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Why Should Bloggers Go To Fashion Week?

By September 16, 2014 London Fashion Blog Week

Why should bloggers go to fashion week

Sadly we have reached the end of LFW… not London Fashion Blog Week though, oh no, there are still a few more posts to be read, but the last scheduled show was at 5 o’clock and I’m feeling kind of sad about it. I decided being a blogger, I had to touch upon the whole ‘should bloggers go to Fashion Week’ topic during these series of posts. I have a little helper too, I asked Lela from Lela London a few questions which was quite interesting, so thanks Lela!

Just to clear it up, Fashion Week is an ‘industry event’ which I believe is a vital bit of information for this controversial subject. Fashion Week was created so that designers could showcase their work to members of the press, buyers and celebrities etc. It’s a way for designers to get their collections seen by important and respected people. The event is also a way of celebrating fashion, culture and design from artists based in the set city. We mainly focus on the bigger cities and capitals like New York, London, Milan and Paris, but you have to remember there are smaller, perhaps more local events held all around the world.

The first New York Fashion Week, or ‘NYFW’, was held in 1943. I put this in bold because again I believe this is a vital bit of information. In fact around the same time there was an event called ‘Press Week’ which was essentially just the same thing as Fashion Week and it was exactly what it says on the tin. A collection of shows which members of the press could attend to.

Why should bloggers go to fashion week

Bloggers at LFW – #1 #2#3#4 

In 1943 there were no bloggers (who knew?!…), it was simply photographers, editors, journalists etc… ‘members of the press’… people who put the content into magazines and newspapers. These people were all part of the fashion industry, they all made a huge input to the fashion world, and this is where I believe we get stuck. Do bloggers make an input to the fashion industry? My answer is simply, yes.

Bloggers like Tanya Burr have great followings and can sell out dresses and shoes from high street stores in an instant… that is already a staggering impact. If people like Tanya are seen at a fashion show, people will be interested. Followers and readers will want to know their opinions, their likes and dislikes about the upcoming collection, because they trust them. Even bloggers like myself make a small contribution because if I tweet about a show and someone agrees, I have started a conversation… that’s what magazines and newspapers do after all.

What is your personal opinion on bloggers attending shows?
Lela: No real opinion! If they are right for the show, a great supporter of the brand, or offer something special from a PR-angle, nothing else should matter.

When people say that bloggers have a ‘privilege’ to attend LFW, I tend to disagree with them. In this day and age, bloggers. play. a. role. They do make a contribution to what’s going on. I understand it if a blogger doesn’t do any form of review or feature of a collection, and just posts about their outfits, I understand that, totally. The major factor that we ignore is that (some) bloggers are living their life off of their blog… just like photographers, journalists etc. It’s their job.

Before blogging did you ever want to experience a fashion week, and more specifically did you want to experience LFW?
Lela: Yes! As I started off as a fashion stylist (between seasons), starting my blog seemed to be the reason I was invited over my actual work! Then though it was originally just a hobby!

Do you think it is important for bloggers to have a great knowledge of fashion and designers to be able to attend fashion week?
Lela: At least enough to produce a great review or photographs. Expert status is few and far between – its primarily about taste and publicity potential.

One of the points I do agree with though, is the playground, childish side of things… the bragging. Bloggers need to realise themselves that they are making an impact and that this is what they do if they want to be part of fashion. Getting multiple tickets to shows isn’t a way to show how great and popular you are, it’s just a way of designers and their PR team of telling you that they want you to blog about the next collection. Obviously it is exciting to attend a show of a respected designer, but you aren’t there to just sit and watch the world go by and have people think you are ‘cool’, you are there to interpret what you are seeing, you are there to tell people what each collection is all about and of course what people should expect for the next season.

What do you think? Should the amount of bloggers attending be limited, or should they even be allowed to attend at all? You tell me! Leave a comment below, I love to hear your opinions 😀

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Year Blogging Q&A With Let’s See

By December 26, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

Hello everybody! How are you my chums? Did you have a nice Christmas? Today I have a nice relaxed blog post whilst you all browse the Boxing Day sales, with my lovely advertiser, Bas from Let’s See! (If you want to see your blog here, then look at my packages here!) Images from Let’s See

new year blogging let's see photography blog

Will you be changing anything on your blog for the new year? I’m moving to the Netherlands in January to study, so I guess everything will change. I’ll be broke for one, so less money for film. And I’ll have new things to photograph, I’m beginning to think I’ve sucked Cape Town dry.

