Neck Dress with Appliqué Detail & Blue Leather Bomber Jacket (left) and Blue Vest with Mixed Blue Panel Skirt & Sheer Cape with Appliqué Detail (right):

 I really liked the use of pastels for A/W 15′ so I thought I would interoperate that into these designs. The knitted dress would be a soft knit, with a pink appliqué ‘sport’ detailing like a number. The bomber jacket would be quite vintage looking in a nice blue but with darker blue detailing on pockets and zips. Retro, but with a modern twist. The other design is inspired by a lot of panelling I noticed. This skirt is very flattering and the mix of blue colour makes the movement of the skirt look awesome! The cape would be sheer with 3D flowers as again, they were all of the catwalks.

I hope you liked this short but sweet blog post! I’m going to start to learn a lot more fashion-y things soon so hopefully these posts should start to improve! But for now, enjoy!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Lazy Oaf Inspired Design Collection

By November 29, 2013 Designs, Fashion

Hello! I’m really excited about this blog post! Don’t get too excited, I’m not working with Lazy Oaf (…although, I wish I was!), but I love the brand so I thought it would be cool to create a Lazy Oaf inspired design collection, as if I was collaborating with them. I hope you like them, and if you do, make sure you tweet this, and maybe, just maybe, Lazy Oaf might see it! 😉 Oh, and Lazy Oaf (or anyone else), please do NOT pinch any of my ideas! Please! 😉

lazy oaf fashion designer teen fashion designer illustrations fashion design ideas collaborationI thought it would be nice to do a sort of mood board so you can see what feel I was going for. Lazy Oaf are like the God of funky prints, modern pop art, food on clothing and just anything awesome. I wanted to take their love of prints, and also their love of shirts and combine them in my own way. My first thoughts were ice cream, and I wanted to do 4 seasons of ice cream. The classic ice cream and Flake would be for Spring, the melting lollipop for Summer, a pumpkin ice cream for Autumn and the ice cream stuck on a tongue for Winter. Unfortunately I had to go with the 3 seasons of ice cream because the Autumn one didn’t work out so well, but none the less I hope you like my little ideas!

lazy oaf fashion designer teen fashion designer illustrations fashion design ideas collaborationSpring/Summer (Ice Cream): Pastel Pink Ice Cream Print Crop Top & Pastel Pink and Blue Ice Cream Print Spot ‘Skort’ with Pom-Pom Trimming 
I really like this because the pastel colours just add that perfect base for all things Spring. I also love how they are quite subtle, but they bring both the top and ‘skort’ to life. The top would be cropped with short sleeves and a high neck line, giving it that 90s, retro feel, which I think Lazy Oaf are all about. The ‘skort’ would have a pom-pom trim which just adds that little bit more texture and layers to the piece, and I think that is what Lazy Oaf often do. I think you could make some really nice outfits from these pieces, whether you like pink, or you just love anything retro! I also love how the ‘skort’ could be used as a piece of beachwear.

lazy oaf fashion designer teen fashion designer illustrations fashion design ideas collaborationAutumn/Winter (Frozen Tongue – left): Green and Blue Tie Dye Blouse and Skirt with Frozen Togue Print. Spring/Summer (Ice Cream – right): Charcoal Black Polo Neck Top and High Waisted Skater Skirt with Ice Cream Print 
These are my two favourite designs because I think they are classic Lazy Oaf. I love how on the blouse and skirt (left), the Frozen Tongue print just pops against the green and blue tie dye. As I said, Lazy Oaf love using shirts with prints, so I had to include one, and I think this one is perfect, and because it has the green in there, it really fits in with the A/W feel. You could pair the two together, or you could wear it is separately, which I think any collection needs to offer. With the top and skirt (right), I think they would be perfect for all seasons because you could easily layer them, and the ice cream print again, just adds that perfect extra boost for a new layer and dimension.

lazy oaf fashion designer teen fashion designer illustrations fashion design ideas collaborationAutumn/Winter Menswear (‘I Scream’): Charcoal Black and White Top with Lazy Oaf in Pink and I Scream Text & Charcoal Black Beanie Hat with Embroidered Melting Ice Lolly and I Scream Text 
I think I had to include some menswear in this mini design collection, because the Lazy Oaf guys are ‘stylish’ haha! I think that these pieces are very ‘Lazy Oaf Guy’-ish (lol)! The top would have Lazy Oaf on the front filled in with the Frozen Tongue print, and would have patches of ‘I Scream’ text on the hem and sleeves. The beanie would have embroidered ‘I Scream’ text and the 2 embroidered Melting Lollies, which I think is a nice contrast between Summer and Winter.

