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Blogging Top Tips: Cameras & Lenses

By March 10, 2014 DIY & Lifestyle

I’ve been thinking for a while about getting my Blogging Top Tips series back on the road again, so here I am! It’s back! I’m pretty sure everybody enjoyed it last year, but there were a few things that I missed off the list. In the next few months I am going to cover a few things including Cameras & Lenses, Search Engine Optimisation, and many other things which bloggers might need to know! I hope it is helpful, and that you take something from it!

blogging top tips cameras and lenses for blogging nikon d3200Options for Cameras –

Generally, people say that your blog will be more unique and interesting if you use your own images, and I totally agree with that statement. Using other people’s images for things can make it slightly rigid and boring, in my opinion, so that is why most bloggers will have this question on their mind at some point: ‘What camera should I buy?’  A lot of people go, ‘I think I’ll buy a DSLR’, without even thinking of the other options…

The first option is, your smart phone or tablet. Of course this way of doing it won’t be as high quality, but most people have one with them so it’s an easy option. The second option is a digital camera. For quite a long time I was using an old digital camera which was pretty good quality and just had it’s simple built in zoom lens, and it worked fine. Going for this option it will save you quite a bit of money also. The third option, is going for a Digital Single-lens Reflex camera (a DSLR), which usually have a hefty price tag of over £200, which can be a lot to spend for just your blog. Although these are really good quality and you can produce professional looking shots, you do have to learn a lot more before you can say ‘I’m such a good photographer’ just because you have an expensive camera.

SKIP TO:   Smart Phones & Tablets // Digital Cameras // DSLR Cameras


Smart Phones & Tablets –

blogging top tips cameras and lenses for blogging nikon d3200Using a smart phone like an iPhone or Android, is actually quite easy. It seems hard to get a good shot but there are several things which will enhance your final images. The 3 things which you need to remember to do are: 1 – Focus, focus, focusMake sure you tap on your screen on the subject to bring it in to focus. It’s the most important thing to make sure you do, as it will increase the quality of your picture. 2 – LightingYou need to make sure you are taking your pictures either outside, or by a window. It will make the clarity of the shot better and it will make focusing easier. 3 – Save in full sizeWhen emailing or downloading the image off your device, make sure you click ‘Actual Size’ because it will save it in full quality, and you’ll be able to resize it to your blog photo width. Another benefit of using a phone is the fact that you can Instagram and share your images directly from your phone! Bonus! If you want to see an example of ‘great’ (IMO) iPhone photography, look at this picture I took last year!

Digital Cameras –

blogging top tips cameras and lenses for blogging nikon d3200Using a digital camera will increase the quality of your shots, create a better depth of field as well as focus things better. The cost of these cameras can start from just £50.00 and have most functions which you might want from a DSLR like filming in high quality, and take great landscape pictures. They’re also compact and small so they are great for things like travel, or vlogging which a lot of bloggers do on the side. I’d recommend investing in one of these if you are starting out and do really want your pictures to be better quality.

DSLR Cameras –

blogging top tips cameras and lenses for blogging nikon d3200This is the part of this post where I really want to let people know why they should and shouldn’t buy a DSLR camera. It may seem obvious to buy one, but they aren’t for everyone. With DSLRs, the quality is outstandingly better than a compact camera or smart phone. Not only can you save images in amazing quality, you can adjust things a lot easier like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed etc. There also lots of different cameras for different things, which means making a decision for you is quite easy. Filming quality is immensely better in appearance and sound.

As you can see DSLRs, are good options as they are all rounders, but there are some reasons to be careful on making this big decision. 1 – PriceThe price of these cameras are quite a lot which means you might be saving for a while, or you might be with a loss of coins for a while. 2 – WeightTravelling and using a DSLR out and about, can be quite tricky. These cameras are heavy things so if you are going from one place to another taking pictures, this might get in the way. 3 – Other ExpensesThings like cases, lens pens, SD cards, straps, tripods, lighting (optional) and repairs, all add up in price, so they are expensive to maintain.

Choosing The Right DSLR –

Nikon & Canon are the best brands to go too if you want to buy a DSLR. There are several options from each brand all at different price ranges. If you are beginner with these cameras, I suggest the Nikon D3200 as it is quite cheap compared to others and you can usually get a good deal with a kit lens. When you do come to chose one you need to make sure that you are getting a camera which is compatible with most lenses. The Nikon D3200 which I use isn’t compatible with older lenses which don’t have AF-S, so some lenses can only work with Manual focus. It’s definitely something to think about. Just so you know, all pictures in this post were taken on a Nikon D3200 with a 50mm 1.8d lens!

Lenses –

You don’t necessarily need to have more than 1 lens after you have a kit lens because they are pretty good. The difference between lenses include Aperture & Zoom. For most bloggers a kit lens (usually 18-55mm Zoom with f/3.5-5.6) will do, but if you really want your photos to stand out from the crowd and look nice and pretty with bokeh (blur in the background), then you want to look at lenses with lower F stops. The 50mm or 35mm f/1.8 lenses are brilliant options for DSLRs as they have amazing depth of fields and can create awesome bokeh. The 50mm f/1.8 is the cheapest option of all of the lenses for most brands, so I’d definitely look into it.

blogging top tips cameras and lenses for blogging nikon d3200What Now?

You’re probably now thinking, well what now? It’s a hard decision choosing a camera, but if I were you I would go along with something like the above. If you are a new blogger, I would go for (or keep) a Smartphone or Tablet because it is pretty good quality when you listen to the 3 steps I listed. Then maybe move up to a Digital Compact Camera which isn’t that much money and will be helpful even when you are not blogging! When you reach 2 full years of blogging, I would look into DSLRs. Of course this is just what I recommend for newer bloggers, but if you want to, go full steam ahead! My sister who is starting up a baby blog (so excited! 😀 ) has already bought her self the Nikon D3200 and is getting the practice in, so if you feel like it, go with your gut! This is just my opinion and advice!

Good Luck! I also recommend checking out these 3 lovely bloggers who know quite a bit of tech-y photography stuff: Carrie//Natasha//Sarah
Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Q&A with For The Love Of Lucie

By December 3, 2013 Beauty, Fashion

Woah woah woah, it’s December 3rd already?! This year has gone too quickly! Anyhow, today we have a Q&A with November’s advertiser, Lucie from For The Love of LucieIf you would like to Advertise next month (January) make sure you check out the packages here

for the love of lucie fashion blog teen blog style bloggers

What inspired you to start your Blog?: I have always loved reading blogs and YouTube videos such as: FleurDeForce and MissBudgetBeauty. So one day I decided to create my little piece of the internet! I also would love to be a make-up artist so another reason was to share my love of beauty and fashion.

Why did you choose Fashion?: I love keeping on top of designer fashion trends, and recreating outfits from high street stores. I really enjoy sharing my outfit ideas and makeup reviews online. It really satisfies me if people find what I write about useful.

What are you top tips on starting a Blog?: Stay organised! Buy notebooks or planners, just anything to stay on top of your posts! Also don’t write posts for views, write what you want to write about (I cant stress this enough!)

What have been your Blogging Targets for this year?: I wanted to balance blogging and school and do regular posting again! I also wanted to reach 50 followers on BlogLovin’ but I am so happy with the amount I have at the moment.

Who are your favourite fellow Bloggers?: I love to read you Tolly! I also love MissBudgetBeauty, A Model Recommends and Madame Gourmand Lifestyle

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: I love Primark, they have just about everything for amazing prices. Whenever I need something usually the first place I will go is Primark to see if they have what I want in (guilty).

What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: I wear what I like and I feel confident in it. My style would probably be girly/edgy. I love love love dresses but I also love throwing an oversized jumper over some comfy skinny jeans.


**Make sure to check out Let’s See, an amazing photography blog!** (This is a sponsored link)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Tips & Q&A With Anything Bas

By October 1, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

One of, now last month’s, advertisers, Bas from Anything Bas is here to talk about her photography and lifestyle blog, and her top tips for blogging… (Images courtesy of Bas)


What inspired you to start your Blog?: I wanted a place to share my photography, really. I knew I was going to be travelling a lot this year, and I loved the idea of capturing different cities and cultures on film, in a sort of personal way.

Why did you choose Photography as a topic?: I would say it’s more a “lifestyle based photography blog”. I use my photos to show my experiences, although there are some photo shoots mixed in there that are purely for creative’s sake, let’s call it ”art”.

