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Pen to Paper with… Eleanor Amari of REMAKE (TRANSCRIPT)

Name: Eleanor Amari, REMAKE, Content Manager Pen to Paper Date: 12/06/2017

Remake began because… Fast Fashion is OUT! High volume @ low cost ⟹ Ongoing human rights abuses behind our clothes. Slow fashion is IN! It’s a win-win: looking good while doing good is possible, and what we want. 

Why and how did Remake begin?

Be careful! Price tags aren’t the only sign of how a garment is made. Doing good requires a core set of values. Look for brands who combine: ❤ Style + Ethics ❤  We help U on

In the luxury market, the makers of garments are valued - why do you think we've lost this in fast fashion?

 Char Wong. Despite her burdens (she works in some of the world’s worst factories) she still hopes & dreams for a better future. She speaks up for her rights. As fellow ladies, we can support her fight by voting for brands who support their makers. Meet Char Wong on

What is one of the most eye-opening and inspiring stories you've learned from a maker or 'invisible woman'?

 Ethical fashion has a bad reputation (“it’s a hemp sack” “it’s too expensive/over priced”), on a broken foundation (Retail has failed us. We expect fast & cheap only because we are used to it).

What do you think stops the everyday consumer from shopping with ethical brands?

Across the world, ladies want to look good while doing good ❤❤❤ ↬ We want your stories! We’re all #humansoffashion, share your story with us to grow the movement:

On Instagram, you have your #humansoffashion series - what has been the most surprising answer to your questions?

 Say NO to fast fashion. A whole new fashion world will open to you from there!


Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx