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If I Could I Would Wishlist: Funky Bling & Quay

By October 11, 2013 Fashion, Wishlist

Hello everyone! How are you on this fine grey day? I’m really tired at the moment and cannot wait for a weeks break very soon (although, it’s not really a break, as I’m gonna’ be verrrrry busy!), and also I have to sleep next door to a 3 week year old baby (eeeee!) so I guess this tiredness will get worse… oh. Anyway! This is a ‘If I Could I Would’ wishlist, basically meaning, if I had the money to waste on very expensive beanies, these are the ones I would pick (and other stuff)… enjoy!

designer high end fashion wishlist tatty devine quay eyeware funky bling asosAnnabelle//Bat//Pink Harvest//Yellowbric//Ivy//Mancini From £23.69 – £24.99

Quay Eyeware – I found this amazzzzzzing glasses brand via ARK clothing, and oh wow, I have fallen in love. SO NICE. My favourites are the ‘Pink Harvest’ pair. I love round sunglasses and these are bright pink sooo….? They’re not like £300+ obviously, but I do have quite a few sunglasses, so they aren’t really needed, but ‘If I Could, I Would‘… haha! designer high end fashion wishlist tatty devine quay eyeware funky bling asosRebel £60.00//Dope Jewel £150.00//Meow £30.00

Funky Bling Beanies – Upon searching ‘funky’ into ASOS (as you do), I came across these beanies. Now, I am sure you could DIY them some how (anyone have any ideas?), but they are pretty cool. I don’t think I could ever quite commit to owning a £150 beanie really… or a £60 one… or a £30 one… but, they are pretty cool! My favourite is the REBEL one. I feel like the jewel one could get in your face bit too much, and the MEOW one is a bit bright for everyday wear. If I did ever by one of these, I would probably have to invest in a cat free safe so that 1, no threads are pulled, and 2, I don’t ever lose (or wear) it.

designer high end fashion wishlist tatty devine quay eyeware funky bling asosJacket £184.50//Necklace £30.00//Sandals £55.00

Holographic Jacket – Do I need to explain? It’s metallic AND a biker, AND a leather jacket. It’s a tad pricey to splurge on, but it would be a good investment, non? Eleventh Paris always reminds me of The Hunger Games because I had a poster of the guy who acts as the fashion designer (you with me?) – Eeep! 2nd movie is out soon! YAY! – so yah.

Tatty Devine Necklace – First of all, do we like my editing skills? Putting ‘Tolly’ on the necklace? Yup. Secondly, how cute? I first saw this necklace on Olivia Purvis (What Olivia Did) – obviously not with Tolly on – and I just think they are really cool! I probably wouldn’t have my name, but I dunno’. Maybe?

Gladiator Sandals – I LOVE THESE SO SO MUCH. I’ve seen them loads, but I just want them. Like seriously, If I Could I DEFINITELY Would! They’re chunky, but simple, retro but cool. Ahhh, one can dream. These would be good in A/W too with nice tights and all, and amazing in Summer. Whyeeeee! Gah, I WILL have them one day. I WILL!

I know not all of these were ridiculously expensive, but it’s not always fun looking at things which are wayyy out of your price range. I mean, who here would spend £150 on a beanie? I hope you liked this post! If you want to see more things which are on my wishlist, check out my wishlist page here! I’m sorry I haven’t updated it recently, I will!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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TDP’s March Wishlist: Walking Down Avenue 32*

By March 25, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion, My Style, Wishlist

Before the month ends I thought I’d share with you a few things that I have been really wanting this March! You can see February’s here! This is a designer Wishlist, and I obviously don’t have the budget for the products, but one can lust!

avenue32NO.21 Pink Lace Cotton Hawaii Tee £255.00, NO.21 Green Check Lace Shorts £315.00, Aperlai Yellow Flouro Python Gatsby Loafers £390.00, Michaela Buerger White Crochet Chiffon Jane Collar £340.00, Cutler and Gross Gold Oversized Tortoiseshell Sunglasses £340.00 & Rizzoli In Vogue £45.00 (Avenue 32).

Top: I am in LOVE with this top! It is really girly yet has that ‘surfer’ feel to it, which I think is going to be really big this summer. I think it would look great with a dip-hem maxi skirt, as well as a pair of shorts. Add a cute hat, and you’re set for a rockin’ summer!
Shorts: Again, I am so in love with these too! ‘City Shorts’ are going to be HUGE this S/S 13. The lace detailing gives them a more chic feel, and would look great not only with the Hawaii Tee, but also with a white blouse!
Loafers: These loafers are the cutest pair of loafers I have ever seen! I have never really liked the trend that much, but these have really caught my eye! They would look perfect with a Monochrome outfit or again with the top & shorts. The POP of neon, adds a casual and playful look to them.
Collar: The shorts have a lace detailing, so this would match them perfectly! It would make the outfit look really glamorous, but super casual. You could also wear it with a dip-hem LBD (Little Black Dress) and sandals, for a gorgeous seaside date!
Sunglasses: OMG. #WANT times 3 million. I need these in my life! After watching a YouTuber rock a similar pair, I have fallen in love with oversized round sunglasses. The zig zag detailing is super cool, and I have never seen anything like it!
Book: A must have for S/S has got to be a book! This book is great for any fashionista (like moi), who wants to sit back, relax and gaze at pretty pictures from Vogue… sounds like a good deal to me!

Avenue 32 have such awesome stuff, which I think all of you should go check out! Some of the stuff is so gorgeous, and if you’re thinking of spoiling yourself, you should go take a walk down Avenue 32! Enjoy!

(This is a * marked post. This is a sponsored post. None of the links above are affliate links, but I may have been gifted/payed to do the post before hand. I chose all the products myself, and I really do love them all!)

If you think that my blog is worthy of being shortlisted for the Best Teen Blog award, please nominate me in the Company Style Blogger Awards. Use the URL: Thank You.

Did you listen to me on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday? No? Don’t worry, you can still listen to it here. Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Celebrity Style Captured: Jessica Alba

By August 26, 2012 General

Jessica Alba is a well known actress and she has great style, so here is how you can get her ‘Summer Casual’ look…

River Island Jade Coloured Jean £21.00 (ASOS), White Rolled Sleeve Shirt £25.00 (Topshop), Flourescent Pink Palmetto Women’s Classics £40.00 (TOMS), Cream Postal Print Long Scarf £16.00 (River Island), River Island Tassel Front Satchel £35.00 (ASOS) & Round Sunglasses with Metal Bridge Detail £12.00 (ASOS).

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 36: The Jumpsuit

By August 21, 2012 General

I love Jumpsuits! I have one from Matalan, and it is amazing! They are very comfortable, and if you want to cover up then they are great! Not very practical at times though…

Two-tone Long Jumpsuit £39.99 (MANGO), HOLLYWOOD Heeled Sandals £40.00 (ASOS), Metal Frame Clutch Bag £18.00 (ASOS), Crop Back Collarless Blazer £65.00 (Topshop), Constellation Eye Palette £12.00 (Topshop) & Blush in Head Over Heels £6.00 (Topshop).

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: Very Berry

By July 31, 2012 Fashion

A new trend this A/W, is Berry. Reds, Maroons, Purples & Magentas, are all in trend, especially using the colours in Dresses, Shoes & Blazers. Here’s how you can work the trend…

Deidre Dress £60.00 (Oasis), AMP Chelsea Ankle Boot £55.00 (ASOS) & Limited Edition Rhinestone Bead Collar Necklace £15.00 (ASOS).

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 21 & 22

By July 10, 2012 General

Here’s another 2 outfits for you!