Have you thought of your blogging resolutions for 2014 yet? Well to continue from the previous answer, my plan is to try and take only one roll of film a month, because of my student budget. I usually just shoot until my finger is raw, sometimes whole rolls in a day. (Developing film is super cheap in South Africa, compared to Europe. Asia was cheap too.) Also I’ve been working a lot these past few years so I’ve never really had to worry too much about expenses. This new resolution means I’ll have to limit myself to only a handful of photos at a time, which will be hard. I think some of the spontaneity will be lost, but also it will be interesting because every click of the shutter will be so much more important…

What’s your favourite thing about the new year? Christmas being over. I hate Christmas. Can someone find a way to successfully incorporate anything “Christmassy” into a summer Christmas? We just use the same traditions, but everything is half hearted because it’s too hot for fake snow and hot chocolate and candy canes and romantic walks in gloved hands and family bonding and general good will at all. Everyone’s too busy sweating and lying by the pool in a bikini to do anything Christmassy. Also, imagine a mall packed with frantic people, sweating. Add tinny Christmas carols. Done.

new year blogging let's see photography blog

Do you stay up late for the big countdown, or just sleep through it all? I’m usually working. This year I’m playing in the band for the Rocky Horror show, we’re doing a late show on New Year’s Eve and then there’s a party.

What would you wear to a New Year celebration? I think people are dressing up, I’m not sure as what. Theatre people go all out when they dress up, so it should be crazy. Although on the last dress-up occasion, the drummer wore eyeliner and thought that was his costume… I haven’t decided what I’ll wear yet.

Will you be taking any festive pictures, and with what camera? My film camera, it’s a lomography LC-wide.

new year blogging let's see photography blog

Where do you like to photograph in the Winter? It’s the middle of summer for me in Cape Town right now, so the beach I suppose. Although, I prefer shooting on the beach in Winter. White sand and grey sky and nobody around, that’s when the fun starts. My favourite film photos happened in the mist on an empty beach in winter. 

What’s your favourite piece of Winter clothing? Jerseys. Big patterned thrifted jerseys, layered on top of each other.


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Top Tips: Advertising & Setting Prices

By September 29, 2013 Fashion

Before I begin, I apologise for not posting in this Blogging Top Tips, series for a while, I have been quite busy with my blog post schedule, but finally I am out of the ‘draft zone’, YAY! If you didn’t read the last post, make sure you go and do that now… In this post, I am going to cover Advertising on your blog, and setting your prices correctly. I’m not saying that all of this is right, but it can give you some sense of what to do for your blog… cheeky little offer at the end too!

blogging top tips Anything Bas // Miss L J Beauty

What Is Advertising?: Today, I am talking about advertising in the words of ‘blog ads’ or ‘banners’. This is where bloggers or brands pay to put a link/button linking to their site somewhere on your site. Some people like to call it Sponsorship, which is basically the same thing. It’s just like when football teams have brand name on their shirts! Some people like them, some people not so much… I think if it is not too distracting and done in the right way, you’ll get it spot on.

When or Should I Start Offering Advertising?: This is a question which a lot of bloggers ask. In my opinion, it is totally up to you. There is no set amount of followers you should have to offer them, or page views or what ever’s’. I started offering mine when I found out that I was going to be in The Telegraph magazine. I thought it would be a nice bonus and that it would be helpful for bloggers to get more exposure, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until you get featured in something like that. I think most bloggers start doing it when they have around 500+ followers on one social media platform, but that’s just what I have seen. I recommend that you take a look at other blogs and see how many followers/page views they have, it’s sometimes even worth asking politely.

blogging top tips photo credit: Images_of_Money via photopin cc

Is it Worth it? Will I Make Lots of Money?: Again, it really depends who you are. If you have thousands of followers, and you have been in this and that, then it is more likely that people will buy your ad packages. It’s more likely that brands will want to advertise too, but it’s different for everyone. In my experience, I have sold at least 2 ad spaces a month (excluding 1 month when I had no interest), this has given me a little bit more pocket money, and has just been a nice treat to blogging. Sometimes it is worth offering free packages at first, to see if anyone is interested – of course this may be slightly unfair seeing as it is free, but it’s worth trying.

I’m Going Ahead, Now What?: If you decide that it is the right time to start offering advertising, you need to start setting prices, and naming your prices (that’s the fun part). Most bloggers just go with ‘Large, Medium, Small & Mini’, but you can name them what ever. What Do I Include?: Once again, it’s totally up to you. It’s good to have one simple package which involves just a button (this could be your Mini one), then your Small one could be either a slightly bigger button, or you could do weekly shout outs on one of your social media platforms. For your Medium package you could go with, a button, shoutouts and an advertisers post, and so on and so fourth for the Large one. What Do I Let Them Know?: Some people will turn away if you don’t tell them your follower/page view stats. It’s good to let them know why it’s worth advertising on your blog. I don’t let them know my stats, but let them know they can always ask, I just don’t feel right in letting the whole world know how many people read my blog every month 🙂

blogging top tips photo credit: kenteegardin via photopin cc

What Do I Charge?: I’m not going to say what you should charge, because everyone is different. But, I did once read that you could divide your monthly page views (individual/per page) by 1,000. For example, if you get 4,000 page views, you could charge £4 for your biggest ad package. If you get 10,00 charge £10. Simples! Should I Charge The Same for Brands?: It’s your decision. But… I honestly think that you shouldn’t. Brands will generally have more money to spend on things like this, so make sure to clearly state, that prices will be slightly different for them.

How Do People Pay?: There are 2 options. The most popular option, is via PayPal. If someone is interested they will email/fill out the contact form, with what package they want, then you let them know if they can advertise or not, then ask for their account’s email. You then want to send over an Invoice (this makes it easy to state the package name, and put in any discounts), and then just simply wait for them to pay.  The second option is via Passionfruit Ads. This is basically making your life a bit easier. You have to put in a widget into your advertising page which will mean bloggers can basically go to a checkout, the checkout is only in dollars ($). They fill out the information, leave their button image, their blog link etc, and then pay. You can then either accept or decline, and if you accept them, their ad will automatically pop up in your side bar, or where ever the set place is. BUT, a very big BUT (hehe), Passionfruit is NOT free. It will take a % from your sale which is different to PayPal.

blogging top tips photo credit: Images_of_Money via photopin cc

Do I State Where The Money is Going?: In literal terms of ‘your bank account details’, of course NOT! Haha! But, sometimes it’s nice to say what you will do with the money, for example, you might want to donate some charity, or if you are a teenager, you might be saving up for a new laptop for school and blogging. You don’t have to, but some people like knowing that they aren’t wasting their money completely.

So that’s it! Of course I couldn’t leave this post without a cheeky plug, could I? 😉 Hehe… If you are interested in advertising on my blog, all my packages are HERE. I’m going to do a little offer for you guys… if you comment on this blog post with ‘Give me 20!’ and you want a space, you will get 20% off in November, (not applicable for teen bloggers too)! I offer 50% off for teen bloggers, all year round though! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Top Tips: Gaining Exposure

By August 22, 2013 Beauty, DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion

You lot seem to be absolutely loving this series of blog posts?! I didn’t think that it would be so popular! Following on from the last post, you guys wanted me to do a post all about ‘how to gain exposure’ for your blog, so here it is, Blogging Top Tips: Gaining Exposure! *long post… sorry*

socialmediaSocial Media: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
Social Media is one of the best places to gain exposure because literally everyone and their dog has an account on one place or another. Here is my little guide of why to join what!

Why Use Twitter?: Twitter is the place to be as a blogger. Not only can you promote your blog, you can connect with brands and bloggers in your area, bloggers who are the same age, bloggers who blog about the same things, literally anyone.
What Can I Do On Twitter?: You can promote your blog, talk to people and share your views on topics. For bloggers I would recommend using Twitter for self promotion and connecting with people.
What To Remember?: Add the hashtag chats into your schedule. Times are in GMT.

