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Pen to Paper Interview with… Natalie Grillon of Project JUST (TRANSCRIPT)

Name: Natalie Grillon Pen to Paper Date: April 9, 2017

Not enough space! My handwriting is BIG. Started in 2013 to help consumers learn the stories behind their clothes, launched site in Dec 2015.

Why and how did Project JUST begin?

How automatic many of our behaviours are – it’s a journey to empower a consumer to change the way they shop – it doesn’t happen overnight.  

What's the most eye-opening thing you've learned since launching?

Yes – we need to know the issues + face reality. It creates an urgency.

Do you think it is equally important to focus on the bad sides of the fashion industry, as the good?

Price and sometimes design. Consumers need to have a product that matches style, size, price and then sustainability.

What do you think stops the everyday consumer from shopping with ethical brands?

I think things are moving in the right direction but not quickly enough. There are brands doing nothing; that’s completely unacceptable.

Are you happy with the way the industry is heading? Do you think enough is being done?

If you must buy, buy vintage or quality (and wash your clothes less ☺) 

What is one thing we can all be doing to become better consumers?


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx