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ASOS Saved Items Wishlist #1

By May 26, 2014 Wishlist

‘I have an addiction to ASOS, and I need to see somebody about it.’ – That’s what I answered to a question a week or so ago, and it’s 100% true. When I’m having a break from my work, I’ll go on their site and have a look. It doesn’t really help that they have their 75% off sale on ALL. YEAR. ROUND. Sadness though… you now have to spend £15 to get the free delivery… so I spent my birthday voucher on getting ASOS Premiere… oh well, free express delivery for a whole year! 😀 I’ve never really seen a post like this, so I’ve decided to make it a monthly thing. Here is my ‘ASOS Saved Items Wishlist’ number one! (Just in case you’re wondering, the ‘Saved Items’ feature on the site is so helpful! This is all the stuff in it currently!)

asos saved items wishlist pool sliders floral garlands


Miista Sandals: I’ve been a big fan of Miista for ages now, and these are just plain and simply gorgeous. I never thought I would like the ‘beach slipper’ trend, but I’m obsessed now. Officially converted! These are divine, and they would look awesome by the pool… the print and colour combination… oh so nice! My feet are very slim, so these look like they would be quite comfortable too, and look awesome with my *wait for it* ASOS Dungarees. 

Flower Hairband: If you’ve been reading this little blog for a while now, you will know that I’m addicted to floral hairbands, and this one needs to be mine. I know it’s a recent drop (I search ‘flower hair’ pretty much every time I’m on the site), and it’s in lots of different colours, so if you don’t like lilac, don’t worry! I’m so so tempted by this!

asos saved items wishlist scuba skirts long cardigans

Floral Scuba Skirt: I’m on the hunt for a full midi or a scuba skirt, in either polka dots or another really awesome print, so when this one popped up on my screen, I clicked dat’ Save for Later button! I think the colour is amazing, and the structure… and the pockets. One of the main reasons I save items for later is because then you can check back and see if it’s gone in the sale, and I blimming well hope this beauty does!

Pom Pom Cardigan: Don’t need it, it’s summer, but LOOK AT IT. SO NICE! I love how there are 3 different shades of pink, I love the texture, and the length, and I love how versatile it would be. After receiving my pink coat from ARK, I now need a cardigan version too, and this is at the very very top of my wishlist. *Prays to the ASOS goddess that it goes into the sale at less than £25*

asos saved items wishlist holographic pool sliders daisy duck top

Holographic Sandals: Another pair of ‘beach slippers’! These are a lot cheaper than the Miista ones, and still as gorgeous. I think they are totally up my street! I’ve been going for the sort of ‘model off duty’ vibe recently, with an army style jacket, my *wait* ASOS (HAAAA) Dungarees, and my *hold on, hold on* ASOS (AHAHHA) Soldier Heels, and I feel like these would be a much nicer version for when my feet want a nice break. I did just get some neon yellow sandals for my birthday… so I must resist!

Daisy Duck Crop Top: Random top alert! Love it though, it’s got that Lazy Oaf-esque feel to it, and it has glitter on it, so what more could you want?! I could wear this in so many different ways as well, and I just love the pink. I also love the skirt it’s paired with… hmm *hunts it down*

asos saved items wishlist beach tops

Beach Top: I’m awaiting the arrival of a new bikini from New Look, and this top would look awesome paired with it. The geometric patterns in the material adds that something different, and will avoid me getting burnt when I’m having a drink at the beach (I keep thinking of the beach near us and I cannot wait until we can go. I love it so much!).

Rich Beach Top: Another beach related item, haha! I really don’t know why I like this top so much… I just do! I think it’s the fact it’s quite in your face, but it’s still quite casual. I’m not sure how I would work it but I reckon I could find a way. What d’ya think? Leave a comment if you like!

That’s it! Not much… *giggles* I think I should probably be paid for how much I promote ASOS… they follow me on Twitter so why haven’t they thanked me?! 😉 What have you been loving from ASOS recently? Have you ordered anything? Let me know!