What are you top tips on starting a Blog?: Post about what you’re into, what makes you happy. It seems like an obvious thing to say but so many bloggers are on this mission to please their readers, always asking what they want to see. Sometimes it gets boring. I mean, I’m reading your blog already. (Half of my attraction to a blog is tied in with the blogger’s personality, definitely). Also, work on your writing skillzzz, it makes such a difference to read correctly structured sentences devoid of typos and grammar problems. If you don’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your”, I’m outta there.


What are your Blogging Targets for this year?: I don’t have any set targets. Getting new readers is cool because I like to meet people and get my blog out there (it feels good to know that other people like what I’m doing) but it’s not something I’m going to worry too much over.

Who are your favourite fellow bloggers?: Tori West for her style and photography, Robyn Lynch for her outfits, Lily Melrose for her hair and London lifestyle posts, Ellie for her all-round coolness, Ella Masters for her art. (God, are they all British? whoops. I follow loads of Swedish chicks on Instagram, they all seem to wear Docs with tiny shorts and eat McDonalds a lot.)

What trend are you most looking forward to working, this A/W 13?: I’m really not into fashion. I’m definitely into style and clothes though (I’m sure we all know the difference) but I don’t like to think too much about it.


Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: Vintage/thrift markets. There are a few very cool ones in Cape Town that I frequent, I’ll also be exploring the markets in Amsterdam for the first time this month. Yesssss. So excited.

What’s your favourite type of camera to use?: At the moment I’m very into my Lomo LC-wide camera, it’s a film camera with a wide angle lens. I’d love to get a proper vintage film camera and one day learn more about digital photography (when I have money to burn). I am completely self-taught, my skills are purely aesthetic, based on what I see and what I like. I get inspired by pictures and landscapes and images rather than manuals and paragraphs and diagrams. (I don’t necessarily think that this is a good thing, but as an educated jazz musician, it’s a nice change to create art without any of the theoretical thinking behind it.)


Who is your favourite fashion brand and why?: Hmmm, I’ve just spent a few days in Dubai visiting my cousin and I have to say, I’m so disappointed with everything in the shops. Brands in Cape Town are bringing me down too, and I don’t do much online shopping purely because of all the ridiculously customs laws in SA. Maybe I’ll have a favourite brand after this next month that I’m spending in Europe.

What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: Vintage grunge. Thrifted, big jerseys, Doc Martens, ripped skinny jeans, messy, natural hair. I’m all about being comfortable, seriously.

Check out Bas here: BLOG//Twitter//Instagram//BlogLovin’

**Advertising is now open for November. If you would like to book a space, fill out the form on THIS page. 50% off for all teen bloggers. Enjoy!** Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Top Tips: Advertising & Setting Prices

By September 29, 2013 Fashion

Before I begin, I apologise for not posting in this Blogging Top Tips, series for a while, I have been quite busy with my blog post schedule, but finally I am out of the ‘draft zone’, YAY! If you didn’t read the last post, make sure you go and do that now… In this post, I am going to cover Advertising on your blog, and setting your prices correctly. I’m not saying that all of this is right, but it can give you some sense of what to do for your blog… cheeky little offer at the end too!

blogging top tips Anything Bas // Miss L J Beauty

What Is Advertising?: Today, I am talking about advertising in the words of ‘blog ads’ or ‘banners’. This is where bloggers or brands pay to put a link/button linking to their site somewhere on your site. Some people like to call it Sponsorship, which is basically the same thing. It’s just like when football teams have brand name on their shirts! Some people like them, some people not so much… I think if it is not too distracting and done in the right way, you’ll get it spot on.

When or Should I Start Offering Advertising?: This is a question which a lot of bloggers ask. In my opinion, it is totally up to you. There is no set amount of followers you should have to offer them, or page views or what ever’s’. I started offering mine when I found out that I was going to be in The Telegraph magazine. I thought it would be a nice bonus and that it would be helpful for bloggers to get more exposure, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until you get featured in something like that. I think most bloggers start doing it when they have around 500+ followers on one social media platform, but that’s just what I have seen. I recommend that you take a look at other blogs and see how many followers/page views they have, it’s sometimes even worth asking politely.

blogging top tips photo credit: Images_of_Money via photopin cc

Is it Worth it? Will I Make Lots of Money?: Again, it really depends who you are. If you have thousands of followers, and you have been in this and that, then it is more likely that people will buy your ad packages. It’s more likely that brands will want to advertise too, but it’s different for everyone. In my experience, I have sold at least 2 ad spaces a month (excluding 1 month when I had no interest), this has given me a little bit more pocket money, and has just been a nice treat to blogging. Sometimes it is worth offering free packages at first, to see if anyone is interested – of course this may be slightly unfair seeing as it is free, but it’s worth trying.

I’m Going Ahead, Now What?: If you decide that it is the right time to start offering advertising, you need to start setting prices, and naming your prices (that’s the fun part). Most bloggers just go with ‘Large, Medium, Small & Mini’, but you can name them what ever. What Do I Include?: Once again, it’s totally up to you. It’s good to have one simple package which involves just a button (this could be your Mini one), then your Small one could be either a slightly bigger button, or you could do weekly shout outs on one of your social media platforms. For your Medium package you could go with, a button, shoutouts and an advertisers post, and so on and so fourth for the Large one. What Do I Let Them Know?: Some people will turn away if you don’t tell them your follower/page view stats. It’s good to let them know why it’s worth advertising on your blog. I don’t let them know my stats, but let them know they can always ask, I just don’t feel right in letting the whole world know how many people read my blog every month 🙂

blogging top tips photo credit: kenteegardin via photopin cc

What Do I Charge?: I’m not going to say what you should charge, because everyone is different. But, I did once read that you could divide your monthly page views (individual/per page) by 1,000. For example, if you get 4,000 page views, you could charge £4 for your biggest ad package. If you get 10,00 charge £10. Simples! Should I Charge The Same for Brands?: It’s your decision. But… I honestly think that you shouldn’t. Brands will generally have more money to spend on things like this, so make sure to clearly state, that prices will be slightly different for them.

How Do People Pay?: There are 2 options. The most popular option, is via PayPal. If someone is interested they will email/fill out the contact form, with what package they want, then you let them know if they can advertise or not, then ask for their account’s email. You then want to send over an Invoice (this makes it easy to state the package name, and put in any discounts), and then just simply wait for them to pay.  The second option is via Passionfruit Ads. This is basically making your life a bit easier. You have to put in a widget into your advertising page which will mean bloggers can basically go to a checkout, the checkout is only in dollars ($). They fill out the information, leave their button image, their blog link etc, and then pay. You can then either accept or decline, and if you accept them, their ad will automatically pop up in your side bar, or where ever the set place is. BUT, a very big BUT (hehe), Passionfruit is NOT free. It will take a % from your sale which is different to PayPal.

blogging top tips photo credit: Images_of_Money via photopin cc

Do I State Where The Money is Going?: In literal terms of ‘your bank account details’, of course NOT! Haha! But, sometimes it’s nice to say what you will do with the money, for example, you might want to donate some charity, or if you are a teenager, you might be saving up for a new laptop for school and blogging. You don’t have to, but some people like knowing that they aren’t wasting their money completely.

So that’s it! Of course I couldn’t leave this post without a cheeky plug, could I? 😉 Hehe… If you are interested in advertising on my blog, all my packages are HERE. I’m going to do a little offer for you guys… if you comment on this blog post with ‘Give me 20!’ and you want a space, you will get 20% off in November, (not applicable for teen bloggers too)! I offer 50% off for teen bloggers, all year round though! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Top Tips: Gaining Exposure

By August 22, 2013 Beauty, DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

You lot seem to be absolutely loving this series of blog posts?! I didn’t think that it would be so popular! Following on from the last post, you guys wanted me to do a post all about ‘how to gain exposure’ for your blog, so here it is, Blogging Top Tips: Gaining Exposure! *long post… sorry*

socialmediaSocial Media: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
Social Media is one of the best places to gain exposure because literally everyone and their dog has an account on one place or another. Here is my little guide of why to join what!

Why Use Twitter?: Twitter is the place to be as a blogger. Not only can you promote your blog, you can connect with brands and bloggers in your area, bloggers who are the same age, bloggers who blog about the same things, literally anyone.
What Can I Do On Twitter?: You can promote your blog, talk to people and share your views on topics. For bloggers I would recommend using Twitter for self promotion and connecting with people.
What To Remember?: Add the hashtag chats into your schedule. Times are in GMT.

Monday – #fbloggers at 8pm – Fashion.
Tuesday – #fblchat at 8pm – Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle.
Wednesday – #bbloggers at 8pm – Beauty.
Thursday – #fbloggers at 8pm – Fashion.
Friday – #teenagebloggerchat – Teen Bloggers.
Sunday – #lbloggers at 7pm, and #bbloggers at 8pm – Lifestyle & Beauty.

Why Use Facebook?: Facebook is great for connecting friends, family and friends of friends etc to your blog. Although this seems scary and ’embarrassing’ it’s nice to know what people think if they know you. It’s also nice because it’s a more safe environment in my opinion.
What Can I Do On Facebook?: You can promote your blog, get feedback easily, and get your favourite blogs into your feed! You can also create a Facebook page which you can link up to your BlogLovin’ so your ‘likers’ can get every post you publish, in their feed.
What To Remember?: Join blogging groups. It’s a great way to get exposure for your blogs and also you can find some new friends! The groups I have joined are: FBL BloggersThe makers of the #fblchat on Twitter – & Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Bloggers (Very similar but different bloggers in each).

Why Use Instagram?: A LOT of people use Instagram on their phones, so imagine taking pictures from your blog posts and reminding people to read them? It’s a good idea. AND you can also connect with brands who have Instagram too!
What Can I Do On Instagram?: Connect with brands, share your new blog posts and find new bloggers to chat with.
What To Remember?: Use hashtags which are relevant. Brands will follow the blogger hashtags so they can find people who would be good to connect with. Plus, you might just get some likes and followers!

advertiseblogAdvertise On Other Blogs: This is a great way to gain exposure! Not only will you connect with your favourite blogs you will also get their followers interested in another blog! A lot of bloggers either do button swaps, or they have very low prices. Obviously paying £25 to advertise on a blog for a month might be a bit too much, look at smaller blogs who have quite a few followers of which are interested in the same things as you. This is also good because brands who connect with the blogs you advertise on, may just want to connect with you as well. It’s also super easy! Pretty much 99.9% of bloggers will allow payment through PayPal, so it’s simples. *meerkat squeal* You can find my advertising prices here! Cheeky plug, I know 😉

guestblogGuest Blog For Other Bloggers: This is a really great way of gaining exposure. Bloggers have lives, which means… if they are going away or are having a little break, then they might need the help of YOU (yes, you) to blog for them! It’s pretty much free advertising. Take the opportunity to show your writing skills to another audience. It’s also a nice way to make your ‘Features’ or ‘Press’ page a little bit more bulky. It shows you can write well for other people, and for what ever type of topic.

 I hope you enjoyed this post! Unfortunately I can’t tell you how to make your views ping up. As I said in the last post, numbers don’t matter! The only thing I would say is to keep blogging. Every day if needs be. It keeps your followers interested and they will keep coming back. It’s taken me over a year to get where I am, and to be honest… I don’t even get a 500 views a day. It takes time and effort so keep going. You’ll ‘get there’ in the end. I promise. 🙂 *cheese on toast*

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Top Tips: Dealing with Success & Failure

By August 11, 2013 Fashion

This is another post in my Blogging Top Tips series, and I hope you are enjoying them so far! This is a post which I can connect with, and I know a lot of other bloggers will too, so sit back and enjoy my ‘ramblings’ – I hate that word.


Success & Features: I am very fortunate in the fact that I have had some good successes and features so far. I have to say it, but I am very proud. But, it isn’t the be all and end all. I know some blogs which are so good, but haven’t had any features, not even ones on other blogs. The fact that makes their blog good is the fact that people enjoy reading it, not the fact that they don’t have their face on magazines. Most non-blogging readers will have no idea what a ‘Liebster Award’ is, so they really are not gonna’ care if you don’t have that green button on the side of your blog. Nah-ah. Not one single bit. Having a successful blog doesn’t mean having features. It means being happy with what you are doing, and not what other people think. Success is personal, I believe, so don’t worry about what other people think. As long as you are happy, you are successful. If you do have success in getting a feature well done. Don’t be shy in sharing the news! I really dislike it when people let you know personally all the time, on small things though. Not only are you appearing boastful, you also appear like you don’t care that the other person may feel like they are a ‘failure’ (read on), because they haven’t had a ‘success story’ so far.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 17.00.18Numbers & Followers: On a similar note, numbers are not what’s important. In my eyes, if you have 10 followers, of which are high up people, or people who really support you, that is all that matters. It is way better than having hundreds of thousands of people who don’t even know who you are, but follow for a chance of getting a follow back, isn’t it? So don’t worry about the number, just think about the people who make up that number. It also doesn’t matter if one blogger has more than you, because once again, they may have hundreds of spam followers, and you may just have a few very special ones!