Mint Velvet Storm Lace Border Dress £119.00 (House of Fraser), Limited White Bead Embellished Necklace £14.99 (Newlook), EST. 1969 Black & Silver Platform Strap Heels £44.99 (Newlook) & Diamante Hand Stud Earrings £2.99 (Newlook)

These Golds & Creams look great with the Grey Lace Dress, plus this pricey buy, will last you a life time!

BIBA Feather Cape £65.00 (House of Fraser), Oasis Lace Trim Dress £60.00 (ASOS), Magic Carpet Embroidered Flat Shoes £35.00 (ASOS) & Jewelled Pearl Doorknocker Earrings £10.00 (ASOS).

Your probably thinking, ‘Those shoes with that Cape?’, well actually I think it works quite well, just change the shoes to heels for an evening look, and keep the Oriental Flats for a funky, cute day look. This Cape is so unusual, and could go with so many other looks. Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 20: Prom Dress with Trainers!

By June 13, 2012 General

My friend at school was telling me that they read Teen Vogue recently, and they came across the new trend of ‘Sneakers & Prom Dresses’, and I love the idea! Take a look at this Outfit which I have compiled…

Little Mistress Applique Prom Dress £60.00 (ASOS), Converse All Star XX Hi Trainers £52.00 (Schuh), & Tripp NYC Twill Biker Jacket £63.00 (ASOS).

Just add some gorgeous make-up and do your hair, and you’ll look like the ‘Prettiest Rebel’ in School! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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French Fashion

By June 7, 2012 Fashion

On Saturday, I will be leaving home, to embark on a short trip to France, ‘Le Mans’ to be precise! So, I thought, as I haven’t been doing any articles recently, and I’m going there, maybe I should do a post on French Fashion? Oui…

Lets start from WW2. During the war, many French fashion houses were shut down, like, Maison Vionnet and Maison Chanel. As Germany took over most of what France produced, including Fashion, Germany took France’s haute couture, over to cities like Berlin and Vienna. During times like this, Fashion shows still went on, but with only around 75 models, shortened amount of time for evening wear, and lighter material being used on day wear. From around 1940, only 4 meters of material was used to make a Coat, and 1 meter for a blouse. With older Fashion houses closing, the only way Women could show there personality through their clothing was through a Hat. These Hats were made from old scraps of coloured materials, and sometimes, even Wood chippings!

A Fashion Show in 1947

After the war had ended, French Fashion started bigger, and better! (See above) Christian Dior, brought in a famous collection, ‘New Look’ in 1947. The collection included dresses full of colour, and skinny waists, for the French women to slip into, and feel good in. From then on, French Fashion was bigger than ever. With Elle, being founded in 1945, and in 1952, Chanel returned to Paris!

In the 1960s French Fashion became more manufactured and more ‘prêt-à-porter‘. Yves Saint Lauren came out with new collections, which were far more casual than just after the war. Since the 1960s, France’s Fashion industry, are now in competition with other countries; Britain, America, Germany, Italy etc.

I hope I come back from France with lots of Photos, so I can share my very short trip – 2 days! – with you all!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 18: Coffee Meeting

By June 6, 2012 General

When ever you see movies, you always see the stars, walking into Starbucks with heels, looking glamorous. So, here’s your chance to do the same…

Full Length Leggings £8.00 (ASOS), Sister Jane Contrast Collar & Cuffs £45.00 (ASOS), Blazer with Roll Sleeve £55.00 (ASOS), Guess D-Hondo-B Peep Toe Heeled Shoes £85.00 (ASOS) Plus+ a Starbucks Coffee!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Weekly Fashion £5 Bargain

By June 1, 2012 My Style

I’m going to a party next week where we will have £5 to spend, so I thought It’s a chance for you to ‘sort of’ do the same thing. Here’s this week’s Top Bargain!…

Union Jack Flip Flops Charm Bracelet - Claires

I love this because it’s super cute, and in trend with the Jubilee! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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