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This is an ethical directory for all of my favourite ethical and sustainable brands, all at different price points. Use the search bar to find specific brands! Scroll to the end of the page to send in a suggestion!

new-lost-shapesEst. since: 2012
Mission: Lost Shapes products are all made from 100% organic cotton or other sustainable fabrics such as Tencel, and produced using renewable energy. They provide screen printed, organic fair trade products for all the family. You can now shop the LS x TDP range here!
Price range: £12 - £30

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qnoopEst. since: 2016
Mission: Another brand that values aesthetics just as much as ethics, producing organic cotton socks which stay together with a bio-degradable button. A perfect gift!
Price range: £8+

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lucy and yakEst. since: 2017
Mission: An independent UK brand specialising in corduroy, produced ethically in Northern India, in a factory which they are supporting to become Fair Trade certified. Price range: £15+

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know the originEst. since: 2016
Mission: KTO shows how their pieces are made from seed to garment. You can be assured that their strongest commitment is ethics, not just by word, but by photographic evidence. There's no lacking in aesthetics either. KTO have it all.
Price range: £20+

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paguroEst. since: 2013
Mission:  Produced ethically across the UK, Thailand and Indonesia, Paguro uses recycled and reclaimed materials such as rubber (inner tubes) to create long-lasting products which have been made with perfectly reusable waste.
Price range: £12+

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Est. since: 2010
Mission:  Rapanui, founded on the Isle of Wight, are best known for the innovative ethical and sustainable t-shirts, created using wind power. They also focus on transparency with an interactive map to trace where their products come from.
Price range: £5+

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mudjeansEst. since: 2013
Mission:  One of the most popular sustainable jean brands, producing jeans and denim which are produced with the environment in mind. They use recycled fabrics and upcycle returned pairs, as well as lease jeans out on top of offering a full purchase.
Price range: €69+

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movinunEst. since: ?
Mission:  Movinun mostly work with certified organic cotton in their pieces, of which are stylish and modern with a simple message throughout. They only use green energy in their design house and they support underprivileged communities in their work.
Price range: €35+

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Est. since: ?
Mission:  Using recycled fabrics from items like beach deckchairs and bouncy castles, Wyatt and Jack create accessories and bags, giving a new life to perfectly usable materials, made proudly in the UK.
Price range: £14+

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Est. since: 2011
Mission:  Created by Kelly Elkin and Betony Dircks, Alas is built upon their commitment to the environment and the people who live in it as they create sustainable sleepwear. All garments are made in India under fair trade conditions. They list their producers here.
Price range: $19+

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mayamikoEst. since: 2013
Mission:  Ethically made in Malawi, Mayamiko uses traditional African techniques to create beautiful garments that can be in cooperated into an everyday modern wardrobe. They strive to be a Zero Waste brand, using even the smallest of scraps in their designs.
Price range: £4.50+

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thraedableEst. since: 2017 - Currently crowdsourcing
Mission: Thraedable are a brand that use a 50 Thread Scheme, meaning their partner NGOs receive 50% of the profit they make. The designs are created from workshops taking place across the world which support minorities and specific causes. They use organic cotton and recycled materials.
Price range: ?

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krochet-kidsEst. since: ?
Mission:  Krochet Kids is a non-profit organisation built on empowering women in poverty, providing steady and growing income as well as supporting the families within local communities. Every Krochet Kids piece is hand-signed by the woman who made it.
Price range: $14+

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born-on-fridayEst. since: 2014
Mission:  Born on Friday is the first sustainable fashion brand based in the Kyrgyz Republic, producing stylish accessories. All of their materials are locally produced and 100% natural and eco-friendly. $5 from each purchase will be donated to the Tibetan Nuns Project to help them build a new Study Center.
Price range: $60+

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xandra-janeEst. since: 2016
Mission:  Xandra Jane explore gender fluidity through zero waste processes, sourcing all fabrics and manufacturing in the UK, as well as reworking and upcycling materials into new products.
Price range: £40+

Shop Xandra Jane

Est. since: 2015
Mission: Created by Phoebe and Isobel, PICO focuses on transparency by creating basic pieces of underwear, showing their customers the whole journey from cotton fibre to delivery. PICO pants are manufactured with love in a Fairtrade factory in the South of India using organic cotton.
Price range: £10+

Shop Project PICO

Est. since: 2010
Mission: A sustainable swimwear brand using recycled plastics to ethically create fashionable and sleek products, in Australia. They also have a teen and kids range.
Price range: £40+

Shop Elle Evans

Est. since: 2009
Mission: Oliberte produce footwear from their Fair Trade Certified factory in Ethiophia. Their website clearly marks out workers at the factory, highlighting their work in transparency, empowerment and "doing right by all".
Price range: €45+

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Est. since: 2010
Mission:  As a sustainable brand, with every purchase, United by Blue removes a pound of rubbish from the earth's oceans and waterways. They are certified B-Corp and they use sustainable materials across their products, from recycled polyester to organic cotton.