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 15.48.14

‘Failure’: Let’s just get this straight. There is NO such thing as failure. Just because you see another blogger with more followers or page views than you, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. If you have a week off or two and aren’t able to keep up blogging and tweeting, you are not a failure. Whatever, you are not a failure. You may feel that way, but you are not. Having a break simply means you have a life. Having lower followers simply means, well nothing, we just covered that. Just because your views go down for a few days, doesn’t mean you are a failure. YOU ARE HUMAN. YOU ARE NOT PERFECT. IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE A FAILURE. End of.

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of this series as much as you did the last one (Thank You!). I have another installment coming up when I get back from my break (Er, I’m such a failure! I can’t keep up with all the chats. Er, I suck.) See what I did there? 

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Tips & Q&A with Taylor McClure

By August 1, 2013 Fashion

Last month’s advertiser Taylor from Somewhere Over The Runway is here to tell you her blogging tips and what her fashion sense is all about!

blogging tips q&a somewhere over the runway

What inspired you to start your Blog?: I was inspired to start my blog as a new way to explore the fashion world and to give me something to do all summer!

Why did you choose Fashion as a topic?: I chose Fashion as a topic because Fashion is pretty much what interests me, and I wanted to be more involved in the fashion world.

What are you top tips on starting a Blog?: My top tips on starting a Blog are probably to be yourself, enjoy blogging, keep everything organized, and do different types of posts.

blogging tips q&a somewhere over the runway

What are your Blogging Targets for this year?: At the end of this year, I’m hoping to have a more developed blog that is very unique and different from all the other Fashion/Beauty blogs!

Who are your favourite fellow bloggers?: My favorite blogs are probably Atlantic-Pacific, your blog, Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion, of course, That’s Zoe, and Take a Lovely Look.

What trend are you most looking forward to this summer?: My favorite summer trend so far has been peplums. I don’t really think this is a trend, but I’m always obsessed with polka-dots as well!

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain?: My favorite place to get a bargain is definitely Forever 21! Their items are surprisingly okay quality, but they have super-cute, trendy items for a very inexpensive price.

What’s your favourite beauty product you have ever bought?: My favorite beauty product is  the Maybelline BB Cream. It’s fabulous!

blogging tips q&a somewhere over the runway

Who is your favourite beauty brand and why?: My favorite beauty brand is also Maybelline because it’s inexpensive but their makeup is good quality!

What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: My personal style is probably very girly or preppy but sometimes I like to wear kinda punk inspired items. (Like my Dr. Martens) It all really depends on my mood.

Make sure to check out Taylor’s blog by clicking the links:
Somewhere Over The Runway
 // Twitter // Instagram

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Tips & Q&A With Flora Pick

By July 9, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

One of last month’s advertisers, Flora from Pretty Little Things To Do, to be precise is here to talk to you about her blog, fashion and all things lifestyle! Take it away Flora!
(Images courtesy of Flora Pick)

What inspired you to start your blog?: Probably reading successful blogs like ‘A Beautiful Mess’ by Elsie Larson. I saw how big something relatively easy to make could become, I think I just thought: ‘if she can do it why can’t I?’. I guess that another aspect of my inspiration was my ambition to become a journalist. It’s been my dream job for quite some time and as I’m still too young to work I wanted to come up with a way of sharing my views easily. 

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 11.20.52

Why did you choose fashion and lifestyle?: I chose my blog to mainly focus on fashion and lifestyle because those are the kind of things that interest me and they’re already big parts of my life. Fashion is just so fun to write about because there are so many different looks, styles and opinions and it’s constantly changing. 

What are your top tips for starting a blog?: I know that this is what every blogger says, but it’s important: Blog about what you love. There’s no point in forcing yourself to write about something that doesn’t interest you, you want something you can stick with. But always think: people visit their blog for a reason, what’s the reason they want to visit my blog? Their are so many blogs on the internet that it’s hard to get noticed but if you are unique people will listen. Also, have a design you love because it will draw your readers in. My final tip: Network! Make friends with other bloggers on Twitter, Facebook, Email- whatever! Most bloggers are friendly, just like you Tolly!

What are you’re blogging targets for this year?: To write posts more often- currently I’m too lazy, include more of my own photography- again, the reason I’m not doing that is my own laziness. Pay to get my blog professionally designed- I’ve found someone but just need to decide what I want and save up and learn html coding- I think it will really help me to develop my blog.


