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Designs: Appliqué & LFW Inspired

By February 18, 2014 Designs

Howdy! It has been yonks since I last did a design post and I know you guys love them, so sorry! These posts do take a lot longer to create than other posts so that is why there was a delay, but here I am now! This collection is partly inspired by my Appliqué post and also some of the collections from London Fashion Week.

appliqué london fashion week fashion design collection, teen fashion designerPurple Halter Neck Dress with Appliqué & Bead Detailing (left) and Batwing Top and oversized Hareem Trousers with Bead Detailing (right):

On the catwalk this LFW, I saw a lot of halter necks, so this dress is definitely inspired by some of the collections. I also saw a lot of symmetrical detailing, so the appliqué on this dress is also inspired by LFW. I think the symmetrical detailing is actually quite flattering to the figure too! Another thing I picked up from the shows were the ‘Chanel-esque’ bead detailing on neck line and hems, so I added that to the neck of this dress. The top and bottom on the right are inspired by the bagginess of some collections I saw. The slouchy fit and pyjama type style is something I wanted to come across, but also with a bit of detailing and appliqué. The fabric would be a jersey fabric so comfort would be key. appliqué london fashion week fashion design collection, teen fashion designerKnitted Turtle Neck Dress with Appliqué Detail & Blue Leather Bomber Jacket (left) and Blue Vest with Mixed Blue Panel Skirt & Sheer Cape with Appliqué Detail (right):

 I really liked the use of pastels for A/W 15′ so I thought I would interoperate that into these designs. The knitted dress would be a soft knit, with a pink appliqué ‘sport’ detailing like a number. The bomber jacket would be quite vintage looking in a nice blue but with darker blue detailing on pockets and zips. Retro, but with a modern twist. The other design is inspired by a lot of panelling I noticed. This skirt is very flattering and the mix of blue colour makes the movement of the skirt look awesome! The cape would be sheer with 3D flowers as again, they were all of the catwalks.

I hope you liked this short but sweet blog post! I’m going to start to learn a lot more fashion-y things soon so hopefully these posts should start to improve! But for now, enjoy!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Isabel Marant for H&M Collection Review

By November 19, 2013 Fashion

Hello everyone, I didn’t really know what to talk about today, but in one of last night’s Twitter chats, the subject of the Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration popped up. Seeing as I have some fairly strong views about the collection, what could be better than a ‘review’?

isabel marant for h&m collection review girls mens womens collection vogueWomen’s Collection – The Cons

If you know me, you know that I like colour. Now, this might just be a personal preference, but when a collection is literally black and white, with a hint of red (I would probably crack out that joke, but it would be a bit cheesy), I am usually put off. In my opinion, it is not the H&M I am used to. When I think ‘collaboration’, I think the designer – in this case, Marant – would infuse the style of the brand -H&M – into their own work. I do see this on occasion, with the printed jeans, but most of it is really a bit frumpy, a bit plain and a bit boring. I’m going to put a Pro to a Con here and say that yes, monochrome is versatile, but basically 99.9% of the collection has a 2 tone colour palette. I really hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but… I feel it’s all a bit ‘mumsy’ and after the Beyonce campaign from H&M, I feel like this is the other end of the scale. They’ve gone from young and youthful, to boring and old… in my opinion 😉 I’m afraid to say, and you can probably tell, I am really not a fan. I just don’t understand the hype? Plus, I believe that H&M have even stopped selling it all for a certain amount of time, I mean, congratulations on selling so much, but you should be ready for it. I went on the site and it’s so confusing as well. Note to NetBook users – don’t use a NetBook on the site.isabel marant for h&m collection review girls mens womens collection vogueThe Pros…

The thing with the nicer pieces of the collection, is that they’ve all been done before, or they are just safe pieces to match the trends. The oversized coat, the sequin bottoms and the fluffy jumpers. They are quite nice, but as I said, they are not very original pieces. But to make you all happy, I wouldn’t mind that oversized coat under my tree this Christmas. Just letting you know, Santa! 😉

isabel marant for h&m collection review girls mens womens collection vogueMen’s Collection – The Cons

I’m on the fence with the men’s range. It’s nice, but then there are elements which I don’t quite understand. Let’s take the white t-shirt for instance. I don’t get when designers do that. I mean don’t get me wrong, when I hopefully become a designer, I am sure I will have a few plain t-shirts here and there, but when it comes to a collaboration with a high street brand, who already have plenty of plain t-shirts in stock, why ‘design’ one? It’s the exactly the same, perhaps just a different cotton. Someone fill me in please, just why? Then we go onto a scraggy jumper… I’m sorry but I am pretty sure I saw the farmer down the road sporting a similar one – no, he isn’t on trend, if he was, it would make him the trend setter -I just do not understand it. I believe it could be trying to portray the inside of a jumper, so it’s almost an inside-out-but-the-correct-way jumper, maybe?

The Pros…

I do quite like the collection other than the inside-out-but-the-correct-way jumper, because it caters for different types of guys, and I like some of the sleeker pieces, so yes, it isn’t that bad, much better than the Women’s collection.

isabel marant for h&m collection review girls mens womens collection vogueKid’s Collection – The Cons

Stay with me on this one, but look at the two kid models… mentally swap the jeans over, and there. The girl is wearing the wrong outfit!! Other than that, I don’t think Marat has done that bad. Some of the pieces are quite similar, and those shorts do look a tiny bit too small, but other than that, I don’t have such a long ‘Cons’ section to write.

The Pros… 

As I said, I don’t mind the range that much. I quite like some of the trousers and jeans, and the denim jackets are quite cool, and again the oversized jacket is there which means there is even more reason for Santa to pop it under the tree! *hint hint, wink wink* – don’t worry guys, I don’t believe in Santa any more. Oh, and those boots do look quite comfortable even if they are boys!

If you enjoyed this don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on the Isabel Marant for H&M collection! If you do enjoy it, then I might do a review of the upcoming Meadham K for Topshop collection because that is meant to be quite interesting! Toodle pip! 🙂

(Images via Vogue)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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