Price range: $12+

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po-zuEst. since: 2006
Mission: Po-Zu is an ethical and sustainable footwear brand, who have just added People Tree founder to the team as Managing Director. The materials they use contain no pesticides, bleaches or toxic dyes and are locally sourced wherever possible.
Price range: £80+

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birdsongEst. since: 2014
Mission: Birdsong is a brand for those who value every aspect of what they buy. Not only do they produce their clothes ethically, they also don't use Photoshop to empower woman day-to-day. They've raised over £20,000 for women's organisations so far.
Price range: £18+

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novemEst. since: ?
Mission: Founded by fashion blogger Beautycrush, Novem & Knight provides limited sleek and sophisticated pieces, produced in London with ethical working conditions in mind.
Price range: £16+

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new-people-treeEst. since: 2001
Mission: People Tree aims to be 100% Fair Trade through the whole supply chain. They do this by using natural resources and sustainable materials, and supporting their producers by challenging power structures to gain them their rights to a livelihood.
Price range: £15 - £200+

Shop People Tree

new-asosEst. since: 2010
Mission: ASOS Made in Kenya aims to support families and women in Kenya by supporting them in collaboration with SOKO, a clothing workshop. Workers at SOKO are provided with free hot meals and refreshments each day, and healthcare cover.
Price range: £15 – £100

Shop ASOS Made in Kenya

patagoniaEst. since: 1973
Mission: Most well-known for their sustainable outdoor wear, Patagonia's mission is to produce the best and most long lasting products whilst causing no unnecessary harm. They focus heavily on sustainable issues and now have a repairing system in place for customers.
Price range: £12+

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new-reformationEst. since: 2009
Mission: Reformation aims to make their brand as eco-friendly as possible, from start to finish. With clean energy in it’s factories, to re-used vintage garments and fabrics, and recycled hangers in store, it’s environmental impact is much less than most.
Price range: $50 – $200+

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beaumontEst. since: 2010
Mission: Beaumont Organic's mission is to design and create 'Contemporary Conscious Clothing' responsibly using luxury fabrics for the modern woman. They have both Made in England and Made in Portugal products.

Price range: £25+

Shop Beaumont Organic

tribeoflambsEst. since: ?
Mission: Tribe of Lambs focuses on supporting HIV positive children, using their work to lead them into bright futures with growing opportunities. So far they have raised over $23,000 whilst selling their ethically produced jewellery and garments.
Price range: $20+

Shop Tribe of Lambs

what-daisy-didEst. since: ?
Mission:  Currently operating in rural India and the UK, with a combined work force of over 100 artisans, What Daisy Did uses recycled materials, waste leather and off-cuts to produce long-lasting accessories. They're huge advocates of slow fashion and committed to keeping that their message.

Price range: £20+

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zassEst. since: 2009
Mission: The key focus behind all of Zass' products include reducing, reusing and recycling. Created by a mother and daughter team, their accessories are sustainable and striking. Their brew collection is a perfect use of recycling!
Price range: $26+

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new-reclaimEst. since: ?
Mission: Reclaimed Vintage is one of ASOS's own brands. Using reclaimed vintage fabrics, it brings together trend pieces in a sustainable and ethical manner. According to N16 Vintage, all products are made in the UK.
Price range: £5 - £250

Shop Reclaimed Vintage

new-everlaneEst. since: 2010
Mission: Everlane's mission is to be one of the most transparent labels out there; from showing where the factories are, to what the mark-up of each product is, you can't get clearer than this!
Price range: $30+

Shop Everlane

round and squareEst. since: 2016
Mission: After working in fashion for over 20 years, Henriette Ernst became tired of the industry's lack of support for women's rights. She now creates sustainable products in support of equality, from pins to silk bandannas.
Price range: $34+

Shop Round + Square

new-teyshaEst. since: 2012
Mission: Teysha is working with women and communities in Guatemala, providing jobs that are 89% above fair wage standards. The leathers and materials are all locally sourced (in Guatemala) and are sourced from over 300 women in Guatemala and Panama.
Price range: $80 – $100+

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Est. since: 2016
Mission: Sheer Apparel focuses on providing the best ethical and sustainable options for all aspects of your wardrobe, at prices comparable to brands you've loved for years.
Price range: £16+

