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Pen to Paper Interview with… Rankin (TRANSCRIPT)

Name: Rankin Pen to Paper

The next picture is always challenging, because you are always chasing something that is almost impossible to create or predict. You want the next photo to be the one, the image that captures the moment. The moment that becomes a xx in history.

As a photographer, what challenges you the most?

 I think apps like instagram make real photography even more of an art form. The really good photos rise to the top and you can see who is talented and who has an eye. But I guess it depends on your take on photography. Some people want it to have lots of meaning, some just want it to make them feel or think something.
I’m in the latter camp.

In this digital world with apps like Instagram, do you think photography is still portrayed as an art form?

It’s different each time and is wrapped up in what the photo is being used for or why you’re all there in the first place. I do try to make my pictures encapsulate what I see in front of me, but I do believe sometimes they are just pictures! They don’t always have to mean more than depicting what is in front of you.

What are you trying to achieve when you take a photo of someone?

That you trust your instinct to take the picture. What I mean is you don’t just take a picture you think people want, but you take a picture you want.

What three things are most important to check when you’re looking through the view-finder?

That’s tough. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some amazing people and they have all been inspiring in so many different ways. I think human beings are amazing and you should be inquisitive and excited about whoever you meet. Most people have something to offer.

Who has inspired you the most out of all of the people you have taken photographs of?

Photography used to be integral to the fashion industry; it was the lens through which the fashion house created dreams. That is shifting, with film, blogs, intstagram and social media. But the photo still shows a world that people want to dive in to. That means it’s got a few years left, as fashion at it’s most seductive sells you a dream and photography does that so well.

How much does photography influence the fashion industry?

I think it’s more a fight than a debate and I think we should keep fighting for more diversity in modeling and representation. It can be frustrating how narrow it can all be, but it’s getting better. I want to help make it better.

As you are behind the lens, what are your thoughts on the fashion industry’s “skinny model” debate?


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