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Pen to Paper Interview with… Ben Alun-Jones of UNMADE (TRANSCRIPT)

Name: Ben Alun-Jones Pen to Paper Date: 24/05/16

We saw an industrial knitting machine for the first time. 💡 This was the lightbulb moment. We could make a unique garment from a digital file in a matter of a few hours. Now to make that dream a reality… (The software didn’t exist yet).

How and when did the concept for UNMADE come about?

3 founders, 7 developers, 2 fashion designers, 3 production assistants, 1 photographer, 1 digital designer, 1 marketing manager, 1 social media manager, 1 graphic designer, 1 producer

Who does the team consist of currently?

Team player – Hard working – Self starter – Good communicator – Loads of people from lots of different backgrounds in the same place. You need to be motivated by solving challenges together and being prepared to try something different.

What set of skills are essential for somebody to have, joining UNMADE?

We are a completely different approach to working with brands, customers and manufacturing. We need the acceptance of all these people. (This is hard).

Technology is a big, if not the most important part of how UNMADE runs - what's the biggest challenge you face with weaving tech into fashion?

Simply put, no. Short term financial benefits trump longer term ethical and sustainable benefits. We’re trying to make a viable alternative to current industrial production (That happens to be more ethical and sustainable). We want people to choose it because its better, not because its more sustainable.

Do you think enough is being done to combat the issues around ethical and sustainable fashion?

We’ve had to build all the tools to make unique production work on an industrial scale. Now we’re taking it to the wider industry to create a more creative, more sustainable and more responsive approach to the industrial production. Watch this space…

What's your next aim? What direction do you see the brand going in?


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