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What I Want For Christmas 2014…

By November 22, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle

This year has been super sonic. It’s flown by! I can’t believe I’m already doing my Christmas 2014 Wishlist! Yup, that’s right, today I’m showing you what’s on my list, and what I expect Santa* to be bringing me down the chimney. It’s not a very long list, but I hope it gives you some inspiration, whether it be for buying presents or even for your own list! Make sure to let me know what you want for Christmas in the comments! * – aka: family member…

Christmas 2014 Wishlist ASOS eBay Zoella

SunglassesSweatshirt Book Mug Fizz BarBody Mist

 Sunglasses – I’ve been wanting these for ages… and I could get them myself, but I really want to save my coins, so even this little purchase would make a bit of a dent… I have to buy my own presents you know?! But they’re super cute and fit perfectly with my style. They’d look great for autumn, winter summer and spring, so for £6 they’re a bit of a winner? They’d be a great stocking filler too.

Sweatshirt – I stumbled across this jumper on Tumblr, and I adore it. It’s super duper cute and kawaii, and so up my street! I don’t think I’ll be getting it though as delivery takes too long 🙁 Oh well, maybe for my birthday? Super cute though, right?

Girl Online – Obviously, I had to put Zoella’s book on my wishlist! I’m actually interested to read it for two reasons 1 – it’s by Zoe (duhh) a fellow blogger and 2 – I need a new book to read soo… makes sense! It’s actually pretty cheap on Amazon at the moment (no doubt it will have changed price by the time this post goes live), so hopefully I do end up getting it!

Camera Lens Mug – Hell yes! HOW AMAZING?! It’s a mug that looks exactly like a camera lens?! I need this. In fact all bloggers and photographers need this in their life. I want to drink tea out of it every morning! *winks at Father Christmas*

Zoella Beauty – I must say I’m definitely intrigued into what the fizz bar is like. It looks like a very clever idea, so I’d definitely be happy if this is under the tree! Plus, who doesn’t love a good bath?


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A Guide to Budget Christmas Shopping

By November 17, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle

I feel like I am a bit of a Scrooge because I’m always moaning that Christmas is already here. I mean, come on, Christmas films, already?! I even ate a mince pie yesterday. Next week everything will be about getting ready for New Year! But there is one aspect which I understand, which is shopping. I feel like November is a good time to start, because then things don’t go out of stock etc, so I decided I would make a guide to budget Christmas shopping!

Budget Christmas Shopping DIY Present Ideas Voucher Codes WilkinsonsGet Creative… 1//2

There are loads of tutorial out there on making hair bows, cushions etc, you name it, you can make it! Making your own gifts saves the £££ but also means you can give your loved ones a completely unique present. Plus, if you don’t like 1, Christmas shopping at all or 2, going out in the cold, it saves the stress of shopping. Stay in, watch a film and make something! You can also buy kits for making jewellery, soaps etc which means you can make things in bulk, make them professionally and keep it for next year! This Fashion is Mine has a few ideas, so make sure you check them out!

Budget Christmas Shopping DIY Present Ideas Voucher Codes WilkinsonsBundle It Up... 3

To make a sweet and cheap present, I recommend going to a shop like Wilkinsons. It may surprise you, but they have a really big range of things at good prices, which can cater for most people. All you have to do is gather a few bits and bobs and wrap it up nicely. Poundland can even help with their wrapping supplies, you could possibly make your own too! If you do it really well, nobody will ever suspect that you only spent a few pennies on it! It’s like your own gift set! I’ve done this, and it went down a treat!

Budget Christmas Shopping DIY Present Ideas Voucher Codes WilkinsonsSet A Budget… 4//5

Obviously your friends and family are all priceless but if you really need to keep hold of those purse strings, then make sure you set prices per person. I would recommend spending more on your nearest and dearest, and less on your friends. Maybe you could spend £15.00 each for your parents and £8.00 for your friends. Be careful though Mr/Miss Popular! This could still add up!

Budget Christmas Shopping DIY Present Ideas Voucher Codes WilkinsonsVouchers & Gift Cards… 6

If you really have no idea what to buy for somebody, a good present is a Voucher or Gift Card. Straight after Christmas, the sales kick in, which means the recipient of the Voucher, can go and treat themselves to whatever they like! Plus, you can now buy ones which work in multiple stores, and some stores even let you add as much as or little as you want – usually at least £5.00 though! 

Budget Christmas Shopping DIY Present Ideas Voucher Codes WilkinsonsSearch, Search, Search… 7 (find the code at & 7

As I said, Christmas shopping can be stressful, but this always the internet (everything comes back to the internet, non?), so make sure you shop around. Some shops may even have better deals on their site. I recommend definitely taking a look at Amazon, ASOS and BANK Fashion. Another tip is to always look for discount codes. It’s always annoying when you discover there was one, just after you pay. Talking about codes, some of your favourite blogs might have codes too! Motel Rocks are a very popular brand with blogger discount codes 😉 Don’t forget that free delivery is your best friend. ASOS do free worldwide delivery, and it’s pretty quick too!

I hope you enjoyed this little budget Christmas shopping guide! I should be bringing you a Christmas Wishlist because I thought it deemed appropriate, so watch out for that! I also have a couple of Winter style DIYs coming up, also! 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Merry Christmas Dresses

By November 26, 2012 General

Hey guys! I have found out you can connect your website to Polyvore! Yay! So here’s a quickie for you guys!…

Merry Christmas Dresses

Merry Christmas Dresses by tollydollyposh

Rachel Gilbert short mini dress –

Long green dress –

Lipsy sleeveless dress –

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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