Watch out for a blog post soon featuring a recent purchase from *hold on, brace yourself* ASOS… 1 clue… HOUSE. OF. HOLLAND.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Blue Blue Pretty Pleats*

By May 4, 2014 My Style

Before I start this new My Style OOTD, I would just like to say how happy I am with my blog right now. I feel very excited about the content I am pushing out and what I have to come. The only thing I would say is that I would love if you guys could give some more feedback! I’d love to know if you enjoy my recent posts as much as I do! It would mean a lot. Thank you guys! Love you all 🙂 Exciting news too… I just purchased some soft box lights for YouTube and taking other kinds of images *gulps* 😀

my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings What I Wore: Pretty Pleat Blouse (Sugarhill Boutique)*, Pastel Blue Petticoat Tutu £20.00 (Marks & Spencer), SOLDIER Heels (ASOS), Squared Round Sunglasses (Topshop – Sold Out), Gold Camera Necklace (Gift – Don’t know where from!) & Wingspan Bird Ring £5.50 (Rings & Tings)*

As soon as this gorgeous (and sheer – the reason for the vest…) blouse from Sugarhill Boutique arrived, I knew I had to pair it with a light blue skirt. Originally I was going to opt for my ASOS pleated midi skirt, but it was a bit crinkled and I was in a hurry, so I threw on my tutu instead, and I am glad I did! To be honest, this outfit is slightly out of my comfort zone in a way… it’s very floaty but I think the way I accessorised it, makes it more me and a bit more funk-ay! The blouse isn’t just how it seems though… it has other secrets which I will mention later on 😉 Ooh ooh, I’m wearing my hair how I used to ages and ages ago! I went through a phase of wearing it like this every single day and I’m falling back in love with it!

my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings I TOLD YOU IT HAD SECRETS! HOW GORGEOUS?!
It’s beautiful! I didn’t even realise it was pleated on the back until I took it out the packet. I think it just makes it even more amazing. It looks like a normal sheer blouse from the front (with a cute little heart pocket and matching top button), but then BOOM! A pleated back! As you’ll probably know from the amount of times I have said, I’m on a blouse high, and this is such a gorgeous addition. It could be worn in so many different ways, even more casually as the back really does most of the talking. I think when the weather perks up a bit more (saying that, it was beautiful today), I will have to invest in a bandeau because my vest really doesn’t make it look particularly amazing… 😉 Unfortunately I cannot wear a ‘sex-ay’ bra because um…. yup… *cries with laughter*

my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings

Let’s talk accessories shall we? My beautiful sister (who I can now officially ‘plug’ because she has her own blog – baby/mummy related) got me this little gold necklace a while back as a present, and I think it is so cute because it has a little camera on (i.e a refrence to my blawg), and it looks adorable with the gold heart button! This outfit was probably one of the first times I have mixed jewellery colours too! I’ve always thought that gold and silver would look funny together, but I think my ring actually compliments the whole look!

I ordered these awesome (and now sold out) Topshop sunglasses along with two other things (haul coming soon!), after a wish I wished for (ha) got actioned on Crowdwish! If you don’t know what I am talking about, Crowdwish is a site where you can post wishes/vote for wishes, and the ones which get the most votes, will be actioned! I’ve so far got a £30 Topshop voucher, and one of my own personal wishes actioned! Pretty cool huh? You can literally wish for anything as long as you think other people will vote for it too… so don’t go wishing for your brother’s girlfriend’s aunty’s granddad’s godmother to be able to fly… I wish you good luck on that one! 😉 The sunglasses remind me of the Jeremy Scott wing ones, so I’m really chuffed that I ordered them!

my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings my style ootd fashion blog sugarhill boutique rings and tings

The other day I slipped on my lovely ASOS SOLDIER heels to find out that I no longer fit in them… so I thought. I then realised that I had left the innersoles in them! *slaps forehead* I’ve been wearing them non-stop this past week, and I simply adore them. ASOS shoes are looking good at the moment! I believe these are no longer available, but if you’re wondering just in-case, they’re really comfortable and the chunkiness will toughen up any outfit! Oh and can we admire those gorgeous flowers? Such a beautiful array of colours!

