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Pen to Paper with… Lauren McCrostie (TRANSCRIPT)

Name: Lauren McCrostie Pen to Paper Date: 30/06/2017

I have always had a love for fashion but I had the opportunity to work with a costume designer a few years ago which really opened my eyes to the whole concept of ‘sustainable fashion’. I found the whole idea so exciting and was intrigued to discover more about it.

What sparked your interest in all things ethical and sustainable?

It still scares me just how the majority of us are unaware of the consequences buying fast-fashion has, We are more often than not, unknowingly helping fund one of the worlds most destructive industries. People don’t see fashion as harmful as its always seen in a desirable light and not paired with images of poverty etc.

What's the most eye-opening thing you've learned since your 'awakening'?

People have this idea of  that ‘eco’, ‘sustainable’ brands are dull + shapeless but this is so outdated. There are countless stylish brands offering a diverse range of beautiful + well-crafted pieces. Many coveted by huge mainstream stars (a la Rihanna in Reformation!).

What do you think stops the everyday consumer from shopping with ethical brands?

The fact that this is becoming more of a topic in mainstream conversation is really positive! It should be sung + celebrated! We must grow a greater sense of consciousness of our power as consumers + the impact we have on our environment. This should feel empowering and exciting! We have the ability to change things! To build a better future!

What's some progress you've seen that you believe needs highlighting?

I would love to support this movement more by raising more awareness + educating the mass the TRUE COST fashion has. We can no longer claim to be victims of ignorance. We have the responsibility as to allow ourselves to be educated. Equally, I think it is important to stay focused on creating lasting change, regardless of scope.

What's your next goal within sustainability etc?

So much! The waste in the film industry is colossal but there are some amazing organisations working on improving this for us all, like Adgreen, EarthAngels and The Costume Directory team. We have become such a disposable culture and this has sadly infiltrated into almost every sector

How does all of this fit into your experience as an actress?


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx