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Getting Ready For Spring Wishlist | ASOS & Dr Martens

By March 2, 2015 Wishlist

Oh wow, I haven’t done a wishlist in a while, have I? I’m back from a short break (by a break, I mean a busy 10 days) and I thought I would kick off March with a wishlist! A few of these items are ‘I like that’ items and a few of them are ‘I neeeeeed that’ items, so it’s a bit of a… ‘I really cannot wait for spring wishlist’. Why not tell me what you’ve been loving recently in the comments?

Spring Wishlist - ASOS, Dr Martens, Next, Novelty Bags

WISHLIST: Oh Snap Clutch (Skinny Dip @ ASOS) // Drumstick Bag (Next) // Shark Purse (ASOS) // Jazz Trainers (Saucony @ ASOS) // Leopard Print Boots (Dr Martens) // Colourful Tattoo Boots (Dr Martens) // White & Blue Skirt (Motel @ ASOS) // Velvet Roll Neck (ASOS) // Just Hype Sweatshirt (Hype @ ASOS)

Bags, Bags, Bags…

I’m a big fan of bags at the moment (the carrier kind, not the under-eye ones…), and I especially love the novelty, ‘based on’ style ones. I’ve picked out 3 of my favourites. First up is this super cool Skinny Dip number which I’m obsessed with. I’m in love with their whole brand currently and I really hope one day they’ll bring out all of their iPhone cases in clutch form too!

The Drumstick number is from Next (in my opinion, that’s quite surprising) and I love it! I really want to try and inject some more red into my wardrobe as I’m pretty sure I have every colour item other than red. PLUS, it looks like a Drumstick! The shark purse is just adorable and if it goes down any lower in price I may just snap it up. SO CUTE.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…

My feet won’t stop growing. One minute I’m size 5 and the next I’m size 7, so shoes are always on my mind. These 2 pairs of Dr Martens neeeeeeed to be mine. I feel like they were made for me. Don’t you agree?! They’re just perfect. Colour and print all in one, plus that added bonus of grunge from the classic chunk of the DM boot…. perfection. Sometime soon they will be mine! I can feel it in my fingers…. I can feel it in my toes 😉

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes…

A random bundle which just caught my eye. I’m so excited for summer yet I’m still clinging on to long sleeves, which pretty much means it’s Spring! I’m obsessed with the 70s trend and I have a feeling I will be throwing my wardrobe back to the era very soon. Rainbows seem to be a big thing at the moment too, I especially love this lil’ sweatshirt.

P.S My first ever newsletter went out last night and I was pretty excited! It was a little taster but if you are interested, make sure you sign up for the next one! Subscribe here. Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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ASOS Saved Items Wishlist #3 – Pastel Cats

By August 8, 2014 Wishlist

Howdy! It’s that time again… here is another ASOS Saved Items wishlist, ooh yeah baby! I haven’t actually ordered much from ASOS for a while… but I expect I will sometime soon after looking back at all these pretty things…

asos saved items lazy oaf check skirtWEIRDO BEANIE // BLUE GRID MIDI SKIRT

Weirdo Beanie: This is from Lazy Oaf, and it’s been on the ASOS site for ages now! I keep having the ‘I can’t wait for the cosiness of A/W’ feeling which I think is why I am attracted to this! It’s only £6 which for L.Oaf is a total bargain… plus it kind describes who I am…. ‘WEIRDO’… *lols*

Blue Grid Midi Skirt: The reason this attracted me is because of the bold cobalt blue colour. I love it! It’s so striking, yet because of the white I’m sure it would be super duper versatile. This style of skirt with the two zips seems to be popping up, and I would say this is one of the better versions I have seen.

asos saved items lazy oaf cactus hat floral sandalsCACTUS SNAP BACK // FLORAL SANDALS

Cactus Snap Back: Another Lazy Oaf piece, but from a more recent collection. I don’t really think I would buy this, but I just love the print. Well, I just love cacti right now. In fact, I really want a cactus necklace… hmm! This cap is also pastel, and you can never go wrong with pastels! 

Floral Sandals: I don’t necessarily love these, but I think the print and the white platform draw me in. They’re super bright, but would look awesome with a good pair of jeans like they’re pictured with. The style isn’t great, but the print is. What d’ya think?

asos saved items tartan bandanna lilac cat dressBLUE TARTAN BANDANNA // LILAC CAT PRINT DRESS

Blue Tartan Bandanna: Like I mentioned, I’m feeling very A/W-ery, so this is right up my street! I feel like the bandanna is making a big come back for the end of this year and this one isn’t half bad. I think with my shorter (it’s growing back though, woop!) hair style this would look super cute! I think with an ASOS code, or with the next sale, I shall snap this up! Cute, cute, cute. Update whilst completing final edit: I remembered I have a green scarf which would work perfectly… money spending tip: look at your scarfs!

Lilac Cat Print Dress: Ever since Susie (Lau) wore a lilac dres from the ASOS Salon collection, I’ve been obsessed with them and this one is just amazing! It has CATS on it! PASTEL CATS. What more could you want?! I love the fit too, it’s totally my style. Very tempting, I must resist it’s beauty!

asos saved items stripey platforms ripped jeansSTRIPEY EYED PLATFORMS // SKINNY RIPPED JEANS

Stripey Eyed Platforms: I can’t remember where I first saw these, but I think it was in some kind of publication (aka, magazine) and they’re kind of… f-ugly (FASHIONABLY ugly… don’t get the wrong idea!). I don’t think they would fit my skinny mini feet, but there is something about them which I just love. It must be the eyes… it has to be.

Skinny Ripped Jeans: Everyone and their dog is going on about skinny ripped jeans and I think I need some! I’m totally into the preppy style they give off and these ones look like my kind of style. I’m either a super duper light jeans or super duper dark jeans which is weird, and these fit in the latter category. The rips are only at the knees which is also a plus… I saw a pair with a rip just below ya’ bum cheek! Ew! Very tempted to purchase these when I can… I think I need them seeing as I only own a pair of mom jeans! 

asos saved items velcro sandals white dressWHITE SPORT STYLE SANDALS // WHITE DRESS

White Sport Style Sandals: I LOVE these! I think the sporty vibe is just awsome. They look really comfortable too… why are there are not more velcro shoes in the world? You get past Year 5 at school and then it’s laces and slip on’s for the rest of your life… Let’s all thank ASOS for bring velcro back in such style. I want these so bad! …Come on Winter sale! COME ON! 

White Dress: There’s a hole in my wardrobe, dear Liza, dear Liza, there’s a hole in my wardrobe, dear Liza, a hole…” A white dressed, bohemian style hole, and this dress would fit perfectly. It’s a beauty… I just love it! I think we all agree I should be payed in ASOS vouchers for these posts… my wardrobe would just be ASOS ASOS ASOS… ‘Oh Tolly, where’s that dress from?’ Topshop… JUST KIDDING! ASOS. 

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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ASOS Saved Items Wishlist #2

By July 8, 2014 Wishlist

Hello there young chum! Today I have my second ASOS Saved Items wishlist! Sorry there was a delay with this post but I was very busy, so I’ve thrown in another 2 items for you! You lucky duckies! (What was in my list last time? See here.)

What’s in your ASOS Saved Items wishlist currently? Let me know in the comments!

asos saved items wishlist PINEAPPLE BAG // NIKE BAG

Pineapple Bag: I’m having a bit of a fruit ‘thing’ at the moment. I have a lemon clutch, some fruity false nails, and I now really want this bag! It’s so darn cute! I’m stopping myself from buyin  – SOLD OUT! Booo! I waited and then… it’s gone! That’s the trouble with pre-writing posts….

Nike Bag: Not sure why I like this, but I do! I think it’s just the colour and the ditsy print. I think drawstring bags are a bit of a love it or hate it piece, but it’s in my Saved Items so it has to be shared! What do you think? Yay or nay?

asos saved items wishlist NAIL DECALS // NIKE TRAINERS

Nail Decals: I’m also having a bit of a fast food ‘thing’, seeing as I have fast food socks and a french fries necklace… so obviously I need these too! They’re adorable though, right? Again, if these go to like £3.00, they will be mine. They will totally complete the awesome outfit I have in my head… think nautical stripes, denim and fast food… yum burgerrrr… speaking of burgers, have you seen Carrie from WishWishWish’s engagement ring box?! SO. CUTE. Congrats Carrie! 

Nike Trainers: Okay, I basically now need £100 to get these in my life. They are AMAZING. My House of Holland snapback would be absolutely perfect with these. The colours are 100% identical and just ooooh, purrrrty. Let’s just all hope these also go down in price by like… 70%…?!

asos saved items wishlist PINEAPPLE SKIRT // SWEET SOCKS

Pineapple Skirt: I told you I was having a fruit ‘thing’! Look at this skirt though, it’s awesome 😀 I love the pink too, and the length and the style… I am so tempted…. maybe… maybe I shall purchase. I’m thinking it would look nice with a little crop top and a nice baggy cover up, or perhaps a kimono… oh yeah, I’m still on the hunt for a kimono! I can’t find any for under £15… 🙁 Booo!

Sweet Socks: These are cute, heh? Sweets all in pastel colours, on socks! The only problem is I have no shoes which would match that well as my black jelly sandals are getting too small! Darn you feet for deciding to grow even bigger… soon I’ll be size 7 and even some of Mama Posh’s shoes won’t fit me! Gahhh!

asos saved items wishlist NECKLACE // SEQUIN BAG

Necklace: I love dainty necklaces, and this one is even more awesome than most because 1. It’s super duper dirt cheap and 2. It’s LONG. How I have wanted a long necklace for so long (haaa…. haaaa), and finally I have found one! I just think wearing it with nice dresses would add a sort of bohemian, summery vibe. I won’t be buying it though because I just spent a little bit (more than usual) on the Candy Glitter Dreams Necklace from ILoveCrafty… oops!

Sequin Bag: Another drawstring… oops! The only reason this is here is because it’s similar to the Ashish bags… sort of. I feel like this somehow looks more sporty than the Nike one, so I don’t think I will actually be buying it… I just thought the sparkles were cool.

asos saved items wishlist MESH COVER-UP // FRUIT PRINT WATCH

Cover-Up: The first post had a cover-up, and so does the 2nd! I prefer this one though as I could probably work it as a normal dress (obviously with stuff underneath). I like the pastel colour too, and I’m a big fan of texture so it’s a win win… other than the £22 price tag which I don’t think I could stretch too just for this… would you?

Fruit Print Watch: Another fruit related item, Tolly, stop! I don’t really wear watches so again, this will probably sit in my Saved Items for no reason, but I love the colours and the sort of digital fruit print. It’s been in the sale twice now… it’s teasing me. Maybe I’ll treat myself to it when it’s really discounted… like most of these items really *empties pockets and nothing falls out*

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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ASOS Saved Items Wishlist #1

By May 26, 2014 Wishlist

‘I have an addiction to ASOS, and I need to see somebody about it.’ – That’s what I answered to a question a week or so ago, and it’s 100% true. When I’m having a break from my work, I’ll go on their site and have a look. It doesn’t really help that they have their 75% off sale on ALL. YEAR. ROUND. Sadness though… you now have to spend £15 to get the free delivery… so I spent my birthday voucher on getting ASOS Premiere… oh well, free express delivery for a whole year! 😀 I’ve never really seen a post like this, so I’ve decided to make it a monthly thing. Here is my ‘ASOS Saved Items Wishlist’ number one! (Just in case you’re wondering, the ‘Saved Items’ feature on the site is so helpful! This is all the stuff in it currently!)

asos saved items wishlist pool sliders floral garlands


Miista Sandals: I’ve been a big fan of Miista for ages now, and these are just plain and simply gorgeous. I never thought I would like the ‘beach slipper’ trend, but I’m obsessed now. Officially converted! These are divine, and they would look awesome by the pool… the print and colour combination… oh so nice! My feet are very slim, so these look like they would be quite comfortable too, and look awesome with my *wait for it* ASOS Dungarees. 

Flower Hairband: If you’ve been reading this little blog for a while now, you will know that I’m addicted to floral hairbands, and this one needs to be mine. I know it’s a recent drop (I search ‘flower hair’ pretty much every time I’m on the site), and it’s in lots of different colours, so if you don’t like lilac, don’t worry! I’m so so tempted by this!

asos saved items wishlist scuba skirts long cardigans

Floral Scuba Skirt: I’m on the hunt for a full midi or a scuba skirt, in either polka dots or another really awesome print, so when this one popped up on my screen, I clicked dat’ Save for Later button! I think the colour is amazing, and the structure… and the pockets. One of the main reasons I save items for later is because then you can check back and see if it’s gone in the sale, and I blimming well hope this beauty does!