Who are your favourite fellow bloggers?: You (Tolly) obviously! You were one of the first bloggers I made proper contact with. Kat – I know Kat (distantly) in real life. She’s friends with my mum and her blog is probably one of my favourites ever. Florence – I haven’t actually made contact with Florence yet but I recently discovered her blog and I love it! Blossom – Blossom is a wonderful new blogger who is just starting out!

What trend are you most looking forward to working, this S/S 13?: Definitely belted vintage dresses, they are something that I would love to wear anyway so I’m pleased designers have put this style on the catwalks. 

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: New Look because it’s not just good for on-trend styles but also for simple wardrobe bases. It may seem weird but I can never go into a shop without picking out a nice vest top (yeah, kind of odd) and new look just have loads of cute things like that. As I’m 12 and pretty much broke all the time I find It’s the best place to get fashions that fit my budget. 

What’s your favourite piece of clothing you have ever bought?: Even though I didn’t strictly buy them myself (they were an amazing present from my mum) I’d have to say either my jack wills playsuit or leggings. I honestly don’t have many expensive clothes but the ones I do have I wear all the time. The playsuit is white and lacy and just a really cute thing to throw on on rare sunny English days. And the leggings work in loads of different ways whether it’s casual or dressy.


Who is your favourite lifestyle brand and why?: My favourite lifestyle brand is definitely Hambledon. They are a relatively small business run from a shop in Winchester very close to where I live and sell all sorts of cute stationary, make-up and (admittedly expensive, but gorgeous) fashion. I could pretty much make up my whole wish list out of stuff found in this shop. If you are down south make sure you visit it!

What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: I’d probably say that my personal style is a bit quirky, eclectic but a bit preppy. I love chunky knitted jumpers, shorts, and brightly coloured tights/ weird leggings. I also like to accessorise- I own a ridiculous amount of hats, and hair stuff. I love my massive- and I mean massive- red bow hairband because it goes with anything in a sort of weird way!

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P.S Tomorrow (July 10th) is my (TDP’s) feature in Girl Talk Magazine! I’d love if you could pick up a copy! Make sure to tweet me a picture too! Thanks guys!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Q&A & Blogging Tips with Sarah Orr

By April 27, 2013 Beauty, Fashion

My gorgeous advertiser Sarah Orr from Nars Obsessor, is going to answer some questions for you! If you’re a blogger and just want to see what Sarah has to say, or you want to start your own blog, this post will have everything you need to know! She’s going to share with you some blogging tips, a few of her favourite brands, and more! Take it away Sarah!

What inspired you to start your Blog?: I was inspired to start a blog because of school. Sounds weird, right? But english lessons seem to be full of analysing texts and seeing why things are done that way, that I wanted somewhere to just write.

Why did you choose Beauty & Fashion? I chose fashion and beauty because they are things that I am constantly exposed to, and feel a lot of other people are too. I also have a genuine love and interest in them, so it just came naturally.

What are you top tips on starting a Blog?:  My top tips are to get organised. Before I posted anything or told anyone or even made my Blogger account, I planned out exactly what I wanted to call it, write about, how it would look and make it mine. I would also advise getting involved with the blogger chats on twitter like #fbloggers #bbloggers and #fblchat.

What are your Blogging Targets for this year?: My blogging targets this year are to try and post something every other day, but still put time and effort into each post, and keep them relatable to people like me.

Who are your favourite fellow bloggers?: My favourite fellow bloggers would have to be you Tolly, (Well thank you very much!) and Zoe from That’s Zoe because you are both so friendly, genuine and a rarity in that they are bloggers similar in age to me! My top 5 ‘Bigger’ bloggers are Zoella, Sofia’s Journal, Wish Wish Wish, What Olivia Did and Jazzabelle’s Diary.

What trend are you most looking forward to working, this S/S 13? I am so looking forward to florals and pastels, as I do every year, and I’m especially loving monochrome looks!

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: I’m going to go wish TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in America) because even though I used to hate my mum dragging me through there, I’ve picked up some lovely pieces at massive discounts.

What’s your favourite piece of Make-Up you’ve ever bought and why?: My Nars eyeliner is something I go to everyday. I’m terrible at eyeliner, but I find that it’s so easy to apply whether you want a thick or thin line, and the pen shape makes it super easy and comfortable to hold.

What’s your favourite ever item of clothing/accessory you’ve ever bought and why?: My Prada blazer because I got it at the London Fashion Week jumble sale for £55, which is a complete bargain for a great piece like that. Some people that think blazers are only for special occasions and evenings, but I’m definitely going to have to disagree with them- I wear it loads!

Who is your favourite designer and why?: I’d say my favourite designer would be BCBG because both it’s adult and teen brand (BCBGeneration) stock such amazing clothes and accessories that are in trend and suit their target market down to a T. They’re also not as expensive as other higher-end brands, which is always a plus side.


What is your favourite Make-Up Brand?: My favourite make up brands are Topshop and Rimmel for cheaper deals, Laura Mercier and Nars (hence the blog name!) for relatively high end and Burberry and Tom Ford for that luxury, out-of-my league price range.

What’s your personal style?: My personal style changes all the time, but I think it’s generally comfortable but sophisticated.

Thank You so much Sarah for answering some questions! I hope everyone got something out of it! If you want to ask Sarah anymore questions, contact her through…

@narsobsessor – Twitter//Nars Obsessor – YouTube//Nars Obsessor – Blog

Are their any bloggers you’d like to see answering these questions? Or are you one? You can do so by buying the All Grown Up Advertising Package for just £3! Including a 200px by 200px Button, #FF Tweets every Friday and this post! For more info, click here!

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Blogging Tips & Q&A: Sarah from Friday Is Forever

By February 21, 2013 Beauty, Fashion

My second Fashionista of February, is going to answer some questions for you today. The stunning Sarah from Friday Is Forever, will be talking about her blog and a few things about Fashion! Here we go…!

1.    What inspired you to start your Blog?: I’ve been blogging in one way or another since I was 13 – But over on LiveJournal! I joined a community years later where members used to share what we’d bought recently, and loved it! Then I started coming across blogs outside of LiveJournal and had a whole load bookmarked. Then one boring christmas eve, I just started one up on a whim, and I haven’t looked back since!

2.    Why did you choose fashion?: I guess it came naturally to me – I only really became interested in fashion around the ages of 18-19 and I’ve been finding myself since then. I’m 24 in a couple of months and I still don’t really think of myself as having a particular style – I just wear what I like, and I like to document it and see the changes!

3.    What are you top tips on starting a Blog?: I’m not sure there are any tips that I can give! I like blogs with personality though, where I can really feel like I’m getting to know the writer and can associate with them. I tend to avoid blogs that are so far out of my depth and reality , with the exception of a few.

4.    What are your Blogging Targets for this year?: I don’t really set targets. I’m a full time student so the blog is not my main focus, though you’d sometimes think it with the amount of time I spend on my blog in relation to my studies (oops)! Perhaps reaching 2,000 followers would be a good target, that’d be awesome.

5.    Who are your favourite fellow bloggers?: There are LOADS, but a few are: Sparkly Vodka, Nubby Twiglet, Jemima & Ted, Dainty Dresses, Belles Boutique & Stephanie Dreams.

6.    What trend are you most looking forward to working, this S/S 13?: Monochrome and stripes, definitely. Two of my favourite styles anyway, always have been!

7.    Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: I have to say, Primark! Their stuff might not last forever, but every now and then theres a gem that looks like it could’ve been bought for four times the price.

8.    What’s your favourite piece of clothing, accessory etc that you have ever bought?: Probably my old yellow Karen Millen coat. I’d never previously, or since, bought anything from there but I’ll always love the bright colour and structure of this jacket. I also have an amazing military jacket from Zara with huge angled shoulder pads that seriously wouldn’t look out of place in a music video. (Image from Friday is Forever)

9.    Who is your favourite designer and why?: I don’t really have many designers who’s work I follow, but I’ll always be a lover of borderline gothic Ann Demeulemeester who really pushes the boundaries of aesthetics.

10.   What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: As aforementioned, I’m still not sure I really have a style! I suppose its girly, with a little bit of grunge. I’ll always be a ska kid at heart!

Thank you for those great answers Sarah! Just so you can get a feel for Sarah’s blog, here is a screenshot:

Picture 1

Are you a reader of Sarah’s Blog? Did you find this useful? Make sure to leave a comment!

(If you’re a blogger (Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle) and you would like to answer some questions like this, make sure you Contact me. Or, click here to book your space and to advertise your blog at the same time!)


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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