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London Fashion Week AW 15′ Collection Review

By February 25, 2015 London Fashion Blog Week

London Fashion Week AW 15 Collections Review

Another season, another collection review! This time, it’s London Fashion Week AW 15. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch as many shows as I’d have liked as I have been pretty busy these past few days, but I’m still happy to share my thoughts as usual. Don’t forget to tell me what you think about each collection and if you had any other favourites. Images all via VOGUE!

London Fashion Week AW 15 Anya Hindmarch 2

London Fashion Week AW 15 Anya Hindmarch 1

RATING: 10/10

Oh. my. WOW. Another collection which has completely blown me away. To some people it may all seem quite basic but I love the way each season is put together. There is something so satisfying about the way the bags look (and feel, I bet). Hindmarch takes something so simple and makes it into a bold and striking theme. Not only are the accessories divine, but the clothes are too. I especially love the printed jumpsuits (they might be 2 pieces, I can’t tell), and the nods to Little Chef (mainly because my family ate their the day before I was born… haha!). It’s just such a cool collection that is just so appealing and satisfying to look at.

London Fashion Week AW 15 Erdem

RATING: 7/10

For this season I was really impressed. I think when a designer can really nail a signature style on the head, yet pull in so many different influences and make it work, they’re doing the right thing. Erdem always feature opulent fabrics and show-stopping numbers, but I felt like this season was toned down, yet vamped up all at the same time. More colour and texture than previous seasons. Intricacy and small details add to the charm of each piece and make them feel like a precious heirloom to which anyone would be honored to own.

London Fashion Week AW 15 Fyodor Golan

RATING: 7/10

I like the feel of this collection. It still feels like the good old SS 15′ collection which Fyodor Golan curated, but with a more casual and laid-back feel. My favourite elements were the slimline silhouettes and grey and pastel hues. The striking green platform heels keep it fun and alive… just like the My Little Pony character which is featured in a few of the looks. It’s a cool and fuss-free collection but is still dramatic and daring enough to keep us all interested.

London Fashion Week AW 15 Holly Fulton

RATING: 9/10

WOW. Holly Fulton has actually won me over for the first time in a long while. This collection was gorgeous. To me it feels like Barbie all grown up, when really it’s meant to feel like a throwback to sixties glamour, which I think sums it right up. It’s playful but elegant all in one. It’s the sort of collection that works for anyone; your style and personality decides what the dress should look and feel like. More grey tones with bold, minimal prints. I love this collection, do you?

London Fashion Week AW 15 Jonathan Saunders

RATING: 6/10

I feel like the fashion industry just keeps going back to the archives at the moment. One moment we’re going forward and the next we’re going back the other way. Jonathan Saunders’ is still fairly new to me, so I don’t really know what to expect. Another nod to 60’s mods; fun and minimal but hidden naughtiness in lace up boots and flashes of skin. I will say it again, I adore structure and smooth lines so the shapes included are appealing to me. It’s an ‘easy’ collection in my mind…

London Fashion Week AW 15 Minnan Hui

RATING: 10/10

brand new designer to me, and I am OBSESSED. If you can show me colour, shape and texture all in one, then I’m sold. How beautiful?! It may not be the most wearable of collections for the everyday gal’, but some elements are just awesome. Abstract shapes, not only in print but in the way the clothes are worn too, mean that there is always something new to look at. A few of the looks sort of remind me of David Bowie and his Ashes to Ashes costume… big shoulders and overflowing material layering over each other. A big thumbs up to Minnan Hui… I shall definitely be taking a further look into previous collections!

London Fashion Week AW 15 Topshop Unique

RATING: 6.5/10

Ahhh Topshop. I feel like I can express my personal opinion upon this collection, so here we go! I like it. Ha! I don’t think it’s anything too special. So many designers are still clinging onto current trends, and perhaps Topshop should let go. It’s too similar to everything that is already around. Topshop Unique is meant to be worn by a specific shopper in mind, and I believe this limits them sometimes. Do you get what I mean? Let me know!