Shop Sheer Apparel

vintage style meEst. since: 2011
Mission: Vintage Style Me is an ethically handmade label from Cheltenham, UK, producing classic, simple and unique dresses for all seasons.
Price range: £40+

Shop Vintage Style Me

new-o-my-bagEst. since: 2010
Mission: O MY BAG supports workers in India by providing standard fair wages, and equal work opportunities to women and minorities. Leathers used in the collections are supplied from local farms and are not tanned with harmful chemicals.
Price range: £10 – £300+


new-emgEst. since: 2006
Mission: EMG aims to raise donations and awareness for charities and human rights causes by joining forces with creatives such as fashion designers, making sure that no fabrics go to waste. The first cycle of “Salvage T’s” created £3694 to go the TRAID & CHILDHOPE charity in Bangladesh.
Price range: £100+

Shop EMG

new-cossacEst. since: 2014
Mission: COSSAC’s aim is to be as eco-friendly as possible throughout their collections. They only operate online, using email to send out receipts and packaging items in recycled materials. They’re continually improving their products to be as sustainable as they can be. Items are produced in the UK and Turkey.
Price range: £30 – £70


new-tomsEst. since: 2006
Mission: TOMS’ aim is to help a person in need, with every item sold. Their campaign “One for One” has meant that 35 million pairs of shoes have been donated to children in need, and is growing even more each year. TOMS now also has an eyewear range to help restore eyesight to over 275,000 people worldwide.
Price range: £20 – £100+


new-braintreeEst. since: 2005
Mission: Thought (formerly Braintree) is based upon the idea of sustainability and "thoughtful clothing". They use some of the most organic and long lasting fabrics around and ensure that the production process is just as sustainable and ethical. Slow fashion is what they thrive on!
Price range: £5+

Shop Thought

new-tshirt-coEst. since: 1991
Mission: The White T-Shirt Company believe in true transparency across their company, allowing their customers to look at every detail of the supply chain. The cottons are grown and spun in Turkey, and are then sent to Ukraine to be cut and stitched, then to Denmark to be constructed and approved, and finally back to the UK to be sold and sent off to customers.
Price range: £30+

Shop The White T-Shirt Company

TAMGAEst. since: ?
Mission: TAMGA challenges themselves to constantly improve their products and lessen their environmental footprint whilst producing fashion that reflects a global and travel-inspired lifestyle. They are committed to their relationships with their suppliers and are a pending B Corp Corporation.
Price range: $34+


new-this-is-paperEst. since: 2013
Mission: This Is Paper’s mission is to create products that last gracefully for years, whilst being made from sustainable products by local people, and tracking every part of the production cycle. They only use genuine vegetable-tanned leathers, which are then made into products, either elsewhere in Poland, or in their own studios in Warsaw.
Price range: £30 – £100+

Shop This Is Paper

new-beyond-retroEst. since: 2002
Mission: As a vintage brand, Beyond Retro’s aim is to cut down on excess clothing and accessories and re-use what is already available. Their retail network recycles 500,000 items per year. As well as their vintage pieces, they have their own Beyond Retro label that is created with reclaimed materials.
Price range: £10+

Shop Beyond Retro

new-waisteEst. since: 2013
Mission: Another vintage brand, WAISTE is an online shop full of beautiful recycled treasures, adding to the number of clothes that are recycled each year.
Price range: £15+


new-oxfamEst. since: 1942
Mission: We all know of the wonderful work that Oxfam do, but if not, I’d head over to their site and read some more.
Price range: £2+

Shop Oxfam

yours againEst. since: 2016
Mission: Yours Again is a Lithuanian-Danish denim label, working with only upcycled fabrics to create high quality pieces which are versatile and sustainable.Price range: £25+

Shop Yours Again

new-ocdEst. since: ?
Mission: Employing hand-alteration techniques, self-styled and photographed sets, and a commitment to unretouched models, The OC Shop celebrate audacity and hard work, meaning every piece is sustainable. You can read more about their process here.
Price range: £12+

Shop The OC Shop

new-luvaEst. since: ?
Mission: Luva Huva aims to provide 100% organic lingerie and underwear, all hand made in the UK, serving as a friendly alternative to the often wasteful fast fashion industry.
Price range: £18+

Shop Luva Huva

new-my-sisterEst. since: ?
Mission: With all products being 100% sweatshop free, My Sister aims to donate 10% of their proceeds to fund programs that fight against sex trafficking.
Price range: $30+

Shop My Sister

Lots of Love… Tolly Dolly Posh xx