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10 Simple Ways to Keep on Asking

By September 14, 2017 Ethical, Shop

In celebration of the launch of Lost Shapes x Tolly Dolly Posh last week, I thought I would explore the meanings behind each design and turn them in to helpful articles for you to use and put into practice. First up is my Keep on Asking design. You may have heard me suggest these ideas in many blog posts before but that’s just how important I think they are. Here are 10 simple ways to keep on asking…

How to Keep on Asking - Ethical Fashion T-Shirts

Featured: Keep on Asking

1. Use your voice on social media…

Although I understand that “clicktivism” isn’t always the most powerful tool, especially when it’s thrown in amongst content that is quite the opposite, if you have a platform, I definitely advise using it. Even if you’re not necessarily a blogger or don’t specifically use social media to reach a specific audience, just one click might inspire one person to follow in your ethical and conscious footsteps.

2. …and your voice in real life…

As I said, empowering and inspiring on social media isn’t always the answer, so get out there and talk to people you know about these issues in real life. Even if just means casually dropping in a question or thought about ethical fashion whilst you’re shopping with a friend, it’s the same principle – it may just cause a chain reaction. Ask your friend or family member if they’ve ever thought about where their clothes come from or how something can be priced so cheaply.

3. Ask yourself questions…

It’s all well and good subtly dropping these questions and concerns into a conversation but if we’re not repeatedly asking ourselves these questions, then how can we become more conscious? Ask yourself if the action you’re taking is the best one – could I recycle this shirt differently? Do I really know where my dress came from? Is the label telling me enough?

How to Keep on Asking - Ethical Fashion T-Shirts

4. Join in with #WhoMadeMyClothes…

I’ve encouraged this enough and it was one of the main inspirations behind the slogan t-shirt in my collaboration. Every year, Fashion Revolution asks consumers and customers to ask brands who made their clothes to push for transparency and challenge what we know of the fashion industry.

5. Take longer to decide before buying…

Use my helpful guide on how to know if you’ll actually wear what you’re buying if you want to work out easier ways to decide on your purchases beforehand. This can really help us all become more sustainable.

6. Write a letter to brands you love…

Using Fashion Revolution’s helpful guides, write a letter or a post card to a brand that you love. Admittedly I have yet to do this, so perhaps I’ll report back in the near future when I give it a shot myself. Writing a letter could bury a seed into the mind of someone has more power than somebody reading a brand’s social media feeds and really shows you’re willing to put in the effort for something you feel strongly about.

How to Keep on Asking - Ethical Fashion T-Shirts

7. Look for warning signs…

Are you being greenwashed? Do you even know what greenwashing means? Learning how to identify signs of a product or brand not being quite as eco-friendly or ethical as it seems can help us avoid buying into the idea of sustainability and ethics being a trend. I spoke about greenwashing here and I hope it helps you keep your eyes peeled.

8. Question price…

…because your t-shirt shouldn’t cost less than your trip to Starbucks. Price doesn’t mean everything; just because an item is more expensive doesn’t mean it is immediately more ethical. In my opinion, you shouldn’t trust any brand that is selling at absurdly low prices (I’m talking about the likes of Primark and H&M) because it’s obvious they are cutting corners. At the same time, research brands that charge more so you know what you’re really paying for and investing in.

9. See if you can find an alternative…

If you know what you’re buying isn’t necessarily ethical, perhaps hold up on purchasing and see if you can find an ethical alternative or even a second-hand one. This ties in with taking longer to decide before buying but is especially important if you’re either investing in a product or re-purchasing an essential wardrobe item that you might benefit investing in, anyway. Quality lasts, folks!

10. Don’t take anything at face value…

This final step is really the whole idea of asking questions and pushing for transparency. We need to know as much as possible in order to make conscious and considered decisions that will not only help us but other people and the planet. Ask questions, even if they seem simple and easy to answer – they should be if they’re not already.

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Lost Shapes x Tolly Dolly Posh Ethical T-Shirt Collection

By September 7, 2017 Ethical, Shop

Shop the ethical t-shirts collection

I’m so excited to announce that I have officially launched my own ethical and sustainable t-shirts with Lost Shapes! For a large portion of this year, I’ve been working closely with Lost Shapes to bring you something that we’re both incredibly proud to be sharing with you all. A lot of projects like this often don’t seem like much on the surface but I can tell you now that a lot of love and hard work went into making these t-shirts possible, so I hope you appreciate them as much as we do!

In case you aren’t aware, Lost Shapes are an independent clothing brand from back home in the UK. The wonderful owner, Anna, has built her brand upon ethical and sustainable values to go along side her traditionally hand-printed designs. You might recognise Lost Shapes from my ethical directory.

I couldn’t release my first sustainable pieces without making them all about what I believe in. In this post, not only can you scroll through and get a taste of the lookbook, you can also find out the inspirations behind each piece and why they ended up looking like they do.

However, if you’re ready to shop already, click the link above. I can’t wait to see you all wearing your Lost Shapes x Tolly Dolly Posh pieces!

Make sure to tweet @TollyDollyPosh and @LostShapes with the hashtag #LSxTDP so we can see how you style them.

100% Organic Cotton with 90% Reduced Carbon Footprint

This design is inspired quite simply by the idea of questioning the supply chains across the fashion industry. It’s a bold inspiration which might not come across to just anyone but it started to be put across from the very first pages of my sketchbook. The question marks are linked like a chain and if you look very closely, the colours cross over each other with slight transparency – that of course was very intentional.

As the name suggests, there are so many questions that need answering when it comes to our clothes, so this is like wearing all of them on a t-shirt which supports answering them. The racer style makes it all the more striking and looks rather good against the backdrop of the lookbook (it’s a Keith Haring mural, open and on display in Pisa, Italy).

I styled both t-shirts with a denim skirt (second-hand, of course), as there are definite yet subtle 80s vibes in each design. Although the bright pink and orange may seem rather summery, there’s no reason these t-shirts can’t be worn throughout the colder seasons. I’m ready and set to pair this design with a biker jacket.


Fair Trade 100% Organic Cotton with workers premium

The other t-shirt in my little collection took a while longer to perfect (well, both of them did – a lot of time goes into making colours perfect when they’re being hand-printed), simply because slogans of course have a lot to shout about.

We want these t-shirts to be open for everyone to wear (man or woman, they’re unisex!), hence why the ‘Many Questions’ design is a symbolic pattern and hence why the phrase ‘Keep on Asking’ hopefully, applies to a lot of other things.

Of course, the ‘Keep on Asking’ I’m referring to within my designs, is the idea of asking those who are in charge and capable of real change, to answer questions. This stems back to great initiatives like Fashion Revolution and #WhoMadeMyClothes, as well as just conscious consumerism in general. In order to become more transparent, we need questions to be answered. Once again, the transparent layering is intentional and I’m really happy with the outcome, especially with the 80s style, bubble font.

I’ve already worn this t-shirt a dozen ways with different skirts and bottoms (it may or may not be my favourite design of the two, with the Fair Trade cotton being the cherry on top) and I think the versatility definitely comes down to the shirt being grey.


Every Lost Shapes item is sourced sustainably before being hand-printed by Anna Brindle, the creator of Lost Shapes, with each design in the collaboration designed lovingly by Tolly Dolly Posh.

I’m really proud to have worked with Anna on this little collection. It took a lot of back and forth work but I believe the overall outcome was most definitely worth it. I really hope to see some of you wearing them in the near future, or at least to hear you have them on your wishlist! All the important links can be found belowhappy Lost Shapes x Tolly Dolly Posh shopping!

Twitter // Facebook // Instagram

Press Release // Lookbook

Special thanks to Kayleigh Adams Photography for capturing the t-shirts in all of their glory. Follow Kayleigh on Instagram for more photography and visit her website if you’re interested in using her for your own project. 

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Makie X Tolly Dolly Posh Product Collaboration

By May 12, 2014 Fashion, My Style

This post is just too exciting in many ways. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a week (terrible blogger), but I’ve been waiting for parcels etc etc, but this post should definitely make up for it! First of all, thank you SO much if you nominated my blog in the Company Magazine Blog Awards because… *drum roll* we’ve been shortlisted for the 2nd year! It would be awesome if you could click here to vote for me! I’m on Tab 8 under Best Teen Style Blog 😀 Another exciting thing is that my soft boxes finally arrived! This is the first blog post using them 😀 Anyway, this post is exciting in itself…

makie teen couture collection tolly dolly posh makie teen couture collection tolly dolly posh makie teen couture collection tolly dolly poshmakie teen couture collection tolly dolly poshTOLLY DOLLY POSH X MAKIE OUTFIT £16.99 – OUT NOW

You may remember at the beginning of this year, I did a resolution post (read it here), where I said I wanted to a product collaboration with a brand. Well, let’s move down the line, 5 months later, and I’ve gone and done just that! The amazing people at Makie, a 3D printed toy brand from London, gave me and two other bloggers the chance to create our own outfit and have it sold on their shop. How cool?! It’s only small but I am absolutely thrilled to have been part of the project. I feel giddy with pride!

I love promoting innovative brands, and Makie is certainly one of them. 3D printing is something that will be a common household utility in the future, and all the dolls and accessories (excluding the outfits of course) are all printed from a 3D printer. I think it’s amazing! You can make your doll look like you, or whatever you want it to look like. They sell lots of different accessories, and now of course, the Teen Couture collection. 2 of my lovely blogging pals, Mia and Lexi, also have outfits which you should check out!

makie teen couture collection tolly dolly posh makie teen couture collection tolly dolly poshINCLUDED IN THE OUTFIT: TOP, SKIRT, PETTICOAT, YELLOW SHOES & FLOWER CROWN

As you know, I LOVE prints, so my design of course had to incorporate some! I decided on a full panel skirt with an additional petticoat, a yellow high neck, some winged high tops, and of course a floral crown! The prints are inspired by my current loves, including pineapples… obsessed with pineapples!  I also love yellow, so it seemed to right to have a matching top and shoes! I think the outfit really suits my personality and I hope other young girls like it too… or boys of course! It’s called ‘Posh Prints-ess’, because… well… prints!

makie teen couture collection tolly dolly poshmakie teen couture collection tolly dolly poshI’m going to treasure this forever. Although it is only a small piece, I would like to say it would be worth a lot in the future… perhaps? It’s my first ever product collaboration…. the first ever ‘X Tolly Dolly Posh’ design. I really hope you go ahead and treat yourself to one. Even if you don’t have a Makie doll, you could just keep it wrapped up and make yourself millions in the future… jokes, but you know what I mean! I wouldn’t be able to have these opportunities without your support, so thank you, I’m blessed 🙂 I really do hope you like it!

(This is not a sponsored post. Makie sent me the doll and outfit as a gift. I do not make any profit from the outfit being sold, currently. Read my full PR disclaimer here) Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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