Pom Pom Cardigan: Don’t need it, it’s summer, but LOOK AT IT. SO NICE! I love how there are 3 different shades of pink, I love the texture, and the length, and I love how versatile it would be. After receiving my pink coat from ARK, I now need a cardigan version too, and this is at the very very top of my wishlist. *Prays to the ASOS goddess that it goes into the sale at less than £25*

asos saved items wishlist holographic pool sliders daisy duck top

Holographic Sandals: Another pair of ‘beach slippers’! These are a lot cheaper than the Miista ones, and still as gorgeous. I think they are totally up my street! I’ve been going for the sort of ‘model off duty’ vibe recently, with an army style jacket, my *wait* ASOS (HAAAA) Dungarees, and my *hold on, hold on* ASOS (AHAHHA) Soldier Heels, and I feel like these would be a much nicer version for when my feet want a nice break. I did just get some neon yellow sandals for my birthday… so I must resist!

Daisy Duck Crop Top: Random top alert! Love it though, it’s got that Lazy Oaf-esque feel to it, and it has glitter on it, so what more could you want?! I could wear this in so many different ways as well, and I just love the pink. I also love the skirt it’s paired with… hmm *hunts it down*

asos saved items wishlist beach tops

Beach Top: I’m awaiting the arrival of a new bikini from New Look, and this top would look awesome paired with it. The geometric patterns in the material adds that something different, and will avoid me getting burnt when I’m having a drink at the beach (I keep thinking of the beach near us and I cannot wait until we can go. I love it so much!).

Rich Beach Top: Another beach related item, haha! I really don’t know why I like this top so much… I just do! I think it’s the fact it’s quite in your face, but it’s still quite casual. I’m not sure how I would work it but I reckon I could find a way. What d’ya think? Leave a comment if you like!

That’s it! Not much… *giggles* I think I should probably be paid for how much I promote ASOS… they follow me on Twitter so why haven’t they thanked me?! 😉 What have you been loving from ASOS recently? Have you ordered anything? Let me know!

Watch out for a blog post soon featuring a recent purchase from *hold on, brace yourself* ASOS… 1 clue… HOUSE. OF. HOLLAND.

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Wishlist: Getting Ready For Summer

By April 1, 2014 Wishlist

Hello lovely people! Today I have a Wishlist! If you haven’t seen on Twitter, I have been banging on about doing this post for sooo long, and I’m so excited it is finally here! My blog schedule has finally calmed down and I can just chill, so here you go… …Happy April Fools! No tricks here, so don’t worry! 😉

wishlist: Chelsea Doll, Peacocks, New Look & ASOS
Click on the product you like to buy!

White Caged Chunky Block Heel Sandals –
My love for this style sandal is unreal. I found them first on a blog and since them I have been looking for a cheaper equivalent, and what do we have here?! I’m so excited because I will be getting these and that makes me happy! They are just so versatile, and perfect for summer. I’m not a big fan of flat, thin strappy sandals, so these are just perfect!

Pale Blue Spot Crepe Boxy Shirt –
I love pastels, and I love shirts… so what more could I want?! Again, this will be on the way to me soon, but I would probably have preferred the monochrome one, but my size was out of stock so… *insert unhappy face emoiji* I think it will look really nice with a strappy dress I have (was in my old blog header) in spring time, and even nicer on it’s own in the summer!

Fabulous Flatform Sandals –
Another pair of sandals… and no I am not just calling them fabulous for no reason… that is in fact their name! I saw these on Twitter and I absolutely love them! They’re holographic and all colourful, and the straps are that lovely thickness which makes them look all swish. Definitely wish I hadn’t found these now…

Friendship Bracelet Watch –
Ahhh! This is already in my ASOS basket since it has dropped in price! It’s so gorgeous and very ‘festival’ fashion-y, and I just love it to bits! I’m one of those annoying people who love to stack hundreds of bracelets with frayed ends on top of each other, and this would be amazing amongst my collection! Practical and ridiculously cute! If I was made of money, I would get the pastel version too…

Embellished Transparent Waist Belt –
I love clothing or accessories which you can see through… well obviously not t-shirts or pants because that could get a little awkward, but I think I can make an exception for a belt! This is so pretty, but I’m not sure I could spend as much as it is on a thing which will go around my waist. It is adorable though!

Mini Patent PU Skirt –
Ahhh (again)! My love for pastel patent skirts is insane! I honestly could die for one right now. It’s soooo cute! I actually prefer the one from Missguided (here) which is also much cheaper, but they don’t do good images for blog posts… #bloggerproblems

Aztec Bikini –
This bikini is SO SO SO nice! I am obsessed with it! I have a pink frilly one from M&S but the frills get in the way when wearing it underneath other things, so this would be just perfect! It’s such a nice print, and the top is just adorable and totally the right sort of style for erm… my flat chest aha… it’s also such a bargain too! Definitely such a cute piece from a brand such as Peacocks!