I hope you liked this little design collection, and if you did, please please please leave a comment, or tweet it because wouldn’t it be fabulous if Lazy Oaf saw it?! Urmm.. yes! Thank You 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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The Collective Boutique: Mini Design Collection*

By October 8, 2013 General

I have sort of kept my promise of doing more designs… because, here is another lot! This collection is a little different though, because they are all based around one of my favourite necklaces from the online jewellery boutique, The Collective… (May I also say a big thank you to everyone who left such lovely lovely comments on my Ultimate Guide to Being a Teen, it was so nice to see you what you thought of it! Thank You!)

the collective boutique rosita bonita

Leather Bird Necklace by Rosita Bonita (The Collective Boutique)
I have based the collection, on this gorgeous necklace by illustrator and jewellery maker, Rosita Bonita. I am absolutely in love with some of her illustrations (see them here), they seriously are really nice! The illustrations are screen printed onto leather which makes the necklace even more special. I think it would be perfect for a gift or a little treat for yourself. It’s gorgeous! 

the collective boutique rosita bonitaOmbre Top & Pale Blue High Waisted Jeans (left) and Stripey Jacket, Black Cami & Pink Pleated Dress (right): For the ombre grey top, I would make it a silk material. I think it would really compliment the metallic tones in the necklace. The sleeves would be rolled up because I think the style is really flattering on most people. The pale blue denim high waisted jeans, would be a perfect pastel colour, which really compliments the grey from the top, and again the colours in the necklace. For the jacket (right), I would make it a jersey material so it was more for casual wear, with the blue stripes being a similar colour to the jeans on the left. I would pair it with a floaty cami which seem to be very ‘in’ at the moment (not saying that you should wear everything that is on trend, I just like the style…). The pleated skirt would be in a nice floaty material, in a nice sort of ‘sorbet smoothie’ pink colour. I really like these two looks and the colours are just perfect – If I do say so myself.. haha!

the collective boutique rosita bonitaCream Dress with Lace Sleeves (left) and Monochrome Playsuit with Mesh detailing and a White Envelope Collar (right): For the dress, I think it would be a good piece to dress up or dress down. I would make the sleeves with a sort of lace, laser cut detailing. The shape of the dress would be a simple shift dress, so that accessories, or the necklace in this case, can do the talking. The playsuit, again is very simple, so it can be ‘glammed’ up or worn casually. I’ve made a twist on the sort of ‘corset’ style detailing, and instead, made it a mesh detailing… cheeky 😉 Haha! The colour isn’t quite black, but isn’t quite grey, it’s almost a grey/black/brown which means it’s less obvious, and the necklace can really pop on top of it. These 2 looks are really versatile too, which means you could wear the necklace how ever you like.

Music for the Catwalk?: I Can’t Stand The Rain – Ann Peebles
Outside or Inside Catwalk?: Outside – natural birds tweeting to match the bird design!

I really enjoyed doing this little collection, and has made me fall in love with this necklace even more! It’s so simple, yet makes a really nice statement. Make sure to check out the other pieces on The Collective Boutique site, some of it is gorgeous!

Quick side note – I’m an AUNTY! My little Nephew was born on Sunday morning, and he is just absolutely gorgeous and perfect in every single way! Eeeep! 😀

(This collection was sponsored by The Collective Boutique. I may have been paid or gifted to produce and publish this post, but all opinions are 100% honest. Designs by me and thought up by me! Read my full disclaimer here.) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Design #3

By January 31, 2013 Designs, My Style

design3These 2 Designs are inspired by Katy Perry, David Bowie, The S/S 13 Print Trend & The S/S 13 Slogan Trend.

I love designing fun things, and this playsuit is so cute! I would love it to be a denim one, with a slightly faded ombre effect. I would also like the mini sweets to be diamantes so they add a bit of glitz to the look. This would definitely be for summer, and I would probably want to make a little longer if it were produced. The second look is quite the opposite. I love black t-shirts with prints and slogans on, and I think this is really cool! I would quite like the ‘spring’ to be a metallic black, and the red of the B also a metallic red. The shorts are inspired by David Bowie with the lightning bolt, and I would like them to be a brown/grey colour, so they are not to similar to the top. I think if they were also a running short they would be good for people who want to exercise but also for people who just want some stylish sporty clothes for summer.

I would very grateful if you did not use or take my designs for your own use. I hand draw them myself, and then put them threw Photoshop. I hope you like them, and that you respect that they are mine.

See all my other designs here.

What do you think of these designs? Do you think you could wear them? How would you accessorise them? Please leave a comment telling me what you think!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Design #2

By January 23, 2013 Designs, Fashion, My Style

FINALDESIGN2Design #2: This design is based on the Monochrome Trend. I wanted to design something which was simple, but also had a slight bit of difference. The design on the left has a pop of neon which I love! The one on the right is so basic, yet it has the dramatic shoulder ‘pom poms’. I love the Oxblood colour as well, and I think it works well with black and white. If I had to choose the fabrics, the neon would be more of a piping material, and the skirt would either be real leather of PU. The clutch on the left would be suede, and again with the neon piping.

I would be very grateful if you did not take my designs for you own use! I draw them my self (100%) and put them through Photoshop. I hope one day that they will be produced an will have my own label on them.

Please tell me what you think by leaving a comment, or tweet me! Please find all my other designs here > DESIGNS.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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