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Fashion Blogs To Follow for Inspiration

By August 9, 2013 Fashion

I feel like I am being very nice to you guys recently. The Posh Fashion Awards where you won AMAZING prizes, Advertising on my blog to get exposure, and of course my upcoming give-away which I hope you will like. To be even more nice, I decided to publish a long awaited post about some of my favourite fashion blogs. Enjoy…


Alex from Bambella Blog:
I first came across Alex’s blog on Twitter I believe, and it was when her blog was fairly new. The blog is very simple, yet is has a lot of character, and I think if you can charm your readers without doing much at all, you are on the right track. My favourite posts on Alex’s blog, are her OOTDs, because they are so fun and the photos are amazing. I have met Alex once before (hopefully for a shopping trip soon too!) and she is super duper lovely. Every time I read her blog, it makes me smile because she is so honest. Alex also has YouTube where she posts the cutest videos ever, and I hope she uploads a new one soon!


Caroline from Burkatron:
I found Caroline’s blog through Instagram, and instantly fell in love. Her blog has a great mixture of content, from nail art to OOTDs to weekly favourites. The pictures are extremely clear and her fashion sense is so crisp and ‘swishy'(?!). I love the fact that even though Caroline does get sent things for review, you don’t feel like it is heavily based on reviews etc, which now-a-days is a very common thing. Caroline also does great DIYs so if you want a new crafty blog to read, this is the one for you.

wish wish wish

Carrie from Wish Wish Wish:
I’m not quite sure how I found Carrie’s blog… I think maybe my sister recommended it, anyway, it doesn’t matter because I love it. The thing I really love is the pure mix of photography. They may not seem different, but I feel like each picture has a different character to them. I love Carrie’s simple tutorials, her travel guides, and just generally the whole feel of the blog. Every time she wears something, I feel like throwing it into my Christmas wish list. She’s bad for people like me with 0 pennies at the moment, but I seriously cannot resist peaking onto her blog everyday to see the new content. Also, she works at ASOS. Well-jell! (Oh dear… I never use that word…)

what olivia did

Olivia from What Olivia Did:
I think every blogger and their pets are inspired by Olivia’s graceful fashion sense. It’s so whimsical and retro, but she makes it look like anyone could work what she wears. Not only does Olivia do amazing OOTDs, she also does lifestyle posts, including a guide to the best burgers, oh yes, and her trip to Glastonbury this year, which I loved. Just like Carrie, I wish I had Olivia’s wardrobe. She is just so lovely, and I am proud to say that she follows me on Twitter. #fangirl

the girl in the lens

Natasha from Girl in The Lens:
Natasha’s blog is a recent find for me, but oh my, it’s a gooden. Her style is effortless and chic, yet simple and cute (wow, a lot of descriptive words there). The photography on Natasha’s blog is amazing, and I hope one day I am as skilled as her at editing etc. Her blog has a mix of posts including trend posts, posts on models, and of course the obligatory OOTD. I really do love her blog.

lisette loves

Lisette from Lisette Loves:
Where do I start. Hm. Let’s just start with the fact that I LOVE LISETTE. I probably sound like a creep, in fact I do, but I don’t care. I remember first stumbling across her blog and thinking it was sort of average, and leaving it to the back of my mind, then one day when I asked for links to face masks recipes, and her’s popped up, I did re-think, and decide that actually I truly love Lisette’s blog. Again, like Alex’s blog, it is very simple yet it has so much character to it. I talk to Lisette quite a lot on Twitter and she seems like the most loveliest person ever. And to put the cherry on top (of the milkshake she is drinking), Lisette also has YouTube which makes me love her even more. Lisette recently guest blogged for me, make sure to check it out on my main blog page.

wedding dreams

Stephanie & Sam from A Wedding Dream:
As you can probably tell, Stephanie & Sam are getting married! Steph from Stephanie Dreams started the blog to collect all the ideas and memories in one place to share with the world and people like me who love gorgeous photography. On ‘A Wedding Dream’ you can find inspiration for weddings and also Steph & Sam’s engagement party pictures which are utterly adorable. If any of you can remember, I actually interviewed Stephanie absolutely yonks ago, here, so if you want to know more about her then head back to that old post!

Here are a few other blogs I absolutely adore: The Briar Rose Blog//The Life of A Fashion Nerd//Sarah Loves//Love Taza

I definitely think you should all go out and check out these amazing blogs. You may just find a gem which picks your fancy! Make sure to tell me your favourite blogs in the comments below!

(All images above are from the blogs. I have edited them for the use of this post, and I have permission from all the bloggers above.)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Company Style Blogger Awards 2013: Part #1

By May 31, 2013 Fashion, My Style

So as you amazing people know, me and my blog were lucky enough to have been shortlisted in the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2013, in the Best Teen Blog category! If it wasn’t for you, literally, I would not have been able to attend, both because of your nominating and voting, and being selfless and generous people in donating me the funds to attend the event. If you already know, unfortunately this little blog did not take home the prize, but it was a lovely trip and I am going to share with you, the journey! *WARNING: Picture heavy post!*

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013Waiting to board the plane//London through a taxi window//Cool graffiti

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013Mama Posh in the taxi//Taxi selfie//Bathroom selfie//Ready to go

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013The event at Corbet Place//Graffiti outside the event//Welcome

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013The stage//The stage… again//Drinks//Bloggers filling up the room

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013Cool lighting effect//The room buzzing

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 Company Style Blogger Awards 2013Get the cameras ready//The lovely Ella getting her award//More lovely bloggers being awarded

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013company_blogger_awards_2013_street_style_9

*sob sob* Best Teen Blog goes to I Blog The Fashion//Credits to Company Magazine – Edited by myself//Video footage by Company Magazine

As you know me and Mama Posh (mum) flew all the way from Toulouse to attend the event, and it was a very exciting journey! The flight to Gatwick was very smooth and luckily it wasn’t raining at the other end! After having a rest, we started to get ready and I was getting ‘nervous mouth’ (?! – does anyone know what I mean?). At 5.50 we got a taxi and drove to the venue! Along the way I picked up my business cards from the Moo Shop, in which I would highly recommend! – Full review to come. When we got to the event there were a few bloggers already there including the two gorgeous girlies from LW! Then a few minutes after I saw the little face of Alex from Bambella Blog! 😀 I was so excited as we chat daily on Twitter and Facebook and it was great to meet her in real life! Along with Alex was Sophie and Ella and not forgetting Anna! (click the links!)

After a few drips of rain, we were finally allowed inside! We ticked our names off and it all began! The room was a trendy sort of warehouse and it had comfy sofas and lots of drinks, and sushi! I awkwardly walked around taking a few snaps, and suddenly the room was full to the brim with bloggers, and some pretty nice dresses! The awards kicked off at about 8 o’clock and went pretty quickly! You can check out all the winners here. Congrats! Although I didn’t win, it was such an awesome time meeting all the bloggers who I speak to. It was like they all jumped out the screen! Not winning has spurred me onto keep doing what I’m doing as it makes me more motivated to grab the award another time! I seriously cannot stress it enough how grateful I am for the support that I have had. I LOVE YOU. Seriously, yes, YOU! I will be posting Part #2 of my journey this time next week, so watch out! I hope you enjoyed the first installment! (The OOTDs will be in Part #3)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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