That’s it for me folks! See ya’ soooooon! Only 5 days until the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards shortlist comes around… let’s all keep our fingers crossed that TDPFashion makes it for the 2nd year in a row *crosses fingers, toes and any other ‘crossable’ body part* 😉

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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14th Birthday Wishlist: ASOS, Fluffy Shorts etc…

By May 2, 2014 Wishlist

Hey peeps! It’s officially only 17 days until this gal (uhu, yup, me) turns 14… gah, sounds so weird! I started this blog when I was 11! Anyhoo, as a lot of people do on the interwebs, I’m here with a ’14th birthday wishlist’. Be warned this was written past 10pm at night, whilst listening to Vampire Weekend on full volume… don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

14th birthday wishlist ASOS Dorothy Perkins UNIF Somewhere NowhereCamo Dress//Monster’s Print Fluffy Top//Monster’s Print Fluffy Shorts//Pastel Lilac Midi Skirt//Polka Dot Scuba Peplum Skirt//Floral Crown//Holographic Top//Dreaming of Chanel Book//Pineapple Socks//Divergent Bracelets//Pineapple Watch

 Camo Dress – This was an Instagram find. When my brother says that I spend all my time flicking through endless (and pointless) selfies, I can prove him wrong because I find little gems like Somewhere Nowhere. There stuff is AWESOME! Like, totally, amazingly awesome. Even though summer is around the corner (on this subject, my birthday is meant to be sunny and 24 degrees, FYI), I would totally rock this on the cooler days. I think it would look awesome with my ASOS Soldier Heels and some sunnies. It’s totally awesome (oh, I’ve already said that about a billion times), and the style is so flattering. WANT… well it wouldn’t really be a wishlist if I didn’t want what is in it… would it?

Fluffy Monster Print Top & Shorts – Another couple of pieces from Somewhere Nowhere! How awesome?! I remember writing this post on how Sully from Monsters Inc is a new fashion trend, and here is proof! I flipping love them! I think the fit of the shorts would look amazing, again with my ASOS Soldier Heels. So freakin’ cool! These 2 pieces are probably at the top spot of my wishlist!

Pastel Lilac Midi Skirt – I’ve never thought much of Dorothy Perkins, but this skirt has definitely caught my attention! It’s so beautiful! It’s slightly girly, but because it is so full, I could see myself styling it in so many ways. I also love the stripey mesh detailing, makes it that tad bit more interesting. What do you think of it?

Polka Dot Scuba Mini Peplum Skirt – I am in LOVE with scuba at the minute. It looks so structured and every time you wear it, it just looks like it is brand new. I think this skirt would be so cute for summer, especially when you are down at the beach. I wonder whether these sorts of clothing actually work like wet suits? Haha, you never know! If they do, that would be one cute little wet… skirt? Hahah deary me…

Holographic Top – Yes, I know, I’m still banging on about holographic things. I only own my £5 River Island purse, and my sort of holographic ASOS Soldier Heels (mention #1192423412423141), so this would be amazing! It’s actually slightly pricey, but I think it looks AMAZING and I could look over the price… if somebody bought it for me *insert crying from laughter emoiji*

Dreaming of Chanel – If you haven’t seen this post I did on my Top 5 Fashion Books (read it, it has a give-away *evil cackle*), then you won’t know that I have already read Dreaming of Dior, which was fabulous (read the post… it has a review…). When doing the post (READ IT), I discovered there was another book, but not about Dior… about Chanel! I must own it immediately. In fact, it needs to be delivered to me on a tray with orange juice and a nice warm croissant (with Nutella on the side), wrapped in holographic wrapping paper, with a note saying ‘From [insert your name]’, in 17 days time *flutters eyelashes*

Divergent Bracelets – If you haven’t seen this video (hehehehehe), then you won’t know that I have read the whole Divergent series (my boy was it good), and I now of course, need the bracelets to match! These ones I found on Wanelo, are awesome! I don’t think I could choose which one to get… probably Divergent as that’s the name of the series, but maybe all of them if possible?

ASOS Bits & Bobs – A wishlist by me wouldn’t be a real wishlist without some ASOS… I think I actually have a slight addiction with their site… I also have an addiction to floral headbands and when the 2 mix together, well, I think I know what love is… *sings* Isn’t it gorgeous though!? I have a black one which is perfect (even for summer), but this one is more colourful and just all round awesome… and not too badly priced either!
I’m on a bit of a pineapple high at the moment, so when I found some pineapple socks (£3… I  can’t resist… perhaps a pre-birthday treat?), and a pastel pineapple watch, I knew I had to share them with you! To be fair, the watch isn’t that awesome, but it has pineapples and pastels on it, so I ain’t complaining!

I hope you liked this wishlist! I shall see you soon my beautiful ones…
Oh and my address to send all these goodies is… Tolly Dolly Posh, I’m Only Kidding, But I Would Really Like These Things-shire *giggles*

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Fashion Revolution Day – #InsideOut

By April 11, 2014 Fashion

Today I have a special post, which I really really hope you get involved with. If you don’t know, April 24th is Fashion Revolution Day which is exactly 1 year after the Rana Plaza disaster. I’m here to tell you more about the special day, and how you can get involved to raise awareness in the fashion industry…

inside out fash rev9 inside out fash rev1 inside out fash rev3What I Wore #InsideOut: Neon Embroidered Blouse with Drop Hem (ASOS), Printed Dress (Primark), H.Morgan Denim Jacket (Jumble Sale), Pastel Chain Necklaces (Rings & Tings)* & Blue Jelly Sandals (Sun Jellies)*

Last year on April 24th in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1133 people were killed when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed, many more were injured. The textile industry is widely regarded as a major contributor to global pollution but, according to research by Deloitte, 2 in 3 fashion companies are not focused on engaging consumers with regard to sustainability. According to the Australian Fashion Report in 2013 61% of companies surveyed didn’t know where their garments were made. Fashion Revolution, says enough is enough, and I totally agree. It’s time we do know where our wardrobe came from! I know I don’t feel comfortable in buying clothes made by children my age, and by people in crumbling buildings, and YOU can help. YOU can do something. YES, YOU!

inside out fash rev5inside out fash rev2

This is what Fashion Revolution want YOU to do….

Wear a piece of clothing (or an outfit!) ‘#InsideOut‘ and share it around with the hashtag #InsideOut including @Fash_Rev and @TollyDollyPosh (I want to see it too!)

Tweet and share your picture with the brand that it comes from, and ask them ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ again with the #InsideOut hashtag

There are going to be events at Somerset House, as well as a mass catwalk in Barcelona, a fashion show in Bangladesh and in Nepal. This isn’t just a local thing, Fashion Revolution is a global project, and I hope you get stuck in!

inside out fash rev7 inside out fash rev6 I’m going to be tweeting throughout the day to as many brands as possible that I have worked with in the past, or whoever! I want to try my best to help this cause because I am very passionate about it. If you are a blogger, you can also check out the course I have made on Bundle where you can learn more about the cause, and gain points on your Bundle account. More modules will be added, but for now go check it out! It will only take you 30 minutes at the most.

Please please please check out Fashion Revolution because everyone wears clothes, so it is something we should all be getting involved with. I hope to see lots of you tweeting on April 24thIf you liked this post, you can nominate me as Best Teen Style Blog here! Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Neon, Neon And More Neon

By February 20, 2014 General

Hello! Well I hope you are enjoying your week! Today I have another My Style blog post! Papa Posh is still getting the hang of my new lens but it seems to be going well so far! There’s also a sneaky book review in this one, so if you like to read then this is the place to be! Enjoy me’ harties…

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogWhat I Wore: White & Orange Blouse with Drop Waist £11.00 (ASOS), Navy LOVE Jumper £12.00 (Peacocks)*, ‘Mom’ Jeans (Jumble Sale), Nike TR Fit 3.0 (JD Sports)* & Zebra Double Finger Ring £5.00 (Rings & Tings)*

This outfit is quickly becoming one of my favourites at the moment. It’s so comfortable, yet it has that little bit of something that makes it ‘chic’. I picked up the drop waist blouse in the ASOS sale (seriously, I picked up a great bargain), and as soon as I slipped it on, it was true love. It’s that sort of piece that can really do anything, whether it’s in the summer, or in the cold month of February. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous and cute with my lovely (I mean lovely) Peacocks jumper over the top. It’s that perfect mix of geek and chic. Seeing as it is still pretty nippy (well, not quite the 8 degrees of the UK… oh sorry did I boast a bit then? 😉 ), I have to pair it with my ‘mom’ jeans, which isn’t a problem really because I simply love them. Don’t forget my Nike trainers of course, one of my favourite pairs of shoes, EVER.

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blog my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogmy style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogOMG. I broke the blogger rule of not putting your hands on your hips. I’m just terrible aren’t I? TERRIBLE (Sorry, I love a bit of sarcasm…). On fashion sides of things though, LOOK AT MY RING. ISN’T IT AWESOME?! IT’S A ZEBRA. I have no idea why but I like to think it’s an Australian Zebra. It just sounds good in an Australian accent. Hmm. I will be showing a few other pieces I got from Rings & Tings shortly, so watch out for that! Also on the jewellery front, I have exciting news… my parents have said that next time I go to the UK I can have my ears pierced. FINALLY. They always said that I have to wait until I’m about 14, but to be fair, being home schooled and all, does it really matter when?! YOLO as they say. YO to the LO. Having said that I now have to prepare myself. I’m going to be putting holes into my lobes. HAHAHA, sorry but that just sounds so weird.

my style peacocks rings and tings asos nike jd sports ootd fashion blogWhat I Read: The Taming Of The Tights (Louise Rennison)*

I quite recently finished this book by the amazing Louise Rennison (the writer of Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging), and I thought I would tell you about it! It’s the last in the ‘Misadventures of Tallulah Casey’ series, and although I hadn’t read the previous, it is quite funny either way. It’s very relatable to all young teen girls out there, with Tallulah running into all sorts of boy and school troubles. She’s torn between this wild guy, Cain, and the nice chap, Charlie, and she takes us on her adventure. 1 of my favourite things about the book is Matilda (one of the character’s dog), because every time she does something, it made me giggle. I must say that the book gets better towards the end of the book which is annoying, but if you are looking for a chilled out, relaxing book (something you’d take on holiday), then I would definitely recommend this one!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

By December 22, 2013 Fashion

Hidehidehidehi! (Brownie points to anyone who knows which song that’s from) I have been really bad on the whole ‘real blogging’ kind of thing, with outfit ideas, celebrity style etc, because you guys loved it when I did them, so I’m back with a post for you! I’ve put together a few New Years Eve outfit ideas just in case you need some inspiration! Hope you like it… Just to point out that this will be the last blog post before Christmas Day! I will be back though, but just enjoy this one for now! Don’t forget though, I have a GIVE-AWAY going on to WIN a gorgeous necklace from Punky Pins! Enter it now!

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas cocktail dresses asos clutch new look topshop barely there heels

Crocus Dress £68.00 (Topshop), Orange Barely There Heels £45.00 (River Island), Distressed Metallic Clutch £28.00 (ASOS), Lucky Coin Earrings £9.00 (ASOS Sale), Teal Strappy Dress £14.99 (New Look), Teal Ankle Strap Heels £19.99 (New Look), Chained Layer Cuff £9.26 (Nasty Gal) & Flower Chain Headband £8.00 (ASOS)

Cocktail ‘Part-ay’ – This is probably my favourite selection out of the three because they are all so simple, yet they all dip into the ‘elegant’ and ‘statement’ sides of the pool (ooh, nice phrase there 😉 ). I love the Topshop dress because it looks like you are wearing a two piece but…. you’re not (surprise!)! I also love how the ASOS clutch is distressed, I think it makes it look a little bit more expensive, and a bit more ‘edgy’ (I have really gone off that word… eugh). The other dress is a slightly more simple and cheaper option, but it is still as nice as the other in my opinion, the style is also really flattering and ‘great’ for all seasons. Plus, matching heels in the exact same colour? #winnerwinnerchickendinner (#longesthashtagever #ishouldprobablystopnow #yah)

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas casual outfit boohoo happy new year jumper tartan crown and gloryHappy New Year Jumper £15.00 (Boohoo), Tartan Trousers £20.00 (Boohoo), Gunmetal Headband £35.00 (Crown & Glory), iPhone Case/Purse £15.00 (ASOS), Gem Fingerless Gloves £9.00 (ASOS), Black Cami £9.99 (New Look) & Silver Gemstone Necklace £7.99 (New Look)

Casual & Cosy – This is the sort of thing I will be wearing on New Year’s Eve. A little bit of sparkle, but casual and cosy (but, I’ll probably end up in my PJs…)! I love the jumper from Boohoo! They do a classic Home Alone one for Christmas, but this is so cool as it is perfect for New Year! I also really like the trousers, they look really comfy and simple and of course would be really good for any A/W occasion. After seeing one of my favourite bloggers (a.k.a Megan) wearing the gold version of the Crown & Glory headband, I now love it! It’s so sparkly and just… amazing! The necklace goes perfectly, and I must say, for under £10.00, that is pretty good? Although I love the cocktail dresses (previous image), this is what I would wear if I was going out on ‘NYE’.

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas sequin skirt fluffy jumper sequin jumpsuit party outfits asos Sequin & Mesh Skirt £125.00 (Topshop), Pink Fluffy Jumper £34.00 (Topshop), Buckle Boots £38.00 (ASOS), Triangle Necklace £6.00 (ASOS), Sequin Jumpsuit £59.99 (New Look), Felt Boater Hat £18.00 (ASOS), Snowflake Socks £4.00 (ASOS) & Snow Scene Socks £4.00 (ASOS)

Sequins & Sparkle – Ohhh. Myyyy. Just look at that skirt… take a moment to appreciate it… and then sob in sadness at the price… it’s so nice! I’m a big fan of fluffy jumpers over sequins because it looks so nice and the textures look perfect against each other. Paired with some buckled boots to make it more casual, and a dainty little necklace… ohhhh. Then, New Look have a blimming amazing jumpsuit, covered in sequins… for under £60.00, which quite frankly is amazing if that is the closest I can get to an Ashish one! I would wear it all day, every day and nobody would be able to stop me! I’ve always wanted a boater hat, and I think this ‘look’ would make it the cutest accessory. Oh, and don’t forget the novelty socks! 😉

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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My Style: Uncommon Nonsense*

By December 7, 2013 My Style

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well! Today I have another ‘My Style’ instalment with a nice bit of tartan! I’m currently listening to Daniel Bedingfield (old school tunes) and drinking a nice warm cup of tea whilst my fingers struggle to get from Q to P on a very cold keyboard. P.S If you pop over to my Facebook page, there is a give-away going on to win a leather watch! Go go go!

Uncommon Nonsense OOTD Fashion Blog Autumn Winter TrendsUncommon Nonsense OOTD Fashion Blog Autumn Winter TrendsWhat I Wore: Grey Coat with Faux Fur Collar (John Lewis), Tartan Dress* (Uncommon Nonsense), Super Soft Long Gloves £5.00 (ASOS) & Dr Martens €35.00 (Jumble Sale).

Before I begin… I finally have some warm gloves! My fingers have been turning into icicles, but after having a browse on ASOS, I decided on these, and they live up to their name, because they are certainly soft and long! Moving onto the main outfit though, this is like my coat. I love it so much and I’m sadly starting to grow out of it, so please John Lewis, can you bring another version out! I received this dress from the lovely people from Uncommon Nonsense, and I had no idea what it was going to be like, and I do really like the tartan, I must admit, but the size is way off for me, but that is only because I am usually a Size 4/6 in ‘bigger’ dresses, so this is just a tad roomy for my liking. It’s nice layered up though, especially with my fluffy jumper.

Uncommon Nonsense OOTD Fashion Blog Autumn Winter Trends Uncommon Nonsense OOTD Fashion Blog Autumn Winter Trends

Can I just say that our grass is looking rather ‘lush’? Just a fact… lol. *back to the dress, Tolly* Oh yes… I like how it has a little bit of detailing so when I wear it with my fluffy jumper it pokes out the top. The dress also came with a faux fur collar, but unfortunately it doesn’t sit perfectly 🙁 so, that’s why I opted for my ‘collared’ coat. (I’m currently typing but unsure what is happening with my thumb, I believe it has lost all feeling and has gone a bit odd. Very strange sensation going on here!) 

Uncommon Nonsense OOTD Fashion Blog Autumn Winter TrendsN’aww, isn’t Papa Posh a nice photographer? 🙂 So yup, if you did enjoy this post, make sure to give it a bit of love by leaving a comment! As I said at the beginning, there’s a give-away on my Facebook page, so make sure you take a look at that! Good day my lovelies! (I have a numb thumb – I’m a poet and you know it  – to sort out!)