Culotte Shorts –
Ever since Zoella’s trip on holiday last year, and her cute outfits featuring her floaty monochrome shorts, I have been wanting a pair! These are plain, but simple, and perfect for spring and summer as they are pastel! I could totally see me wearing the aztec bikini with a floaty kimono over the top. Perfect summer outfit!

Fat Joe’s Sweatshirt –
The most expensive piece of this wishlist comes from Lazy Oaf. I love the whole ‘foodie fashion’ trend, and this is a perfect way to mix pastel in with it. The perfect trendy combination!

#JunkFood French Fries Necklace & Rings –
Chelsea Doll, oh dear Chelsea Doll. You do have the best statement jewellery for people on a budget. These two pieces are insane. After the whole McDonalds or ‘McSchino’ craze, I am in love with these. I want to wear them all day long and just pretend that they are the real Moschino deal. I would like them please, please, PLEASE. *flutters eye lashes*

Thank you so much for reading, and if you like… leave a comment below!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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TDP Wishlist: 12 going on 13…

By April 30, 2013 Beauty, Fashion, Wishlist

Sadly on May 19th (*hint hint*) I will no longer be able to say I am a 12 year old fashion blogger! 🙁 I will just have to admit that I am 13, and about to become a grumpy old teenager. Poo. But that’s life, so I better just suck it up, and tell y’all what I want for my birthday in the form of a small rather large wishlist! (*hint hint*)

birthday wishlist asos bank ohh deer zara revlon Acid Waves Sweatshirt £28.00 (Ohh Deer), Spot Bardot Tunic £32.00 (Topshop), Mi-Pac Spot Print Backpack £22.00 (ASOS), Ethnic Flat Sandals £39.99 (ZARA), Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain £7.99 (Superdrug), Britney Spears Island Fantasy EDT 100ml £32.00 (Superdrug), Fragrance Mist in Coconut Passion (Victoria’s Secret) & Converse All Star Sandal £35.00 (BANK Fashion).

Sweatshirt: OMG. When I found Ohh Deer a few weeks ago, I fell in love with their stock! Just look at this sweatshirt! It’s got a UNICORN on it, and it’s PURPLE, and it’s just AWESOME. I generally wouldn’t pay £28.00 on something like this, but just look at it!
Spotty Dress: I have never owned anything from Topshop, but recently I have being loving their stuff. Again, I wouldn’t really spend this much on such a simple piece, but I really love the style and colour of this. It is simple yet I could wear it in so many different ways.
Backpack: Since seeing a really cute backpack on a fellow blogger, I have fallen in love with them! I just think that they are really easy to wear, and look super cute and preppy. Along with the dress, I LOVE the spotty detailing! Gorgeous!
Ethnic Sandals: I seriously love these shoes! I love the bright colours and the print details. I really shouldn’t get another pair of shoes, but I think these would be alright…
Balm Stain: After seeing the hype around these, I finally got to try one the other day. I thought I would like the pink colours, but this coral colour is stunning! It really popped against my skin tone, and I think it would be great for summer.
Perfume: ‘Why would she want a Britney Spears perfume?’ I hear you say. Well, I have the Circus Fantasy one, and it is soooo nice! I love how fresh it is, and the packaging is amazing! I’d love to try the other ones! I think you can get this cheaper in Wilko though!
VS Fragrance Mist: I have seen these a lot recently, and I really like the idea of a scented mist. They spray a lot more powerful than a perfume, and are much lighter. They are also really big, so I am sure I would get my money’s worth. Shame I can’t find them anywhere in the UK or France! (Please tell me if you know a place!)
Converse Sandals: I really like the idea of these. They’re sporty yet stylish, and perfect for summer. I was actually bidding on a pair on eBay, but as usual the price went up at the last minute!

There maybe another Wishlist coming your way soon, because I have been loving a lot recently! Oh, and if you want to buy me anything, my address is: Laca… 😉 Cheeky!

If you want to make my birthday wishes come true, please vote for me and my blog to WINBest Teen Blog‘ in the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards! Click HERE and either choose your favourite bloggers in the other categories, or click NEXT \until the 8th Tab, where you will find ‘‘ It would seriously make my dreams come true, and you even get a chance to win some New Look vouchers! So, Good Luck and Thank You!

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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