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Dealing with a Lack of Confidence in My Real Life Artwork

By October 2, 2017 DIY & Lifestyle

If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough then you’ll know that I used to fairly regularly post updates of my personal art scrapbook. I used to really enjoy my “Scrap Social” series and I know a lot of you did too…

How to Deal with Lacking Confidence in Your Art Work - shenanginanz organic patch

I didn’t always update you on new pages due to my blog schedule not necessarily allowing for it but after a while, that wasn’t the reason for my lack of posting. Like a lot of art, there comes a point where you usually grow out of certain styles and practices. For me, ‘scrapbooking’ (in the way that I was) hasn’t been enough and since recognising that, I haven’t felt I’ve had anything worthy of sharing, either.

However, sharing isn’t my reason for writing, in fact, I’d have to say it has more to do with consuming. I believe my consumption and intake of other art is what stops me at that first hurdle and which perhaps maybe stopping you and other people from doing the same.

It almost reminds me of the pressures of school and seeing everybody’s pieces lined up and feeling put down and de-motivated when there was something significantly different to the rest in my work.  There are so many artists and creators out there who all have such distinctive styles, it’s incredibly difficult to step back and work on your own work without comparing the two. This, of course, applies to more than just art, so much so, that I used to struggle with this on my blog.

How to Deal with Lacking Confidence in Your Art Work - shenanginanz organic patch

Going back to how scrapbooking didn’t feel enough to me… I think part of that reason was due to the fact it allowed me to fall back onto other mediums and references which would automatically start the ideas flowing without my real creative thought. I was creating but I wasn’t creating anything new or fresh for myself.

Combining that with the pressure of influence and trying hard not to be over-influenced, you can see how I might have lost track a little. I reached a dead-end in pushing myself forward and now all I know and seek out are my comfort zones.

I wish I was here to spew out advice and list down ways I’ve managed to overcome this challenge but I’m afraid I’m still in this limbo. I’m stuck in a creative sandpit where I can only manage to build sandcastles made of everybody else’s sand. (I’m also terrible at analogies, it seems).

I understand using references and inspiration is a huge part of all art – it’s why fashion takes from past decades and why music often doesn’t necessarily fall into one genre with how it sounds and feels – but in becoming your own artist, there comes a time when you need to stop relying upon it, in my opinion, even if it’s only temporarily.

How to Deal with Lacking Confidence in Your Art Work - shenanginanz organic patch

Organic Cotton “Art is My Distraction” Patch £4.99 (Shenaniganz)*

I feel extremely confident in who I am as an artist online. I’m proud of the content I publish and produce and I feel sure that my style is distinct enough to shine among the rest, I’m just not sure how to achieve that same level of confidence with the art I create and produce with my hands.

In fact, that’s a whole other topic in itself. With online content creation, we can add filter after filter and delete picture after picture but there are only so many pages we can tear out of a sketchbook and throw in the bin before the book is empty and well, the Amazon Rainforest is no more.

Have you dealt with similar when it comes to the creative process? How have you managed to get back on your feet? Let’s discuss in the comments! I need inspiration!

Before you go! I want to know what you want to learn about ethical fashion! Fill in my survey here, if you want answers to any burning questions you have in mind. There are also instructions on how to nominate me as a Young Green Leader in the Observer Ethical Awards, which nomination deadline has been extended to October 22nd, 2017.

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Happy New Year: 2014!

By January 1, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle, My Style

Hello everyone! I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging until mid January, but I decided that I couldn’t just leave without saying Happy New Year could I?! So, Happy New Year! I’m not one for saying ‘New Year, New Me’ because I personally believe that it is just a time to look back and learn from your mistakes, and celebrate your achievements. I’ve already done that in this post, so I thought I would talk about what I want from this year. I feel like 2013 was just the beginning, and that 2014 will be even better… *she hopes* Excuse the messy writing… I scanned it in 😉

new year 2014 blog resolutions goalsI feel like this year will be the year for me to really push myself, so that is why these are my resolutions. I want to really challenge myself, and not just go for the easy options. I know that sounds weird, but I really want to do things for me, and things which will really help in the future. I also want to be more motivated, to do the things which are more challenging, as well as simple things because I always find myself sitting and back and ‘not being bothered’. I guess, I could use the ‘I’m a teenager’ excuse, but to be fair, I think it would be better if I were to just do things as and when, and my whole life would become a bit easier I guess. Then, the hardest one… to not spend as much time on the computer. It will be hard, but I think I can do it! I will be able to do it! That is when I delete my new Tumblr account… ow, I cannot do that… I just like it too much now…

new year 2014 blog resolutions goalsThese are a few of my goals. Last year (woah, seems weird saying that), my goals were to get featured in something or other (accomplished, yay!) but this year, they are more to just, learn. To just get better, and improve. 2013 was amazing, yes I would still love to be in magazines, but to be able to learn how to go through the whole design process, or learn how to print patterns, I really do not care what it is, I want to know how! I also want to stretch my thoughts and start creating new blog content. Maybe starting and finishing series. I’d LOVE to collaborate with a brand in a design way, it would be amazing. I know it’s possible, and I can almost feel it on the end of my finger tips.  I accomplished 827,920 page views in 2013, and to be fair, I feel I have gained a great knowledge that those numbers don’t matter, and that is why my goals are so different. I am so so so grateful for all the views and followers I have, but I am starting to realise that my knowledge is stronger than the numbers. 827,920 is an amazing number for me though, I thank everyone who comes on here each day/week/month/year, SO much!

I hoped you liked this short little post and that you enjoyed your New Year. I’m now off for a while! I will be back on the 16th January, back in a full blogging swing! So, I shall see you soon! If you are in need of contacting me, then please click hereThank You!


  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: Very Berry

By July 31, 2012 Fashion

A new trend this A/W, is Berry. Reds, Maroons, Purples & Magentas, are all in trend, especially using the colours in Dresses, Shoes & Blazers. Here’s how you can work the trend…

Deidre Dress £60.00 (Oasis), AMP Chelsea Ankle Boot £55.00 (ASOS) & Limited Edition Rhinestone Bead Collar Necklace £15.00 (ASOS).

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 17: Concert Night

By June 4, 2012 General

On Friday, I am lucky enough to have tickets to see Westlife on one of their final shows! So, if you’ve got an upcoming concert, take a look at this…

Crafted Acid Wash Skinny Jeans £35.00 (Republic), Aztec Embellished Shell Top £38.00 (Topshop), Friendship Adjustable Stars & Planets Charm Bracelet £8.00 (ASOS) & Burlap Triangles Women's Classics $54 (

This outfit isn’t just great for Concerts, but for Festivals as well. It’s comfy & totally in trend. Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 15: The Summer Skirt

By May 28, 2012 General

Again, I am back with a summery edition! I am making this post whilst listening to some summery music on my new Ipod Dock/Radio (Kindly bought by big sis Sas’ on my birthday!).

Mini Skater Skirt in Car Print £22.00 (ASOS), Flat Top Round Sunglasses £15.00 (ASOS), Mel Lace Platform Brogue Flats £70.00 (Schuh) & No7 Vital Brights Lipstick £10.00 (Boots).

This Car Print Skater Skirt is so in trend! Just add a pastel coloured top, and you’ll look awesome! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Outfit 15: Summer for Girls

By May 27, 2012 General

OMG! I am loving the weather, especially after all the exams etc. Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, I have been very busy! So, here is an outfit, perfect for this gorgeous weather! Touch wood it stays like this! … By the way, I had a great birthday, and got a couple of nice leggings and a dress which matches perfectly!

Girls Purple Scarf Print Shorts £15.00, Girls White Top Hat Tank Top £8.00, Girls Gold & Leopard Print Bangles Pack £4.00 & Girls Navy Blazer with Pockets £18.00 (All from River Island).

I love this! I would die to have this outfit! You’ll look super chic in this! Mixing trends with a cute, funky printed tee, and a casual blazer. Gorg-e-ous!


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: Wacky Heels

By April 3, 2012 Fashion

Another awesome new trend, are the Wacky Heels. Add a pair to a simple outfit as a statement. Here’s my Top 4…

Irregular Choice Ruby Chinese Heels £75.00 (, River Island Tropical Cut Out Heels £50.00 (ASOS), Lace Up Block Heels £45.00 (ASOS), Pelican Car Print Heels £35.00 (ASOS).

1. These Chinese Ruby Heels, would go perfectly with a Playsuit in a blue pastel colour. Vintage Chic!

2. These Tropical Heels, would go really well with a stunning maxi dress and gold jewellery! Set for the Sun..

3. Jazz these Block Heels up even more, with a simple Pencil Dress and awesome accessories 🙂

4. These Pelican Car Print Heels, would match a Playsuit, also in a blue pastel colour, or perhaps yellow. Rock the Retro vibe!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Trend: The Peplum

By April 1, 2012 Fashion

I have just discovered the new latest trend of the ‘Peplum’. So, I thought I would show you all how to work the ‘Peplum’ Style, and also some of the coolest styles around. Take a look…

Peplums, by Jason Wu, Giorgio Armani & Alexander McQueen.

Now here’s how to work a peplum…

Pencil Dress with Peplum £38.00 (ASOS), Geometric Resin Collar £22.00 (French Connection), Patent Heels £58.00 (Schuh).

This ASOS Peplum Pencil Dress, is totally for work, but it can also be styled for a night out! Here, I have put heels & a necklace in the statement colour of red. Just add some red lipstick, and perhaps a red cardigan, and your ready to look wicked at work!

Rocket Dog Heels £30.00 SALE (Schuh), Aldo Suede Clutch £40.00 (ASOS) & Peplum Dress (ASOS)

See! You can work the same dress, but for different occasions, super easily. Just go with different colours, and different accessories. These heels, are blue and bursting to dance all night; Just add some silver drop earrings, and you’ll look super sweet 😉

Click here to see more of…,,

If you want to see where I got my inspiration from, look at this > (The Telegraph Fashion)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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