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Blogging Q&A with For The Love Of Lucie

By December 3, 2013 Beauty, Fashion

Woah woah woah, it’s December 3rd already?! This year has gone too quickly! Anyhow, today we have a Q&A with November’s advertiser, Lucie from For The Love of LucieIf you would like to Advertise next month (January) make sure you check out the packages here

for the love of lucie fashion blog teen blog style bloggers

What inspired you to start your Blog?: I have always loved reading blogs and YouTube videos such as: FleurDeForce and MissBudgetBeauty. So one day I decided to create my little piece of the internet! I also would love to be a make-up artist so another reason was to share my love of beauty and fashion.

Why did you choose Fashion?: I love keeping on top of designer fashion trends, and recreating outfits from high street stores. I really enjoy sharing my outfit ideas and makeup reviews online. It really satisfies me if people find what I write about useful.

What are you top tips on starting a Blog?: Stay organised! Buy notebooks or planners, just anything to stay on top of your posts! Also don’t write posts for views, write what you want to write about (I cant stress this enough!)

What have been your Blogging Targets for this year?: I wanted to balance blogging and school and do regular posting again! I also wanted to reach 50 followers on BlogLovin’ but I am so happy with the amount I have at the moment.

Who are your favourite fellow Bloggers?: I love to read you Tolly! I also love MissBudgetBeauty, A Model Recommends and Madame Gourmand Lifestyle

Where’s your favourite place to grab a bargain and why?: I love Primark, they have just about everything for amazing prices. Whenever I need something usually the first place I will go is Primark to see if they have what I want in (guilty).

What’s your personal style and what do you do to work it?: I wear what I like and I feel confident in it. My style would probably be girly/edgy. I love love love dresses but I also love throwing an oversized jumper over some comfy skinny jeans.


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Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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Blogging Tips & Q&A with Miss L J Beauty

By October 29, 2013 Beauty

One of this month’s advertisers, Miss L J Beauty, is here to talk beauty blogging! Enjoy…

What inspired you to start your Blog?: I have always loved reading blogs. To be honest I never thought I’d get any followers I just wanted somewhere to share my passion for all thing beauty.

Why did you chose Beauty as a topic?: Beauty is my passion and in my day job I’m not able to wear much make up and I love it so it’s nice to be able to chat about my passion. I share my make up looks on my blog.

What are your top tips on starting a Blog?: Just do it! I am a new blogger and I am learning everyday. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the beauty blogger world is full of amazing and helpful people.


What are your blogging targets for this year?: To be honest I don’t have goal and it was a huge surprise when I hit 20 followers let alone 100, so I would love to reach 250 BlogLovin’ followers by the end of this year!

Who are your favourite fellow bloggers?: Ooo I love so many… Kirsty from Yellow Brick Blog, Bethany Worrall, Tattooed Tea Lady and The Sunday Girl! Gosh I could go on for ever!


What trend are you looking forward to rocking this A/W?: Tartan tartan tartan being a highland lass I love me some tartan!

What are your favourite make-up brands, high end and low end?: Ooo I have to say Superdrug because of MUA, and for high-end, MAC. It’s all about MAC!

What’s your personal style and what do you to work it?: My style changes so often I love experimenting but if I’m honest with my hour glass shape, I am restricted to more flattering pieces. You can’t get better than a skater dress!

Make sure to check out Miss L J Beauty here: BLOG//Twitter

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx

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