Make sure to tell me what your favourite collection was and if I missed out any gems! I’d love to know 🙂

(Featured header image via London Fashion Week)

  Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Pre-Fall Collection 2014 Review

By January 24, 2014 Fashion

Now, I’m not someone who likes to think ahead too much, but when it comes to Fashion… I like to make a bit of room for the future, so I thought, why not do a Pre-Fall Collection 2014 Review? Oh yes, I’m going past summer, and talking about a few of my favourite collections of what I have seen so far, similar to this post! If you don’t know when/what Pre-Fall is, it’s basically that gap between Summer & Autumn/Winter, the time when it’s not too hot, but it’s not too cold…. (All images via

BCBG Max Azria Pre-Fall Collection 2014BCBG Max Azria: As I have said many times before, I love structure, so this collection to me, is honestly, beautiful. I love how the pieces just sit perfectly, and they all have different dynamics. I also adore the A/W florals, which are so gorgeous. I love the palette of blue and grey. I also love the use of faux fur in the same colour, it just looks so perfect and soft. Plus, holographic shoes? Perfection. Rating: 100/10 😉

DKNY Pre-Fall Collection 2014 2DKNY Pre-Fall Collection 2014DKNY: Considering I’m not the most minimalistic person ever, I actually quite like this collection! I love the colour blocking, especially with the white and blue, it just looks so sleek and chic (that rhymes). I also LOVE the ‘Pizza or Caviar’ top and necklace, and the ‘New York’ necklace too. For the tan and blue ‘section’, I’m not as much as a fan, but I do like the pleated skirt and the little bit of pale pink. So yeah, I think the collection is quite nice, and I give this a… Rating: 8/10 

Erdem Pre-Fall Collection 14Erdem: I would probably say this is one of the most ‘A/Winter-y’ collections out of the bunch, but I like it! A lot! I love the use of metallics, it reminds me of puddles on roads… which I think is very clever. I also love the use of lace, I think it looks so sophisticated. I’m a big fan of blouses at the moment, and this one has lots of them! I’m a particular fan of the dark floral dress on the right there, I think it looks stunning and I like how it is quite sheer. I wasn’t that big a fan of the red part of the collection though. Rating: 9/10 

Fendi Pre-Fall Collection 2014Fendi: I. Love. Most. Of. This. Collection. I think the combination of monochrome, pale pink, faux (I believe) fur and deep red, is just perfect! I especially love the stripy jacket with the collar (far left), it just looks so gorgeous and could go with so so so many things! I also love the blue fur and stripy coat, which is just so cool. I have to say Fendi, you’ve done well… except the yellow pieces with the monochrome, which sort of remind me of old office carpet… hmm. Rating: 9/10

House of Holland Pre-Fall Collection 2014House of Holland Pre-Fall Collection 2014House of Holland: Dayum Mr Holland, you have done it good! There’s structure, colour, prints, blouses, faux fur, colour blocking, spots, velvet and a new favourite of mine, patent. Oh yes this collection literally has it all for me. Don’t forget a bit of Hattie Stewart too? Utter awesomeness. I don’t know why, but I really love patent at the moment! The combination of that red fur and the shiny skirt… ooh! I love how it is slightly retro too with the sort of striped school cardigan and the high waisted shorts, and  then the buttoned velvet dress. Such a nice collection and I’d be happy to own all of it! Rating: 10/10 

Just Cavalli Pre-Fall Collection 2014Just Cavalli: Oh my, WOW. Yes, please can I have all of it in my wardrobe, please, thank you, oh my, not enough words to describe the beauty, oh wow, okay I will stop now.  *deep breath* I mean, look at those pastel purple hareem trousers, and that yellow, and that dress with the stripes and pom-pom trim, and that black dress, which is like the ultimate LBD *deeper breath than the last deep breath*. But seriously, do you not agree with me how beautiful this collection is? If you don’t well then I am afraid, we are no longer friends (jokes guys, jokes… or am I joking? Hmm…). Rating: 10/10 

Misha Nonoo Pre-Fall Collection 2014Misha Nonoo: Other than the models looking rather stiff and doll like, this again is such a lovely collection. It’s got the structure, and the nice colour combinations (blue and white), and a mix of quite summery and autumnal pieces, which I think is definitely needed in a ‘Pre’ fall collection. I love how the blouses and dresses have the mesh parts, I think it looks so cute and a little bit ‘cheeky’ 😉 Haha! They remind me of Victoria Beckham’s collection she did, with the collars. Simple, sleek, and ultra cool. I’ve seen some similar ones on Missguided which look fabulous! Rating: 9.5/10 

Rag and Bone Pre-Fall Collection 2014Rag & Bone: This is quite a nice collection, not my usual taste, but I do like some of these pieces. Another gorgeous LBD in this one, plus a gorgeous, I mean gorgeous cape jacket. It’s a very simple collection, and I like the use of the lace and crochet style knit, which adds a bit more character and dimension to it. Rating: 7/10 

I’m thinking of doing a menswear version of this as I really want to start doing menswear on ma’ blawg. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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