Monday – #fbloggers at 8pm – Fashion.
Tuesday – #fblchat at 8pm – Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle.
Wednesday – #bbloggers at 8pm – Beauty.
Thursday – #fbloggers at 8pm – Fashion.
Friday – #teenagebloggerchat – Teen Bloggers.
Sunday – #lbloggers at 7pm, and #bbloggers at 8pm – Lifestyle & Beauty.

Why Use Facebook?: Facebook is great for connecting friends, family and friends of friends etc to your blog. Although this seems scary and ’embarrassing’ it’s nice to know what people think if they know you. It’s also nice because it’s a more safe environment in my opinion.
What Can I Do On Facebook?: You can promote your blog, get feedback easily, and get your favourite blogs into your feed! You can also create a Facebook page which you can link up to your BlogLovin’ so your ‘likers’ can get every post you publish, in their feed.
What To Remember?: Join blogging groups. It’s a great way to get exposure for your blogs and also you can find some new friends! The groups I have joined are: FBL BloggersThe makers of the #fblchat on Twitter – & Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Bloggers (Very similar but different bloggers in each).

Why Use Instagram?: A LOT of people use Instagram on their phones, so imagine taking pictures from your blog posts and reminding people to read them? It’s a good idea. AND you can also connect with brands who have Instagram too!
What Can I Do On Instagram?: Connect with brands, share your new blog posts and find new bloggers to chat with.
What To Remember?: Use hashtags which are relevant. Brands will follow the blogger hashtags so they can find people who would be good to connect with. Plus, you might just get some likes and followers!

advertiseblogAdvertise On Other Blogs: This is a great way to gain exposure! Not only will you connect with your favourite blogs you will also get their followers interested in another blog! A lot of bloggers either do button swaps, or they have very low prices. Obviously paying £25 to advertise on a blog for a month might be a bit too much, look at smaller blogs who have quite a few followers of which are interested in the same things as you. This is also good because brands who connect with the blogs you advertise on, may just want to connect with you as well. It’s also super easy! Pretty much 99.9% of bloggers will allow payment through PayPal, so it’s simples. *meerkat squeal* You can find my advertising prices here! Cheeky plug, I know 😉

guestblogGuest Blog For Other Bloggers: This is a really great way of gaining exposure. Bloggers have lives, which means… if they are going away or are having a little break, then they might need the help of YOU (yes, you) to blog for them! It’s pretty much free advertising. Take the opportunity to show your writing skills to another audience. It’s also a nice way to make your ‘Features’ or ‘Press’ page a little bit more bulky. It shows you can write well for other people, and for what ever type of topic.

 I hope you enjoyed this post! Unfortunately I can’t tell you how to make your views ping up. As I said in the last post, numbers don’t matter! The only thing I would say is to keep blogging. Every day if needs be. It keeps your followers interested and they will keep coming back. It’s taken me over a year to get where I am, and to be honest… I don’t even get a 500 views a day. It takes time and effort so keep going. You’ll ‘get there’ in the end. I promise. 🙂 *cheese on toast*

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Company Style Blogger Awards 2013: Part #2

By June 12, 2013 Fashion

If you missed Part #1 of this post, go read it now!

As you probably know, on May 29th 2013, I was in London at the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013. In the first part of this post I showed you inside the venue, and the journey there, and now it’s time for the stuff we got up to inside Corbet Place!

company style blogger awards company style blogger awards company style blogger awards company style blogger awards sophie etc Pinned It Made It Stall//The choice of sunglasses//Getting crafty//Sophie Etc

company style blogger awards company style blogger awardscompany style blogger awards pinned it made it company style blogger awards pinned it made itIn the making//Close Up//Getting Ma’ Glue On (Credits to Pinned It Made It)//Da-Dah! (Credits to Pinned It Made It)

company style blogger awards company style blogger awards company style blogger awards company style blogger awardsMe and Alex//The Crew: Alex (aka the next GHD hair model), Sophie, Me & Ella//Me and Mama Posh//Me and The Nerd

As you can tell it was a rather boring  entertaining night! The first stop was the Pinned it Made It stall where I met the lovely Plum who I speak to on Twitter! She was really lovely, and she got me DIYing some more embellished sunglasses (tutorial here) to add to the collection! There were 4 styles to choose from and a whole table of bits and bobs to stick on! Mine ended up pretty cool I think, no? After that I had a ponder round the New Look stall where you could take some snaps of the collection and gaze at the sparkly jewels. The other stalls included a Paul Mitchell Hair Station and a spot where you could have your eyelashes done by The Vintage Cosmetics Company. I didn’t have anything done, but I, or should I say we maaaaay have had a little too much fun in the photo booth! My favourites are the ones with Mama Posh and ‘The Crew’ where Alex looks like a model in the top right picture. Deary me… … as you can tell it was a very eventful night! I would also include the picture of Alex stuffing her face with sushi, but um, we don’t want to embarrass anyone do we?

Once again I would like to say the biggest of thank you’s to everyone who helped me get to London. It was such a nice time to go back to the UK and meet all the people I chat to. Although I didn’t win, as I said in Part 1, it motivates me more and more to carry on blogging and try and go for the win next year. So, thank you! *Virtual group hug*

Speaking of awards… the Posh Fashion Awards are open for nominations! There has been hundreds of votes and we need more! The awards close on July 1st so go go go! Make sure to nominate your favourite vloggers (YouTubers) too!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Recent Purchases: Jumble Sales, IKEA & ASOS

By April 8, 2013 DIY & Lifestyle, Fashion, My Style

Bonjourno! I hope you are well young soul! (Read this phrase again, in an Irish accent) It is that time again where I have want to show you what I have bought recently. Most of it is from Jumble Sales (Vide Greniers) but there are 1 or 2 other things in their too! All of the things I have bought recently have either been fashion related or just super cute, so here goes! A few other things I have bought recently will be in a post like this next week too!

recent1 recent2Scarf – €0.50: Since watching Ingrid (missglamorazzi on YouTube) and Fleur (FleurDeForce on YouTube), I have fallen in love with summer scarves! This one is super soft, and has really cute colours on which match my new Keds, and it was only 50 cents, which is like… 45p?
Keds – £37.50: My new pair are b.eaut.i.ful. I have grown out of my navy blue pair, and ASOS saved me by selling me these blue floral ones for half the price than Schuh, or the Keds site.
Clear Bowl – €1.99: I use this little gem to hold my hair clips and ties. It’s from IKEA and is really simple, and has cute doily detailing on it, I blame Lisette Henry for blogging about a similar one, I seriously have fallen in love with cute bowls and plates!
China Models – €1.00 and FREE!: Ever since I bought a similar rabbit head (NOT a real one), I have kept my eyes open. I use the blue man to hold any dainty necklaces around it’s neck, and then the rabbit, I keep on my desk, which was free! 🙂 They are super cute, and add character to my room! Aw…
Floppy Hat – €2.00: I am blaming another blogger *cough cough* Megan McInn, as she simply looks gorgeous when wearing one, so I decided to try one out myself. There are plenty on eBay, but this one was there and then, and only cost me 2 euros. BARGAIN!
Style Feed: My mum got me this as an early birthday present. It’s similar to my book ‘The Style Diaries’ as it features loads of bloggers which are well established, but some you may not of heard of. In this book, the blogs are picked out by Susie Bubble, and I found out some interesting stuff. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I do prefer ‘The Style Diaries’ as it has more blogs, and more unique ones, but either are good!
Daisy Purse – €0.20: OMG. I am so glad I got this. It cost me 20 CENTS?! There were a few others, but this one caught my eye the most, as daisies are really big this season. It is also sort of ‘Marc Jacob-esque’, I think and it will look great for summer. It’s a sort of plastic material, but that means it is waterproof, and will be good for keeping my sunglasses in.

recent3 recent4Kenzo Jungle Trousers: I bought these in this massive sports hall in a small village, where there were rows and rows of clothes. A lady selling these, asked what size I was and I didn’t really like the pattern, but I was asked to try them on. They fitted like a dream, and were comfortable. They looked nice and were Kenzo, so they were in my bag, with in a matter of seconds. €3.00 and they will look great with a t-shirt I bought at the same place (Sorry, it was still drying so I couldn’t take a picture, but it’s got an elephant on it!)
Yellow Floral Skirt: My mum picked me up this. I think it’s really cute, and will look great with a frilly blouse, and my new House of Holland socks (Darn, forgot to photograph them!). I have a pink one similar, but I love the colour yellow, so this is even better!
H Morgan Demin Jacket – €0.50: I haven’t owned a Denim Jacket for ages. The last one I had was when I was about 6 (The one here.) and I finally found one! It’s a little bit too short, but will be a nice ‘cropped’ size for summer. I will be wearing this A LOT. Plus, it was under a euro.. soo… I’m a happy chicken 🙂
Black and White Trainers – €5.00: Oops. I may have bought another pair of shoes… These are quite unusual actually, as they are converse style, but have a pointed toe, and are also shiny. I thought I’d get them for a bit of a change up, you know, try a new style and all!
Dr Martens 1460s Black Shimmer Boots – €30.00: YUP! If you don’t know already (Somebody obviously didn’t read my last post…) I now own a pair of Dr Martens! Yes, these babies slipped onto my feet yesterday and I love them! My dream was to get a black pair, but I couldn’t really say no, as these are my size and very cheap. They are sort of grey-ish, green-ish black metallic colour which I have decided, I LOVE! Seriously cannot wait to wear these. Don’t think I will be in a hurry though, it’s chucking it down 🙁

What have you bought recently? Have you bought anything similar? What are you thinking of buying soon? Make sure to tell me in the comments below!

If you are feeling amazingly, brilliantly, fantastically kind, and you think I deserve it, please nominate my blog as Best Teen Blog in the Company Style Blogger Awards. Nominations close on April 10th so every nomination counts! Use the URL: I’d be very grateful! Thank You!

What exciting thing is happening this June & July? Yes, you guessed it! The Posh Fashion Awards! Coming soon to a blog near you! Tweet & Share the word!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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#Spending Ban Challenge

By January 11, 2013 Beauty, Fashion


Okay, so if you weren’t on Twitter last night, you probably won’t know what the #SpendingBan Challenge is, but it’s pretty much a 100 day Challenge to stop Spending. It’s mainly for Beauty & Fashion bloggers, along with Lifestyle bloggers too, but I guess anyone can join in, so I decided to post the first bunch of blogger who are doing the ban. It was actually thought up by Alice from Bright Town Girl who has a really sweet and simple blog, and it was actually trending, which is pretty cool! Um, so here is the list! Sorry, if I missed you off! Please tweet me or comment with your link!

Laura’s Haven


Some Sparkle & Shine – Read her 1st Update!

Beauty & The Biryani


The Make-Up Fairy Blog


Floral Danielle


Necessary Addiction


Lazy 2 Lovely


Jenna Suth


I Peachy Coral


Errin’s Beauty


Cosmetic-Charm – Read her 1st Update!




Pandora’s Basket


Miss Stylicious


Fashion & Beauty Related


The Front Row UK


Ronnie Cannelo


Just Need My Coffee

Writing & Rambling

Blog of Shadows – Read her 1st Update!


Bright Town Girl

Okay, so when we were chatting along, we came up with tips and things in which could help anyone on the #spendingban and there were some good ones! Here’s an example of what happened in the chat!…

Maria Sparkle asked: ”#spendingban I struggle with online the most, I have web access all day at work, it can be deadly! Any tips xxx”

TollyDollyPosh answered: ”If possible, block the sites that you want to visit, and then you won’t be tempted, and get someone to set a secret password!”

TollyDollyPosh said: #spendingban Top Tip!: Go to @MUAcosmetics and get a really cheap alternative rather than something which is 5 times more expensive!!

Please join even if your not a Fashion/Beauty Blogger or even if you’re not doing a full #spendingban! Just come along and help us save our pennies!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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