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Christmas Wishlist: Holographic, Fabric & Cats

By November 27, 2013 General

Hello! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I just haven’t been in the right mood…? Anyhoo, following on from my Budget Christmas Shopping Guide, I thought I would do a Wishlist. Now, just so you know, I do not expect all or even any of these things. They are just a few things which I would ask Santa for, if he was real. Fabulous, now I have the pressure and stress of hoping that nobody just found out that Santa wasn’t real… owww. 

christmas wishlist asos sheinside furby holographic fashion ark(Sorry, I added the Furby at the last minute so 11, is just hanging’ with the under 10s)

1: SheInside Crazy Cat Sweatshirt – There are 2 reasons I want this… 1, being the fact that it has a cat on it, and 2, it reminds me of something I read the other day. Basically I gave Paloma Posh (my cat) a tiny crumb of chocolate cake and my eldest brother said ‘Don’t give her chocolate’ so I looked it up, and well, you can read this for yourself. It’s not the nicest, but at the time I found it hilarious, and I believe this jumper sort of sums it up! (I believe I now sound extremely weird and slightly sad…)

2: UNIF Biker Jacket – A thing of beauty. It is just gorgeous. It has white sleeves, and a holographic torso, with chunky white buckles, what more could you want? I could just imagine me opening it up now… *imagines herself floating on a candy floss cloud cradling the jacket like a baby* (Okay, now I sound very weird)

3 & 4 & 6: ASOS Holographic Flats, ARK Boots & Motel Bag – Take classic school style flats, add a white sole and shiny silver. Yup, basically my idea of a perfect shoe. I feel like if I get a pair of holographic shoes, my wardrobe would be complete. I could start to wear ‘my’ kind of outfits because ‘my’ kind of shoes would be in my collection. I’m sorry there is so much holographic in this post  9+858.21.;’, How rude, I am being interrupted by my brother who is attacking the keyboard  but I just love it! The boots are just perfect because when you don’t want to wear an ordinary pair of flats, you can wear a Dr Marten style boot. Perfection, plus they aren’t even that expensive! Oh, and the holographic bag as well, yeah. Wouldn’t mind some holographic paint too, so I can just paint my whole entire life all shiny and iridescent…

5: Moooh Cloud Print Jacket – Do I really need to explain? I thought not… oh okay then, well basically it has clouds on it, sooo…?

7: Nikon 35mm 1.8 Lens – Ever since I read this post on Wish Wish Wish, I have never stopped obsessing over the fact that I am living without such a thing. I thought the lens I had was good, but oh boy, this one has 1.8 aperture and that’s just like… mental.

8: Lipstik Lillian Shoes – I love these! I’ve always been a fan of the chunky white shoe, but when I saw this particular pair, I fell in love. Unfortunately I believe they are only available in Australia, so if anyone can find me a European pair, then do let me know! 😉

christmas wishlist asos sheinside furby holographic fashion ark

9 & 10: Gracie Girl & Mon Amie Fabrics – I’ve recently, been really wanting to start making my own dresses. Unfortunately France don’t have the best supply of fabrics (well, where I live anyway), and even when I find some, they are extortionately priced, so when I found Bloomerie Fabrics, I knew I had to add these fabrics to my Wishlist! Imagine making a smock dress in the fabrics on the right (10)? Gorgeous.

11: Furby Boom ‘Cube’ – I know, slightly random, but that Argos advert is really making me want one! My sister used to have one and apparently it started driving the family insane, but hopefully there has been an improvement! The new ones mean you can hatch baby Furbies on your iPad/iPhone, and do all the usual stuff. I know it really is a bit weird, but I seriously want one! I want to make it be like… my minion.

So there we have it! I don’t really want much this year, I must be getting older *sigh*… Although, I do really want some ASOS vouchers and a Saxophone, so if you do want to send me anything here is my address: JUST KIDDING. 😉

What do you want for Christmas?! Let me know by leaving a comment…

**Make sure you check out Let’s See! A gorgeous photography blog which I absolutely love!**This is a sponsored link.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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A/W Look Book with Peacocks*

By November 12, 2013 My Style

WOW, long time no… read? Ha. I’m sorry I’ve been away for a few more days than usual, but firstly, my brain decided to empty itself (not literally) and I simply couldn’t think of any blog posts, and then yesterday, it decided to explode into the worst headache 🙁 So today, I went out in the cold (my toes were numb) to shoot my Look Book! I’m sorry it’s not tip top’, but I’ve never done one before and it’s harder than you think! Okay, this very long intro should probably stop, so um… enjoy!

peacocks girls clothing teen fashion a/w look book What I Wore: Multicolour Chunky Knit Beanie (Primark), Love Me Batwing T-Shirt £7.00 (Peacocks)*, Petticoat Tutu £20.00 (M&S) & Chelsea Boots (Jumble Sale)

My favourite outfit at the moment! I splurged on this petticoat tutu skirt in England, and when this cute slogan top arrived, I knew I had to pair the two together. The top is slightly bat winged, but is really really comfortable. In my opinion pastels in the winter are just perfect, especially when it’s tulle – you know my love for tulle! I also adore this beanie which was a right bargain!

peacocks girls clothing teen fashion a/w look book What I Wore: Fluffy Jumper £10.00 (Primark), Blue & Black Long Sleeve Maxi Dress £10.00 (Peacocks)*, Floral Headband £10.00 (ASOS) & Dr Martens €30.00 (Jumble Sale)

Again, this look is one of my favourites for A/W. It’s a little bit grunge-y, but a little bit cute, and definitely warm. I’m really happy with the maxi dress because it has long sleeves, and it’s just the right length! Not many teen collections cater for maxi dresses! The fluffy jumper adds a little sumin’ sumin’ with the texture.

peacocks girls clothing teen fashion a/w look book What I Wore: White Blouse (Next), Tartan Check Scarf 0.65c (2nd Hand Shop), Red and Monochrome Tartan Check Skater Skirt £7.00 (Peacocks)& Chelsea Boots (Jumble Sale)

I think this outfit is really cute and British, and nice for those days where it isn’t too cold, but not too warm. I think you could dress it up with a leather jacket and chunky boots. This skirt is perfect for all seasons too! Who said you can’t wear tartan in summer?! Plus, how amazing is my 65 cent scarf? Bargain!

peacocks girls clothing teen fashion a/w look book What I Wore: White Shirt (M&S), Sparkly Blue Bow £8.00 (Prairie Charms)*, Fluffy Jumper £10.00 (Primark), Black & Grey Leopard Print Skater Skirt £7.00 (Peacocks)*, Dr Martens €30.00 (Jumble Sale)

Come on, look at that bow?! Cuteeee! ^.^ Haha! I added the sparkly bow just to jazz it up a bit more – top tip: use hair bows as faux bow ties! – but yeah it’s just a really simple, comfy outfit. I actually really like the skirt. It’s simple, but because the print is in a plain colour combination, it can be worn in different ways. Gahh, the fluffy jumper is so snug!

I hope you enjoyed my first ever Look Book! I hope I did it okay?… I also have 3 other pieces from the Teen Collection at Peacocks which I hope to shoot (again – the pictures weren’t the best!) soon. Shout out to Peacocks though! I am so grateful for all of the support they have given to my blog! I never knew I would be collaborating with a high street brand which is in most UK towns! 😀 Please leave me a comment if you wish!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Kimi & Me Guest Post: Textures

By October 27, 2013 Fashion

Today’s guest post is by the lovely Christina at Kimi & Me, where she’ll be talking about all things Texture, with a small little thing by moi, too! 😉

kimi & me fashion lifestyle blog guest blog fashion textures trend aw 131: Velvet High Neck Top (ASOS)//2: Check Mesh Top (New Look)//3: Fluffy Crop Jumper (Topshop)

Christina: I really love the fluffy jumpers and cardigans in Primark at the moment, they have become a very popular buy. So much so they have sold out in the Primark near me. It is the perfect texture for A/W, so soft and cosy to wear. Topshop also offer plenty of textured knits (I have my eye on a pink fluffy top). I would also love a faux leather skirt, as it would be such a fun staple piece to style. My favourite item (above), is the velvet check top from asos. The velvety fabric, and colours are such a lovely combination, and this top would be ideal for those Christmas parties (not long til it’s that time of year!)

Tolly: My favourite item from above has go to be the mesh top! As you all know, I love me some Tulle and mesh, so this is definitely a nice piece in my opinion! Subtle but eye catching. Really nice for A/W 🙂

kimi & me fashion lifestyle blog guest blog fashion textures trend aw 13

4: Quilted Panel Top//5: Check Embellished Top//6: Faux Leather Panel Top (All Topshop)

Christina: Mixing/layering textures can give an outfit a whole new look, and feel. When it starts to get cold out, I love to layer different prints and fabric together, even if it’s just adding a scarf/stole.

Tolly: I love mixing textures, and Topshop have got it spot on! My favourite has got to be the quilted top! I know there is a similar one in Primark, so I’m keeping my eyes open for it!

Check out Christina here: Blog//Twitter//Instagram

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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